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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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The next 2 entrances on the right lead to the City of Daphne Village Point Park Preserve. image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, January 14, 2017
The next 2 entrances on the right lead to the City of Daphne Village Point Park Preserve.
1 Alabama, Baldwin County, Daphne — 1814 - 1977General Andrew Jackson
Standing on a low limb of a giant oak tree near here, General Andrew Jackson made a pep talk to his troops, fresh from their victory at the Battle of Horse Shoe Bend and poised before advancing on the British and Spanish at Pensacola, and the . . . Map (db m100852) HM
2 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fort Morgan — First Battle of Fort BowyerSeptember 14, 1814
American Forces 158 Men 20 Cannons Casualties 3 Killed; 5 Wounded British Forces 852 Men 130 Creek Indians 4 Ships; 80 Cannon 23 Killed; 47 Wounded On September 11, 1814, HMS Hermes, HMS . . . Map (db m187342) HM
3 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fort Morgan — Fort Bowyer1813-1821
Drawn by A. Laccarriere Latour to accompany his book Historical Memoir of the War in West Florida and Louisiana, the above image depicts Fort Bowyer on the right as it appeared during the first battle in 1814. The drawing on the left; . . . Map (db m225072) HM
4 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fort Morgan — Second Battle of Fort BowyerFebruary 8-12, 1815
American Forces 370 Men 28 Cannon Casualties 1 Killed; 18 Wounded British Forces 3000 Men 38 Ships 28 Cannon (not including those on ships) 13 Killed; 18 Wounded A map of the Second Battle of Fort . . . Map (db m118334) HM
5 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fort Morgan — The Pride of Seven Flags
(East Face): Tribute dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives in the defense of our country here at Fort Morgan. Here lies the pride of seven flags entombed in our ancestor’s worth, who heard the thunder of the fray . . . Map (db m4649) HM
6 Alabama, Baldwin County, Gulf Shores — Fort Bowyer War of 1812
At, or near, this site, the United States, after seizing this point of land from the Spanish in 1813, built Fort Bowyer, a structure of wood and sand. A small garrison of men courageously fought to defend the fort against two British attacks, one . . . Map (db m187339) HM
7 Alabama, Baldwin County, Stockton — The Society War of 1812 in the State of Alabama
The American Revolution gave the United States its independence but the War of 1812 gave it status among the nations and established permanent peace with Great Britain. Alabama had a significant role during the War of 1812. The Creek Indian . . . Map (db m122670) HM
8 Alabama, Baldwin County, Tensaw — Fort Mims Massacre
In honor of the men, women and children massacred by Creek Indians in brave defence of Fort Mims Aug. 30, 1813. Map (db m86716) HM
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9 Alabama, Clarke County, Grove Hill — Elijah & Isaac Pugh
Side 1 Near this spot are the graves of American Revolution soldier Elijah Pugh and his son Issac, a War of 1812 veteran. Elijah, born in Guilford Co., N.C. in 1760, was 18 when he joined a patriot band led by Col. Elijah Clarke at the . . . Map (db m154482) HM
10 Alabama, Clarke County, Whatley — Kimbell - James Massacre←˝ mile—
Sept. 1, 1813 Creek Indian War. 1813-14 Part of War of 1812. British used Pensacola as base to arm, incite Indians against U.S.. Prophet Francis led Indians in this raid on Kimbell home. They killed and scalped 12 of 14 (two survivors . . . Map (db m47635) HM
11 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — Chickasaw HospitalityNatchez Trace Parkway
George Colbert's stand sat atop the ridge before you. As one of many inns that dotted the Trace between Nashville and Natchez, it provided travelers with food and lodging. With a Scottish father and Chickasaw mother, George Colbert used his . . . Map (db m107260) HM
12 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — Safe CrossingNatchez Trace Parkway — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
In the early 1800s, ferries like the one George Colbert ran near here on the Tennessee River linked segments of the Natchez Trace. Ferries carried people across the river—for a fee. Post riders, Kaintucks, military troops, casual travelers, . . . Map (db m107258) HM
13 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — Trace TravelersNatchez Trace Parkway
Frontier America once walked along the Natchez Trace. The Chickasaw and Choctaw used the Trace for transportation and trade. After 1801, with tribal permission, post riders who rode the Trace connected isolated settlements in Mississippi and . . . Map (db m107257) HM
14 Alabama, Colbert County, Leighton — Alabama's Historic Byler RoadAlabama's First Road
Front Byler Road Pioneer's settled path to new lands, agriculture, transport and commerce that began in Northwest Alabama. 140 mile corridor/route designated on December 19th, 1819 by the State Legislature. This was . . . Map (db m205287) HM
15 Alabama, Conecuh County, Burnt Corn — John Green CemeteryConecuh County
War of 1812 veteran John Green (1790-1882) settled in Burnt Corn in 1816. He held many public offices, established the first school, and represented Conecuh County in the state legislature in 1824 and 1829. He was the Conecuh delegate to the . . . Map (db m81285) HM
16 Alabama, Jefferson County, Clay — Pioneer Massey Cemetery
Samuel Massey and his brother - in - law, Duke William Glenn, first came to this Territory in February 1814 with Lt. Col Reuben Nash's Regt. South Carolina Volunteer Militia to help defeat the Creek Indians in the War of 1812. Samuel Massey returned . . . Map (db m25088) HM
17 Alabama, Jefferson County, Clay — Wear Cemetery
Established about 1850, Wear Cemetery is located off Old Springville Road to the northeast at Countryside Circle. In the 1800's the Wear family was among the first settlers of the community later known as Clay. Twenty-three remaining graves were . . . Map (db m25113) HM
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18 Alabama, Jefferson County, Hueytown — Bethlehem United Methodist ChurchJefferson County
Bethlehem United Methodist Church is one of the oldest churches in Jefferson County, dating back to 1818 and the efforts of Rev. Ebenezer Hearn. In April 1818, the Tennessee Conference of Methodist Churches sent Rev. Hearn south of the Tennessee . . . Map (db m212543) HM
19 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Andrew Jackson's Military Road1817
Construction of this road, as ordered by General Andrew Jackson, began in May 1817 by troops of the U.S. Army for national defense purposes. Beginning near Nashville, Tennessee and continuing to Madison, Louisiana, it shortened the distance from . . . Map (db m80321) HM
20 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — General John CoffeeHome Site and Grave
Cavalry Commander under Andrew Jackson throughout War of 1812: (Creek War, Pensacola, New Orleans). Negotiated many treaties ceding Indian lands to U.S. Made original surveys of Tennessee Valley.Map (db m35259) HM
21 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — General John CoffeeCity of Florence Walk of Honor
Through his personal and business relationship with Andrew Jackson, Gen. Coffee led Jackson's cavalry in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815 and became a celebrated American hero.Map (db m219304) HM
22 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — John Coffee: 1772-1833
(side 1) John Coffee was born in Prince Edward County, VA, in 1772, the son of Joshua and Elizabeth Graves Coffee. The family moved to NC in 1777. After his father died in 1798, Coffee and other family members moved to Davidson County, TN . . . Map (db m100248) HM WM
23 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Lauderdale County
A County Older Than the State Lauderdale County created Feb. 6, 1818 by Alabama Territorial Legislature (Alabama became a state in 1819). Named for Col. James Lauderdale, cavalryman under Gen. John Coffee and Andrew Jackson, War of . . . Map (db m35185) HM
24 Alabama, Lawrence County, Courtland — The Town of Courtland / Early Settlers1819
Side A Federal lands in this area were first sold in 1818 and quickly purchased by settlers and speculators. A group of investors calling themselves the “Courtland Land Company” and consisting of William H. Whitaker, James M. . . . Map (db m28989) HM
25 Alabama, Lawrence County, Moulton — A County Older Than The StateLawrence County
Created by Territorial Legislature in 1818 from lands ceded by Cherokee and Chickasaw Indians Named for U.S, Navy hero of War of 1812 Capt. James Lawrence Fatally wounded, his famous command was "Don't Give Up The Ship" County . . . Map (db m69672) HM
26 Alabama, Limestone County, Capshaw — Nicholas Davis
Born April 23, 1781 in Hanover Co. Virginia, married there to Martha Hargrave of a wealthy Quaker family. He served as U.S. Marshall and in other positions. Moved to Kentucky in 1808. Was a Captain in the War of 1812 and became a political and . . . Map (db m29284) HM
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27 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Andrew Jackson
On this spot, camped his army, October 11, 1813, after marching from Fayetteville, Tenn.,~"32 miles without halting,"~ enroute to the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.Map (db m30382) HM
28 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Barbary Coast Wars1801 - 1805, 1815
I am Sergeant Michael Dunn of the 1st Marine Battalion. I fought in the First Barbary War, also known as the Tripolitan War, because we battled pirates off the coast of Tripoli. The Mediterranean coast of North Africa had been a hotbed of piracy for . . . Map (db m85488) WM
29 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Camp Beaty Brahan Spring Park
Brahan Spring Park, formerly Beaty's Spring, was the site of Camp Beaty, the encampment of Andrew Jackson's army of volunteers and militia after their celebrated non-stop march of "32 miles in 5 hours" from Fayetteville, Tennessee on October 11, . . . Map (db m105131) HM
30 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — The Leroy Pope Mansion 1814
During the original Madison County Land Sales of 1809, LeRoy Pope of Petersburg, GA, secured among other purchases a majority of Section 36, Township 3, Range 1 West, the site of the future town of Twickenham, as Huntsville was originally known. . . . Map (db m32480) HM
31 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — War of 18121812 - 1815
I am Private Darbin Abolt of the 7th US Infantry Regiment, part of which is commanded by Captain Zachary Taylor, our future president. I was already in the Army when we declared war on the British in June 1812. We were fed up with the British . . . Map (db m85617) WM
32 Alabama, Madison County, New Hope — Fort Deposit Trail
October, 1813, the Creek Civil War was threatening settlers in the Mississippi Territory. Governor William Blount of Tennessee called up 5,000 volunteers to protect the white population. Andre Jackson's soldiers followed a path through the Cherokee . . . Map (db m127603) HM
33 Alabama, Marion County, Hamilton — General Jackson's Military Road
Andrew Jackson returned victorious from the Battle of New Orleans along this path to Tennessee after the War of 1812. Already in use by 1812, it was improved with federal funds in 1816. The road handled foot, horse, wagon, and stagecoach traffic and . . . Map (db m96483) HM
34 Alabama, Marshall County, Albertville — Albert Family
The City of Albertville is named for Thomas Albert, buried here with his wife Sarah Sappington Albert and daughter Sarah. They had three other daughters -- Martha, who married James C. Miller,the city's first postmaster, Elizabeth, and Mary. Albert . . . Map (db m143214) HM
35 Alabama, Mobile County, Dauphin Island — British Occupation of Dauphin IslandFebruary - April 1815
When British forces arrived at Mobile Bay to assault Fort Bowyer on Mobile Point, half of the British army under the command of Sir John Kean, who was recovering from wounds suffered during the defeat at New Orleans, was landed on Dauphin Island to . . . Map (db m122427) HM
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36 Alabama, Monroe County, Perdue Hill — Fort ClaiborneCreek Indian War 1813-1814
Built by Gen. Ferdinand L. Claiborne as a base for his invasion of the Alabama country with U.S. Regulars, Lower Tombigbee Militia, and friendly Choctaws. Claiborne’s campaign culminated in the American victory over the Creeks at the Holy Ground.Map (db m47641) HM
37 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Naval Heroes of the War of 1812Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama
The six streets which cross Dexter Avenue between Court Square and the State Capitol are named for Oliver Hazard Perry, James Lawrence, Thomas Macdonough, Issac Hull, Stephen Decatur and William Bainbridge, all naval officers of the War of 1812. . . . Map (db m99545) HM
38 Alabama, Morgan County, Decatur — A County Older Than The State, Morgan County
Alabama Territorial Legislature created this county in 1818 from lands ceded by Cherokee Indians in 1816. County first named Cotaco, for large creek in county. Named Morgan County in 1821 for Maj. Gen. Daniel Morgan, . . . Map (db m27759) HM
39 Alabama, Russell County, Crawford — CrockettsvilleCrawford, Alabama
The community of Crockettsville was settled at about the time Russell County was formed in 1832. Among the first settlers were Jerry Segar and Green Sewell. It was named in honor of David "Davy" Crockett who served as a scout in Andrew Jackson's . . . Map (db m33541) HM
40 Alabama, Russell County, Fort Mitchell — Fort Mitchell<----- 5 miles -----
Built during Creek War 1813 by Georgia Militia on main Indian trade route to Tombigbee River U.S. Troops stationed here until 1837 1836 Lower Creeks corralled here for forced removal to the WestMap (db m26069) HM
41 Alabama, Shelby County, Chelsea — Old Quinn Burying Ground
Established June 2, 1849 by Veteran of War of 1812 Loftin Quinn In Consideration of His Love for the Church, He Conveyed the Burying Ground to the Trustees of Liberty Church And Their Successors. Listed on the Alabama Historic . . . Map (db m28519) HM
42 Alabama, St. Clair County, Pell City — None — A County Older Than The StateSt. Clair County
Created in 1818 by territorial legislature. Named for Revolutionary hero, Gen. St. Clair. First settlers from Tennessee, Georgia – veterans of Creek Indian War, 1813-14. Pell City established as industrial town in 1890 by George H. Pell of . . . Map (db m49666) HM
43 Alabama, Talladega County, Fayetteville — To The Memory of General Jackson
To The Memory of General Jackson and his Tennessee Volunteers while camped here 1814. He fought the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and discharged his Volunteers.Map (db m45706) HM
44 Alabama, Talladega County, Sylacauga — Sylacauga
Settled in 1748 by Shawnee Indians from Ohio. They joined Creek Confederacy, fought against U.S. in War of 1812, were moved west in 1836. Settled before 1836 by men who had fought in this area under Andrew Jackson. Indian name: . . . Map (db m40595) HM
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45 Alabama, Talladega County, Sylacauga — Sylacauga CemeteryTalladega County
Here, on a gentle west slope just outside of the original town limits, lies the earliest public cemetery in Sylacauga. The earliest tombstone remaining in the cemetery dates to 1839. Its location and the adjacent family plots of later dates reveal . . . Map (db m131718) HM
46 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Alexander City — Menawa, War Chiefabout 1766 - 1837 Reported missing
Indian farmer - merchant chose to resist whites' advance on Indians' lands. In Creek War he led Creeks at Battle of Horseshoe Bend. His warriors were beaten by Jackson's superior force but Menawa escaped.Map (db m66680) HM
47 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Dadeville — Battle Of Horseshoe BendOne hundredth anniversary — 1814 - 1914 —
This tablet is placed by Tallapoosa County in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the Battle Of Horseshoe Bend, fought within its limits on March 27, 1814. There the Creek Indians, led by Menawa and other chiefs, . . . Map (db m28751) HM
48 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Dadeville — Horseshoe Bend Battle Ground12 Miles North
There on March 27, 1814 General Andrew Jackson commanding U. S. forces and friendly Indians, broke the power of the Creek Confederacy.Map (db m39812) HM
49 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Daviston — Futile EscapeHorseshoe Bend National Military Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
I ordered [Lt. Jesse] Bean to take possession of the Island below, with forty men, to prevent the enemy's taking refuge many of the enemy did attempt their escape...but not one were landed-they were sunk by [Lt.] Beans command ere . . . Map (db m46389) HM
50 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Daviston — Gun Hill
Here at 10:30 on the morning of March 27, 1814, General Jackson quickly emplaced his single battery, one 3-pounder and one 6-pounder. He immediately opened a lively but ineffective fire on the center of the sturdy log barricade. After his Indian . . . Map (db m51671) HM
51 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Daviston — Horseshoe Bend Battleground Monument
Here on the Horseshoe Battleground General Andrew Jackson and his brave men broke the power of the Creek Indians under Chief Menawa March 29, 1814Map (db m51673) HM
52 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Daviston — Jackson Trace
This stone marks the terminus of the route traced through the wilderness by Jackson's army during the Horseshoe Bend campaign.Map (db m51670) HM
53 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Daviston — Major Lemuel P. Montgomery"He Acted With The Greatest Gallantry" — March 27, 1814 —
Leading the charge on the Indian defenses, Major Montgomery fell while storming the log barricade, Horseshoe Bend was his first battle. But the 28 year old Tennessean already a distinguished lawyer, was among the most promising of Jackson's officers.Map (db m51667) HM
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54 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Daviston — Tecumseh and the Prophets Reported missing
In 1811 Tecumseh, a Shawnee Indian tapped the growing resentment within the Creek Nation. Treaties with the whites had always seemed to work against them. The U.S. Government had adopted a persistent policy to change Creek government and culture. . . . Map (db m95260) WM
55 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Daviston — They Fought to the LastHorseshoe Bend National Military Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
By dark, more than 800 Red Stick warriors were dead and at least 350 women and children were prisoners. Jackson's army suffered 154 men wounded and 49 killed. The Battle of Horseshoe Bend effectively ended the Creek Indian War. Five months later, . . . Map (db m51665) HM
56 Alabama, Walker County, Empire — Black Warrior Town / The Escape
Black Warrior Town Black Warrior Town was one of the northernmost settlements of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. The town center was situated on the eastern side of the confluence of the Sipsey and Mulberry Fork of the Black Warrior River. Located . . . Map (db m216160) HM
57 Alabama, Walker County, Oakman — Tubbs Cemetery
South Carolina-born Daniel Tubbs (17 Feb. 1794 - 25 Mar 1882) enlisted in the War of 1812 and fought in the final battle at New Orleans. Honorably discharged in Nashville on 20 Apr. 1815, he and his wife. Matilda Sanders. settled on this site . . . Map (db m153242) HM
58 Alabama, Wilcox County, Camden — Lieutenant Joseph Morgan Wilcox
Joseph Morgan Wilcox was born on March 15, 1790 in Killingsworth, Middlesex County, Connecticut. He was the son of Revolutionary War officer, Joseph Wilcox and Phoebe Morgan. On June 15, 1808, Cadet Wilcox entered the U.S. Military Academy where he . . . Map (db m68159) HM
59 Alabama, Winston County, Haleyville — Jacob Pruet’s Stand
Jacob Pruet’s Stand (tavern) was a popular stopping place on the Byler Road in the 1830s and 1840s. A two story poplar log structure with four twenty-foot rooms per floor. It was located near a large spring and netted a handsome profit, as most of . . . Map (db m219825) HM
60 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following plaques. Each has served either on Active Duty, in the National . . . Map (db m92382) HM WM
61 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . Map (db m92384) HM WM
62 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — War of 1812
Still reeling from the loss of its North American colonies and fighting in a European war, England began to stop and search American ships on the high seas. During such searches, American sailors would be impressed against their will into the . . . Map (db m91478) HM
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63 Arkansas, Monroe County, Holly Grove — Initial Point of the Louisiana Purchase Survey
This stone marks the base established Nov. 10, 1815 from which the lands of the Louisiana Purchase were surveyed by the United States Engineers. The first survey from this point was made to satisfy the claims of the soldiers of the War of 1812 . . . Map (db m6037) HM
64 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock, Downtown — Gen. James Miller
. . . Map (db m157497) HM WM
65 Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock, Downtown — War of 1812 Memorial
To the Honor and Glory of our Patriotic Sires who gave their services for their country in the War of 1812-1815 • • • This tablet is dedicated in gratitude and pride by the National Society of the United States Daughters of 1812 State of Arkansas . . . Map (db m157499) WM
66 Arkansas, Sebastian County, Fort Smith — Who Served Here?Fort Smith National Historic Site — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Regiment of Riflemen 1817-1822 After serving with distinction in the War of 1812, the elite Regiment of Riflemen established Fort Smith in 1817. Their mission was to promote peace between the Cherokee and Osage. The regiment merged with the 7th . . . Map (db m156986) HM
67 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles — Old Ironsides
This iron cannon was installed on the USS Constitution “Old Ironsides”, which was launched October 21, 1797. First in action against French privateers in 1798, “Old Ironsides” rendered distinguished service against the British in 1812.Map (db m122534) HM WM
68 California, Los Angeles County, Rosemead — John Holt(1792–1872) — Savannah Memorial Park —
Veteran of the War of 1812. A native of Virginia, he enlisted on August 1, 1813 in Captain John C. Manson’s Gun Boat No. 7 in the squadron of Lieutenant Guntier at Wilmington, North Carolina, for the defense of Wilmington and Beaufort.Map (db m150828) HM
69 California, Los Angeles County, Rosemead — Wiley Wilson(1899–1878) — Savannah Memorial Park —
He's the great uncle of George S. Patton Jr. III. Veteran of the War of 1812. Served as trumpeter in Captain Thomas Porter’s Company, Tennessee Militia from September 28, 1814 to April 27, 1815.Map (db m152635) HM
70 California, Orange County, Anaheim — Lafitte's Anchor
Said to be from a pirate ship commanded by Jean Lafitte in the battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815. It is also said that Lafitte's privateering steps left a wake of blood from the mainland to Barataria Bay. But don't believe everything you . . . Map (db m189871) HM
71 California, San Diego County, San Diego — Sylvester PattiePathfinder
Leader of the first party of Americans into Alta California over southern trails Arrived at San Diego Presidio March 27, 1828 An officer in the War of 1812 Born in Kentucky August 25, 1782 Died near this spot April 24, 1828 First . . . Map (db m51997) HM
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72 California, Solano County, Vallejo, Mare Island — Anna Arnold Key Turner
Plaque One: Daughter of Francis Scott Key 1779-1843 A United States Bicentennial Commemoration Placed by Sequoia Chapter National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Plaque Two: War of 1812 US Real . . . Map (db m217774) HM
73 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Ridgefield — Ridgefield Veterans Monument
[ west side ] To the Memory of The Citizens of Ridgefield Who Served Their Country In the Wars of the Republic 1775 – 1918 Erected by the People of Ridgefield MCMXXIV [ east side ] War of the . . . Map (db m31972) WM
74 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Stamford, Downtown — Stamford Veterans Memorial
[ central pedestal ] Lest We Forget Within this pedestal is placed a time capsule recording for all time those residents of Stamford who responded to the call, some giving their lives while serving in our past wars. In future . . . Map (db m38754) HM
75 Connecticut, Fairfield County, Stamford, East Side of Stamford — Stamford Veterans Monument
[ inscription around the top ] In Everlasting Memory of Stamford's Patriots 1641 – 1918 [ battle names inscribed in the panel between the fluted columns ] 1689 – 1763 Port Royal • Schenectady • Haverhill • . . . Map (db m38430) HM
76 Connecticut, Hartford County, Southington — Southington Veterans Memorial
[ south side ] This Tablet Is Dedicated To Those Brave Men From The Town Of Southington Who Served The United States In The Revolutionary War, The War Of 1812, The Mexican War And The Spanish War Revolutionary War 1775 – . . . Map (db m33755) WM
77 Connecticut, Litchfield County, Barkhamsted, Riverton — Barkhamsted Soldiers Memorial
[ north side ] 1776 The Tribute Of The People Of Barkhamsted To The Memory Of Her Sons And Daughters Who Fought To Establish Defend And Preserve The Nation --- Erected 1897 [ lower plaque ] World War . . . Map (db m29847) WM
78 Connecticut, Litchfield County, Bethlehem, Bethlehem Village — Bethlehem War of 1812 Memorial
Dedicated to the men of Bethlehem who by their devotion and loyalty preserved our country in the War of 1812 Allen, James • Baldwin, Amos • Barnum, Eli • Beebe, Issac • Beecher, Lyman • Burton, Oliver • Coe, Daniel • Church, Samuel • . . . Map (db m26562) WM
79 Connecticut, Litchfield County, East Canaan — East Canaan Veterans Monument
[ north side ] This Memorial Was Erected By The Citizens & Friends of East Canaan Conn 1928 [ west side ] In Memory Of Those Who Answered Their Country's Call 1917 – 1918 [ east side ] In . . . Map (db m41853) HM
80 Connecticut, Litchfield County, Goshen — Goshen French and Indian War & Revolutionary War Memorial
[ front ] Dedicated To Our Comrades Of Goshen Who Established And Maintained Freedom For Our Country French And Indian War 1754 - 1763 Dibble, Joel • Doud, John • Gaylord, Timothy • Humphrey, Ashbel • Humphrey, Manna • Humphrey, . . . Map (db m30231) HM
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81 Connecticut, Litchfield County, North Canaan — North Canaan Veterans Monument
[ east side ] This Tablet Is Reverently Inscribed to the Memory Of Those Who Went From That Part Of The Town of Canaan Which Later Became North Canaan, And Who, With Valor and Patriotism, Defended the Flag of Our Country In . . . Map (db m42098) HM
82 Connecticut, Litchfield County, Sharon — Sharon Veterans Monument
Revolutionary War Abel David • Abel Sluman • Abel William • Ackley Ariel • Ackley David • Ackley Jude • Ackley Thomas Jr • Ady Thomas • Allen Amos • Allen Ichabod • Ames Samuel • Andrews Abraham • Avery Daniel • Avery William • Bailey Joseph • . . . Map (db m58331) WM
83 Connecticut, Middlesex County, Clinton — This Cannon
. . . Map (db m100191) WM
84 Connecticut, Middlesex County, Essex, Essex Village — British Raid 1814Battle Site Essex
The British Raid on Essex On April 7-8, 1814, a British raiding force of 136 sailors and marines rowed six miles up the Connecticut River from warships anchored in Long Island Sound to attack American shipping in Essex, then known as . . . Map (db m183087) HM
85 Connecticut, Middlesex County, Middletown — Commodore Thomas Macdonough
Commodore Thomas Macdonough Victor at Lake Champlain Sept. 11, 1814 Born Dec. 31, 1783   Died Nov. 10, 1825 Buried in Riverside Cemetery Placed by Wadsworth Chapter D.A.R. 1932Map (db m94209) HM
86 Connecticut, New Haven County, Madison, Madison Center — Captain Frederick Lee1776-1831 — Citizen of Madison and Hero of War of 1812 —
Commissioned in 1809 by U.S. President Madison, Frederick Lee served in the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service until 1829, providing security for the New Haven port and protection of American Ships on Long Island Sound. On October 10, 1814, while the East . . . Map (db m66474) HM WM
87 Connecticut, New Haven County, Madison, Madison Center — Frederick W. Lee, EsqPatriot-Statesman
Born April 3, 1766 Married Anna Fowler Captain Lee’s Portrait-painted by General Kosciusko 1797 Captain of U.S. Revenue Cutter “Eagle” War 1812 Lee Academy built 1821 Hosted Marquis De Lafayette 1824 Named our town ‘Madison’ 1826 First town . . . Map (db m66476) HM
88 Connecticut, New Haven County, Middlebury — Middlebury Veterans Memorial
Middlebury Honors Those Who Have Served In The Wars Of Their Country French – Indian War Abner Munson Revolutionary War David Abbott, Benjamin Bemont, Aaron Benedict, Enos Benham, Samuel Benham, Edward Blackman, Michael Bowers, . . . Map (db m29503) WM
89 Connecticut, New Haven County, New Haven, Downtown — Col. Decius Wadsworth
Dedicated To The Memory Of Col. Decius Wadsworth A Native Of Farmington In This State And Late Chief Of The Ordnance Department In The Army Of The United States Who Having Served His Country Faithfully And Without Reproach . . . Map (db m50913) HM
90 Connecticut, New Haven County, New Haven, East Rock — Soldiers and Sailors Monument
[ inscription on the west face of the base ] Gettysburg • Port Hudson • Fort Fisher • 1861-1865 [ inscription on the east face of the base ] Bunker Hill • Bennington • Saratoga • 1775-1783 [ inscription on the south . . . Map (db m34723) WM
91 Connecticut, New Haven County, Orange — Orange Veterans Monument
Amerigion Legion   Post 127 In Memory Of The Veterans Of The War of Independence War of 1812 Civil War Spanish American War World War I World War II Korean War Vietnam WarMap (db m27723) WM
92 Connecticut, New Haven County, Waterbury — Waterbury Veteran’s Monument
In honor of all those who served in the wars of our country Revolution 1775 – 1783 War of 1812 – 1814 Mexican War 1846 – 1848 Civil War 1861 – 1865 Spanish American War 1898 Korean War 1950 – 1953 . . . Map (db m19923) WM
93 Connecticut, New Haven County, Wolcott — Kenea Soldiers Monument
Presented to The Town of Wolcott by Leverett Dwight Kenea In Memory of the Soldiers Who Fought In The War of the Revolution The War of 1812 and The Civil War A.D. 1916Map (db m22369) WM
94 Connecticut, New London County, Bozrah — Bozrah Revolutionary War & War of 1812 Monument
This memorial will forever honor the men and women who bravely served during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 era The actions of those who answered the call to duty will be remembered for their sacrifice in defense of freedom and liberty . . . Map (db m101736) WM
95 Connecticut, New London County, New London, Fort Trumbull — War of 1812
In 1808, Congress again approved funds to fortify the coastline, prompted by the prospect of another war with England. England was at war with France, which was ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte at the time, and although the United States had not taken . . . Map (db m48283) HM
96 Connecticut, New London County, Norwich — In Memory of Captain Samuel Chester Reid
In Memory of Captain Samuel Chester Reid 1783 — 1861 Born at Norwich, Conn. Aug. 25, 1783. During the War of 1812 commander of the American privateer General Armstrong. Captain Reid planned the United States Flag which was . . . Map (db m101775) HM
97 Connecticut, New London County, Stonington — Battle of Stonington Monument
This Is To Remember Here the Brave Men of Stonington Defeated a Landing Force From His Majesty’s ship “Ramillies” Bent on Burning the Town and its Shipping August 10, 1814 The Warden and Burgesses of the Borough of . . . Map (db m68420) WM
98 Connecticut, New London County, Stonington — Stonington Land Battery
½ Mile South Stonington Land Battery Repulsed a British Naval Force, 1814Map (db m68658) HM
99 Connecticut, New London County, Stonington — The Defenders Of The Fort
The Defenders Of The Fort Aug. 10, 1814. Geo. Howe Fellowes. Who Nailed the Flag to the Mast. Amos Denison, Jr. Jere. Haley. Simeon Haley. Jere. Holmes. Seth C. Leonard. Asa Lee. Thos. Wilcox. William Potter. Hotatio G. . . . Map (db m68421) WM
100 Connecticut, Tolland County, Coventry, Coventry Lake — Coventry Veterans Memorial
In Grateful Memory Of those men of Coventry who gave themselves unreservedly in the hour of their country’s need Among them was Nathan Hale all might have echoed his immortal words “I only regret that I have but one life to lose . . . Map (db m140941) WM

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