“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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This is the list of the plaques in The Knoll section of the park that together form a history of the Thoroughbreds.
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By Ken Smith, July 12, 2012
August Belmont II Marker
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — A. B. Hancock Sr. — 1875 - 1957
Arthur Boyd Hancock Sr. was the son of Capt. Richard Hancock, who established Ellerslie as the leading horse farm in Virginia late in the 19th Century. Arthur Sr. returned from the University of Chicago in 1895 to assist his father, and later, as . . . — Map (db m58285) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt — 1912 - 1999
Son of a sporting coachman, who went down on the Lusitania, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt took over his family's Sagamore Farm in Maryland after his 21st birthday in 1933. He soon purchased Discovery, which campaigned across the country for several years . . . — Map (db m58313) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Allen Paulson — 1922 - 2000
Long before he owned the international champion Cigar, Allen Paulson had established an American success story honored by the Horatio Alger Association and the Wright Brothers Trophy. Born in Clinton, Iowa, into a family that was to be bankrupted by . . . — Map (db m58319) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Andrew Jackson — 1767 - 1845
George Washington's diary included references to attending horse racing and Thomas Jefferson was also an avid horseman. Their interest, however, could hardly match that of Andrew Jackson, who stabled some of his race horses on the White House . . . — Map (db m58344) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Arthur B. Hancock, Jr. — 1910 - 1972
Arthur B. Hancock, Jr. was given the nickname of "Bull" while in school. He was known as such thereafter, the name fitting his large physical frame and deep, commanding voice. Hancock inherited responsibility for Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky, . . . — Map (db m57720) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — August Belmont II — 1853 - 1924
Man O’ War, the legendary race horse from the Golden Age of Sport, was bred in Kentucky by August Belmont II. For more than a quarter-century, Belmont was perhaps the most important figure in Thoroughbred racing, as chairman of the Jockey Club, a . . . — Map (db m57640) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Bing Crosby — 1904 - 1977
After Meadow Court wom the Irish Sweeps Derby of 1965, fans were treated to Bing Crosby's impromptu crooning of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." The famous singer and actor was part owner of the winning colt. Years before, Crosby had greeted the . . . — Map (db m57709) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — C. V. Whitney — 1899 - 1992
Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney represented the third generation of the Whitney family's prominence in business, society, and racing. His mother was a granddaughter of shipping and railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt. C. V. Whitney and a cousin, John . . . — Map (db m58299) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Capt. Harry Guggenheim — 1890 - 1971
Charles Lindbergh regarded Capt. Harry F. Guggenheim and Dr. Robert Goddard as the two most forward looking men in the early history of aerospace. Guggenheim financed much of Goddard's research and was himself a combat flyer in both world wars. . . . — Map (db m58321) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Col. E. R. Bradley — 1859 - 1946
The activities of Col. E. R. Bradley ranged from operating Palm Beach's Beach Club casino to staging charity race days for orphans. A product of a burgeoning nation in the 19th century, Bradley worked in steel mills in Pittsburgh as a youngster, . . . — Map (db m58351) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Col. Phil T. Chinn — 1874 - 1962
Col. Phil T. Chinn's place in the history of Thoroughbred racing and breeding would be secure on the facts alone, for he bred, trained, raced, bought, and sold a number of important horses. It was as a character and raconteur, however, that Col. . . . — Map (db m58320) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Daniel Swigert — 1833 - 1912
Elmendorf Farms, one of the enduring symbols of the Bluegrass, on Paris Pike, was named by Daniel Swigert. He purchased the 544-acre core of the farm in 1881 for $150,000 from John Sanford, who had called the property Preakness Stud. Earlier, . . . — Map (db m58282) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Dr. Elisha Warfield — 1781 - 1859
His name having wafted down through history as The Father of the Kentucky Turf, Dr. Elisha Warfield had the overriding distinction of having been the breeder of the stallion Lexington. Depicted elsewhere in this park, Lexington was a bellwether . . . — Map (db m57742) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — E. P. Taylor — 1901 - 1989
A Canadian whose breeding farms were in Ontario and Maryland, E. P. Taylor nevertheless had a profound influence on Kentucky. His patronage of the Keeneland select yearling sale was significant in its emergence as the elite among international . . . — Map (db m57708) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Elizabeth Arden Graham — 1884 - 1966
The proprietress of the famed cosmetics house, Elizabeth Arden was born Florence Nightingale Graham near Toronto, Canada. At age twenty-four she moved to New York, later borrowed $6000 from her brother, and began her own firm. By 1945, the Elizabeth . . . — Map (db m58291) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — George D. Widener — 1889 - 1971
George D. Widened was a prototype sportsman from a distinguished Philadelphia family. Several years after his father was lost on the Titanic, Widener purchased Erdenheim, the Pennsylvania property which had been birthplace of Iroquois, first . . . — Map (db m58288) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — George M. Humphrey — 1890 - 1970
Among modern political figures involved in Thoroughbred racing have been national Treasury Secretaries George M. Humphrey, william Simon, and Nicholas Brady. Humphrey joined President Eisenhower's Cabinet in 1953, after a vigorous business career . . . — Map (db m58287) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — George Washington — 1732 - 1799
The first President of the United States was an avid horseman and outdoorsman, as befit his era, and he at times was a participant in horse racing. The cherished tale of his Magnolia running against a horse owned by Thomas Jefferson was refuted by . . . — Map (db m58334) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Hal Price Headley — 1888 - 1962
Hal Price Headley embodied the image of the Bluegrass horseman. He was sophisticated in business, but always a man of agriculture, raising tobacco as well as Thoroughbreds. His lasting legacy to Lexington was his instrumental role in formation of . . . — Map (db m58352) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Harry Payne Whitney — 1872 - 1930
The stamp affixed on Thoroughbred racing by William Collins Whitney and his son Harry Payne Whitney remains indelible. It was W. C. Whitney who poured funding into revitalization of Saratoga, the charming old Victorian race track still operating in . . . — Map (db m58325) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Henry Clay — 1777 - 1852
Visitors familiar with Lexington's Ashland, the home of Henry Clay, know it as a graceful old house, with lovely gardens and grounds. In an earlier time, when Henry Clay built it to some 2,000 acres, Ashland was also the home of Thoroughbreds. Henry . . . — Map (db m58346) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — HRM Queen Elizabeth II — 1926 -
The English Royal family has been instrumental in Thoroughbred racing through many successions, and no monarch has been more knowledgeable about the sport that Queen Elizabeth II. There was a Royal Stud farm in the time of Henry VIII, and with . . . — Map (db m58316) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Isabel Dodge Sloane — 1897 - 1962
Thoroughbred racing for many years has been graced by the participation of distinguished ladies. The first lady to top the list of money-winning owners in a given year was Mrs. Isabel Dodge Sloane, whose Brookmeade Stable earned $251,138 in 1934. . . . — Map (db m58281) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — James Ben Ali Haggin — 1821 - 1914
A Kentucky-born grandson of a Turkish Army officer, James Ben Ali Haggin was lured west by the Gold Rush. He and his partners eventually owned South Dakora's Homestake Mine---the richest gold vein in North America. Haggin's group also mined other . . . — Map (db m58348) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — James R. Keene — 1838 - 1913
Castleton Farm, a stately, stone-walled property on Lexington's Iron Works Pike, was purchased by Sen. John Brechinridge in 1790. A century later, it was bought by James R. Keene, a mercurial figure in American business and sport. Born in . . . — Map (db m57784) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — John D. Hertz — 1879-1961
Yellow was the color and name of his taxicab company, and yellow and black were his stable colors. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hertz' most famous Thoroughbred was Count Fleet, which won the triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes) in 1943. . . . — Map (db m58284) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — John E. Madden — 1856 - 1929
John E. Madden named Hamburg Place, outside Lexington, for Hamburg, one of his many champion race horses. He proceeded to breed five Kentucky derby winners on the farm: Old Rosebud, Sir Barton, Paul Jones, Zev and Flying Ebony. Sir Barton also won . . . — Map (db m58349) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — John Hay Whitney — 1904 - 1982
British Prime Minister Harold McMillan proclaimed John Hay (Jock) Whitney "the best Ambassador the United States ever had here." Whitney was named to the post in 1954 by President Eisenhower, a golfing and hunting crony. Whitney was named for his . . . — Map (db m58350) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — John S. Knight — 1894 - 1981
Adjacent to this park is the building of the Lexington Herald-Leader, one of the large Knight-Ridder chain of newspapers. Both Messrs. Knight and Ridder were longtime owners and breeders of racehorses. John S. Knight started with the Akron Beacon . . . — Map (db m58333) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — John W. Galbreath — 1897 - 1988
The far-reaching enterprises of John W. Galbreath were sometimes reflected in the names of his horses. Epsom Derby winner Roberto was named for the great baseball player Roberto Clemente, whose team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, was then owned by . . . — Map (db m58327) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Leslie Combs II — 1901 - 1990
Leslie Combs II put a modern slant on the management and marketing of horses. He specialized in the form of syndication whereby some thirty-six shares would be sold in an individual stallion. Beau Pere, purchased for $100,000 in 1947, was his first . . . — Map (db m58297) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Lexington
The stallion Lexington was the key figure in development of the American Thoroughbred during the second half of the 19th Century. He was statistically the leading stallion in America for 14 consecutive years, 1861 - 1875, and again in two later . . . — Map (db m70405) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Lucille Parker Markey — 1897 - 1982
From 1924 until her death, Maysville, Kentucky, native Mrs. Lucille Parker Markey was the lady of Calumet Farm. First as the young bride of Calumet heir Warren Wright Sr. and then as the wife of Hollywood writer Admiral Gene Markey, she lived the . . . — Map (db m58314) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Mrs. Henry Carnegie Phipps — 1883 - 1970
An early investor with Andrew Carnegie was Henry Phipps, whose son, Henry Carnegie Phipps, married Gladys Livingston Mills. Mills' ancestors had signed the Declaration of Independence and handled the Louisiana Purchase. As Mrs. Henry Carnegie . . . — Map (db m58324) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Ogden Phipps — 1908 - 2002
When Mrs. Henry Carnegie Phipps launched Wheatley Stable in the 1920's her teenage son, Ogden Phipps, became interested in the sport. In 1932, a year after graduation from Harvard, he registered his own colors of a black jacket and a cherry red cap. . . . — Map (db m58317) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Paul Mellon — 1907 - 1999
Thoroughbred racing is but one of many aspects of society to benefit from the philanthropy of Paul Mellon. A book published in the 1990s listed $640 million in major charitable donations. Mellon's interests range from the work of Carl Jung to gazing . . . — Map (db m58295) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Robert A. Alexander — 1819 - 1867
Robert A. Alexander established the 2,000-acre Woodburn Stud in Woodford County, in part with the inheritance left by an uncle in Scotland. By creating a commercial breeding operation, Alexander introduced a degree of professionalist to breeding . . . — Map (db m58340) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. — (1896 - 1947)
For four decades Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. headed King Ranch, one of America's unique institutions. Among divisions of King Ranch is the Thoroughbred farm he founded outside Lexington, on property that was once part of Col. E. R. Bradley's Idle Hour . . . — Map (db m58301) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Sam Hildreth — 1866 - 1929
Admonished by his father that one could not settle down if he wanted to be a racing man, Sam Hildreth wrote years later of such family sojourns as himself and all nine brothers and sisters being taken by wagon train from Missouri to Texas. His . . . — Map (db m58341) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Samuel D. Riddle — 1861 - 1951
"Lots of men might have a million dollars, but only one man can have Man o' war," said Will Harbut, the faithful groom of the great stallion. The one man who had Man o' War was Samuel D. Riddle, who once handed back the check of a wealthy Texan who . . . — Map (db m58343) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Sheikh Mohammed — 1949 -
Through the last two decades of the 20th Century and into the next, the dominant purchasers of Thoroughbreds in the world were the Maktoum brothers from the country of Dubai. As the ruling family of that oil producing Emirate, the Maktoums are . . . — Map (db m57685) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Warner L. Jones Jr. — 1916 - 1994
For more than 50 years, Warner L. Jones Jr. was on the board of Churchill Downs, which a great-great-great uncle, Col. M. Lewis Clark, founded in 1875. For 12 years, Jones was chairman. Thus, much of his career was involved in protecting and . . . — Map (db m57736) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — Warren Wright, Sr. — 1875 - 1950
The name of the family company of the Wrights was Calumet Baking Powder and Warren Wright, Sr. would also make that name synonymous with Thoroughbred breeding and racing. In 1913 Wright took over operation of the Chicago company from his father and . . . — Map (db m58286) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — William S. Farish — 1939 -
To the general public, the identity of William S. Farish is likely created by his term as the United States Ambassador to England, his business association and friendships with both Presidents Bush, and his friendship with Queen Elizabeth II, who . . . — Map (db m58336) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — William T. Young — 1918 - 2004
One of Lexington's most distinguished native citizens also emerged as one of America's top Thoroughbred breeders and owners. W. T. Young developed the stately Overbrook Farm, stocked it with high quality bloodstock and began breeding, racing, . . . — Map (db m58329) HM
Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — William Woodward, Sr. — 1876 - 1953
Aristocratic by birth and bearing, William Woodward, Sr. inherited the presidency of Hanover National Bank of New York and ownership of Belair Stud, a Maryland property predating the revolution. Woodward also has a lasting connection to Kentucky, . . . — Map (db m58283) HM

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