“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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By Bill Coughlin, July 5, 2010
Marker at Historic Speedwell
1New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — The FactoryBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
Early on a cold day in January 1838, a crowd gathered at Speedwell. Just days before, Alfred Vail and Professor Samuel F.B. Morse moved the equipment for their invention, the electromagnetic telegraph, from a workshop across the street at the . . . Map (db m32886) HM
2New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — Wheel HouseBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
Today, electric power makes it possible to locate factories in convenient places close to transportation. In the early 1800’s, Stephen Vail built his ironworks not in the center of town but in a narrow ravine where the Whippany River could be dammed . . . Map (db m32869) HM
3New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — Ford CottageBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
The Ford Cottage was built in the early 18th century by Gabriel Ford Jr., the grandson of Col. Jacob Ford Sr., Ironmaster, tavern owner and one of Morristown’s wealthiest citizens. Jacob Ford, Jr., was the builder of the mansion used by Washington’s . . . Map (db m32887) HM
4New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — The Homestead FarmBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
Speedwell was an agricultural unit as well as an industrial one. Although Stephen Vail was a noted ironmaker, his world was firmly based on a centuries old agrarian lifestyle. The Homestead Farm had to be run with the same care and skill as the . . . Map (db m32855) HM
5New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — Moses Estey HouseBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
Captain Moses Estey, a veteran of the American Revolution, moved to Morristown in 1783. A successful merchant and manufacturer, he purchased a home on a knoll overlooking the Whippany River at the corner of Water and Spring Streets. When the house . . . Map (db m32906) HM
6New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — L’Hommedieu HouseBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
The L’Hommedieu House is an excellent example of late 18th/early 19th century domestic architecture. This stylish town house originally stood on Spring Street in Morristown on a lot first owned by Nathaniel L’Hommedieu and later sold to John Gwinnup . . . Map (db m32911) HM
7New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — The GranaryBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
In 1830, when Stephen Vail purchased the Homestead Farm, the Granary was among the buildings already on the property. It was used to store corn and cereal grains grown on the farm to feed the livestock. The building was built high off the ground on . . . Map (db m32870) HM
8New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — 1849 Carriage HouseBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
An inventory of Stephen Vail’s property showed that he owned two carriages, two sleighs, two wagons and two buggies. This simple, one story building was used as extra storage for the Vail family’s vehicles. Its double sliding doors face the main . . . Map (db m32874) HM
9New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — Homestead Carriage HouseBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
When not managing the Ironworks, Stephen Vail was often traveling in search of business. The Homestead Carriage House was his center for transportation. The main floor was used to store carriages for the summer and sleighs for the winter. Horses . . . Map (db m32876) HM
10New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — Water Power at SpeedwellPowering the Factory
Originally water for the Factory waterwheel was supplied from the Upper Pond, or reservoir, which was located beyond the housing development behind you. When the wheel was installed, the water from the pond was piped under ground to the standpipe. . . . Map (db m32894) HM
11New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — Vail HouseBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell —
The original structure that became the Vail House was probably built in the 1790’s by Thomas Kinney. Stephen Vail, the proprietor of the nearby Speedwell Ironworks, acquired the property in the 1830’s. In 1844 Stephen extensively renovated what was . . . Map (db m32896) HM
12New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — Vail Homestead Farm
Stephen Vail, owner of Speedwell Iron Works, built machinery for S.S. Savannah, first trans-Atlantic steamship, in 1819. His son, Alfred Vail, and Samuel Morse first publicly demonstrated electromagnetic telegraph in 1838.National Register of . . . Map (db m32694) HM
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