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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia

A Diverse Fishery Marker image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., July 24, 2017
A Diverse Fishery Marker
1Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — A Diverse Fishery
Fishing has been the backbone of Yarmouth's culture and economy for over 200 years. In the early days, salted dried cod was shipped by schooners and barques headed to the West Indies in exchange for rum, molasses and sugar. Today Yarmouth's . . . — Map (db m107349) HM
2Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — A Footstep into the Harbour
The Southwestern shore of Nova Scotia, including Yarmouth County, is home to one of Canada's largest fisheries. For over two hundred years, fishing boats have sailed past this point, as well as from other ports in this region, to fish groundfish, . . . — Map (db m107638) HM
3Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Ballard [sic - Bollard]
This Ballard [sic - Bollard] was located on a wharf in Yarmouth in the early 1900's. It's purpose was to tie ships to the wharf. It weighs 450 pounds. Donated by Mr. Danny MacIsaac — Map (db m107255) HM
4Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Bell
This Bell was donated to Friends of the Yarmouth Light Society by Bay Ferries. It was located on the wharf in Yarmouth and used to help guide the ferry during times of thick fog or heavy snow. — Map (db m155075) HM
5Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Cape Forchu's Guiding Light
An enduring symbol of Yarmouth's historic and economic ties to the sea, a lighthouse has towered over the rocky headlands of Cape Forchu since 1839, guiding mariners to the safety of Yarmouth Harbour. The current lighthouse was automated in . . . — Map (db m107293) HM
6Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Cheboque
Cheboque The name "Cheboque" comes from the Mi'kmaw word for "big marshes", a very accurate name for this area. Beginning at Arcadia, the Cheboque salt marsh sprawls 343 hectares (837 acres) alongside the Cheboque River. According to a 1607 . . . — Map (db m107735) HM
7Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Explosive Geology
The amazing geological formations you see along the Leif Ericson Trail, and at Cape Forchu, are the result of ancient volcanoes that erupted approximately 444-429 million years ago during the Silurian and early Devonian periods in Earth's history. . . . — Map (db m107540) HM
8Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Harbour of Deception
Harbour of Deception For almost two centuries, Yarmouth's False Harbour has lived up to its name. Located at the end of Cape Forchu, False Harbour's rocky shores have fooled the most experienced and capable of mariners, especially during . . . — Map (db m107719) HM
9Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — In Dire Need of a Lighthouse
The Town of Yarmouth, and its surrounding area, was settled in 1761 by Planters from Massachusetts. These settlers fished along the coast and harvested lumber from the forests to build homes, businesses and sailing vessels. By the . . . — Map (db m107298) HM
10Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Lost to the Sea / Perdus en Mer
The year 1879 was a disastrous one for Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, with no fewer than 31 vessels lost along with 106 persons. The ships lost were among the best of the Yarmouth fleet, some carrying valuable cargoes. The loss of life left 26 . . . — Map (db m107392) HM
11Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — M.V. Bluenose Anchor
This Anchor was donated to Freinds [sic - Friends] of the Yarmouth Light Society, by Bay Ferries. The fluke was broken off, when it got caught in [the] rocks on bottom, while at anchor just off the lighthouse. This anchor came off the M.V. . . . — Map (db m107648) HM
12Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Phare Cap-Forchu / Cape Forchu Lightstation
Balise canadienne Lorsque Samuel de Champlain visita la région en 1604, il la nomma Cap-Fourchu. Un an plus tard, Champlain s'installa à Port-Royal ou, La Cadie, un nom dérivé du nom « L'Arcadie » qu'un explorateur italien aviat donné à la . . . — Map (db m107359) HM
13Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Pieces of the Past
Pieces of the Past Since 1840, a lighthouse has kept watch over Cape Forchu and the approaches of Yarmouth Harbour. In 1962, the original lighthouse was replaced with the iconic "apple core" structure that towers over the Cape today. The . . . — Map (db m107551) HM
14Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — The Power of the Sea
Watching the waves crashing around Cape Forchu provides a small glimpse of the awesome and terrifying power of the sea. It continually shapes the lives of those who live and work by it. A source of beauty, bounty and economic prosperity, the . . . — Map (db m107284) HM
15Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — The Tusket Islands
The Tusket Islands Located south of Yarmouth, the Tusket Islands extend mainly along the coast, from Pinkney's Point to Wedgeport. The Tusket Island chain was once a great asset to the fishing economy of Nova Scotia's Southwestern . . . — Map (db m107652) HM
16Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Welcome to the Leif Ericson Trail
A Yarmouth - Viking Connection? This scenic trail is named after the famous Norse explorer, and son of Eric the Red, Leif Ericson, who may have visited these shores sometime around 1000 AD. Many scholars regard Leif Ericson as the first . . . — Map (db m107487) HM
17Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Hubbard's Point — Barges de foin salé de Buttes-AmiraultSalt Haystacks of Amirault's Hill
Jusaqu'aux années 1950 on pouvait encore voir plus de 1000 barges ou meules de foin entre la Pointe-du-Sault et la Pointe-des-Hubbard, surtout dans la région appelée « Passe de pré ». Des hommes habiles à la faux pouvaient faucher environ . . . — Map (db m108766) HM
18Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — What and When is Le Village Acadien?Le Village historique acadien, c'est quoi?...c'est quand?
Le Village presents the lifestyle, culture and traditions of the Acadians of Nova Scotia at the turn of the 20th century, approximately 250 years after they first settled in the Pubnico area. This is the longest established Acadian region . . . — Map (db m108266) HM
19Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — A Bond with the Sea / A Sustaining FaithUn lien avec la mer / Une foi nourrissante
Before You Step Back in Time... Though Le Village historique acadien is a created outdoor museum, it speaks to truths about the overall Acadian experience in Nova Scotia, and to the particular life and times of the Pubnicos in the . . . — Map (db m108272) HM
20Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — Les pionniers acadiens / Acadian PioneersLe Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse
Les pionniers acadiens Pubnico est le plus ancien village acadien encore habité par les descendants des familles fondatrices. Vous trouverez, dans l'annuaire téléphonique, près de 400 personnes du nom d'Entremont. Ils sont les descendants du . . . — Map (db m107971) HM
21Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — Recolter la mer / Harvesting the SeaQuai Dennis Point / Dennis Point Wharf
Récolter la mer Vous êtes debout sur l'un des quais de pêche les plus achalandés au Canada. Autrefois, le hareng était pêché dans des parcs en fascines, ou « nijagans » inventés par les Mi'kmaq. Le poisson entrait dans le parc . . . — Map (db m108006) HM
22Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — Sieur Phillippe Mius-d'Entremont1609 - 1699
Foundateur de la Baronnie de Pobomcoup (Pubnico) 1653 Founder of the Barony of Pobomcoup (Pubnico) 1653 Don du reveil de Pombcoup Sculpteur - Albert Deveau - Sculptor Aout - 1998 - August Remplace - Replaced Sculpteur - James . . . — Map (db m107967) HM
23Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — What and Where is Acadie? / L'Acadie, c'est quoi?...c'est ou?
There is not now and never has been a single definition of Acadie, or Acadia. It all depends on the time period and one's point of view. Back in the 1600s and early 1700s, Acadie was a loosely defined region that more or less . . . — Map (db m108271) HM
24Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — Who are the Acadians? / Qui sont les Acadiens?
Acadians themselves can best answer this question, and our staff looks forward to sharing stories and insights into Acadian history and culture. We are also pleased to share some information on this panel for your reading pleasure. As Acadie was . . . — Map (db m108270) HM
25Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Middle West Pubnico — Dennis PointLiving Wharves / Tchais Vivants
Following the fish While Dennis Point's most valuable fishery is lobster, this wharf is also home to Canada's largest ground fishing fleet. This diverse fishery takes our fishermen (and women) to many special fishing areas. Going the . . . — Map (db m108001) HM
26Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Rocco Point — Chapelle de la Pointe-à-Rocco / Chapel site at Rocco PointRacines religieuses / Religious Roots
La chapelle originale fut construite sur le site en 1784. La vue sur la colline est superbe. Vous pouvez facilement imaginer l'arrivée des fidèles à la messe à pied, à cheval, par bateau, ou par attelage de bœufs. Après son arrivée de France en . . . — Map (db m108627) HM
27Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Rocco Point — Chapelle Site / Chapel Site
Le Site La Pointe-à-Rocco fut fondée en 1767 par les Acadiens revenus de l'exil. Pierre LeBlanc, Pierre et Louis Muis et Pierre Surette furent les premiers à s'établir dans le village. Ce site était le lieu de la première chapelle. . . . — Map (db m108641) HM
28Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Rocco Point — L'histoire des Surette / History of the Surettes
Avant la construction des églises, les enterrements avaient lieu près de la mer du côté d'Eel Brook. C'est dans cet endroit d'inhumation que seraient enterrés Catherine Bro et Pierre Suret II, le couple fondateur de la région. Catherine Bro, de . . . — Map (db m108637) HM
29Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Ste. Anne du Ruisseau — Église Ste-Anne ChurchUne foi vivante / Living Faith
Une chapelle fut construite à la Pointe-à-Rocco en 1784. Elle fut utilisée par des Acadiens et des Mi'kmaq de la région jusqu'à ce qu'une église plus grande soit construite sur le site en 1808. À la suite d'un incendie dévastateur en 1900, . . . — Map (db m108513) HM
30Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Ste. Anne du Ruisseau — Saint Anne Catholic Church Veterans MemorialLest We Forget / De Peur Que Nous Oublions
1914 - 1918 [Died in Service] Anthony Doucette • Felix Doucette Simon Doucette [Honor Roll of Veterans] 1939 - 1945 [Died in Service] Louis Babin • William Doucet Walter Deveau [Honor Roll of Veterans] Parishioners who . . . — Map (db m108613) WM
31Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — Argyle Township Court House and GaolLe Palais de Justice et Prison Canton d'Argyle
This well-preserved building, constructed between 1802 and 1805, is the oldest-known combined court house and jail still remaining in Canada. A prominent symbol of law and order, this building type was common to British North American towns in the . . . — Map (db m108770) HM
32Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — Law in Nova Scotia / La Loi en Nouvelle-Écosse
Nova Scotia was the first colony in British North America to receive English law in all its jurisdictional variants, and the first colony to establish the legislative institutions necessary for the enactment of law. It was the first to evolve . . . — Map (db m108771) HM
33Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — Lost at Sea / Perdus en Mer
The year 1879 was a disastrous one for Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, with no fewer than 31 vessels lost along with 106 persons. The ships lost were among the best of the Yarmouth fleet, some carrying valuable cargoes. The loss of life left 26 . . . — Map (db m112154) HM
34Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — Palais de justice et Prison d’Argyle / Argyle Township Court House and Gaol
Le plus ancient tribunal Le premier gouvernement local de la région du comté actuel de Yarmouth fut institué en 1789 par l’établissement du Tribunal des Sessions générales de la paix qui servait les districts de Yarmouth et d’Argyle. Il . . . — Map (db m112162) HM
35Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — The/Le Village of TusketLooking South, ca. 1910 / Regardant Vers le Sud, Environ 1910
Next to the Court House on the east side of the street was the Tusket Cycle Company and just south of that, the Methodist Church built in 1877. On the opposite side of the street, the building in the foreground with the bundle of . . . — Map (db m108772) HM
36Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — United Empire Loyalists
GIIIR In proud memory of those United Empire Loyalists the majority of them of Dutch origin who defeated and despoiled were compelled to find refuge here following the American Revolution. Arriving here, . . . — Map (db m108760) HM
37Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — World Wars Memorial1914 - 1918 • 1939 - 1945
In honour and loving memory of our heroes who met death to save life. Corp. Joseph B. Jeffery 222979, 85th. Canadian Battalion Died of Wounds, St. Pol. France Oct. 4th. 1918 Aged 25 years Pte. Clement Jeffery . . . — Map (db m108761) WM
38Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), West Pubnico — 200th Anniversary Commemoration of the "Grand Deportation"Commémoration du Deuxiéme Centenaire du "Grand Dérangement" — 1755 • 1955 —
[Title is text - Le titre est le texte] [Dedicated] August 17, 1955. [Dévoué] le 27 août 1955. — Map (db m108371) HM
39Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), West Pubnico — 300th Anniversary of the Founding of Pubnico1651 • 1951
A la mémoire de sieur Philippe d'Entremont pionier, colonizateur et fondateur de Pubnico arrivé le 29 août 1651 —————— Pro Deo et Patria . . . — Map (db m108366) HM
40Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), West Pubnico — 350th Anniversary Tribute to Acadian Women
Hommage aux femmes courageuses et fortes qui ont formé et nourri notre communauté depuis 350 ans Le 28 septembre 2003 —————— Tribute to the courageous and strong women who have trained . . . — Map (db m108393) HM
41Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), West Pubnico — Mémorial des guerres mondiales / World Wars Memorial
A la mémoire de ceux de Pubnico qui ont donné leur vie dans les deux guerres mondiales —————— In memory of those of Pubnico who gave their lives in the two World Wars 1914 — . . . — Map (db m108394) WM
42Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), West Pubnico — Musée acadien et Centre de recherch / Acadian Museum and Research CenterUn musée vivant / Living Museum
Cette propriété familiale qui date des années 1800 a une bonne ossature et elle dégage une énergie extraordinaire. Mais pour sentir le pouls du musée, il faut rencontrer les Acadiens et écouter leurs histoires. Prenons, par exemple, Simon « . . . — Map (db m108360) HM
43Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), West Pubnico — Perdu aux eaux / Lost to the Waters
L'eau de la mer, des lacs et des rivières peut être source de bonheur, de plaisir, de richesses, mais l'eau peut être aussi source d'épreuves, de malheur. Ce monument veut rappeler la mémoire de ceux et celles qui furent engloutis dans . . . — Map (db m108397) HM
44Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), West Pubnico — Potager Acadien / Acadian Garden
Les plantes dans le jardin sont représentatives de celles disponibles aux Acadiens en 1653. ——————————— Plants in the garden represent those accessible to the Acadians in . . . — Map (db m108362) HM
45Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Cape Forchu Lighthouse
This replica was created and donated to the citizens of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia from Doug Koohtow, Holland Landing, Ontario May 28, 2014 — Map (db m107869) HM
46Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Coronation Park
Sophia Killam Caie saw a need, and she was determined to meet it. The north end of town - Milton - needed a recreation ground for sports and games. Mrs. Caie, along with her husband, Robert, owned a portion of land that was ideally suited to . . . — Map (db m107323) HM
47Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Early SettlementA Diverse Background
With its sheltered harbour and abundant habitat for a natural food supply, the Yarmouth area was frequented by the native Mi'kmaq before the arrival of European visitors. The area was visited in 1604 by the French explorer Samuel D. Champlain . . . — Map (db m106161) HM
48Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — East and West Camps, RCAF Station Yarmouth Nova Scotia
This plaque was erected to commemorate all Naval, Army, Air Force and civilian personnel who served at the Yarmouth Air Base in the War of 1939 - 1945 to maintain our democratic freedoms. — Map (db m107738) HM
49Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — First Yarmouth Mayor and Council
The Town of Yarmouth _ Nova Scotia _ On its 75th anniversary as an incorporated town erects this memorial as a grateful tribute to the vision, devotion and unselfish public service of its First Mayor and Council we of . . . — Map (db m107878) HM
50Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Frost Park
This park named in honor of Charles Sydney Frost, M.C. Native son who, through diligence and ability, became President of the Bank of Nova Scotia June 14, 1956 — Map (db m107872) HM
51Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Frost ParkTown of Yarmouth
[Excerpt from Town of Yarmouth informational sign] Get your bearings Named after Charles Sydney Frost, a Yarmouth resident who became president of the Bank of Nova Scoita, this green space at the heart of the town is the perfect place to . . . — Map (db m107960) HM
52Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Hartlin TrailRobert E. Hartlin — 1936 - 2005 —
Executive Director Yarmouth Waterfront Development Corporation It is with great pleasure that the Yarmouth Waterfront Development Corporation dedicates this trail to the memory of Robert E. Hartlin. The "Hartlin Trail" extends . . . — Map (db m107897) HM
53Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Land TransportationConnecting by Road & Rail
Early transportation in Yarmouth was largely centred on the coast. Gradually, road development linked Yarmouth with the rest of Nova Scotia by land and regular passenger and mail services were established by stage coach. By 1891 railway links . . . — Map (db m107313) HM
54Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Lost to the Sea
Dedicated to the memory of all those residents of Yarmouth County and crew members of ships owned in Yarmouth County who have been lost to the sea We honour those here named as well as those not yet known to us [Remembered Dead . . . — Map (db m107927) HM
55Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Lost to the Sea / Perdus en Mer
The year 1879 was a disastrous one for Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, with no fewer than 31 vessels lost along with 106 persons. The ships lost were among the best of the Yarmouth fleet, some carrying valuable cargoes. The loss of life left 26 . . . — Map (db m107934) HM
56Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — ManufacturingGoods & Services for the Marketplace
Early manufacturing in Yarmouth grew in support of the shipbuilding industry, the fishery, and the maintenance of vessels engaged in shipping. The flourishing textile industry had its origins in the ability to import inexpensive raw materials, . . . — Map (db m107320) HM
57Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Milton ClockA Symbol of Community Pride & Confidence
Erected in 1911 at a cost of $1,200.00, the original Milton Clock was donated by Mrs. Robert Caie. The mechanical works of the clock were manufactured by J. Smith and Sons, Midland Clock Works, Derby, England. Located in the tower at the . . . — Map (db m106141) HM
58Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Political LifeA Colourful Past
During its early development Yarmouth was a part of Queens County and reported to the administrative seat in Liverpool. After 1784 Shelburne became the county town for Yarmouth. More local control was achieved with the formation of Yarmouth . . . — Map (db m106165) HM
59Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Rum RunningRum, Risk, and Riches!
The passage of the National Prohibition Act on January 16, 1920 signalled the prohibition of alcohol for general consumption in the United States and provided an opportunity for enterprising Yarmouth businessmen and seamen. Yarmouth-based . . . — Map (db m106221) HM
60Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Sarah CorningShe Lived to Serve Others
It is a long way from the farming community of Chegoggin, Yarmouth County, to a small village at the foot of Mount Ararat, but no journey was too far for Sarah Corning if there were children in need of care. Sarah Corning was born on 16 March, . . . — Map (db m107902) HM
61Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — ShipbuildingBuilding a Connection to the World
The first vessel known to have been built in Yarmouth was launched by John Sollows at Fish Point in 1764. Over the years, many ships were built in nearby communities such as Argyle, Tusket, Plymouth, Salmon River, Meteghan, and Belliveau's . . . — Map (db m106216) HM
62Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Shipbuilding in Nova Scotia / Construction navale en Nouvelle-Écosse
From its early beginnings on Cape Breton Island the shipbuilding industry grew as settlement did in the late 18th century. During the Golden Age of Sail in the 19th century, thousands of wooden vessels of all sizes were built in bays and harbours . . . — Map (db m106067) HM
63Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — the Killam Brothers Buildings & Wharf
The Killam Family Built a Business By the third quarter of the nineteenth century, many Yarmouth companies and their owners were enjoying substantial profits as a result of their investments in shipping and labours as commission . . . — Map (db m112200) HM
64Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — the Yarmouth-Boston Ferry
The Age of the Passenger Steamer With the coming of the steam engine, it was only a matter of time before the sleek lines of wooden hulls and trim masts were replaced by riveted steel plates and tall stacks. By the mid-nineteenth . . . — Map (db m112166) HM
65Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — The FisheryA Community Mainstay
A cornerstone of Yarmouth's economy from its first settlement, fishing continues to the present day to be an important aspect of life in the community. Yarmouth fishermen have always pursued a diversity of species: lobsters, scallops, cod, . . . — Map (db m106323) HM
66Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — the Parker-Eakins Buildings & Wharf
Merchants and Mariners True to the code of merchant-mariners, Parker-Eakins & Co. saw their mission as an endeavor “to facilitate the production, distribution and exchange of goods and services for mutual profit and . . . — Map (db m112171) HM
67Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — War Memorial
To the men of Yarmouth County who fell An•Dom•MCMXIV-MCMXIX [Roll of Honored Dead] ————————————— To the glory of God and dedicated to the memory of . . . — Map (db m107832) WM
68Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Women Philanthropists
Those Amazing Women The Age of Sail brought a considerable amount of wealth to the port of Yarmouth. There have been many instances in which those who earned these riches undertook projects to benefit the citizens of the area. However, none . . . — Map (db m107330) HM
69Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth Bar — Seafaring Sons of Yarmouth County
On this, the site of the first launching in the county, 1764, this monument is erected in proud memory of all the seafaring sons of Yarmouth County who, "going down to the sea in ships," by their outstanding seamanship and . . . — Map (db m107252) HM
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