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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historic Florida Barge Canal Trail
The Canal Story Marker (<i>panel 1</i>) image, Touch for more information
By Cosmos Mariner, February 13, 2021
The Canal Story Marker (panel 1)
1Florida (Marion County), Ocala — The Canal StoryHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
"La Florida" Became Part of World Commerce [panel 1] 1507 • Explorer Ponce de Leon claims "La Florida" for Spain and recommends canal to King to protect gold carrying ships to Spain. 1763-1802 • Eastern Florida passes from Spain . . . Map (db m166900) HM
2Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Canal BuildingHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
Roosevelt EraThe Cross Florida Canal got its start during the Great Depression years. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's efforts to revive the nation's ailing economy involved a wide array of projects and jobs funded by tax-payers. The . . . Map (db m166868) HM
3Florida (Marion County), Ocala — 1 — Historical PerspectiveHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
"Your majesty: In order to protect your interests [land and gold] in La Florida, we must discover or construct a passage across this peninsula." The Essence of an Historic Communication by Spanish Explorer Pedro Menendez Aviles to Spain's King . . . Map (db m166901) HM
4Florida (Marion County), Ocala — 2 — A Beautiful PlaceHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
"The Island is flat and sandy with abundant wildlife. Numerous lakes and stands of trees also mark the landscape." Alvar Hunez Cabeza deVace Journal Entry, 1536 The geographic area that comprises the present-day Cross Florida Greenway has been . . . Map (db m166902) HM
5Florida (Marion County), Ocala — 3 — Great Depression Public Works ProjectHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
"...Requesting the assistance and cooperation of every available federal agency in order to make possible, at an early date, commencement of construction on a ship canal across the peninsula." Message from Florida's Legislature to President . . . Map (db m166903) HM
6Florida (Marion County), Ocala — 4 — Protective PerspectiveHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
"Even a shallow canal would pollute the aquifer because of the porosity of the underlying rock structure… barge traffic would jeopardize both surface and ground water with the threat of oil spills and leakage from vessels and the wash-off of . . . Map (db m166904) HM
7Florida (Marion County), Ocala — 5 — Opposition to the CanalHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
"Incited by selfish interests and from a purely mercenary motive, an effort is now being made, through construction of a cross-state canal, to mar and at least, in part, destroy the region's beauty, fertility and health." Hillsborough County Board . . . Map (db m166905) HM
8Florida (Marion County), Ocala — 6 — Environmental Victory NearsHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
"In view of this unprecedented expression of opposition to continuing the Cross Florida Barge Canal by candidates for public office in Florida [petitions and resolutions] we respectfully call on you to implement a moratorium on construction of the . . . Map (db m166906) HM
9Florida (Marion County), Ocala — 7 — Deliberate StrategyHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
"...the key to success in any conservation effort: Get the facts and then act… If you get the facts, the press will tell your story, government agencies will take action, legal suits will be documented, and presidents may intervene on your behalf." . . . Map (db m166908) HM
10Florida (Marion County), Ocala — 8 — Conclusive Federal ActionHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
"I am today ordering a halt to further construction of the Cross Florida Barge Canal to prevent serious environmental damage. "The Council on Environmental Quality has recommended to me that the project be halted, and I accept its advice. The . . . Map (db m166909) HM
11Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Canal StoppingHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
What Changed? For nearly 500 years, the idea for a Cross Florida Ship and Barge Canal had been kept alive. There were several driving forces. • Hiding Caribbean gold shipments from pirates until fleets of protected ships sailed to . . . Map (db m166910) HM
12Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Port SantosHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
History of Santos Founders and Families In 1882, John A. Cole and his family (black Americans) established Santos, naming it after a village in Brazil (South America) where they had gone to start a new life following the American Civil War. . . . Map (db m166911) HM
13Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Greenway GreenlifeHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
Explorer Ponce de Leon called the panhandle between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico "La Florida" which means "the flowery place." What he saw was untamed wilderness. "Untamed" is a good indicator of the way green things grow here. What . . . Map (db m166912) HM
14Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Green MonstersHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
The Crusher Green life was a major factor between those who opposed the Cross Florida Canal and those who backed it. The sharpest point of contention was the Ocklawaha River basin, as well as the environmental catastrophe that evolved after . . . Map (db m166914) HM
15Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Florida SeminolesHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
Early Migrants More Than Snowbirds The earliest migrants to Florida, determined by archeological evidence, date back to 500 A. D. Among them were the Deptford People, the Weeden Island People, the St. John's People and the Timican . . . Map (db m167202) HM
16Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Florida Seminole Nations HistoryHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
Florida Seminole. After the Third Seminole War (1858), nearly 3,000 Indians were forcibly sent to the Oklahoma Territory. A small number of Seminoles continued to live in relative isolation in southern Florida into the 1900s. Flood control and . . . Map (db m167203) HM
17Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Oklahoma Seminole Nations HistoryHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
Oklahoma Seminoles. The Seminole Nation in the State of Oklahoma is the largest of the three recognized Seminole governments in the United States. They are descendants of the 3,000 Seminoles who were forcibly removed from Florida in the middle . . . Map (db m167204) HM
18Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Florida CrackersHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
Some of the early migrants to the Greenway were known for whips and storytelling. Discover what happened. Discover The Island. Florida’s Crackers were mostly, it's said to be, English pioneer settlers and their descendants who began coming to . . . Map (db m167205) HM
19Florida (Marion County), Ocala — A Tribe Lost: TimicuaHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
Who were "Americans" first? At least several hundred years before Crackers migrated from England and Scotland to the USA, and then wandered down the eastern seaboard to Florida in the 1800s Well before the Seminoles sought refuge in Florida . . . Map (db m167206) HM
20Florida (Marion County), Ocala — History: CropsHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
World Reputation. The Greenway region has been referred to historically as the "Agricultural Heart of the South." It was also called the "Breadbasket of the Confederacy" and the "Breadbasket of Florida." Farm products from this region are still . . . Map (db m167207) HM
21Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Cat FaceHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
What do you think about when you see a long-leaf pine tree? If you had lived in North Carolina 100 or more years ago, pine trees might have caused you to think about turpentine and the Original Vicks Vapo-Rub. Household cleaners, medicine for . . . Map (db m167208) HM
22Florida (Marion County), Ocala — History: Cows & HorsesHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
A Long Way from Home. Explorer Ponce de Leon brought horses on his second journey from Spain to La Florida. The horses were to be used by his officers, scouts and livestock herders. Spanish equines were known for their speed and agility, . . . Map (db m167209) HM
23Florida (Marion County), Ocala — History: Monkeys & BoarsHistoric Florida Barge Canal Trail
Tarzan Did It. A legend has been passed along over the decades that the wild monkeys around Silver Spring State Park got there because of competition swimmer-actor Johnny Weismuller. He starred in Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939), which was . . . Map (db m167210) HM
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