“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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By William Fischer, Jr., December 21, 2008
Camp Bull Marker
Ohio (Ross County), Chillicothe — 8-71 — Camp Bull
Situated on land owned by Thomas Worthington, Camp Bull was a stockade constructed in this vicinity to confine British prisoners of war during the War of 1812. When Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry defeated the British fleet on Lake Erie on September . . . — Map (db m14631) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Franklinton
. . . — Map (db m37812) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Upper Arlington — 55-25 — Scioto Trail
A network of Native American trails, usually following waterways, traversed Ohio and often determined the routes of military roads and improved highways. U.S. Route 33 follows the route of the Scioto Trail from the confluence of the Scioto and . . . — Map (db m17415) HM
Ohio (Marion County), Waldo — 10-51 — Harrison Military RoadWar of 1812
Side A: The first road through Marion County followed the Scioto Trail of the Native Americans. This 120-foot wide strip through Wyandot territory led from Lower Sandusky (Fremont) to the Greenville Treaty Line. A confederation of Ohio tribes . . . — Map (db m22923) HM
Ohio (Marion County), Waldo — C55 — Fort MorrowOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
Fort Morrow »»«« A stockade fort built by Captain Taylor about 1812 and a place of common refuge for the pioneers during many Indian attacks. — Map (db m30073) HM
Ohio (Marion County), Marion — 3-51 — Jacob's Well
Jacob Foos, while surveying the Military Road north from Fort Morrow to Fremont during the War of 1812, dug a well at this site. General William H. Harrison and his troops, on their way to Lake Erie, camped here and drank from the well. This area . . . — Map (db m29048) HM
Ohio (Wyandot County), Upper Sandusky — C481 — Fort FerreeOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
. . . — Map (db m18086) HM
Ohio (Wyandot County), Upper Sandusky — Fort Ferree - Overland Inn - Indian Spring
Fort Ferree built by Gen. Harrison's Army, 1812. Overland Inn 1814 until 1846, on site Elks Lodge. Indian Spring used by Indians 1730 to 1843. Col. Crawford's Army drank at Spring June 4, 1782. Charles Dickens stopped at Inn and Spring, . . . — Map (db m114533) HM
Ohio (Seneca County), Tiffin — 3-74 — Camp Ball
In July 1813 a detachment of soldiers under Lt. Col. James V. Ball built a supply fort here along the military road that ran along the west bank of the Sandusky River. Ball chose this site for its large spring of cold water, which he enclosed within . . . — Map (db m17977) HM
Ohio (Seneca County), Fort Seneca — 2-74 — Fort Seneca
In the 1820s a general store and a grist mill were established near this site, where the famous Scioto-Sandusky Indian Trail neared the Sandusky River. The settlement was first known as McNutt's, later as Swope's Corners. The village of Fort Seneca . . . — Map (db m18126) HM
Ohio (Seneca County), Fort Seneca — A1340 — to Brady's Island / to Battle IslandOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail — Harrison-Shelby Marches —
Ohio Revolutionary Memorial Trail Text on South Side : Harrison • Shelby Marches • 1813 - - - - - 12 Miles to Brady's Island Text on North Side : Harrison • Shelby Marches . . . — Map (db m20577) HM
Ohio (Seneca County), Old Fort — Fort Seneca - Harrison Trail1812 - 1813
This tablet marks the site of Fort Seneca built in July 1813 by Major General William Henry Harrison during the War of 1812 with Great Britain; and also marks the military road known as the "Harrison Trail" blazed through the forest in 1812 by . . . — Map (db m17997) HM
Ohio (Sandusky County), Fremont — Portage Trail
Near this spot an old footpath bypassed the lower rapids of the Sandusky River from midtown Fremont south to Tindall Bridge. Along this trail Indian portaged their canoes around swift rapids. This was the Old Sandusky-Scioto Trail, an ancient . . . — Map (db m18189) HM
Ohio (Sandusky County), Fremont — Ball’s Battlefield
Major Ball’s Squadron 2nd Light Dragoons U.S. Army while escorting Col. Wells 17th U.S. Infantry from Major General Harrison’s headquarters at Fort Seneca to relieve Major Croghan of the command of Fort Stephenson for alleged insubordination in . . . — Map (db m17967) HM
Ohio (Sandusky County), Fremont — Sandusky-Scioto Trail- Used by Indian, British and Colonial Rangers -
Roger's Colonial Rangers against the French, 1760. Bradstreet's British army against Pontiac, 1764. Butler's British Rangers against Crawford, 1782. Proctor's British army against Ft. Stephenson, 1813. Called, after the American invasion of . . . — Map (db m18209) HM
Ohio (Sandusky County), Fremont — In Commemoration
Lt. Colonel Wm. C. Shortt, Lt. J.G. Gordon, 1 sergeant, 1 drummer, and 21 rank and file of the 41st Regiment, British regulars, who died in the assault on Fort Stephenson, August 2, 1813, and the succeeding amity between the contending nations. — Map (db m18291) HM
Ohio (Sandusky County), Fremont — 1-72 — Fort StephensonWar of 1812
[Marker Front]: Victoriously defended by Major George Croghan. Battle of Fort Stephenson, August 2, 1813. Built on this spot 1812-1813 and named for Col. Mills Stephenson, one of its builders. [Marker Reverse]: Major . . . — Map (db m18093) HM
Ohio (Sandusky County), Fremont — Near This Spot
British cannon from Commodore Barclay's fleet bombarded Major Croghan in Fort Stephenson August 1 and 2, 1813. General Proctor attempted to capture the fort by assault with his Wellington veterans assisted by Indians under Tecumseh. Major Croghan . . . — Map (db m18285) HM
Ohio (Sandusky County), Fremont — FremontCounty Seat of Sandusky County, Ohio
The Junquindundeh of the Indians, and the Lower Sandusky of the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. — An old neutral town of the Eries used as a refuge on the destruction of the Huron commonwealth by the Iroquois in 1650. — . . . — Map (db m18293) HM
Ohio (Ottawa County), Port Clinton — C47 — End of Harrison's Trail In Ohio - War of 1812Ohio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
. . . — Map (db m18174) HM
Ohio (Ottawa County), Port Clinton — War of 1812
Captain Barclay's British Fleet transporting General Proctor's British army sailed up the Sandusky River to make their assault on Fort Stephenson August 1st and 2nd 1813 of which General Sherman wrote: "The defense of Fort Stephenson by Croghan . . . — Map (db m18257) HM
Ohio (Ottawa County), Port Clinton — American Expedition 1813Across the De Lery Portage
From Fort Seneca to Detroit and the invasion of Canada as noted in Captain R.B. McAfee's history 1816. Major General Harrison on receiving word of Commodore Perry's victory proceeded to Fort Stephenson and "issued his orders for the movement of . . . — Map (db m18252) HM

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