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By Mark Hilton, July 15, 2019
African American Cemetery Marker
101Kentucky (Shelby County), Simpsonville — 2283 — "Horrible Massacre" / African American Cemetery
"Horrible Massacre" On January 25, 1865, Co. E. 5th United States Colored Calvary (USCC) attacked by Confederate guerillas while driving herd of 900 cattle to Louisville. About 22 men killed and at least eight severely wounded. Based at Camp . . . Map (db m136842) HM
102Maryland (Baltimore), Inner Harbor — The Katyń Massacre, 1940Victims of Stalinist Terror — 20,000 Polish military officers murdered by the Soviet Secret Police (NKVD) —
In 1918, Poland regained her independence, after enduring three partitions and domination for 123 years by Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Barely 21 years later, on September 1, 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland from the west, triggering the Second . . . Map (db m183378) HM
103Massachusetts (Essex County), Georgetown — Goodrich Massacre1630 - 1930
Ten rods east stood the house of Benjamin Goodrich who, with his wife and two children, was slain by the Indians on October 23, 1692Map (db m47864) HM
104Massachusetts (Franklin County), Deerfield — Deerfield Massacre
Feb 29, 1703-4 The unfortified house of Benoni Stebbins standing on this lot was held by 7 men besides women and children for three hours against the assault of 200 soldiers and the wiles of 140 Indians. under a French . . . Map (db m141156) HM
105Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Framingham — Site of Eames Massacre
. . . Map (db m54859) HM
106Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — A Riot, the Massacre, and the Tea Party
From 1769-1776 Boston was the flashpoint for events leading up to the American Revolution. On February 22, 1770, a crowd gathered around the house and shop of a Tory sympathizer and customs agent, Ebenezer Richardson. When they started pelting the . . . Map (db m18766) HM
107Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — The Boston Massacre
On March 5, 1770, in the street before you, nine British soldiers were confronted by an angry mob."The soldiers did fire without orders and killed five of his Majesty's good subjects...How fatal are the effects of posting a standing army among a . . . Map (db m76632) HM
108Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Victims of the Boston Massacre
The remains of Samuel Gray Samuel Maverick James Caldwell Crispus Attucks and Patrick Carr Victims of the Boston Massacre, March 5th, 1770, were here interred by order of the Town of Boston. ---------- Here also lies buried the body of . . . Map (db m19282) HM
109Massachusetts (Worcester County), Oxford — The Johnson Massacre
John Johnson and three children were killed by Indians in his house on this spot August 25, 1696. His wife was saved by her brother.Map (db m48785) HM
110Michigan (Wayne County), Grosse Pointe Park — S0502 — Fox Indian Massacre
Encouraged by a potential alliance with the English, the Fox Indians besieged Fort Pontchartrain, Detroit, in 1712. Repulsed by the French and their Huron and Ottawa Indian allies, the Fox retreated and entrenched themselves in this area known as . . . Map (db m175027) HM
111Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), New London — The West Lake Massacre
Rev. Andrew Jackson had two services arranged in his Norway Lake Swedish Lutheran Parish for Wednesday, the 20th of August, 1862. In the forenoon a meeting was held at the Lundborg cabin at West Lake, now known as Monson Lake in Swift County. Here a . . . Map (db m79405) HM
112Minnesota (McLeod County), Brownton — White Family Massacre
     About 1200 feet north-east of this point stood the pioneer log cabin of Samuel White.      There on September 22, 1862, Samuel and his wife Laura, and two children, Susan and Otis were brutally murdered by a small party of Sioux Indians . . . Map (db m69995) HM WM
113Minnesota (Swift County), Sunburg — Broberg Cabin Massacre Site
This marks the spot where the first Indian massacre took place in this immediate locality August 20th 1862 For further information see Kandiyohi County history This immemorial errected by P. Broberg being one of the remnants of the massacre June . . . Map (db m199592) HM
114Minnesota (Wright County), Howard Lake — The Dustin Massacre
A state of terror prevailed on the Minnesota western frontier for many months after the Sioux Uprising of 1862. Roving bands of Sioux continued to elude pursuers and attack settlers. The Dustin massacre occurred on June 29, 1863, one third mile . . . Map (db m69855) HM
115Mississippi (Hinds County), Clinton — 32 — The Clinton Massacre — Mississippi Freedom Trail —
On September 4, 1875, a political rally and debate turned violent on the grounds of the former Moss Hill plantation, near downtown Clinton. An exchange of gunfire between White Democrats and Black Republicans left seven dead and dozens . . . Map (db m184616) HM
116Missouri (Caldwell County), Braymer — Haun's Mill Massacre
. . . Map (db m22502) HM
117Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — In Memory of Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the "Kansas City Massacre"June 17, 1933
RAYMOND J. CAFFREY Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation OTTO REED Chief of Police, McAlester, Oklahoma WILLIAM J. GROOMS Detective, Kansas City Missouri Police Department FRANK HERMANSON Detective, Kansas City Missouri Police . . . Map (db m19942) HM
118Missouri (Lafayette County), Concordia — Massacre Site / Concordia
Side A: Massacre Site On August 22, 1861, "State Guard" troops under Col. Edwin W. Price plundered this community taking household goods, farm animals and merchandise from Brockhoff's Store. Sunday, Oct. 5, 1862, sixty drunken . . . Map (db m43980) HM
119Missouri (Marion County), Palmyra — Palmyra MassacreA State Divided — The Civil War in Missouri —
The Palmyra Massacre The Palmyra Massacre was a grim ending to Confederate Col. Joseph Porter's 1862 recruiting campaign in northeast Missouri. Besides recruiting local men for the Confederate army, Porter attacked Union outposts and patrols . . . Map (db m55390) HM
120Missouri (St. Louis County), Lemay — Victims of the Japanese MassacrePuerto Princesa, Palawan, P.I. [Philippine Islands] — December 14, 1944 —
These U.S. prisoners of war of the Japanese were on the island of Palawan, P.I. as slave laborers building an airfield for the Japanese military. Believing that an invasion by the U.S. forces was imminent, the prisoners were forced into three tunnel . . . Map (db m124984) HM WM
121Montana (Chouteau County), Loma — Victims of Blood Indians Massacre
Erected by J.H. Friend's Family Descendants of Franklin Friend for the Victims of Blood Indians Massacre May 25, 1865 Franklin Friend - George W. Friend Abraham Lotts - John Alley John Andrews - N.W. Burris Frank Angeline - Henry . . . Map (db m142490) HM
122Montana (Toole County), Shelby — The Baker Massacre
On January, 23, 1870, soldiers commanded by Colonel Eugene Baker killed 173 Blackfeet Indians in a surprise attack on Heavy Runner's camp near here on the Marias 1869. A man of peace, Heavy Runner had no quarrel with the US Army. His people did not . . . Map (db m161387) HM
123Nebraska (Hitchcock County), Trenton — 8 — Massacre Canyon
The adjacent stone monument erected in 1930 was first placed about a mile south of this area. Originally on the highway overlooking the canyon, it was moved to this location after the highway was relocated. Massacre Canyon is the large canyon . . . Map (db m79361) HM
124Nebraska (Phelps County), Bertrand — Plum Creek Massacre SiteAugust 8, 1864
An early morning attack on a train of 12 wagons at this spot resulted in the death of 11 men and the capture of Mrs. Thomas Morton and 9 year old Danny Marble. The attack was by Indian “Dog Soldiers” of the Cheyenne Tribe led by Chief . . . Map (db m62794) HM
125Nebraska (Phelps County), Bertrand — The Plum Creek Massacre
On the morning of August 8, 1864, a war party of Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians attacked a Denver-bound freight wagon train killing thirteen men and taking captive Nancy Jane Morton of Sidney, Iowa, and nine-year old Daniel Marble of Council Bluffs, . . . Map (db m107476) WM
126New Hampshire (Strafford County), Durham — Oyster River Massacre
On July 18, 1694, a force of about 250 Indians under the command of a French Soldier, de Villieu, attacked settlements in this area on both sides of the Oyster River, killing or capturing approximately 100 settlers, destroying five garrison houses . . . Map (db m96442) HM
127New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — “The Baylor Massacre”September 28, 1778
Late one night in 1778, the woods you are standing in suddenly echoed with the sounds of battle. A surprise attack by British soldiers nearly destroyed an American regiment, Baylor’s 3rd Continental Light Dragoons. Today, this park tells the story . . . Map (db m8455) HM
128New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — Baylor Massacre Millstone
“This millstone is the only visible marker of the Baylor Massacre in existence today. On September 28, 1778, a detail of Baylor’s Continental Dragoons camping at Haring’s Tannery in River Vale was betrayed into the hands of the British by a Tory . . . Map (db m7876) HM
129New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — 47 — Baylor Massacre Park
In memory of American soldiers killed during the Revolutionary War in the “Baylor Massacre” on September 28, 1778. Lt. Col. George Baylor’s 3rd Regiment of Continental Dragoons took quarters for the night on several nearby farms. Tories betrayed . . . Map (db m7874) HM
130New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — The Baylor Massacre
Here as they slept at dawn on Sept. 28, 1778 Col. Geo. Baylor and 116 Virginia Dragoons were attacked by the British under General "No Flint" Grey. Major Clough, Surgeon George Evans, with fifty other Colonial troopers were killed.Map (db m55831) HM
131New Jersey (Ocean County), Barnegat Light — Massacre at Long Beach
October 25, 1782, a British vessel ran aground near Barnegat City and was captured by patriot militiamen under Capt. Andrew Steelman. That night, while sleeping on the beach, Steelman and his men were massacred by Tory raiders led by John Bacon.Map (db m34603) HM
132New Jersey (Salem County), Hancocks Bridge — Hancock House Massacre
The winter of 1777 – 1778 had been particularly harsh on both the British and the Colonial troops. British commanders learned that the rich agricultural supplies in lower New Jersey could be obtained with little resistance and sent detachments . . . Map (db m21604) HM
133New York (Greene County), Round Top — Massacre 1790
Johannes Strope & wife killed by Indians. Frederick Schermerhorn carried captive to Canada.Map (db m181010) HM
134New York (Niagara County), North Tonawanda — Massacre On Wake Island
On December 23, 1941, with the fall of the island garrison, the Japanese captured 1,603 men. 1,150 were civilian contractors employed by Morrison-Knudsen Co. they were part of the Contractors Pacific Naval Bases who were hired to build air, . . . Map (db m162384) HM
135New York (Otsego County), Cherry Valley — Cherry Valley Massacre
Cherry Valley Sacred to the Memory Of Those who Died by Massacre In the Destruction of this Village At the Hands of the Indians & Tories Under Brant & Butler, Nov. 11. AD. 1778 Map (db m154638) HM
136New York (Schenectady County), Schenectady — Commemorating Massacre
Commemorating Massacre of Feb. 8-9,1690. One Hundred and Fourteen French and Ninety-Six Indians Entered During Night at North Gate, Located at this Point. Assault was Commenced Here. Seventy Houses were Burned, Sixty Persons Killed and . . . Map (db m77520) HM
137New York (Ulster County), Ellenville — Fantinekill Massacre MemorialIn Memoriam
Bevier Family Widow Elizabeth Bevier Age 62 Her Sons Solomon Age 29 • Josiah Age 23 —————— Sax Family Widow Johannah Sax Age 59 . . . Map (db m118476) HM
138North Carolina (Madison County), Marshall — P-71 — "Shelton Laurel Massacre"
Thirteen men and boys, suspected of Unionism, were killed by Confederate soldiers in early 1863. Graves 8 mi. E.Map (db m23126) HM
139Ohio (Coshocton County), Coshocton — Broadhead Massacre
Around the spring nearby, was perpetrated, on April 20, 1781, the massacre of 20 Indians by Col. Daniel Broadhead's army of 300. This slaying was committed following destruction, the same day, of the two villages, Goschachgunk, (Coshocton) and . . . Map (db m14707) HM
140Ohio (Lucas County), Maumee — C27 — Dudley's MassacreOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
. . . Map (db m18774) HM
141Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — St. Clair Massacre
On November 4, 1791 on this triangle of land between the rivers, Indian forces under Chief Little Turtle (Miamis) and Blue Jacket (Shawnees), surrounded General Arthur St. Clair's troops. Of his 1,200 soldiers, 900 were killed. It was the worst . . . Map (db m165768) HM
142Ohio (Miami County), Fletcher — The Dilbone Massacre
In memory of Henry and Barbara Dilbone who were killed by the Indians on their farm to the north August 18th, 1813 Buried at this placeMap (db m29840) HM
143Ohio (Morgan County), Stockport — 11-58 — Big Bottom Massacre
Following the American Revolution, the new Federal government, in need of operating funds, sold millions of acres of western lands to land companies. One such company, the Ohio Company of Associates, brought settlement to Marietta in 1788. Two years . . . Map (db m16713) HM
144Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Gnadenhutten — 15-79 — Gnadenhutten / The Gnadenhutten Massacre, "A Day of Shame"
Side A Gnadenhutten The Moravian Church in America began missionary work among the Delaware and Mohican tribes of North America in the mid-18th century. David Zeisberger, one of the best-known Moravian missionaries, came to the Ohio . . . Map (db m81569) HM
145Ohio (Wood County), Perrysburg — A122 — to Dudley's Massacre / to Portage StockadeOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail — Harrison-Hull-Tupper Marches —
Ohio's Revolutionary Memorial Trail Text on South Side : Harrison-Hull-Tupper 1812 • Marches • 1813 - - - - - 6 Miles to Dudley's Massacre Text on North Side : . . . Map (db m93456) HM
146Ohio (Wood County), Perrysburg — A126 — to Whittaker's Reserve / to Dudley's MassacreOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail — Harrison's March —
Ohio's Revolutionary Memorial Trail Text on West Side : Harrison's March • 1813 - - - - - 25 Miles to Whittaker's Reserve Text on East Side : Harrison's March • 1813 - - . . . Map (db m93495) HM
147Oklahoma (Tulsa County), Tulsa — Lynching in America / The 1921 Tulsa MassacreCommunity Remembrance Project
Lynching in America Thousands of Black people were the victims of racial terror lynching in the United States between 1877 and 1950. During this era, racial terror lynching of African Americans emerged as a stunning form of violent . . . Map (db m171252) HM
148Oregon (Baker County), Huntington — Van Ornum Massacre
In October 1860 the Van Ornum Party, survivors of the Utter Disaster, reached Farewell Bend. Here they again encountered Indians. On September 9 & 10, in Idaho, the Elijah P. Utter wagon train suffered a two-day attack by Indians in which 11 . . . Map (db m107219) HM
149Oregon (Baker County), Huntington — Van Ornum Wagon Train Massacre
By October 1860 the Van Ornum party reached Farewell Bend. They were survivors of the Elijah P. Utter wagon train that was attacked by Indians on September 9 and 10, just west of Castle Butte in Owyhee County, Idaho. The survivors had escaped the . . . Map (db m107220) HM
150Oregon (Baker County), Huntington — Van Ornum Wagon Train Massacre
By October 1860 the Van Ornum party reached Farewell Bend. They were survivors of the Elijah P. Utter wagon train that was attacked by Indians on September 9 and 10, just west of Castle Butte in Owyhee County, Idaho. The survivors had escaped the . . . Map (db m107292) HM
151Oregon (Wallowa County), Imnaha — Chinese Massacre Cove
(The text of this marker is in English, Sahaptin (Nez Percé), and Chinese) Site of the 1887 massacre of as many as 34 Chinese gold miners. No one was held accountable. Celmen Waptamaawnin' Toqooxpa . . . Map (db m138409) HM
152Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Massacre Farm / 19th Century House
Massacre Farm North To E. Whiteland Included A Site. Southwest of This Marker. The 19th Century House and Springhouse, Headwater of Crum Creek. Were torn down in 1989Map (db m48226) HM
153Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Paoli Massacre Monument
(front of monument) Sacred to the memory of the patriots who on this spot fell, a sacrifice to British barbarity during the struggle for American Independence on the night of the 20th September 1777. (left side of monument) The . . . Map (db m13444) HM
154Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Site of Paoli Massacre
Site of Paoli Massacre MALVERN Sept. 20, 1777Map (db m49381) HM
155Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Site of the Paoli Massacre20 September 1777
These Memorial Grounds commemorate the engagement in the Revolutionary War known as the Paoli Massacre, an attack by the British Army on American troops, that took place near this spot toward midnight of September 20, 1777. About 150 American . . . Map (db m13505) HM
156Pennsylvania (Greene County), Garards Fort — Corbly Massacre Monument
To symbolize the tragic massacre of the John Corbly family on this approximate site on Sunday morning May 10, 1782Map (db m195807) HM
157Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Site of Conestoga Indian MassacreDecember 27, 1763
Site of Conestoga Indian Massacre December 27, 1763Map (db m122636) HM
158Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Hazleton — Lattimer Massacre
Near here at Harwood, on Sept. 10, 1897, immigrant coal miners on strike began a march for higher wages and equal rights. Unarmed, they were fired upon at Lattimer by sheriff's deputies. Nineteen marchers--Polish, Slovak, and Lithuanian--were . . . Map (db m32151) HM
159Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Lattimer — Lattimer Massacre
Here on September 10, 1897, nearly 400 immigrant coal miners on strike were met and fired upon by sheriff's deputies. Unarmed, they were marching from Harwood to Lattimer in support of higher wages and more equitable working conditions. Nineteen of . . . Map (db m44043) HM
160Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Lattimer — Lattimer MassacreSeptember 10, 1897
"It was not a battle because they were not aggressive, nor were they on the defensive because they had no weapons of any kind and were simply shot down like so many worthless objects; each of the licensed life takers trying to outdo the others in . . . Map (db m44136) HM
161Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Sugarloaf — Sugarloaf Massacre
After an unsuccessful attack on Fort Augusta, Indians and Tories surprise a detachment of Northumberland Co. militia on Sept. 11, 1780. The site of the massacre is just beyond the town.Map (db m44057) HM
162Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Sugarloaf — The Sugarloaf Massacre
Near this spot occurred The Sugarloaf Massacre On September 11, 1780 a detachment of Captain John van Etten's Company, Northampton County Militia, resting at the spring was surprised by a band of Indians and Tories led by the Senece Chief . . . Map (db m93465) HM
163Pennsylvania (Lycoming County), Williamsport — Site of Settler Massacre
This memorial marks the site of a massacre of white settlers by the Indians, June 10th 1778. Erected June 10th 1901.Map (db m175407) HM
164Pennsylvania (Snyder County), Monroe Township — Penns Creek Massacre
October 16, 1755, a band of Indians ambushed and killed, wounded, or took captive some 26 settlers of this region. The attack was just west along Penns Creek, and first to follow Braddock's defeat.Map (db m43293) HM
165Pennsylvania (Snyder County), Monroe Township — The (John) Penn's Creek Massacre
In commemoration of The (John) Penn's Creek Massacre, which occurred along this stream on October 16, 1755 when the settlers were attacked by the Indians and about 26 were killed, wounded or carried into captivity. This was the first Indian . . . Map (db m43881) HM
166Pennsylvania (Union County), Limestone Township — Leroy Massacre
Near here John Jacob Leroy was killed by Indians on Oct. 16, 1755, following the Penn's Creek Massacre. This was the first Indian hostility in the region after Braddock's defeat.Map (db m84425) HM
167Pennsylvania (Union County), Union Township — Lee Massacre
Major John Lee and his entire family, with the exception of a son Robert, were massacred near here by an Indian war party of August 16, 1782.Map (db m70663) HM
168Pennsylvania (Westmoreland County), East Huntingdon — Morewood Massacre
On April 2, 1891, at the nearby Morewood Mines of the H.C. Frick Coke Company, sheriff's deputies killed seven strikers; two more died later. These were among some 16,000 workers striking for higher wages in the coke region. Thousands of mourners . . . Map (db m55591) HM
169South Carolina (Greenville County), Greer — 23-33 — Early White Settlement / The Massacre of Jacob Hite
[Marker Front]: Early White Settlement By 1768 Indian traders and land speculators Richard Pearis (d. 1794) and Jacob Hite of Virginia acquired large tracts from the Cherokees in present-day Greenville County. Though royal . . . Map (db m24254) HM
170South Carolina (Greenwood County), Troy — 24-1 — Long Canes Massacre
Three miles west is the site of an attack by Cherokee Indians upon settlers of Long Canes in the Cherokee war of 1759-1761. There on February 1, 1760, about 150 settlers, refugeeing to Augusta, were overtaken by 100 Cherokee warriors. Twenty-three . . . Map (db m9433) HM
171South Carolina (Lancaster County), Buford — Battle of the Waxhaws: Massacre or Myth?
The Story of the Waxhaws Immediately after the engagement, reports spread that many were stabbed and killed as they tried to surrender. Many were taken to a local Presbyterian church where local residents cared for them, including a young Andrew . . . Map (db m95555) HM
172South Carolina (Lancaster County), Buford — Buford's MassacreMay 29, 1780
On this site, Col. Abraham Buford's force of about 350 American patriots, while returning to Hillsborough, N.C., following the fall of Charles Town, were overtaken by British troops commanded by Col. Banastre Tarelton, it is historically told that . . . Map (db m23890) HM
173South Carolina (McCormick County), Troy — 33-12 — Long Canes Massacre
Three miles west is the site of an attack by Cherokee Indians upon settlers of Long Canes in the Cherokee War of 1759-1761. There on February 1, 1760, about 150 settlers, refugeeing to Augusta, were overtaken by 100 Cherokee warriors. . . . Map (db m11640) HM
174South Carolina (Orangeburg County), Orangeburg — 38-27 — The Orangeburg Massacre
On February 8, 1968, after three nights of escalating racial tension over efforts by S.C. State College students and others to desegregate the All Star Bowling Lanes, 3 students died and 27 others were wounded on this campus. S.C. Highway . . . Map (db m25299) HM
175South Carolina (Union County), Union — Reconstruction Era Lynchings in Union County / Union County Jail Raid MassacreCommunity Remembrance Project
Reconstruction Era Lynchings in Union County After the Civil War, Black Americans were emancipated after more than two centuries of chattel slavery. Formerly enslaved people purchased land, built churches and schools, and eligible Black men . . . Map (db m196452) HM
176South Dakota (Minnehaha County), Sioux Falls — Massacre Site
In late July 1864, members of a uniformed, all-Indian, Yankton Agency scout unit followed the trail of an unknown war party. When the warriors attempted to flee, they were pursued, captured, and taken to the Yankton's camp about one mile north of . . . Map (db m194664) HM
177South Dakota (Oglala Lakota County), Wounded Knee — Chief Big Foot Massacre Monument
This monument erected by surviving relatives and other Ogallala and Cheyenne River Sioux Indians in memory of the Chief Big Foot Massacre December 29, 1890. Col. Forsyth was in command of the U.S. Troops. Big Foot was a great chief of the Sioux . . . Map (db m122747) WM
178South Dakota (Oglala Lakota County), Wounded Knee — Massacre of Wounded Knee
Dec. 29, 1890, Chief Big Foot, with his Minneconjou and Hunkpapa Sioux Band of 108 warriors, 250 women and children were encamped on this Flat, surrounded by the U.S. 7th Cavalry (470 soldiers) commanded by Col. Forsythe. The "Messiah Craze" . . . Map (db m40643) HM
179Tennessee (Blount County), Seymour — Campbell Family Massacre
. . . Map (db m150841) HM
180Tennessee (Lewis County), Hohenwald — 3F 37 — Tennessee's Mormon Massacre
One-half mile west on August 10, 1884, at a farmhouse on the east fork of Cane Creek several Mormon missionaries and their followers were attacked by a mob of disguised citizens. Killed were two missionaries, Elders William S. Berry and John H. . . . Map (db m168648) HM
181Tennessee (Monroe County), Tellico Plains — 1F 14 — Fort Loudoun Massacre
Four miles N.E., at junction Cane Creek, Tellico River, Fort Loudoun’s Garrison, which had surrendered to Attakullakulla and other Cherokee chiefs, was betrayed Aug. 9, 1760 - while returning under safe conduct to Charleston. 25 were killed; 200 . . . Map (db m49577) HM
182Tennessee (Robertson County), Coopertown — 3C 4 — Battle Creek Massacre
2 miles S.E., along Battle Creek in Jan. 1780, settlers fleeing from Renfro's Station on Red River about 17 miles away, were caught by Indians and massacred. The sole survivor was a widow named Jones who made her way 4 days later into a Settlements . . . Map (db m123306) HM
183Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 1866 Memphis Massacre
On May 1, 2 and 3, 1866, mobs of white men led by law enforcement attacked black people in the areas near South St. (aka Calhoun & G.E. Patterson). By the end of the attack, the mobs had killed an estimated 46 black people; raped several . . . Map (db m117114) HM
184Texas (Bandera County), Tarpley — 1097 — Cow Camp Massacre on Hondo Creek
During the mid-1800s the Texas Hill Country was the site of many hostile encounters, some deadly, between pioneer immigrants whose permanent settlements ran counter to area Native Americans accustomed to unrestrained hunting and gathering. One . . . Map (db m155608) HM
185Texas (Bexar County), San Antonio — Dawson Massacre MemorialSeptember 18, 1842
Dawson Massacre Memorial September 18, 1842 Erected by Alamo Mission Chapter Daughters of The Republic of TexasMap (db m85982) WM
186Texas (Bexar County), San Antonio — 1182 — The Dawson Massacre
Occurred in this vicinity on September 18, 1842 when Captain Nicholas Mosby Dawson and 53 men from La Grange, in attempting to join Captain Mathew Caldwell (Old Paint) and his company of Texas volunteers during the Battle of the Salado, were . . . Map (db m85981) HM
187Texas (Fayette County), La Grange — The Men of the Dawson MassacreSeptember 18, 1842
When Mexican General Adrian Woll attacked San Antonio on September 11, 1842, Nicholas Mosby Dawson and the men who joined him reacted so quickly to the alarm that a muster roll was not taken. Only eighteen men survived the Dawson Massacre, which . . . Map (db m184154) HM
188Texas (Fayette County), La Grange — The Survivors of the Dawson MassacreSeptember 18, 1842
Eighteen men survived the Dawson Massacre, which occurred near Salado Creek, within present San Antonio (not Salado, Texas, as stated on the tomb). The following is a corrected list of the survivors: Three men escaped from the battle: Thomas . . . Map (db m184132) HM
189Texas (Franklin County), Mount Vernon — 9849 — Ripley Massacre
Ambrose Ripley and his wife Rachel (Wood) brought their family to Texas in 1837, settling near here in what was then Red River County. They established their home near the Nacogdoches Road (Cherokee Trace) and a stream now known as Ripley Creek. . . . Map (db m119349) HM
190Texas (Gillespie County), Harper — 10077 — Site of the McDonald Massacre
Pioneer preacher Matthew Taylor and the families of his daughter and two sons moved here in 1863 from their homestead on the Llano River. They built a cabin on this site near the source of the Pedernales River. In August 1864, Matthew and his son . . . Map (db m59741) HM
191Texas (Goliad County), Fannin — 322 — Battle of Coleto and Goliad Massacre
After the fall of the Alamo, March 6, 1836, Colonel James Walker Fannin, with about 400 soldiers, mostly volunteers from the United States in the Texas War for Independence, was ordered by Texas General Sam Houston to retreat from Goliad to . . . Map (db m116301) HM
192Texas (Kendall County), Comfort — Battle and Massacre at Nueces River
150th Anniversary Civil War Battle & Massacre at Nueces River 1862 August 10th 2012Map (db m163975) WM
193Texas (Mitchell County), Colorado City — 995 — Comanche Village Massacre
In this vicinity on a bank of the Colorado October 21, 1840 a Comanche Indian village was completely destroyed and much stolen property recovered including 500 horses 128 Indians were killed 34 were captured The expedition . . . Map (db m73318) HM
194Texas (Presidio County), Marfa — 18324 — Porvenir Massacre
Porvenir was a community in remote northwest Presidio County on the Rio Grande. In the midst of military conflicts and raids across and along the international border and in the immediate area during the Mexican Revolution, the small farming and . . . Map (db m141382) HM
195Texas (Real County), Leakey — 4831 — Site of McLaurin Massacre(Last Indian Raid in Frio Canyon)
On April 19, 1881, Catherine "Kate" Ringer McLaurin (Sometimes McLauren) was with her three small children and 14-year old Allen Lease in the garden when a band of Lipan Apaches started to plunder her home. Lease, thinking there were pigs in the . . . Map (db m111361) HM
196Texas (Robertson County), Calvert — 10918 — Site of Harvey Massacre(One Mile West)
At this site one Sunday night in November 1836, the family of John Harvey was attacked by an Indian raiding party. Harvey, his wife, and son were all killed, Mrs. Harvey's blood staining the open pages of the family Bible. Their daughter Ann, aged . . . Map (db m164650) HM
197Texas (Throckmorton County), Throckmorton — 15093 — Bush Knob Massacre
In 1873, rancher Bill Hayes organized a group to drive cattle to the Indian Territory. They gathered cattle, including some belonging to rancher and outlaw John Larn, who Hayes believed had earlier rustled his cattle. Larn and a deputy secured a . . . Map (db m93566) HM
198Texas (Uvalde County), Uvalde — 799 — Chalk Bluff Indian Massacre(Site One Mile West)
Here on May 29, 1861, two of southwest Texas' most feared Indian fighters were ambushed by a band of 20 hostile Indians. Henry Robinson - tall and red-bearded - was so well known to the tribes that they had painted his picture on a rock near . . . Map (db m161489) HM
199Texas (Williamson County), Leander — 9369 — "Webster Massacre"
Here sleep the victims of the "Webster Massacre" of August 27, 1839 About thirty homeseekers headed by John Webster enroute to what is now Burnet County, were attacked by a band of Comanche Indians After attempting to flee . . . Map (db m60279) HM
200Texas (Williamson County), Leander — 9368 — Webster Massacre
1 ¾ miles east to the graves of the victims of the Webster Massacre which occurred August 27, 1839 when John Webster and a party of about thirty, en route to a land grant in Burnet County, were attacked by a band of Comanche Indians. After . . . Map (db m69260) HM

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