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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Brockville, Ontario

5 Sunken Treasures in the Brockville Area Marker image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., October 21, 2019
5 Sunken Treasures in the Brockville Area Marker
1Ontario, Brockville — 5 Sunken Treasures in the Brockville Area — To Preserve Our Marine Heritage
Muscallonge GPS: 44° 36.246’ N. 75° 39.215' W. The “Muscallonge” was a large wooden tugboat, measuring 39 m long by 7 m wide. This tug – later to be nicknamed the “Muskie” – was built in Port Huron, Michigan in 1896. In 1936, . . . Map (db m141812) HM
2Ontario, Brockville — A view of Brockville from the waterfront CPR Docks — 1896 — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail —
This photograph, taken in 1896, is of particular interest because it documents buildings that no longer exist or that have been altered by the passage of time. The grouping of buildings in the lower-left corner were standing on the . . . Map (db m141617) HM
3Ontario, Brockville — Aerial View of Water Street East and the surrounding area — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past — 1919 —
One of a series of photographs taken in 1919, from an aeroplane flown by the McCarthy Aero Service Ltd. of Toronto.Map (db m193854) HM
4Ontario, Brockville — Allied Airmen War Memorial
Dedicated by the Citizens of Brockville and 426 Wing R.C.A.F.A. to the memory of all Allied Airmen who gave their lives to the cause of freedom June 23, 1968Map (db m141690) WM
5Ontario, Brockville — Amanda & Joseph P. Deacon House — built 1870-72
Attorney & Police MagistrateMap (db m147038) HM
6Ontario, Brockville — Bartholomew and Ruth Ann Carley House — c. 1830
[Title is text]Map (db m146910) HM
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7Ontario, Brockville — Blockhouse Island
On this island, formerly known as Hospital Island, stood the sheds erected to house emigrants who were victims of cholera in the great epidemic of 1832. Many persons died here, including Doctor Robert Gilmour, a native of Scotland and president of . . . Map (db m87065) HM
8Ontario, Brockville — Blockhouse Island — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past
This piece of waterfront land has not been a real island since 1860, when it was joined to the mainland by the Brockville & Ottawa Railway. This early railway company established their new terminus on Blockhouse Island, in conjunction with the new . . . Map (db m141824) HM
9Ontario, Brockville — Blockhouse Island — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail
Although technically no longer an island, this park peninsula has traditionally been known by a number of names in our local history. The original REFUGE ISLAND, a bare rock with some scrub growth, became HOSPITAL ISLAND during its tenure as an . . . Map (db m141826) HM
10Ontario, Brockville — Brockville & Ottawa Railway - Passenger Depot — Chemin de fer Brockville & Ottawa - Gare ferroviaire pour passages — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail —
The original Brockville waterfront railway station and passenger depot for the Brockville & Ottawa Railway was located south of the Brockville Railway Tunnel, near to this area from 1860 to 1872. In 1872, a new Union Station was built . . . Map (db m141661) HM
11Ontario, Brockville — Brockville Farmers' Market — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail
The Brockville Farmers' Market was first established here in 1833 The Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada, by an Act passed on December 18, 1832, authorized the establishment of a market in Brockville. The Act was signed into . . . Map (db m141676) HM
12Ontario, Brockville — Brockville Ferry Depot — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail
Regular ferry services linked Brockville to Morristown, N.Y., from the 1850s to the 1950s. Eventually, the opening of the Ogdensburg International Bridge and the Thousand Islands Bridge spelled the end of ferry services in . . . Map (db m141623) HM
13Ontario, Brockville — Brockville Infantry Company / The Brockville Rifles — For All Who Served
In honour of all our men and women who have answered the call to arms in defence of our homeland along with the Brockville Infantry Company (1862) and The Brockville Rifles (1866). Unveiled by Mayor David Henderson, July . . . Map (db m146965) HM WM
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14Ontario, Brockville — Brockville Pipes & Drums — Originally known as the Brockville Highland Pipe Band
On August 12, 1931, Tommy Marshall, Don Fraser, John Kinghorn, and others met to form a pipe band in Brockville. Marshall was chosen as Pipe Major of the new Brockville Highland Pipe Band. In 1934, uniforms were purchased from R.G. . . . Map (db m141828) HM
15Ontario, Brockville — Brockville Recorder
Commemorating the continuous publication of the Brockville Recorder for one hundred years 1821 — 1921— Ontario's Oldest Newspaper Recording events of local, national and world-wide interest for . . . Map (db m146967) HM
16Ontario, Brockville — Brockville Rowing Club — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail
As Brockville's oldest social club, the Brockville Rowing Club was founded in 1894. The present building replaced the old one in 1978, to continue Brockville's successful rowing tradition. Fondιe en 1894, le club d'aviron de . . . Map (db m141618) HM
17Ontario, Brockville — Brockville Rowing Club Regatta — ca. 1895 — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail —
During one of the annual Rowing Regattas held by the BROCKVILLE ROWING CLUB Near the turn of the century, some of the most popular sporting and social events of the summer season in Brockville were the regatta races held by the BROCKVILLE . . . Map (db m141763) HM
18Ontario, Brockville — Brockville Teenagers Mass March
On the evening of September 18th, 1966, over one thousand local teenagers marched from this point to Browns Bay Provincial Park, a distance of eleven miles, with each teen being sponsored by one or more persons at the rate of ten cents for each . . . Map (db m193825) HM
19Ontario, Brockville — Buell, Donaldson, and Ross Buildings — ca. 1910 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
Brockville's new concrete granolithic sidewalks and electric arc street lamps are in place.Map (db m146947) HM
20Ontario, Brockville — Capt. Thomas Hayes House — c. 1851
Capt. Thomas Hayes House, c. 1851.Map (db m146994) HM
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21Ontario, Brockville — Centeen Memorial Dive Park
Canada's first underwater sculpture park was established in 2014 and dedicated to all those who tragically lost their lives in the St. Lawrence River. The first sculptures were part of the memorial circle that is the focal point of the underwater . . . Map (db m193826) HM
22Ontario, Brockville — Centennial of Confederation — 1867 • 1967
Brockville Centennial Park Erected by the City of Brockville in permanent commemoration of the Centennial of Confederation in Canada in 1967. Construction was made possible through the co-operation of the Province of . . . Map (db m147115) HM
23Ontario, Brockville — Charles E. Jones House — c. 1858
Gentleman Son of the Hon. Charles JonesMap (db m146907) HM
24Ontario, Brockville — Chipman-Page House — built ca. 1877
• Built by Abigail & Lewis Chipman about 1877 • Owned 1896-1933 by Olivia & J. Albert Page, a Lawyer and Police MagistrateMap (db m147069) HM
25Ontario, Brockville — Christina & Thomas Campbell House — built ca. 1830
Clerk of the County Court for 40 years. Died 1857. Academy for Young Ladies, 1857.Map (db m147072) HM
26Ontario, Brockville — Circus Parade — ca. 1898 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
A circus parade passes in front of Victoria HallMap (db m141584) HM
27Ontario, Brockville — Comstock Funeral Procession — May 25 1892
Funeral procession for Edwin P. Comstock (1865-1892)Map (db m146960) HM
28Ontario, Brockville — Con Darling — (1926 to 1993)
Con Darling, Ambassador of Smiles, dedicated his life to the betterment of humanity. This memorial pays tribute to his love of community both young and old. May his memory and spirit of giving life in us all. This commemoration . . . Map (db m141816) HM
29Ontario, Brockville — Cossitt Terrace — 1894
Built for Newton Cossitt Architect: George A. AllanMap (db m141564) HM
30Ontario, Brockville — Court House Avenue — ca. 1898 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
An unpaved Court House Avenue before 1917, when a boulevard was created and a fountain added.Map (db m146943) HM
31Ontario, Brockville — Daniel Derbyshire House — c. 1865
Businessman and SenatorMap (db m147061) HM
32Ontario, Brockville — David Simpson House — c. 1880
[Title is text]Map (db m146908) HM
33Ontario, Brockville — Dr. Thomas McQueen House — c. 1840
[Title is text]Map (db m146990) HM
34Ontario, Brockville — East Ward Fire Engine House — 1862
The home of Defiance Fire Co. No. 2 Designed by Samuel Hazlewood, Surveyor & Civil EngineerMap (db m141571) HM
35Ontario, Brockville — Elizabeth and James Hall House — c. 1820
James St. was named after him in 1832.Map (db m147027) HM
36Ontario, Brockville — First Bank in Brockville
In September, 1843, the first bank in Brockville was opened on Court House Avenue by the Bank of Montreal This plaque commemorates that event and was installed by the bank to observe its 150th anniversary in the Centennial . . . Map (db m146979) HM
37Ontario, Brockville — First Presbyterian Church — 1879
Architect: James P. Johnston, Ogdensburg, N.Y. A Brockville Landmark Designated Under The Ontario Heritage ActMap (db m146863) HM
38Ontario, Brockville — Former Brockville Post Office
Completed in 1886 this structure was designed under the direction of Thomas Fuller, Chief Architect of the Department of Public Works from 1881 to 1896. The Brockville Post Office shows the sensitivity often displayed by Fuller and his staff. The . . . Map (db m87064) HM
39Ontario, Brockville — Forsyth’s Raid 1813
On the night of February 6-7, 1813, Major Benjamin Forsyth of the United States Army, with a detachment of regulars and militia numbering about 200 men, crossed the frozen St. Lawrence River from Morristown, N.Y., and attacked Brockville. The . . . Map (db m83482) HM
40Ontario, Brockville — Fulford Block — ca. 1905
The Fulford Block, built 1887-89 This photograph shows how the Fulford Block looked before a disastrous fire in July 1916 destroyed everything but the outside walls.Map (db m146959) HM
41Ontario, Brockville — Fulford Place
Built in 1899 – 1900, this eclectic mansion evokes the opulent lifestyle of Canada's industrial elite at the turn of the century. Designed by American architect A. W. Fuller, it was the spacious residence of Senator George T. Fulford (1852–1905), . . . Map (db m87017) HM
42Ontario, Brockville — Fun on the River — c.1900
[Historical photos of river activities]Map (db m146933) HM
43Ontario, Brockville — Garbutt's Hotel / Hotel Manitonna — ca. 1940 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
On the left are two former hotels, Garbutt's Hotel and the Hotel Manitonna. The signs of Roode Bros., the Ford dealer, show on the right.Map (db m141568) HM
44Ontario, Brockville — Gen. Sir Isaac Brock. K.C.B. — (1769-1812) — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
Brockville was named after the Provisional Civi Administrator of Upper Canada and the Commanding Officier of the British forces in Upper Canada during the War of 1812-1814. The government of Upper Canada first named this community . . . Map (db m83527) HM
45Ontario, Brockville — George Chaffey — 1848 - 1932
Born at Brockville, Canada West, Chaffey became a shipbuilder on the Great Lakes and the inventor of a new type of propeller. Subsequently he went to California where, in partnership with his brother, he built a model irrigation project and founded . . . Map (db m87019) HM
46Ontario, Brockville — George Crain House — c. 1893
ContractorMap (db m146993) HM
47Ontario, Brockville — George Malloch House — c. 1840
[Title is text]Map (db m146861) HM
48Ontario, Brockville — George Steacy House — c.1873
Builder & ContractorMap (db m193860) HM
49Ontario, Brockville — H. H. Cossitt & Bro. Building
H. H. Cossitt & Bro. Confectioners c. 1895 - c. 1903 C. H. Buell & Son Bakers and Confectioners c. 1903 - 1918 John Tait Baker and Confectioner 1919 - 1930Map (db m146912) HM
50Ontario, Brockville — Halladay Block — ca. 1920 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
The large Halladay Block was mostly destroyed by the fire on November 27, 1949. On the near corner was the gasoline station and tire vulcanizing shop of Leroy Dickey.Map (db m147012) HM
51Ontario, Brockville — Halladay Block — ca. 1915 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
On the right is the corner grocery store of James L. Greenwood. It was located in the former Halladay Block, mostly destroyed by the fire on November 27, 1949.Map (db m147013) HM
52Ontario, Brockville — Henry and Ellen Soper House — c. 1876
PainterMap (db m146909) HM
53Ontario, Brockville — Hubbell Building — c. 1825
[Title is text]Map (db m146866) HM
54Ontario, Brockville — Indian Cliff
Residence From 1884 to 1905 of Major James M. Walsh Superintendent of The North-West Mounted Police Major James Morrow Walsh was a Canadian hero and a figure of national prominence in the second half of the nineteenth . . . Map (db m147075) HM
55Ontario, Brockville — Is[a]ac Beecher House
Front c.1840 Rear c.1815 A Brockville Landmark Designated Under The Ontario Heritage ActMap (db m146973) HM
56Ontario, Brockville — James Hall & Co. Ontario Glove Works 1865 - 1917 — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail — Rιgion Historique : La Piste de Brockville —
Founded in 1865, the James Hall & Co. Glove Works operated on this site until about 1917. By 1898, it was the largest company making gloves and mitts in Canada. Owned and operated by John MacLaren and later his cousin, William C. . . . Map (db m146944) HM
57Ontario, Brockville — James Morris 1798 - 1865
A prominent Canadian politician, Morris was born in Paisley, Scotland. His family immigrated to Canada in 1801 and later settled in Elizabethtown (Brockville). He joined his brothers, Alexander and William, in business there about 1820 and by 1836 . . . Map (db m87063) HM
58Ontario, Brockville — James Smart Manufacturing Co. Ltd. — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail
Aerial View of the James Smart Manufacturing Co. Ltd. ca. 1930 Across the harbour, in the present HARDY PARK, was a complex of buildings that occupied this area of the waterfront for almost 100 years. Founded by James . . . Map (db m141686) HM
59Ontario, Brockville — John C. Potter House — c. 1834
[Title is text]Map (db m146918) HM
60Ontario, Brockville — John Harris Building — built c. 1865
Built & Owned by Marialene & John Harris Merchant TailorMap (db m146862) HM
61Ontario, Brockville — John M. McMullen House — c. 1834
[Title is text]Map (db m146919) HM
62Ontario, Brockville — Johnstown District Court House and Gaol
In 1808 the provincial government authorized the erection of a court house and gaol in Elizabethtown (Brockville) to serve the District of Johnstown created ten years earlier. By 1811 a brick structure had been built here on land donated by William . . . Map (db m83480) HM
63Ontario, Brockville — Leeds-Grenville County Court House
Symbols of law and authority to a new and changing society, the district court houses of Upper Canada were architecturally prominent buildings in the colony. Of these, one of the most grandiose is the former Johnstown District court house which was . . . Map (db m87027) HM
64Ontario, Brockville — MacNamara House — c.1885
A BROCKVILLE LANDMARK Designated Under The Ontario Heritage ActMap (db m193859) HM
65Ontario, Brockville — Major General Sir Isaac Brock — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
Pictured hereon is the 1812 monument in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England with the following inscription: Erected at the public expense To the memory of Major General Sir Isaac Brock, who gloriously fell on . . . Map (db m146942) HM
66Ontario, Brockville — Major James M. Walsh — North West Mounted Police — Brockville Historic Area: Notable Brockvillian —
Major James Morrow Walsh was a colourful figure who played an important role in opening the Canadian West. Born on May 22, 1840 in Prescott, Ontario, he became one of the first nine officers of the North West Mounted Police . . . Map (db m141663) HM
67Ontario, Brockville — May Day Parade — ca. 1900 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
This appears to be a May Day Parade, as the young girls in white dresses who performed each year on the Court House Green pass by.Map (db m146958) HM
68Ontario, Brockville — McCrady Tannery / Brockville Yacht Club — ca. 1909 — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail —
The mouth of Buell’s Creek was the location of an early sawmill built by Daniel Jones Sr. in the 1790s. This was followed by the gristmill, built by Robert Shepherd in the 1850s (still existing to the north). From the position, looking across . . . Map (db m146935) HM
69Ontario, Brockville — Millennium Sculpture — The Thousand Islands Secondary School
This sculpture symbolizes the strength and confidence of our students entering the new millennium. With cooperation, creativity, and communication, accomplishments may only be bound by the limits of our own imagination. In this case the . . . Map (db m193795) HM
70Ontario, Brockville — Morris House
A Brockville Landmark Designated Under The Ontario Heritage ActMap (db m146867) HM
71Ontario, Brockville — Newton Cossitt House — 1881
Architect: James P. Johnston. Ogdensburg, N.Y. A Brockville Landmark Designated Under The Ontario Heritage ActMap (db m147029) HM
72Ontario, Brockville — Ogle Robert Gowan, 1803-1876
A prominent provincial politician, Gowan was born in County Wexford, Ireland. He came to Upper Canada in 1829 and immediately immersed himself in political affairs. Drawing upon his experience in the Irish Orange Order, Gowan established the Grand . . . Map (db m83479) HM
73Ontario, Brockville — Originally part of Roderick McSween's Inn — c.1841
[Title is text]Map (db m193857) HM
74Ontario, Brockville — Ornamental Arch — 1860 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
One of 5 ornamental arches built for the visit of Queen Victoria’s son Albert Edward, Prince of Wales on September 2, 1860. Map (db m147016) HM
75Ontario, Brockville — Paul Glasford House — c. 1826
MerchantMap (db m141560) HM
76Ontario, Brockville — Publow Terrace — 1895
Architects: Liston & Liston, BrockvilleMap (db m146868) HM
77Ontario, Brockville — Queen's Hotel and Victoria Hall — ca. 1890 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
In the middle of this picture are the former Queen's Hotel (left) and Victoria Hall (right). The latter, built in 1862-64, is now Brockville's City Hall.Map (db m146962) HM
78Ontario, Brockville — RCAF F-86 Golden Hawks Aerobatic Flight Team — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail
F-86 Fighter Jets: Designed by NORTH AMERICAN AVIATION Co. Built in Montreal by CANADAIR Canadian planes powered by the AVRO CANADA Orenda engine The ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE created a new precision aerobatic team in 1959 to . . . Map (db m141679) HM WM
79Ontario, Brockville — Rev. William Smart House — c. 1820
[Title is text]Map (db m146864) HM
80Ontario, Brockville — Richard Bradfield House — c.1852
[Title is text]Map (db m193812) HM
81Ontario, Brockville — Robert Shepherd Grist Mill — c. 1852
A Brockville Landmark Designated Under The Ontario Heritage ActMap (db m146914) HM
82Ontario, Brockville — Robert Sheridan Store — 1885
Originally the store of Robert Sheridan Stove & Tinware MerchantMap (db m141576) HM
83Ontario, Brockville — Ross-Dowsley House — built c. 1828
Early Owners: Mrs. Jane Ross, Widow. her son, John Ross, Merchant. George Dowsley, Shoemaker.Map (db m146906) HM
84Ontario, Brockville — Ruth & David Robertson House — c. 1853
A Brockville Landmark Designated Under The Ontario Heritage ActMap (db m146905) HM
85Ontario, Brockville — Saint Lawrence, the Martyr — Laurentius or Lorenzo, Archdeacon of Rome — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail —
This river was named "Riviθre de Saint Laurens" by French explorers in honour of Saint Lawrence, the Martyr Laurentius or Lorenzo, Archdeacon of Rome Executed in Rome, August 10, 258, by order of Roman Emperor . . . Map (db m141693) HM
86Ontario, Brockville — Sally Grant
"Sally Grant" is the familiar name of the Statue of Justice which was conceived in 1841 by John G. Howard, the architect of this Court House, and carved by William Holmes, a Brockville carpenter and builder. The eleven foot high figure, made of . . . Map (db m87957) HM
87Ontario, Brockville — Samuel Reynolds House — c. 1833
[Title is text]Map (db m146911) HM
88Ontario, Brockville — Senator George T. Fulford — 1852 - 1905
Born and raised in Brockville, George Taylor Fulford apprenticed at his brother's drugstore and took charge of it himself at age 22. Five years later, he was elected to the first of 12 terms as alderman. Fulford entered the patent-medicine trade in . . . Map (db m87015) HM
89Ontario, Brockville — Senator John and Esmeralda Webster House — 1883
Cheese Dealer, Champion Horseman & Breeder, Town Councillor, M.P. 1911-17, Senator 1918-28 Architect: O.E. ListonMap (db m147035) HM
90Ontario, Brockville — Shop of George Houston — c. 1867
Originally the shop of George Houston Liquor MerchantMap (db m146913) HM
91Ontario, Brockville — Shop of Thomas Cunningham — c. 1846
Originally the shop of Thomas Cunningham GrocerMap (db m146917) HM
92Ontario, Brockville — Sir William Buell Richards — 1815 - 1889
Born at Brockville and called to the bar of Upper Canada in 1837, Richards represented Leeds in the Legislative Assembly (1848–53) and served as Attorney General for Canada West in the Hincks-Morin administration (1851–3). Appointed puisne judge of . . . Map (db m87029) HM
93Ontario, Brockville — Smart's Foundry
One of Brockville's most significant industrial complexes stood on the southern part of this park from about 1862 until 1961. Founded by James Smart in the 1850s, it was later incorporated as the James Smart Manufacturing Co. Ltd and was . . . Map (db m146970) HM
94Ontario, Brockville — Smart's Foundry — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail —
This was the site of the large Smart's Foundry complex from ca.1862 to 1961 [Bird's eye view] ca. 1909Map (db m146971) HM
95Ontario, Brockville — SS Kingston — Brockville Historic Area: The Brock Trail
The steamer KINGSTON was a regular visitor to Brockville and other river communities from 1901 to 1949 The SS KINGSTON was built in 1901 for the RICHELIEU & ONTARIO NAVIGATION CO. LTD of Montreal. It was the second in a series of three new . . . Map (db m141815) HM
96Ontario, Brockville — St. Lawrence Terrace — c. 1894
Built for William G. TompkinsMap (db m193797) HM
97Ontario, Brockville — St. Peter's Church of England — original part opened 1831
Built to the design of Arthur McClean, an Irish architect who had settled in Brockville.Map (db m147050) HM
98Ontario, Brockville — Steacy and Bowie Homes — ca. 1910 — Brockville Historic Area: Our Past —
On the right are the former homes of the Steacy and Bowie families.Map (db m141557) HM
99Ontario, Brockville — Steven Delbert Ring — March 3, 1962 - April 18, 1982 — Dedicated to the Memory of —
"Sea Dog" as he was known was taken by his beloved St. Lawrence River.Map (db m193794) HM
100Ontario, Brockville — Sylvester Skinner House — c. 1830
ManufacturerMap (db m146865) HM

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