“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Cherokee Clans
Wolf Clan Marker (<i>wide view • bank building in background</i>) image, Touch for more information
By Cosmos Mariner, May 7, 2019
Wolf Clan Marker (wide view • bank building in background)
1North Carolina (Swain County), Cherokee — Wolf ClanAni-Waya
The Wolf Clan was known for its medicine people and its warriors. (Cherokee language translation) Clan Masks: In the early twentieth century, Cherokee artists began carving masks representing the clans. These also symbolized . . . Map (db m134820) HM
2North Carolina (Swain County), Cherokee — Wild Potato ClanAni-Gatogewi
The wild potato refers to a native plant whose root is a good food source, also known as the Jerusalem artichoke. Some oral traditions say there were originally fourteen clans, including the Savannah and Wild Holly, whose members all became part of . . . Map (db m134821) HM
3North Carolina (Swain County), Cherokee — Deer ClanAni-Kawi
People in the Deer Clan were recognized as fast runners. They often served as messengers between towns. (Cherokee language translation) Clan Facts: Clans took care of the Cherokee law regarding murder. If you were killed, your . . . Map (db m134822) HM
4North Carolina (Swain County), Cherokee — Blue ClanAni-Sahoni
According to oral tradition, the Blue Clan knew about a plant with a blue flower that was used to heal children’s diseases. (Cherokee language translation) Clan Facts: Your clan came from your mother. People of the same clan could . . . Map (db m134823) HM
5North Carolina (Swain County), Cherokee — Paint ClanAni-Wodi
Wodi refers to the paint made from red ochre. In the legend of monster Stoneman, a lump of this paint remained when the monster burned up. When the medicine man painted people with it, their wishes came true: to be a great hunter, or warrior, or . . . Map (db m150430) HM
6North Carolina (Swain County), Cherokee — Long Hair Clan
Ani-Gilohi—(Cherokee language translation) People in this clan wore their hair long. They walked with confidence and were often leaders. (Cherokee language translation) CLAN FACTS: Throughout the large . . . Map (db m73920) HM
Apr. 20, 2021