“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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This series of markers are found on the walking trails in Mount Independence State Historic Site.
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By Bill Coughlin, July 12, 2008
Marker at Mount Independence
1Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Mount Independence — Bastion of the Revolution
Fortification was begun in June of 1776, and the name Mount Independence was bestowed following the Declaration of Independence. Lieut. Col. Jeduthan Baldwin was the chief construction engineer. Here the exhausted American Army, Northern Department, . . . Map (db m9275) HM
2Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Lake Champlain and the American Revolution — Mount Independence State Historic Site
. . . the possession of every thing here depends upon keeping the Command of the Water.” - Maj. Gen. Horatio Gates, July 16, 1776 In front of you is Lake Champlain, at 120 miles long the sixth largest lake in the United . . . Map (db m19440) HM
3Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Burial Site — Mount Independence State Historic Site
“ . . . this Day there was two men Buried from our Regt.” - Lt. Jonathan Burton, October 4, 1776 This small stone, engraved “N. Richardson of Staddard Eng died 1760,” may mark the only identified grave on . . . Map (db m17849) HM
4Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — To Repel the Enemy
The Generals have Fix’d on a spot . . . to be fortified.” - Lt. Col. Matthias Ogden, July 19, 1776 On July 5, 1777, Thomas Anburey, who was traveling with British Lt. Gen. John Burgoyne on Lake Champlain, observed as they . . . Map (db m19480) HM
5Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Officers Quarters – 1776 — Mount Independence State Historic Site
“ . . . some of the officers have good framed houses.” - Dr. Lewis Beebe, September 30, 1776 This fifteen-foot square, well-defined stone foundation may be the remains of quarters for one or more American officers in the . . . Map (db m17863) HM
6Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Fort Ticonderoga and Mount Defiance — Mount Independence State Historic Site
“ . . . a perfect mousetrap.” - Col. Alexander Scammell, September 21, 1777 From here are seen nearly all the powerful forces of nature that made this spot on Lake Champlain the Gibraltar of the North as well as its . . . Map (db m17846) HM
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7Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — General Hospital – 1777 — Mount Independence State Historic Site
. . . the new Hospital . . . 250 long & 24 wide.” - Rev. Enos Hitchcock, June 14, 1777 This shallow, dry-laid stone foundation was for the largest building at Mount Independence – a 250-foot long by 24-foot wide, . . . Map (db m19319) HM
8Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Third Brigade Encampment – 1776 — Mount Independence State Historic Site
. . . our Men is clearing the Encamping Ground over the Lake.” - Sgt. Timothy Tuttle, July 23, 1776 In July 1776 Northern Army commander Gen. Horatio Gates organized regiments at Mount Independence and Ticonderoga into . . . Map (db m19318) HM
9Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Heritage Travelers over the Years
Some of the intrenchments are still visible.” – John Disturnell, 1857 After the American Revolution, numerous visitors curious to see the places that figured so prominently in the war for independence visited Mount . . . Map (db m19501) HM
10Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — American Blockhouse – 1777 — Mount Independence State Historic Site
“I have also provided timber for two Blockhouses.” - Col. Anthony Wayne, February 4, 1777 In the summer and fall of 1776 American forces concentrated on fortifying the northern point of the rocky Mount Independence . . . Map (db m19321) HM
11Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Storehouse - 1776 — Mount Independence State Historic Site
ordered a large Stoer House to be built.” - Col. Jeduthan Baldwin, August 17, 1776 At least one of the storehouses constructed on Mount Independence during the Revolution stood in this area. Portions of the remaining . . . Map (db m19366) HM
12Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — British Blockhouse - 1777 — Mount Independence State Historic Site
“Blockhouses, none of them finished.” - Lt. John Starke, Royal Navy, September 1777 After the British captured Mount Independence on July 6, 1777, their military engineers decided to build six new blockhouses to augment . . . Map (db m19332) HM
13Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — The American Southern Defenses – 1776-1777
we are Building a Large & Long Breast work on the South Side.” - Pvt. Thomas Killam, August 19, 1776 When the American Northern Army arrived at Ticonderoga in mid-July 1776, the 300-acre peninsula opposite on the Vermont . . . Map (db m19543) HM
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14Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Southern Battery – 1777 — Mount Independence State Historic Site
began the works at 3 places on Mount Independence.” - Col. Jeduthan Baldwin, June 20, 1777 On June, 1777, American Chief Engineer Jeduthan Baldwin wrote in his journal, “in the afternoon went with Col. Kosiusko . . . Map (db m19437) HM
15Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Foundation -1776 or 1777 — Mount Independence State Historic Site — What do you think? - —
This is one of the best-preserved stone foundations on Mount Independence. It was built during the Revolution, but historic maps and documents do not refer to it. Who built it? Did the Americans have time to build it during the two weeks in June . . . Map (db m19441) HM
16Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — German Hut – 1777 — Mount Independence State Historic Site
Our men built huts out of boards to protect themselves from the cold weather.” - Lt. Von Hille, October 22, 1777 During the American occupation from July 1776 to July 1777, soldiers constructed a breastwork of logs and . . . Map (db m19436) HM
17Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Southern Defense Trail
This walkway is a loop approximately 0.2 mile long with stairs and gentle slopes. It leads you past the remains of a blockhouse (near the parking area), provides a look at the Mount’s rock formations, and provides a vista of the lake south of the . . . Map (db m19536) HM
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