“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

York County Maine Historical Markers

Berwick Maine War Memorial (front) image, Touch for more information
By James R. Murray, June 28, 2016
Berwick Maine War Memorial (front)
Maine (York County), Berwick — Berwick Maine War Memorial
(front) To the living, a memory. To the dead, a tribute. For posterity, an emblem of loyalty. 1861-1865 (rear) To the soldiers of Berwick. 1776-1911 — Map (db m95484) WM
Maine (York County), Biddeford — Biddeford Maine Veterans Memorial
Biddeford Veterans Memorial Park Dedicated in 1993 to those who made the supreme sacrifice.

There are 5 slabs printed on both sides listing Biddeford residents who died during the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, Korean war, Vietnam war, 2 . . . — Map (db m96423) WM

Maine (York County), Biddleford — A Stone Fort
was built in 1693 rear of this place near the banks of the Saco River as a refuge from the Indians — Map (db m55700) HM
Maine (York County), Biddleford — 4 — Fort Saco in 1693 / Le Fort Saco en 1693The Museum in the Streets
The Indians burned the township of Saco in 1688. Fort Saco was built on the future site of the Laconia Mills to protect the settlers in 1693. The fort served as stables during the construction of the Laconia mills in 1841. Yo Cat Gully in the north . . . — Map (db m55718) HM
Maine (York County), Cape Porpoise — The Battle of Cape Porpoise (Goat Island)
August 8, 1782, a British ship of 18 guns attacked a small force of inhabitants gathered on Goat Island and was driven away by severe musket fire, losing 17 men. Lieut. James Burnham of this town was killed. This tablet was erected August 8, . . . — Map (db m55672) HM
Maine (York County), Cape Porpoise — Veterans Memorial
Memorial to all Veterans of Kennebunkport WWII Korean and Vietnam Conflicts and to those who made the supreme sacrifice May 30, 1974 — Map (db m55642) WM
Maine (York County), Kennebunk — Vatican Pavilion Sculpture
This magnificent sculpture, designed and executed by Vytautas K. Jonynas, adorned the façade of the Vatican pavilion at the Worlds Fair in New York City (1964-1965). It depicts the church militant, the church suffering, and the church triumphant, . . . — Map (db m105035) HM
Maine (York County), Kennebunkport — Rachel CarsonNational Wildlife Refuge — In Memoriam —
“….all the life of the planet is interrelated….each species has its own ties to others, and….all are related to the earth. This is the theme of ‘The Sea Around Us’, and the other sea books, and it is also the message of ‘Silent . . . — Map (db m149542) HM
Maine (York County), Kennebunkport — Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
To Our Soldiers and Sailors Honor Roll World War 1917 - 1919 [Not transcribed] William W. Sullivan Died in Service — Map (db m55643) HM
Maine (York County), Kennebunkport — The Seashore Trolley Museum
The founding of the Seashore Trolley Museum on this site in July, 1939, established the private railway preservation movement in the United States. Six young men under the subsequent 50 year leadership of Theodore F. Santarelli de Brasch acquired a . . . — Map (db m56823) HM
Maine (York County), Kittery — Federal Highway Administration Murrah Building Memorial
In loving memory of our Federal Highway Administration family members lost in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 19, 1995 Lucio Aleman, Jr. • Larry J. Jones • Michelle A. Reeder Mark A. Bolte • James . . . — Map (db m50262) HM
Maine (York County), Kittery — Historic Rice Public LibraryArabella Rice, youngest of four daughters born to Capt. Robert Rice and wife Charlotte, died 1872
Rice Public Library opened on 5 November 1888. The institution’s first trustees included former New Hampshire Gov. Ichabod Goodwin, who was married to Arabella’s cousin Sarah Parker Rice. Their mansion is one of the celebrated landmarks of . . . — Map (db m107005) HM
Maine (York County), Kittery — Kittery Maine USS Thresher (SSN 593) Memorial
On 10 April, 1963, all 129 U.S. Navy sailors and civilian workers aboard the USS Thresher perished when the nuclear attack submarine sank more than 200 miles off the New England Coast. The Thresher was designed and build at the Portsmouth Naval . . . — Map (db m96374) HM
Maine (York County), Kittery — Kittery Maine War Memorial
Front Kittery honors its veterans

Rear The monument committee Bibb Longcrier • Norm Leon • David Burke • Allen Carter • Hampton McDaniel • Mark Schremmer • Sally Palmer • John Navish

There are two 4 sided obelisks as . . . — Map (db m96377) WM

Maine (York County), Kittery — Maine Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
State of Maine To her sailors and soldiers — Map (db m85406) WM
Maine (York County), Kittery — Province of Maine Marker
The Province of Maine Originally extended from the Merrimac to the Kennebec Rivers, was granted August 10, 1622 to Sir Ferdinando Gorges and Captain John Mason by the Council for New England established at Plymouth by King James I, in 1620. This . . . — Map (db m85516) HM
Maine (York County), Kittery — Sloop Ranger Memorial
In memory of the Continental sloop of War Ranger launched from this island May 10, 1777 Sailed for France November 1777 John Paul Jones, Captain with dispatches of Burgoyne’s surrender received February 14, 1778 The first salute to the Stars and . . . — Map (db m85419) HM
Maine (York County), Kittery — USMC Memorial Marker
In Memorium Proudly dedicated to the Men and Women who served in the United States Marine Corps since 1775. “Semper Fidelis” Presented and installed by Military Order of Devil Dogs PD # 119 & Seacoast Detachment & Auxiliary Department . . . — Map (db m85402) WM
Maine (York County), Limington — Limington Maine Veterans Memorial
Erected in honor of the loyal men and women of Limington, Maine who served in the wars of their country.

Dedicated August 22, 1948 — Map (db m95412) WM

Maine (York County), North Berwick — North Berwick State of Maine Veterans Memorial
This marker is dedicated to Maine veterans from all wars who served in combat. It covers the time period from the Revolutionary War through Iraq. — Map (db m95369) WM
Maine (York County), North Berwick — North Berwick Veterans Memorial
Front Inscription: In Memory of all Veterans who served their country from North Brunswick Maine Front Bottom Inscription: Presented and erected by Louis O'Cowan No. 65 Women's State Relief Corps

Rear Inscription: In Memoriam World War I . . . — Map (db m95368) WM

Maine (York County), Old Orchard Beach — "Father Bob"
To honor Rear Admiral Robert James White Chaplain Corps, United States Navy We erect this tribute to "Father Bob" Priest, Chaplain, Lawyer, Educator with gratitude, esteem and affection from the World War Veterans July . . . — Map (db m50328) WM
Maine (York County), Old Orchard Beach — "Runway to Glory"
In recognition of these early transatlantic flights from Old Orchard Beach, Maine and Harry M. Jones Pioneer Aviator whose airport on this beach made these flights possible August 26, 1927 "Detroiter" Edward Schlee & William Brock . . . — Map (db m50263) HM
Maine (York County), Old Orchard Beach — "Spirit of St. Louis"
July 24, 1927 (Col. Lindbergh) June 19, 1977 (E.A.A. Replica) — Map (db m50291) HM
Maine (York County), Old Orchard Beach — Korean and Vietnam Wars Memorial
This monument is dedicated to the men and women who served in the Armed Forces Korean War June 25, 1950 - Jan. 31, 1955 Vietnam War Dec. 22, 1961 - May 7, 1975 — Map (db m50300) WM
Maine (York County), Old Orchard Beach — Old Orchard World War MemorialVictory - Peace
1917 - Honor Roll - 1919 Old Orchard Maine Dedicated to its Citizens who served in the World War [Honor Roll of Names] — Map (db m50293) WM
Maine (York County), Old Orchard Beach — Salvation Army Camp Meeting Grounds
In memory of Rev. Israel Luce Rev. Daniel B. Randall Rev. Charles Munger who selected this spot for a camp ground in 1873 — Map (db m50292) HM
Maine (York County), Old Orchard Beach — World War II Memorial
A tribute to the men and women of Old Orchard Beach who served God and Country in World War II and in honored memory of those who gave their lives. Gideon Abbott • Vincent Calvi Jeffrey DeGrace • Henry Durant Richard Freeland • Holroyd Hirst . . . — Map (db m50301) WM
Maine (York County), Portsmouth Naval Shipyard — Building 86Peace Treaty Building
Building 86 is currently the Shipyard’s Main Administrative Building housing the offices of the Shipyard Commander. In August/September 1905 it was the site of the signing of a treaty ending the Russo-Japanese War. The envoys of Russia and Japan . . . — Map (db m77756) HM
Maine (York County), Portsmouth Naval Shipyard — David Glasgow Farragut
Died in This House August 14, 1870 David Glasgow Farragut Admiral in the United States Navy Faithful and Fearless — Map (db m22180) HM
Maine (York County), Portsmouth Naval Shipyard — New Park [New Shipyard Mall]USS GRAYLING (SSN-646) Memorial
Across from the Shipyard Mall, a new park was dedicated on June 12, 2000, as part of the Shipyard’s Bicentennial celebration. The focal points of the park are the sail of the USS GRAYLING (SSN-646), the next to the last submarine built at the . . . — Map (db m22187) HM
Maine (York County), Portsmouth Naval Shipyard — Shipyard Mall
The Shipyard Mall has been a gathering area since the Civil War when Shipyarders took their oath of allegiance here. The shipyard flagpole stands majestically in its center and numerous monuments are located throughout the park. The sail of the USS . . . — Map (db m31696) HM
Maine (York County), Saco — Dr. Laura Black Stickney, 1879-1961Saco Main Street Museum Walk
Dr. Laura Black Stickney promoted public health, women’s suffrage, and ran for mayor during her 50 years of Saco civic leadership. Born September 8, 1879 in Porter, Maine, Laura May Black learned to read in a one-room school house, directly . . . — Map (db m55690) HM
Maine (York County), Saco — Jacob Cochran, 1782-1836Saco Main Street Museum Walk
Cochranism was the name given to the religious sect led by Jacob Cochran in the years 1816 to 1819, before this charismatic preacher was convicted and imprisoned for four years on charges of “gross lewd and lascivious conduct.” The . . . — Map (db m55698) HM
Maine (York County), Saco — Samuel Brannan and the Gold RushSaco Main Street Museum Walk
Saco native Samuel Brannan became one of the country’s richest men promoting the California gold rush, and one of the most colorful figures in California history, but he wasn’t a gold miner and he died in poverty. Brannan was born in Saco in . . . — Map (db m55699) HM
Maine (York County), Saco — Sarah Fairfield Hamilton, 1831-1909Saco Main Street Museum Walk
Sarah Fairfield Hamilton was a founder of the local chapter of the Women's Educational and Industrial Union, and led that organization to create Saco's first kindergarten, a nursery for mill workers' children, summer park programs and other . . . — Map (db m55721) HM
Maine (York County), Saco — Spanish War and Philippine Insurrection Memorial1898 - 1902 — In Memory Of —
This plaque is made from bronze taken from Battleship Maine when salvaged from Havana harbor in 1912 In Memoriam U.S.S. Maine Destroyed in Havana Harbor February 15th 1898 This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the U.S.S. . . . — Map (db m55696) HM
Maine (York County), Saco — War Memorial1775 - 1865
Erected to the memory of the Country’s Defenders 1775 – 1865 With malice toward none, With charity for all, With firmness in the right, As God gives us To see the right — Map (db m55691) HM
Maine (York County), Saco — World War Memorial1914 - 1918
Dedicated to the Glory of God, the Exaltation of Patriotism, and the Promotion of Education, in honor of those from Saco who served in the World War [Died in Service] Amede Dupre • Alfred Durette • James Gillespie • Alexander . . . — Map (db m55697) HM
Maine (York County), Sanford — Sanford Maine Thomas Goodall Memorial
Front and Rear Erected by the citizens of Sanford to the memory of Thomas Goodall founder of the Sanford Mills and the Goodall Worsted Company Born in Dewsbury Yorkshire England 1823 Died in Sanford Maine 1910

Side A The . . . — Map (db m96209) HM

Maine (York County), Sanford — Sanford Maine War Memorial
This monument is erected here to preserve in the hearts of all people the memory of veterans from Sanford and Springdale who served in all wars in an effort to preserve peace in the world. Erected by the Sanford Veteran's committee Inc. with the aid . . . — Map (db m96211) WM
Maine (York County), Sanford — Sanford Maine War Memorial Flagpole
Dedicated July 4, 1987 Donated to the people of Sanford This flagpole is dedicated to the memory of the men and women of the armed forces who served in peace time and war time. By the Veteran's group of Sanford/Springdale Amvets, American Legion, . . . — Map (db m96210) WM
Maine (York County), South Berwick — Veterans from South Berwick, Maine
[1981 memorial:] Dedicated to all veterans who served their country from South Berwick Maine [Civil War Monument inscriptions:] So. Berwick Roll of Honor - in memory of our fallen comrades, 1861-1865 [List of . . . — Map (db m37740) WM
Maine (York County), Waterboro — Waterboro Veterans Memorial Marker
1941-1945 Waterboro honors those who served their country in the global war. 117 names inscribed — Map (db m95413) WM
Maine (York County), Wells — Civil War Soldiers Monument
In memory of the brave and patriotic Soldiers of Wells who sacrificed their lives during the Great Rebellion in maintaining our Government and thus establishing on a broader and firmer foundation the principle of civil and . . . — Map (db m55670) HM
Maine (York County), Wells — World War II, Korea, and Vietnam Era Veterans Memorial
[Honor Roll of Veterans] [not transcribed] In grateful memory of Major Lyle Brooks Sargeant [sic] Miles Robert Gregoire Private Wayne Elkins Private Stephen Gray who died in the service of our country in Viet Nam . . . — Map (db m55669) WM
Maine (York County), Wells — World War Memorial
A tribute of honor to the Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who served their country in the World War from the Town of Wells, Maine The Honor Roll [Only those who died in service are transcribed] Herbert Gowen • Leroy L. Hanson • Ernest . . . — Map (db m55644) HM
Maine (York County), York — "Nubble Light House"Cape Neddick Light Station — U.S. Coast Guard —
Erected in 1879 by the United States Light House Service to protect mariners from the "Savage Rock." Sohier Park William Davies Sohier 1858-1938 Mr. Sohier generously donated this site of four acres to the York Beach Village Corporation in . . . — Map (db m55593) HM
Maine (York County), York — Historic York Then and Now
During the first half of the twentieth century the triangle created by the intersection of York Street and Long Sands Road was a busy village center where people came for their groceries, sundries, and hardware. There were taverns, a barber . . . — Map (db m116000) HM
Maine (York County), York — Sewall's BridgeFirst Pile Bridge in America
Designed and Built By Major Samuel Sewall 1761 Placed by Maine Daughters of the American Revolution and Old York Chapter 1932 — Map (db m108108) HM
Maine (York County), York Beach — "Beware The Savage Rocks"Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold — (English navigator - 1602) —
Cape Neddick Light Station 43° 9' 45" N. Lat. 70° 35' 30" W. Long. Constructed 1879 • Automated 1987 The booming of a bell like this warned mariners of the "savage rocks" surrounding this tip of Cape Neddick. It hung from a . . . — Map (db m55640) HM

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