“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Black Hawk Historic Trail Markers image, Touch for more information
By Keith L, October 7, 2009
Black Hawk Historic Trail Markers
1Wisconsin (Vernon County), De Soto — 8 CVP — Black Hawk WarBattle Bluff · Battle Hollow · Battle Island

2South Carolina (Aiken County), North Augusta — War of 1812 Tribute

3Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — The Temperance Movement Battled Madison''s BreweriesThe Madison Heritage Series

4Georgia (Macon County), Andersonville — The Battling Bastards of BataanNo Mama, No Papa, No Uncle Sam — Andersonville National Historic Site —
5Virginia (Prince William County), Manassas — Battling for the Rocky KnollSecond Battle of Manassas — Day Two - August 29, 1862 —

6New York (Niagara County), Youngstown — Dueling CannonsBattling for Control of the Niagara

7United Kingdom, England (East Sussex), Battle — The Battle of Hastings and Battle Abbey — Battle of Hastings, 1066 —
8Alabama (Russell County), Phenix City — Before The Battle / Battle Of Girard
9Florida (Baker County), Olustee — Battle of Ocean Pond (or The Battle of Olustee)
10Georgia (Coweta County), Newnan — The Battle of Brown's Mill: Detour to BattleBrown's Mill Battlefield
11Kentucky (Harrison County), Cynthiana — 2312 — 1st Battle of Cynthiana / 2nd Battle of Cynthiana
12Mississippi (Claiborne County), Bruinsburg — Battle of Port Gibson – The BattleWindsor Battlefield Tour
13Mississippi (Lee County), Baldwyn — Interpretive SitesBattle of Brice's Crossroads • June 10, 1864 Battle of Tupelo • July 13-15, 1864
14Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — 12 — Weaponry at the Battle of the Wabash and the Battle of Fort Recovery
15Virginia (Frederick County), Winchester — 2nd Battle of Winchester / 3rd Battle of Winchester
16Virginia, Petersburg — Siege of Petersburg—Lee Strikes BackMarch 25, 1865 Battle of Fort Stedman to Battle of Jones Farm

17Alabama (Baldwin County), Stockton — First Creek WarBattles in Alabama & Baldwin County
18Georgia (Burke County), Waynesboro — L25 — The J.D. Roberts HomeA Witness to the Battles for Waynesborough — March to the Sea Heritage Trail —
19Georgia (Clayton County), Hampton — The Crawford-Dorsey House"In The Midst Of Battles"
20Maryland (Calvert County), St. Leonard — St. Leonard CreekScene of naval battles during War of 1812
21New Jersey (Hunterdon County), New Hampton — General Daniel MorganHero of the Battles of Saratoga and Cowpens
22Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — Beaver Dam Creek1862 Seven Days' Battles
23Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — Gaines' Mill1862 Seven Days' Battles
24Virginia (Henrico County), Henrico — Malvern Hill1862 Seven Days' Battles
25Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — Chickahominy Bluff1862 Seven Days' Battles
26Wyoming (Crook County), Sundance — The Custer TrailSite of Sacred Lands and Historic Battles

27Alabama (Barbour County), Louisville — The Battles of Hobdy's Bridge and Pea River — Creek Heritage Trail —
28Alabama (Limestone County), Athens — The Battles of Fort Henderson and Sulphur Creek TrestleFort Henderson and Trinity School
29Alabama (Pike County), Banks — Hobdy's Bridge: Last Indian Battles in Alabama
30Arkansas (Sharp County), Hardy — Battles of Martin Creek and Morgan's Mill
31Delaware (Kent County), Dover — Battles and Engagements of the Delaware Regiment
32Georgia (Bibb County), Macon — 011-5 — Battles of Dunlap Farm
33Georgia (Camden County), St. Marys — The Last Battles of The War of 1812St. Marys History Walk
34Georgia (Fulton County), Atlanta — 51-8 — The Battles for Atlanta
35Georgia (Whitfield County), Dalton — 155-33 — Battles of Tilton<-- 2.8 mi. --<<<
36Kentucky (Floyd County), Prestonsburg — Eastern Kentucky's Civil War Battles and Skirmishes, 1861-1862
37Kentucky (Floyd County), Prestonsburg — Eastern Kentucky's Civil War Battles and Skirmishes, 1863-1864
38Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — "The Mother of All Battles Has Begun!"- Saddam Hussein, January 17, 1991
39Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Mansfield — Battle of Mansfield or Sabine Cross RoadsApril 8. 1864 — Confederate Battle Line at 4:00 P.M.~First Phase of Battle —
40Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Battles of the River Raisin
41Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Site of Battles of Jan. 18 - 22
42Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Two Battles of New Ulm
43Missouri (Clay County), Liberty — Civil War Memorial
44Missouri (Clay County), Liberty — Mass Grave Site
45Missouri (Newton County), Newtonia — The Battles of Newtonia Commemoration
46Missouri (Vernon County), Deerfield — Battles in the Marmaton ValleyA State Divided: The Civil War in Missouri
47New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 6 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
48New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 5 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
49New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 8 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
50New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 3 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
51New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 7 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
52New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 4 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
53New Jersey (Mercer County), Lawrence Township — 9 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
54New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton — 11 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
55New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton — 10 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
56New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton Township — 12 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
57New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — 1 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
58New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — 2 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
59New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — The Battles of Trenton, Turning Point of the Revolution
60New Jersey (Middlesex County), Woodbridge — Revolutionary War Battles in Woodbridge
61New Mexico (Santa Fe County), Glorieta — Colorado Volunteers at the Battles of Glorieta PassMarch 26-28, 1862
62New York (Essex County), Ticonderoga — Colonial Battles Fought in this VicinityA.D. 1900
63New York (Saratoga County), Stillwater — 225th Anniversary Battles of Saratoga1777 – 2002
64New York (Suffolk County), Northville — Battles of Penny’s and Luce’s Landing1814 - 1926
65New York (Warren County), Glens Falls — The Battles of Saratoga - 1777Historic New York
66New York (Warren County), Hague — Battles at Sabbath Day Point
67Tennessee (Greene County), Mosheim — Battles of Blue SpringsFighting on the Same Ground Twice
68Tennessee (Hamilton County), Lookout Mountain — The Battles for Chattanooga1863
69Texas (Garza County), Post — 602 — C. W. Post Rain Battles
70Texas (Travis County), Austin — Battles for Texas Independence from Mexico1836
71Virginia (Frederick County), Kernstown — Kernstown Battles
72Virginia, Fredericksburg — E-44 — Battles of Fredericksburg
73Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-8 — Seven Days BattlesPorter’s Withdrawal
74Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-80 — Seven Days BattlesGaines’s Mill
75Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-60 — Seven Days BattlesGaines's Mill
76Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-16 — Seven Days BattlesGaines’s Mill
77Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-4 — Seven Days BattlesMechanicsville
78Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-10 — Seven Days BattlesGaines’s Mill
79Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-2 — Seven Days BattlesMechanicsville
80Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-25 — Seven Days BattlesGaines’s Mill
81Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-70 — Seven Days BattlesGaines's Mill
82Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-12 — Seven Days' BattlesNew Bridge
83Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-9 — Seven Days' BattlesJackson's March to the Battlefields
84Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-20 — Seven Days’ BattlesGaines’s Mill
85Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — O-6 — Seven Days’ BattlesBattle of Beaver Dam Creek
86Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — E-11 — The Chickahominy River & Seven Days' Battles
87Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA-180 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
88Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA-220 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
89Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA-235 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
90Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA-190 — Seven Days BattlesGlendale (Frayser’s Farm)
91Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA-195 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
92Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA-230 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
93Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA-175 — Seven Days’ BattlesGlendale (Frayser’s Farm)
94Virginia (Henrico County), Highland Springs — PA-105 — Seven Days BattlesGrape Vine Bridge
95Virginia (Henrico County), Highland Springs — PA-125 — Seven Days BattlesGolding's Farm
96Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA-163 — Seven Days BattlesGlendale (Frayser's Farm)
97Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — Seven Days' Battles Begin
98Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-140 — Seven Days BattlesAllen's Farm
99Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-152 — Seven Days BattlesWhite Oak Swamp
100Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-144 — Seven Days BattlesSavage's Station

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