“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Second Cathedral Marker image, Touch for more information
By Kevin Craft, July 9, 2017
The Second Cathedral Marker
1Manitoba, Winnipeg, Saint Boniface — The Five Saint Boniface Cathedrals
1818-1825 First ChapelWhen the first two Catholic missionaries arrived at the Red River settlement, much work awaited them. Father Provencher constructed a modest log structure to serve as rectory, church and boys' school. 1825-1839 Second . . . Map (db m106491) HM
2Manitoba, Winnipeg — Canadian Northern Railway Freight Lift Bridge, East YardLe pont levant pour marchandises du Chemin de Fer Canadien du Nord, triage de l'est
This bridge was designed not only for heavy freight cars to travel over the Assiniboine River but also for steamships to travel under it. The center span of the bridge lifts and is known as a bascule bridge (from the French word for "see-saw"). . . . Map (db m106490) HM
3Manitoba, Winnipeg — Ella Cora Hind(1861-1942)
[English] A path-breaking advocate of women's rights in Manitoba, Cora Hind also gained international reputation as an agricultural journalist. Writing for the Manitoba Free Press from 1901 to 1942, she became legendary for the . . . Map (db m203900) HM
4Manitoba, Winnipeg — Forks of the Red and AssiniboineFourche de la Rouge et de L'Assiniboine
Strategically located at the junction of two major rivers which form part of a vast continental network, this spot has witnessed many of the key events of Western Canadian history. This was a traditional native stopping place and for this reason La . . . Map (db m106447) HM
5Manitoba, Winnipeg — George Bryce1844-1931
[English] Born in Ontario, Bryce moved, in 1871, to Winnipeg where he had a distinguished career as clergyman, educator, and author. He founded Manitoba College and helped organize the University of Manitoba and the Manitoba . . . Map (db m200595) HM
6Manitoba, Winnipeg — Holy Trinity Anglican Church / L'église anglicane Holy Trinity
[English] Erected in 1883-1884 to the designs of Winnipeg architect Charles H. Wheeler, this picturesque limestone structure is a fine example of the High Victorian Gothic style. It displays a creative interpretation . . . Map (db m214576) HM
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7Manitoba, Winnipeg — The Creation of ManitobaLa Création du Manitoba
Angered that they had not been consulted about the transfer of the Hudson's Bay Company territories to Canada, the inhabitants of the Red River Settlement, led by Louis Riel, in 1869 proclaimed a Provisional Government which took control of the . . . Map (db m106489) HM
8Manitoba, Winnipeg — The Path of Time
"The Path of Time" celebrates the procession of history at The Forks that continues to the present. The tools used to shape the Prairies - stone axes, scythes, locomotives, steam tractors, computers - are reflected, each in turn, on the . . . Map (db m106418) HM
9Manitoba, Winnipeg — The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
[English] In 1970, this structure was built to house the Manitoba Theatre Centre, a group founded in 1958 that has made a significant and lasting contribution to the development of regional theatre. Inside, the . . . Map (db m214600) HM
10Manitoba, Winnipeg, Civic Centre — Abraham Albert Heaps(1885-1954)
[English] This labour leader and politician fought for the interests of workers and advocated on behalf of the Jewish community. One of the more moderate leaders of the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, Heaps pushed . . . Map (db m214599) HM
11Manitoba, Winnipeg, Civic Centre — First Salvation Army Meeting West of the Great LakesDecember 12th 1886
Near this spot on December 12th, 1886, the Salvation Army held its first meeting west of the Great Lakes ————————— [100th Anniversary Plaque] This commemorative plaque was unveiled October 10, 1986 by ☆ ☆ ☆ . . . Map (db m215696) HM
12Manitoba, Winnipeg, Civic Centre — Nicolaus Copernicus / Mikołaj Kopernik1473-1973
Founder of Modern Astronomy Presented by The Canadian-Polish Community of Manitoba on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his birth Nicolaus Copernicus Observance Committee Inc. of Manitoba Odkrywca Nowóczesnej Astronomii . . . Map (db m215400) HM
13Manitoba, Winnipeg, Civic Centre — Old City Hall1883-1886 — Historic Winnipeg —
Designed in less than a month by Winnipeg architects Barber and Barber, this edifice was constructed amidst a storm of scandal and controversy. Considered beautiful by some, ugly by others, it was the focus of many civic events, the “Gingerbread” . . . Map (db m215600) HM
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14Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Bank of Hamilton1916-1918 — Historic Winnipeg —
Designed by Winnipeg architect J.D. Atcheson, this building was one of four major banks on “Bankers’ Row” along Main Street. It was the last major office building erected during the city’s early boom period, and served as the Manitoba headquarters . . . Map (db m214893) HM
15Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Bloody Saturday2019 - Bernie Miller & Noam Gonick — Steel, Glass, Light / Acier, Verre, Éclairage —
[English] So much that defines Winnipeg, its achievements and its rebellious core, was forged on Bloody Saturday. The streetcar overturned in Winnipeg on June 21, 1919, symbolizes one of the most dramatic . . . Map (db m215343) HM
16Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Commemorating Manitoba Theatre Centre's 50th AnniversaryImagine, MTC — Ruth Abernathy, 2008, bronze —
“Theatre is, for me, an ongoing illumination of man, his problems, his dreams, his visions, the society which lifts him and his relationship to God. This is what the theatre is about, always has been about. It is also a celebration of community, of . . . Map (db m215599) HM
17Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Court House1869-1884 — Historic Winnipeg —
In 1869 A. M. Sutherland erected a log store at this site. It was converted to a jail in 1870 and during 1873 it was expanded into a court house which served as the Manitoba Legislature until 1881. On August 26, 1874 Joseph Michaud, a volunteer . . . Map (db m214898) HM
18Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Early Skyscrapers in Winnipeg / Les gratte-ciel de Winnipeg
[English] The skyscraper was a by-product of technological advances and increased urbanization of the late 19th century. Steel-frame construction, the elevator and rising land values made multi-storeyed buildings . . . Map (db m214900) HM
19Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Exchange Building1898 — Historic Winnipeg —
This building functioned as Winnipeg’s second grain exchange from its completion in 1898 until 1908. It was designed by Samuel Hooper, and constructed for Nicholas Bawlf, the founder of Winnipeg’s first grain and produce exchange. It remains one of . . . Map (db m215335) HM
20Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Fairchild Building1907 — Historic Winnipeg —
Constructed as a warehouse for the farm implement business of the Fairchild Company, John Deere agents, this building was one of the first warehouses to break with the Richardsonian-Romanesque tradition established by the Whitla, Ashdown and Gault . . . Map (db m215302) HM
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21Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — First Headquarters • International Brotherhood of Magicians
In 1922, on the 7th floor of this old Union Bank Building (later Royal Bank) was established the first headquarters of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, by its first President — a Canadian — Winnipeg business man, M.J.C. McMullen, known . . . Map (db m215036) HM
22Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Gault Building1900 — Historic Winnipeg —
Designed by J. H. Cadham, who also designed the Whitla Building, this massive brick and stone warehouse was built for the Gault brothers of Montreal to house their rapidly expanding wholesale dry goods business. In 1903 the building was expanded to . . . Map (db m215398) HM
23Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Imperial Bank of Canada1906 — Historic Winnipeg —
On this site the Imperial Bank of Canada opened the first branch of the bank in Winnipeg on January 4, 1881. The original Robertson Block was replaced in 1906 with the present building which later became the main branch of the Imperial Bank in . . . Map (db m215379) HM
24Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Northern Light Lodge
Near this spot on the 8th of November 1864 was instituted “Northern Light Lodge” the first Masonic Lodge in the Red River settlement. The officers were John Schultz • Worshipful Master A.G.B. Bannatyne • Warden William . . . Map (db m215238) HM
25Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Pantages Theatre1913 — Historic Winnipeg —
This structure was built for Alexander Pantages, founder of the Vaudeville theatre line. Designed by B. Marcus Priteca of Seattle, the Pantages Theatre was the first reinforced concrete Vaudeville house of its size in North America. It was renamed . . . Map (db m215339) HM
26Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Recalling Brown's Creek / Revisiter le ruisseau Brown's
[English] Creeks and streams were significant components of Winnipeg's river system, draining a vast area of land west of the Red River, an area now known as the Historic Exchange District. One of the largest, . . . Map (db m215695) HM
27Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Robert Atkinson Davis(1841-1903)
[English] R. A. Davis, Premier of Manitoba from 1874 to 1878, arrived in the Red River Settlement from Quebec in 1870. He bought the Emmerling Hotel and saloon formerly located on this site. Renaming it the Davis . . . Map (db m215555) HM
28Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Rowand Block / Canada Life Building(1886-1974) — Historic Winnipeg —
This pediment hung above the entrance of a 3-storey office building located at the S.W. corner of Portage and Main. Designed by local architect C.O. Wickenden for Edward Rowand and accommodating such influential tenants as barrister Sir Hugh John . . . Map (db m215378) HM
29Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — The Confederation Building / L'édifice de la Confédération
[English] This ten story steel-framed office block is representative of early high-rise building construction technology in Winnipeg. Designed in the Chicago style of architecture by J. Wilson Gray of Toronto, it was . . . Map (db m214896) HM
30Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — The Exchange District / L'Arrondissement de la Bourse
[English] This remarkable group of commercial buildings vividly illustrates Winnipeg’s transformation between 1878 and 1913 from a modest pioneer settlement to Western Canada’s largest metropolitan centre. The . . . Map (db m215273) HM
31Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — The Great-West Life Building / L’édifice de la Great-West
[English] Constructed between 1909 and 1911 this building was designed by one of Manitoba's foremost architects, J. D. Atchison, who had trained and practised in Chicago. Built as the Great-West Life Assurance . . . Map (db m215586) HM
32Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Traveller's Block1907 — Historic Winnipeg —
The Traveller's Block was erected as headquarters for the North West Commercial Traveller's Association. Architects Darling and Pearson provided many amenities such as meeting rooms, lounges, and even a Turkish bath.Map (db m215394) HM
33Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Union Bank Building1904 — Historic Winnipeg —
Although the Union Bank was absorbed by the Royal Bank in 1925, it is remembered for the beauty of its paper money, printed in Winnipeg. Designed by architects Darling and Pearson, this Head Office was the first steel framed skyscraper in the city, . . . Map (db m214897) HM
34Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Union Bank Building / L’édifice de la Union Bank
[English] Constructed in 1903-1904, this building is Western Canada's oldest skyscraper. It combines the technology of steel framing, a rich exterior and an elegant interior to project a sense of modernity and . . . Map (db m215158) HM
35Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Union Tower1912-1913 — Historic Winnipeg —
After the Nares Block collapsed during construction of the Canadian Bank of Commerce in 1911, the site was acquired by the Union Trust Company. Plans for the steel-framed Union Tower were prepared by Chicago architect John D. Atchison. Based on the . . . Map (db m215232) HM
36Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — West Clements Block (Bijou Theatre)1884-1979 — Historic Winnipeg —
In 1884, John H. Clements commissioned architects Charles A. and Earle W. Barber to design a curving three storey red brick building along this bend in Main Street. Architects Alexander D. and William N. Melville added a Vaudeville theatre, the . . . Map (db m214899) HM
37Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Whitla Building1899 — Historic Winnipeg —
This warehouse, designed by architect J.H. Cadham, was the third built by R. J. Whitla for his expanding dry goods business. Two storeys were added to the original five in 1904. With its clear and simple geometric lines, the structure is . . . Map (db m215399) HM
38Manitoba, Winnipeg, Portage - Ellice — First Masonic Temple Site
On this site in 1895 was built the first Masonic Temple in use until 1969 This tablet erected by Grand Lodge of Manitoba A.F. & A.M. in their centennial year 1975Map (db m215293) HM
39Manitoba, Winnipeg, Portage & Main — No. 1 Northern
[English] Commissioned by Public Works and Government Services Canada, No. 1 Northern is sculptor John Nugent’s tribute to the accomplishments of Western Canadian grain producers. Until the early 1970’s, No. 1 . . . Map (db m215595) HM
40Manitoba, Winnipeg, South Portage — First Winnipeg Meeting of the T. Eaton Company DirectorsJuly 12th 1905
The first Winnipeg meeting of the Directors of the T. Eaton Co. Limited was held 30 feet west of this on July 12th 1905, presided over by Mr. Timothy Eaton, President.Map (db m215598) HM
41Manitoba, Winnipeg, South Portage — The Nor'Wester
Near this spot stood the original office of The Nor’Wester, the first newspaper on the Canadian prairies, founded in the Red River Settlement by William Buckingham and William Coldwell. The first issue appeared on December 28, 1859 and publication . . . Map (db m215506) HM
42Manitoba, Winnipeg, South Portage — Winnipeg Centennial Library
Among the most basic questions asked by man is "Why?" To find the answers, he has become inventor, explorer and philosopher. As the answers to his question came, the need arose for a place where records could be kept of what he had learned, done . . . Map (db m215597) HM
43Manitoba, Winnipeg, South Portage — Winnipeg Public Library System100th Anniversary — 1888-1988 —
The Winnipeg Public Library began in 1888 when the City Council provided free accommodation and an annual grant to assist the library of the Manitoba Historical and Scientific Society. The library included books from the Red River settlers and 500 . . . Map (db m215596) HM
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