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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Kingston, Ontario

133 131 King Street East Marker • <i>wide view<br>(marker visible between doors)</i> image, Touch for more information
By Cosmos Mariner, August 15, 2019
133 131 King Street East Marker • wide view
(marker visible between doors)
1 Ontario, Frontenac County, Kingston — 133 131 King Street East
This limestone double house was erected in the Georgian style by architect William Coverdale in 1842-43 for Noble Palmer, founder of the Kingston Spectator newspaper. It is notable for its windows and ashlar string courses. Half of the building . . . Map (db m144999) HM
2 Ontario, Frontenac County, Kingston — Point Frederick Buildings
English: This peninsula, headquarters of the Provincial Marine (c. 1790-1813), and of the Royal Navy (1813-1853), was the major British naval base on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. Buildings surviving from this period include the Naval . . . Map (db m83618) HM
3 Ontario, Frontenac County, Kingston — Sir John Alexander Macdonald(1815-1891)
English: This Kingston lawyer was the chief architect of Confederation, which led to the creation of the Dominion of Canada on July 1st, 1867. He was Canada's first Prime Minister and led the country for almost 19 years. The . . . Map (db m140200) HM
4 Ontario, Kingston — 1976 Olympic CairnSailing - Montreal Games
1976 Olympic Cairn Sailing - Montreal Games Dedicated to the many Citizens of Kingston and volunteers from everywhere whose hard work supported the Sailing Events held at this venue, and who have supported CORK Events since its inception in . . . Map (db m207125) HM
5 Ontario, Kingston — 21st Battalion CEF Cenotaph
. . . Map (db m206134) WM
6 Ontario, Kingston — Bellevue House / Villa Bellevue
Built about 1840, Bellevue House is one of the most interesting examples surviving in Canada of "Italian Villa" architecture, a style that was new in the country and novel in Kingston. This type of residence subsequently became popular . . . Map (db m207210) HM
7 Ontario, Kingston — Bishop Alexander Macdonell1762-1840
Patriot, colonizer and priest, he was born in the Highlands of Scotland. In 1804 he came to Canada as chaplain of the disbanded Glengarry Fencibles and later became Auxiliary Bishop of Quebec. As the first Bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of . . . Map (db m141400) HM
8 Ontario, Kingston — Charles Sangster1822-1893
Sangster, one of the most significant Canadian poets of the pre-confederation period, was born at the naval yard, Point Frederick. In 1849 he edited the "Courier" at Amherstburg but the following year returned to Kingston to work for the "British . . . Map (db m141507) HM
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9 Ontario, Kingston — Commodore’s Residence, 1815La Résidence du Commodore, 1815
English: On 19 March 1813 Sir James Yeo, a brave and audacious commander earlier in the Napoleonic War, was appointed Commodore and senior officier on the Lakes of Canada. Having never commanded a Squadron before, he was instructed by the . . . Map (db m83570) HM
10 Ontario, Kingston — Discover the History of the Anna Lane Site
We are standing on a section of Queen Street that has a long history of civilian uses for housing, in close proximity to important military facilities. An early town graveyard still exists up the street next to St. Paul's Church. The site is on . . . Map (db m144972) HM
11 Ontario, Kingston — Early Land Survey in Ontario / Premiers Travaux D'Arpentage en Ontario
English: In September 1783, Deputy Surveyor-General John Collins was despatched to Cataraqui by Governor Haldimand to lay out townships for loyalist settlers. The necessary land was purchased from Mississauga Indians, and on 27 . . . Map (db m140199) HM
12 Ontario, Kingston — Fort Frederick
English: With the outbreak of the War of 1812, a blockhouse was quickly constructed on Point Frederick complementary to and earlier one built on Point Henry. Both provided protection for the Kingston dockyard which was the pivotal point of . . . Map (db m83613) HM
13 Ontario, Kingston — Fort Henry
In English: An earlier fort was built here on Point Henry during the War of 1812 primarily to defend the nearby naval dockyard. When the Rideau Canal was built as part of a military route connecting Kingston with Montreal, the strategic . . . Map (db m39363) HM
14 Ontario, Kingston — Fort Henry
The first Fort Henry was built during the War of 1812 to protect the British dockyards in Navy Bay. The present limestone citadel, constructed between 1832 and 1837, replaced the old fort as part of a larger plan for the defence of the recently . . . Map (db m39364) HM
15 Ontario, Kingston — Frontenac County Court House / Palais de Justice du Comté de Frontenac
English: This grand Neo-classical building has served the courts of Frontenac County since its opening in 1858. Designed by the Dorset-born architect, Edward Horsey, it is superbly sited on land originally acquired in 1840 for a . . . Map (db m140193) HM
16 Ontario, Kingston — Indigenous Pasts and Futures at Queen's/Passés et futurs autochtones à l'Université QueensNahò:ten ne Iotohétston tánon tsi Nientsá:wen'ne ne Queen's ne Shihatinakereó'nwe Raotirihwà:ke — Anishinaabek miinwaa Haudenosaunee Gaabi-zhi-Zhiwebisiwad miinwaa Geyaabi waa Ni-zhiwebag maanpii Qu —
Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre Historically, an Indigenous person pursuing higher education could lose their status under the Indian Act, or might feel forced to deny their heritage. Today, Queen's is becoming a more welcoming . . . Map (db m243774) HM
17 Ontario, Kingston — Kingston Custom House / Bâtiment des Douanes de Kingston
English: Designed by the Montréal architectural firm of Hopkins, Lawford and Nelson, the Kingston Custom House was built in 1856-59 for the government of the united Canadas. The symmetrical composition of the two-storey ashlar . . . Map (db m140194) HM
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18 Ontario, Kingston — Kingston General Hospital Role in Typhus Epidemic
In 1847 and 1848 this site became the largest of the city's mass graves for more than 1,400 Irish immigrants who died in fever sheds adjacent to Kingston General Hospital and Emily St., after fleeing "The Great Hunger" in Ireland. This plaque . . . Map (db m243745) HM
19 Ontario, Kingston — Kingston Navy Yard
English: The Navy Yard established in 1789 as a trans-shipment point for the Great Lakes and as the Provincial Marine's Lake Ontario base was administered by the Admiralty after 1813. During the War of 1812 Commodore James Yeo, R. N., . . . Map (db m83568) HM
20 Ontario, Kingston — Kingston Penitentiary / Le Penitencier de Kingston
Opened on 1 June 1835, Kingston Penitentiary is Canada's oldest reformatory prison. Its layout-an imposing front gate leading to a cross- shaped cellblock, with workshops to the rear-was the model for other federal prisons for more . . . Map (db m205090) HM
21 Ontario, Kingston — Kingston Post Office / Bureau de Poste de Kingston
English: In 1856-59 the government of the united Canadas erected the Kingston Post Office. Designed by the Montreal architectural firm of Hopkins, Lawford and Nelson, this limestone building shows the influence of the British . . . Map (db m140197) HM
22 Ontario, Kingston — Kirkpatrick Fountain
This fountain was erected in 1903 in honour of Lieutenant Colonel Sir George Airey Kirkpatrick 1841-1899 A son of Thomas Kirkpatrick, Esq., First mayor of the Town of Kingston 1838 Member of Parliament for Frontenac 1870-1892 Speaker of the . . . Map (db m141398) HM
23 Ontario, Kingston — Louis de Buade Comte de Frontenac et de Palluau1622-1698
One of the most influential and controversial figures in Canadian history, Frontenac was born at St-Germain-en-Laye, France. As a member of the noblesse d'epee he was able in 1672 to secure the appointment as Governor-General of New France. Devoted . . . Map (db m39978) HM
24 Ontario, Kingston — Lower Burial Ground 1783-1863
This Anglican Church burial ground is one of the oldest consecrated cemeteries in Ontario. Loyalists, who wanted to continue living under British rule, came to Kingston after the American Revolution. A Loyalist soldier, Corporal Forbes of the . . . Map (db m141394) HM
25 Ontario, Kingston — Militia Garrison 1837-38
Commemorating the services of the first permanent Militia Garrison of Kingston, assembled by Lieutenant-Colonel R.H. Bonnycastle to defend this city during the Upper Canadian Rebellion. The mobilization saved Kingston from invasion since the regular . . . Map (db m141444) HM
26 Ontario, Kingston — Molly Brant
Born about 1736, Molly Brant (Degonwadonti) was a member of a prominent Mohawk family. About 1759 she became the wife of Sir William Johnson, Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the Province of New York and a powerful figure in that colony. . . . Map (db m141525) HM
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27 Ontario, Kingston — Murney Martello Tower
This tower was constructed in 1846 as part of the new naval defenses authorized for Kingston Harbour by the Imperial Government during the Oregon Crisis of 1845-1846. It was one of the last British works of defense commenced in the . . . Map (db m208941) HM
28 Ontario, Kingston — Point Frederick
English: A strategic location for the defence of the Loyalist settlement at Cataraqui (Kingston), this point was reserved in 1788 and named after Sir Frederick Haldimand, Governor of Quebec (1778-86). In 1790-91 a guardhouse and storehouse . . . Map (db m83571) HM
29 Ontario, Kingston — Point Frederick Artillery BatteryBatterie d’artillerie de la Pointe Frederick
In November 1812, guns of the original fort here were fired against American ships attacking Kingston. Perhaps this attack came as retaliation for the earlier Canadian one on Sackets (sic) Harbor, but more likely American commander Chauncey felt his . . . Map (db m83615) HM
30 Ontario, Kingston — Pro Patria 1812-1814
English: In memory of the officers and seamen of the Royal Navy and Provincial Marine, and the officers and soldiers on the Royal Marines, Royal Newfoundland, King’s (8th) and 100th Regiments, who served on Lake Ontario in defence of . . . Map (db m83620) WM
31 Ontario, Kingston — Professors' Walk
. . . Map (db m243766) HM
32 Ontario, Kingston — Queen Street Synagogue
English: Emigrating from Eastern Europe in the late 1800s, Kingston's Jewish Community grew to 125 persons and three congregations by 1908. When Isaac Cohen committed to building a synagogue, they formed the Beth Israel . . . Map (db m144899) HM
33 Ontario, Kingston — Queen's University 150th Anniversary
Presented May 10, 1991 by the students, staff and faculty of the Royal Military College of Canada to celebrate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Queen's University. This tablet recognizes the cordial relations and cooperation . . . Map (db m243762) HM
34 Ontario, Kingston — Queen's University's Royal Chartercharte royale à l'Université Queen's
This plaque was unveiled by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN during the tercentenary celebrations of the City of Kingston to commemorate the granting of Queen's University's Royal Charter by Queen Victoria on 16 October 1841 27 June . . . Map (db m243753) HM
35 Ontario, Kingston — René-Amable Boucher 1735-1812
Boucher was born at Fort Frontenac (Kingston) where his father, an officer with the French colonial regular troops, was stationed. René-Amable also chose a military career and served in the Seven Years War with the French defenders of . . . Map (db m207809) HM
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36 Ontario, Kingston — René-Robert CavelierDe La Salle at Cataracoui
English: Early in his celebrated career the explorer La Salle played a principal role in the expansion of the French fur trade into the Lake Ontario region. In 1673 he arranged a meeting between Governor-General Frontenac, who . . . Map (db m141300) HM
37 Ontario, Kingston — Sir James Lucas Yeo1782-1818
English: Born at Southampton, England, Yeo entered the British Navy, served throughout the Napoleonic Wars and won rapid promotion by his ability. In 1813, already a Commodore, he came to Canada to command British forces on the Great . . . Map (db m83616) HM
38 Ontario, Kingston — Sir John A. Macdonald(1815-1891)
John A. Macdonald, a father of Confederation and Canada's first prime minister, dominated the life of the new nation for a quarter century. Macdonald was a visionary statesman, a determined Conservative partisan, and a much-loved leader. His . . . Map (db m90008) HM
39 Ontario, Kingston — Sir Richard Cartwright1835-1912
Canadian Minister of Finance and Minister of Trade and Commerce. Advocate of unrestricted reciprocity with the United States. Was born in this house December 24, 1835. His father was the Rev. David Cartwright, Chaplain to the Forces and Curate of . . . Map (db m144898) HM
40 Ontario, Kingston — St. Paul's Churchyard1783
Formerly St. George’s Burial Ground, this cemetery is the oldest in the Kingston district. Among the distinguished persons buried here are Molly Brant, Reverend John Stuart, Lieutenant Hugh Earl (Provincial Marine), Colonel Sir Richard Bonnycastle, . . . Map (db m141397) HM
41 Ontario, Kingston — Strategic Importance / Importance Stratégique
English: During the entire War of 1812, Canadian, British, and American land and naval forces campaigned across a vast territory from the Mississippi Valley, through the region south of Montreal, and well into the territories of the Atlantic . . . Map (db m83534) HM
42 Ontario, Kingston — The Coach House / La Remise
The coach house was a large two- storey structure built of rough-cut stone. It was used for stabling horses, and housed the carriages and sleighs. In addition, it contained a root cellar. In the twentieth century, the . . . Map (db m207604) HM
43 Ontario, Kingston — The First Meeting of the Executive Council of Upper CanadaLa Première Réunion du Conseil Exécutif du Haut-Canada
English: Because of the Loyalist influx into the western part of Quebec after the American Revolution, the province was divided into Upper and Lower Canada (now Ontario and Quebec). The Constitutional Act of 1791 provided for . . . Map (db m140198) HM
44 Ontario, Kingston — The King's Royal Regiment of New York
The largest Loyalist Corps in the Northern Department during the American Revolution, the King's Royal Regiment of New York was raised on June 19, 1776 under the command of Sir John Johnson. Originally composed of one battalion with ten companies, . . . Map (db m39977) HM
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45 Ontario, Kingston — The Kingston Observatory / L’Observatoire de Kingston
The first optical astronomical observatory in the province, the Kingston Observatory was established in 1855 after a solar eclipse aroused public interest in astronomical studies. Under the auspices of a committee of British . . . Map (db m217693) HM
46 Ontario, Kingston — The Market Battery
Stood on this site from 1848 to 1875. With Shoal Tower opposite it defended Kingston Harbour and the Rideau Canal. From 1875 this was a public park. In 1885 the Kingston and Pembroke railway station was built.Map (db m39979) HM
47 Ontario, Kingston — The Rev. John Stuart1740-1811
Born in Pennsylvania, Stuart was ordained in 1770 and sent to Fort Hunter, N.Y., as missionary to the Mohawks. An ardent Loyalist, he came to Canada in 1781 where he was appointed chaplain to the 2nd Battalion King’s Royal Regiment of New York. In . . . Map (db m144202) HM
48 Ontario, Kingston — The Stone Frigate
English: Once part of a large and active naval dockyard, this substantial stone building was erected as a warehouse for naval stores. Although initially planned in 1816, it was not completed until four years later when the need for storage . . . Map (db m83567) HM
49 Ontario, Kingston — University Avenue Beautification
These trees are planted to honour the original gift of trees to beautify University Avenue made in the 1970s by Robert Lionel Dunsmore BSc (Eng) 1915 October 2008Map (db m243768) HM
50 Ontario, Kingston, City Park — War Memorial
To the glory of God and in loving memory of all who gave their lives and served with The Royal Canadian Air Force and Commonwealth Air Forces.Map (db m217692) WM
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