“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Take a tour of the markers found at the Laboratory Complex of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.
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By Bill Coughlin, November 6, 2009
Marker on Main Street
1New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — The Main GateEdison National Historic Site, NJ
From 1887 to 1931 Thomas A. Edison, his laboratory employees, and invited guests entered the laboratory complex through this gate and arch. Guards and a tall picket fence (replaced by this chain-link fence in 1917) prevented sightseers and . . . Map (db m24160) HM
2New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — Thomas A. Edison IndustriesEdison National Historic Site, NJ
Thomas Edison was not just an inventor – he was a businessman running an industrial empire. Around the laboratory, Edison built large factories where thousands of employees mass-produced his inventions for the public. Edison understood the . . . Map (db m24173) HM
3New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — The Laboratory ComplexEdison National Historic Site, NJ
Building 5, the largest of the laboratory buildings, extends 250 feet along Lakeside Avenue. Henry Hudson Holly, architect of Thomas Edison’s home, planned this single, three-story building. But Holly’s building proved too small for Edison’s plans . . . Map (db m24156) HM
4New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — Thomas Edison’s West Orange Laboratory
The Invention Factory In the fall of 1887, Thomas Edison moved into his new laboratory complex in the town of West Orange, N.J. For the next 44 years Edison directed teams of research assistants in his “Invention Factory” and . . . Map (db m24252) HM
5New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — Chemistry LaboratoryBuilding 2
In 1887 this building was one of the best-equipped chemistry laboratories in the world. Within its walls, Thomas Edison and his chemists experimented on everything from phonograph records to rubber. “Grand science, chemistry,” Edison . . . Map (db m24242) HM
6New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — Pattern ShopBuilding 3
Within this building carpenters shaped wood models, or patterns. From these wooden pieces, Edison and his employees made the parts for working models, specialized machinery, and other devices. The skilled workers in the Pattern Shop and other shops . . . Map (db m24243) HM
7New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — Metallurgical LaboratoryBuilding 4
Metals were vital to Thomas Edison – from iron, copper, and various alloys used in new inventions to gold for plating phonograph record molds. Here in the metallurgical laboratory, workers collected, assayed, and evaluated the metals used for . . . Map (db m24246) HM
8New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — The CourtyardEdison National Historic Site, NJ
This open space between the laboratory buildings served many purposes: delivery area, test site, motion picture set, photograph backdrop, greeting area, and parking lot. Activities here changed almost daily. The laboratory buildings surrounding the . . . Map (db m24181) HM
9New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — Making MoviesEdison National Historic Site, NJ
In 1893 the Black Maria became the world’s first building constructed as a motion picture studio. This odd-shaped structure was designed to keep sunlight on the stage while Edison’s film pioneers made kinetoscope films. Although most filming took . . . Map (db m24179) HM
10New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — Black Maria Replica
This building is a replica of the original “Black Maria”, the world's first motion picture studio. Dedicated to the memory of Thomas Alva Edison the founder of the motion picture industry.Map (db m24249) HM
11New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — The Black MariaEdison National Historic Site, NJ
This replica movie studio symbolizes the early motion picture industry. Called the “revolving photograph building” when constructed in 1892-93, the studio was soon nicknamed the “Black Maria” by Edison’s employees - . . . Map (db m24155) HM
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