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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

R. B. Dickey and E. B. Chandler Markers image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr.
R. B. Dickey and E. B. Chandler Markers
1Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Amherst — Edward Barron Chandler1800 - 1880
Born in Amherst, Chandler was called to the New Brunswick bar in 1823. He represented Westmorland in the legislature (1827-36), was a Legislative Councillor (1836-78) and a member of the Executive Council almost continuously between 1844 and 1858. . . . — Map (db m107018) HM
2Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Amherst — Former Site of Amherst Post Office1935 - 1976
[Title is text] — Map (db m107022) HM
3Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Amherst — Jonathan McCully1809 - 1877
Born in Cumberland County, N. S., McCully practised law in Amherst and was appointed to the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia in 1848 serving as Solicitor General and Government leader in the Council (1860-62). As editor of the Halifax Morning . . . — Map (db m108034) HM
4Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Amherst — Robert Barry Dickey1811 - 1903
Born in Amherst, educated at Windsor Academy, and called to the bar in 1834, Dickey practiced law in Amherst and sat in the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia (1858-67). A Father of Confederation, he attended both the Charlottetown and Quebec . . . — Map (db m107017) HM
5Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Amherst — Sir Charles Tupper1821 - 1915
Born at Amherst and educated in medicine, Tupper was elected in 1855 to the Nova Scotia Assembly, becoming Premier in 1864. In alliance with John A. Macdonald, he skilfully manoeuvered unwilling Nova Scotians into Confederation. Having held . . . — Map (db m108038) HM
6Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Amherst — World Wars Memorial
Erected by Senator and Mrs. Curry in memory of their son Captain Leon Hall Curry and his Brothers in Arms from Cumberland County who gave their lives to their country in the Great German War 1914 - 1918 [Roll of Honored . . . — Map (db m108029) WM
7Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Amherst – Modern Period 1800s and 1900s
A Manufacturing Town All major roads and rail-lines run through Amherst, making it a natural gateway into Nova Scotia. The town is also in the middle of a rich agricultural and coal-mining area. Amherst became a major manufacturing town in . . . — Map (db m112104) HM
8Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Beaubassin
[Face] The Acadian village of Beaubassin on this site was founded by settlers from Port Royal around 1672. Upon the arrival of Major Charles Lawrence with British troops in April 1750, the French authorities had the village destroyed in . . . — Map (db m106953) HM
9Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Beaubassin 1672-1750
This area was the site of the Acadian village of Beaubassin, first known Bourgeois settlement. Raided in 1696 and again in 1703 by a force from Boston under Captain Ben Church. Occupied by French troops in 1746 who travelled on snowshoes in . . . — Map (db m106951) HM
10Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Early Inhabitants
The First Nations Native peoples have lived around the Chignecto Isthmus for thousands of years. Travelling in family groups and small nomadic bands, they moved from area to area harvesting seasonal food sources. Early French explorers were . . . — Map (db m112112) HM
11Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Fort Lawrence and English Settlement
Fort Lawrence In the 18th century, the Chignecto Isthmus played an important role in the struggle between France and Britain for North American supremacy. In 1713 the Treaty of Utrecht had failed to clearly establish the border of Nova . . . — Map (db m112110) HM
12Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Natural History
Geology This area is located in the Carboniferous Lowlands of Nova Scotia. The underlying bedrock is sedimentary with varying proportions of sandstone and mudstone. In some areas where the bedrock has been folded, the sandstone has been . . . — Map (db m108707) HM
13Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Un hommage à/A Tribute to Jacob (Jacques) Bourgeois
Fondateur, vers 1672, de Beaubassin premier établissement dans la région de la rivière Missagouèche et initiateur de l'agriculture maraîchère en Acadie Jacob Bourgeois arriva à Port-Royal en 1641 à titre de chirurgien pour la colonie . . . — Map (db m107012) HM
14Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pictou — Simon Newcomb1835-1909
Born at Wallace Bridge, Newcomb moved to the United States in 1853. Graduating from Harvard he became Professor of Mathematics in the U.S. Navy and was assigned to the Naval Observatory. He was soon recognized as an authority on mathematical . . . — Map (db m108085) HM
15Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pictou — Willard Sterling Boyle, C.C.Inventor / Inventeur — Nobel Laureate (Physics, 2009) / Lauréat du prix Nobel (Physique, 2009) —
Bill was from Wallace, where his grandfather worked in the quarry and kept the lighthouse. His father was the village doctor until their move to the backwoods of northern Quebec. While there, Bill was home schooled by his mother until age 14, when . . . — Map (db m108089) HM
16Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Evolution of Pugwash IndustryOur Harbour • Our Heritage
Pugwash sits on top the largest salt deposit in Atlantic Canada. The train tracks, bridges, and wharves that defined the tapestry of the village infrastructure changed significantly over the decades as local industry evolved, including the opening . . . — Map (db m108068) HM
17Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Nova Scotia ClayworksOur Harbour • Our Heritage
While lobster boats have filled the local wharves for generations, the community's most unique feature may have been the 130 ft. (39.6m) smoke stack belonging to Nova Scotia Clayworks on the opposite side of the harbour. Started in 1889, the . . . — Map (db m108078) HM
18Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Pugwash HarbourOur Harbour • Our Heritage
The deep harbour of Pugwash has a long and storied seafaring heritage, with many eras of ships carrying lumber and raw materials up and down the Eastern Seaboard. [Historic Pugwash photos] "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be . . . — Map (db m108080) HM
19Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Pugwash Railway StationOur Harbour • Our Heritage
The Pugwash Railway Station, completed in 1892, is one of only two stations designed by Sir Sandford Fleming that is still standing in Nova Scotia. The station is also famous for its part in the 1957 "Thinkers Conference" where Pugwash native . . . — Map (db m108069) HM
20Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Pugwash StreetscapesOur Harbour • Our Heritage
Historically, the main streets were lined with hotels, merchants, and services one would expect of a long-standing port village. The village endured seven devastating fires between 1877 to 1929 that permanently changed the street-scape . . . — Map (db m108083) HM
21Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Pugwash Train Station 1961Pugwash Heritage
The station was built in 1888. Rail service to Pugwash commenced in 1890 and ceased in 1993. Five miles of track linked Pugwash to the Shortline at Pugwash Junction. The Shortline ran from Pictou to Oxford Junction linking it with the rail track . . . — Map (db m108070) HM
22Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — The Gathering of the ClansOur Harbour • Our Heritage
All of the community celebrations culminate on Water Street. Canada Day has been celebrated in Pugwash since 1951 with festivities called "The Gathering of the Clans" paying homage to some of its founding settlers. This is also the reason many of . . . — Map (db m108076) HM
23Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — The Mary Crowley MonumentOur Heritage
The Mary Crowley monument is the first public monument in honour of a Canadian-born female. It was erected in 1870 following a unanimous vote of the Nova Scotia Legislature. "Mary E. Crowley lies beneath this sod, a victim to fraternal love, having . . . — Map (db m140763) HM
24Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — The Pugwash Conferences and Masonic LodgeOur Harbour • Our Heritage
The Pugwash Conferences on Science & World Affairs The Pugwash Conferences take their names from the location of the first meeting, held in 1957, in the village of Pugwash, Nova Scotia, birthplace of their host, American philanthropist Cyrus . . . — Map (db m108075) HM
25Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Thinkers LodgeThe House That Made Pugwash Famous
”There Can Be No Winners in a Nuclear War.” Russell — Einstein Manifesto, July 9, 1955 A Welcome Retreat In 1955, Cyrus Eaton began hosting meetings of scholars, educators and social reformers in Pugwash. He . . . — Map (db m150367) HM
26Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Thinkers' Lodge
English: In 1957, at the height of the Cold War, the first Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs took place in this serene setting. Hosted by philanthropist Cyrus Eaton, top-level scientists from both sides of the Iron . . . — Map (db m140759) HM
27Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — World Wars Memorial1914 - 1918 • 1939 - 1945 — Lest We Forget —
[Great War Honored Dead] Douglas Langille • Harold Esty Benjamin Percy Erle Benjamin • William McLean Borden Cecil Raymond Richards • Frederick Elias King Frank Demings • Harry Hector McLellan Andrew Gray McPherson • George Selig . . . — Map (db m108059) WM
28Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Wallace — Saint Matthew's Presbyterian ChurchProvincial Heritage Property
[Title is text] — Map (db m108100) HM
29Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Wallace — St. John's United Church CemeteryWallace — 1810 - 1934 —
[List of burials] — Map (db m108101) HM
30Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Wallace — War MemorialLest We Forget
World War I 1914 - 1918 William Baird • James Bathgate • Alexander Craib James Crooks • Kenneth Hape • Charles MacNutt Elmer MacNutt • Wellsley McCann • Daniel Reeves Chester Slack • Harold Slack • Gordon Tingley Renton Fisher • . . . — Map (db m108094) WM
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