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Autauga County Korean War Memorial image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, December 17, 2013
Autauga County Korean War Memorial
1 Alabama, Autauga County, Prattville — Autauga County Korean War Memorial
Dedicated to the Korean War Veterans of Autauga CountyMap (db m70818) WM
2 Alabama, Baldwin County, Bay Minette — Bay Minette Korean War Memorial
Battery B 711th AAA Gun Battalion Alabama National Guard Bay Minette, Alabama [List of names in 3 columns] 4 September 1950 Korean War Map (db m100941) WM
3 Alabama, Baldwin County, Stockton — Baldwin County Korean War Monument
Korean War The Forgotten War Remembered 1950 - 1953 In honor of all who served and in memory of those who died Freedom is not free More than 8000 MIA's still unaccounted for Reverse The . . . Map (db m122618) WM
4 Alabama, Chambers County, LaFayette — Chambers County War Memorial
In Memory of Chambers Co. Veterans Who Gave Their Lives In Following Wars World War II Askew, Arthur L. Pvt. • Austin, George L. Jr. 1st Lt. • Baker, Edwin H. Sgt. • Bassett, Wilma M. Pvt. • Belcher, Guy E. PFC. • Bishop, Ulysses . . . Map (db m18163) WM
5 Alabama, Chambers County, Valley — Armed Forces Tribute
A Tribute to the men of our community who have served in the Armed Forces for our country Lest We ForgetMap (db m71652) WM
6 Alabama, Chambers County, Valley — Langdale Veterans Memorial
In Honor of All Langdale Veterans World War II To those who gave the ultimate sacrificeMap (db m71654) WM
7 Alabama, Chilton County, Clanton — Chilton County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the brave men and women of Chilton County who gave their lives that freedom and justice should not perish from the earth World War I [List of names] World War II [List of names] . . . Map (db m155155) WM
8 Alabama, Chilton County, Thorsby — Thorsby Remembers Our Veterans
For the men and women of all branches of the military Thank you for your service God Bless you allMap (db m73233) WM
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9 Alabama, Clay County, Ashland — Clay County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the veterans of Clay County who so unselfishly served and to those who died in defense of their country Let it be said “We will never forget” Left Panel List of World War I, World War II and Korean War veterans . . . Map (db m14302) WM
10 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Colbert County Korean War Memorial
. . . Map (db m192068) WM
11 Alabama, Conecuh County, Evergreen — Conecuh County War Memorial
. . . Map (db m81348) WM
12 Alabama, Covington County, Andalusia — Covington County Veterans Memorial Park
In 2001 Andalusia Mayor Earl Johnson enlisted Kenneth G. Johnson, a local Marine Corps veteran, to help begin the process of developing a veterans' park and monument to honor U. S. veterans, a project that had long been the dream of thousands . . . Map (db m94202) WM
13 Alabama, Covington County, Andalusia — Covington County War Memorial
West Covington County Veterans Memorial Park Inscribed hereon are the names of those who made the supreme sacrifice in defense of our nation To those who died, honor and eternal rest To those who . . . Map (db m94213) WM
14 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Cullman County Korean War Memorial
Dedicated in memory of those from Cullman County who gave their lives in the service of their country Korean War Aubrey G. Adams • John Mayfield A. P. Alvis • Leo A. Ponder Leo D. Andrews • Norman Rivers William A. Bates . . . Map (db m101104) WM
15 Alabama, Dale County, Ozark — Dale Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of those Dale County veterans who died in defense of our country. World War I. Obie A. Alpin • Sam E. Andrews • Marlin R. Arnett • Robert Arrington • Lester Avant • Ivey Y. Beasley • Jere Brown • Mose Canter • Glen . . . Map (db m36561) WM
16 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Craig Air Force Base — Advanced Flying Training School
On May 3. 1941, the largest flying field in the United States, military or civilian, opened its gates as a new unit of the Southeast Air Corps Training Center, where flying cadets received advanced schooling in the handling of multi-mile-a-minute . . . Map (db m92359) HM
17 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Dallas County Korean War Memorial
Front KOREA In Honor and Memory of our Veterans who Served in the Korean War 1950 — 1953 ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Against overwhelming odds our valiant service men and women withstood the . . . Map (db m82043) WM
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18 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — Elmore County Korean War Memorial — Korea — 1950-1953 —
In memory of those who served and those who made the supreme sacrifice in that forgotten war from Elmore County Booth Izea PVT AR 11/28/50 Died Capture Brozell Albert M CPL AR 09/09/50 Killed in Action Causey Billy J PVT AR 08/17/50 . . . Map (db m67935) WM
19 Alabama, Escambia County, Brewton — Escambia County Veterans Memorial
West Side Veterans Memorial North Side Duty Honor Country Built by the People of Escambia County Dedicated November 11, 1987 Honoring those men and women of Escambia County who served . . . Map (db m84397) WM
20 Alabama, Etowah County, Gadsden — Etowah County War Memorial
World War I Ables, Crawford Aderholt, Carl Atwood, Joe I. Bagley, Hugh Battles, Fred Benton, Edwin J. Berry, C. Birchfield, Sam Brewster, Everett Buffington, Hugh G. Bullard, Leo Campbell, Earl C. Cason, Floyd . . . Map (db m53844) WM
21 Alabama, Greene County, Eutaw — Greene County Veterans Monument
[Front] In honor of all who served their country in World War I, World War II, Korean conflict and Vietnam Erected 1987 by loved ones and friends of veterans of Greene County [Back] In memory of those . . . Map (db m203618) WM
22 Alabama, Jackson County, Scottsboro — Friendship Park / The Decision That Saved the Sons of Scottsboro
Friendship Park Long known as The Friendly City, Scottsboro extends an open, warm and welcoming greeting to its citizens and its visitors. One of the most notable friendships in Scottsboro's long history was born in boyhood, tempered in . . . Map (db m167007) WM
23 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — Disabled American Veterans
(Side 1) Disabled American Veterans Formed December 25, 1920. Birmingham Chapter No. 4 Chartered January 25, 1926. This Memorial Dedicated To Our Military Forces And To All Who Have Given Their Blood And Lives That The Republic Might Live . . . Map (db m24347) WM
24 Alabama, Jefferson County, Leeds — Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipients — SSG Henry E. Erwin - 1 LT William R. Lawley, Jr. - PFC Alford L. McLaughlin
Staff Sergeant Henry E. Erwin Citation: Staff Sergeant Henry Erwin, U.S. Army Air Corps, 52d Bombardment Squadron, 29th Bombardment Group, 314th Bombardment Wing, 20th Air Force. He was the radio operator of a B-29 airplane leading a group . . . Map (db m83916) WM
25 Alabama, Lamar County, Vernon — Lamar County Korea & Vietnam Memorial
In memory of Lamar County's honored dead Korea Bowen, Elzie Ray Hays, Robert A. Mixon, Herman L. Pickens, Freddie F. Reed, Cecil Rushing, Larry W. In memory of Lamar County's honored dead . . . Map (db m96851) WM
26 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — 115th Signal Battalion — Organized 1940
At this site where once stood Fort Willingham (Armory) the 115th Signal Battalion was organized December 1, 1940. Originally the 2nd Battalion, 151st Engineers, it was organized a number of times from 1940 to 1959 as its mission was changed to meet . . . Map (db m208808) HM
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27 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — The Korean War — June 1950~ July 1953
Erected by the citizens of Florence in honor of the men and women from Lauderdale County who served this nation during the Korean War And In memory of the following patriots from Lauderdale County whom made the supreme sacrifice for this . . . Map (db m71483) WM
28 Alabama, Lee County, Auburn — Max Adams Morris / Max Adams Morris Drill Field
(Side 1) Max Adams Morris Max Adams Morris b. December 7, 1918, of Blountsville, Alabama, entered Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API) in 1938, was a varsity football player and became a member of "A" club, Scabbard & Blade, and . . . Map (db m85166) HM
29 Alabama, Limestone County, Ardmore — Alabama Korean War Memorial — Korea
Dedicated to the memory of those who paid the supreme price...that they gave their lives for our country Autauga County – Carter, Emmett James Baldwin County – Beveridge, Bruce Jr. - Conway, Brooks E. - Davison, . . . Map (db m85350) WM
30 Alabama, Macon County, Tuskegee Institute — The Tuskegee Airmen's Plaza
This plaza is dedicated to the memory of the Tuskegee Airmen, including General Daniel "Chappie" James, whose training at Tuskegee University and the Tuskegee Army Air Field enabled them to prove for all time the competence and bravery of Black . . . Map (db m20076) HM
31 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Cold War-Global 1945-/ Cold War-Germany 1945-1990
(side 1) Cold War-Global 1945- I am Petty Officer Richard Williamson, Jr. I am proud that my dad served on the first nuclear powered fast attack submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSN 571) which set all kinds of records in the 1950s . . . Map (db m85491) HM WM
32 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Korean War — Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial
The Korean War opened on 25 June 1950, when the armed forces of communist North Korea invaded South Korea and marked the first crisis faced by the newly formed United Nations. Led by the United States, a coalition of eighteen UN Nations provided . . . Map (db m85534) WM
33 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Korean War / Cold War-Korea 1953-
(side 1) Korean War I am Carlos Jesus Rodriguez, Rifle Squad Leader in F(Fox) Company 31st Regimental Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division (The Bayonet Division). I was stationed in Japan. As an occupation Army, we GIs (Government . . . Map (db m85535) HM WM
34 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Korean War/1950-1953
(side 1) Korean War I am Gunnery Sergeant Robert L. Koch of Company C, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division (the OLD BREED). I fought in the Pacific in WWII and joined the Reserves after the war. I thought I was . . . Map (db m85536) HM WM
35 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Memorial Fountains — Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial
The Memorial Fountain System begins with a flow of water cascading over the continuous weir, which is punctuated by 8 Black Granite Markers. This flow symbolizes the blood which has been spilled defending our nation's freedom and flows into the . . . Map (db m68728) WM
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36 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Belgium — Korean War Memorial
Belgium's Korea Volunteer Corps, Corps Volontaires Corea was comprised of 900 Infantry troops. The 1st Belgium Battalion, 1st Bataillon Belge arrived in December 1950 and was attached to the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division in January 1951. It was . . . Map (db m192142) WM
37 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Britain — Korean War Memorial
The British Commonwealth Forces were comprised of British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander and South African contingents. The first British units to arrive on August 28, 1950 were the 1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment and the 1st Battalion Argyll . . . Map (db m191414) HM WM
38 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — France — Korean War Memorial
French forces arrived to support the war effort in November 1950. The French Battalion consisting of 39 officers, 172 non-commissioned officers and more than 800 enlisted personnel departed Marseilles on September 25 and arrived at Pusan on the 30th . . . Map (db m192101) WM
39 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Greece — Korean War Memorial
840 infantrymen of the Royal Helenic Battalion arrived in Korea on December 9, 1950. Once equipped and trained, this battalion was assigned to the U.S. 1st Calvary Division's. 7th Cavalry Regiment. Augmented by a second battalion shortly after the . . . Map (db m191413) HM
40 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Luxembourg — Korean War Memorial
Although having a very small military, Luxembourg sent a 44-man volunteer infantry platoon to Korea in November 1950. This unit served as part of the Belgium Battalions who were assigned to the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division throughout the war. The . . . Map (db m192094) WM
41 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — M26 Pershing
By late 1943 it had become apparent to some within the U.S. Army that the Sherman tank was not up to dealing with some of the newer Panzers nor the Tiger tanks the Germans were producing. Development on a new, more powerful medium tank had to start, . . . Map (db m191557) HM
42 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — New Zealand — Korean War Memorial
After some debate on July 26, 1950, the New Zealand government announced it would organize a volunteer military force to serve with U.N. forces in Korea. Known as Kayforce, a total of 1,044 men were seletied to serve. Kayforce sailed for Korea on . . . Map (db m192143) WM
43 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Philippines — Korean War Memorial
The Philippine Islands was among the first U.N. countries to send forces to fight in Korea. From September 1950 through May 1955, 7,500 men known as known as the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea were sent to serve in the five 1,500-man . . . Map (db m192140) WM
44 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — South Africa — Korean War Memorial
On June 25, 1950, North Korean forces invaded the Republic of South Korea. The services of the SAAF (South African Air Force) were called upon to assist the western and U.N. powers. On Sept 26, 206 men of the SAAFs 2 Sqn., all volunteers, departed . . . Map (db m192112) WM
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45 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — South Korea — Korean War Memorial
The Korean War is known as the "Forgotten War". On June 25, 1950 the North Koreans invaded South Korea. This resulted in an United Nations action. Twenty-two United Nations participated in this action. The war lasted 3 years, one month and two days. . . . Map (db m192095) WM
46 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Turkey — Korean War Memorial
The advance party of the Turkish Brigade or Turkish Armed Forces command arrived in Pusan on October 12, 1950. 5,190 troops arrived five days later on October 17th. Brigadier General Tahzın Yazici commanded the brigade. Colonel Celal Dora was . . . Map (db m192144) WM
47 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Vickery's Bridge
From September 5 to September 9, 1950 Lt. Grady Vickery was assigned to defend the Namji-Ri Bridge crossing the Nam River. The bridge had been defended by Vickery's considerably reinforced platoon. Numerous attempts to blow the bridge by the North . . . Map (db m85910) HM
48 Alabama, Monroe County, Uriah — Uriah Veterans Memorial — Honoring All Veterans
{Inscription same as title} Land donated by: Albert Hollinger FamilyMap (db m86594) WM
49 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Korean Service Memorial & Medal — We Remember... — 1950   1954 —
Front Dedicated to the enlisted men and women who served honorably in the Korean Theater of Operation. Reverse The medal is suspended by a ring from a silk moire ribbon composed of white piping on the ends and . . . Map (db m95387) WM
50 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Former POWs And Those MIA
In honor of former Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action for serving their country 2 October 1987Map (db m64438) WM
51 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Montgomery Chapter of the American Ex-Prisoners of War — In Honor Of
September 17, 1999 Non Solum ArmisMap (db m64439) WM
52 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — North American F-86A "Sabre"
The F-86, the USAF's first swept-wing jet fighter, made its initial flight on October 1, 1947. The first production mode flew on May 20, 1948, and on September 15, 1948, an F-86A set a new world speed record of 670.9 mph. Originally designed as . . . Map (db m64586) HM
53 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Alabama War Veterans Monument
Dedicated to the gallant war veterans from the State of Alabama whose magnificent valor was shown in all warsMap (db m84305) WM
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54 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Korean War — 1950 ~ 1953
Front Our Nation Honors People Who Answered the Call To Defend a Country They Never Knew And People They Never Met 'Remember Forever" (In Hanguk - yeong-wonhi gieog hari) Reverse United Nations . . . Map (db m94927) WM
55 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Montgomery County Korean War Veterans
In grateful memory of the men and women of Montgomery County who fought for God and country on the field of honor in the Korean War They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going . . . Map (db m36578) WM
56 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Sherman W. White, Jr. — (1919 - 1943) — First Lieutenant, 99th Fighter Squadron —
Side 1: Sherman, Sr. and Nettie White lived at this address on W. Jeff Davis Ave. Both teachers, they taught their children Sherman Jr., Willa, James, and Samson to love their country and value education. Willa, James, and Samson would graduate . . . Map (db m71084) HM
57 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery, Boylston — 37th Division The Buckeye Division — World War I / World War II & Korea
World War I Camp Sheridan was the site of the August 1917 organization of the Buckeye Division, made up of Ohio National Guardsmen who previously had been serving on the Mexican Border. After training, the 37th went to France in June 1918, . . . Map (db m38895) WM
58 Alabama, Morgan County, Decatur — Korean War — 1950-1953 —
In Memory of those who died for our country in the Korean War 1950-1953 Otis F. Alford, Claud Greene, Jr., Thomas C. Hendrix, Paul Gentra Holloway, Richard D. McGhee, Olen ParkerMap (db m48191) WM
59 Alabama, Perry County, Marion — Marion Military Institute Korean War Memorial
Truth•Honor•Service To commemorate those alumni of Marion Military Institute whose lives were taken in the Korean War 25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953 Bruce Beveridge, Jr. Edward S. Guthrie Frank B. Howze William B. . . . Map (db m116913) WM
60 Alabama, Russell County, Phenix City — POW ✯ MIA Monument
POW✯MIA You Are Not Forgotten Dedicated to all Our Nation's POW ✯ MIA Past - Present Fort Benning Sergeants Major Association 19 September 2009Map (db m69092) WM
61 Alabama, Shelby County, Alabaster — Harless Cemetery
Harless Cemetery was established as a burying ground in the early 1800s. It is on land homesteaded by Henry Harless, Jr., that was later owned and subsequently deeded to the cemetery by members of the Wyatt family. The oldest surviving marker is for . . . Map (db m24914) HM
62 Alabama, Shelby County, Columbiana — Shelby County War Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of the brave men from Shelby County who gave their lives that freedom and justice should not perish from the earth World War I 1917-1918 John C. Bailey • Girome Blankenship • Luther P. Crim • Jake Evans • James . . . Map (db m76255) WM
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63 Alabama, Talladega County, Talladega — USS Talladega (APA-208) — Talladega County — “The Tremblin’ T” —
Seven Battle Stars ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ World War II ☆ Iwo Jima Operation ☆ Okinawa Gunto Operation First of the 31 ship convoy with occupation troops to dock at Yokohama on VJ Day, . . . Map (db m12212) HM
64 Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Dadeville — Tallapoosa County Korean & Vietnam War Memorial
Honor Roll In loving memory of the men of Tallapoosa County who made the supreme sacrifice. "Korean Conflict" 25 June 1950 to 31 January 1955 Betts, Charles Jr. Brooks, Jimmy Bryant, Morris N. Buckner, Ernest B. . . . Map (db m68063) WM
65 Alabama, Walker County, Jasper — Walker County War Memorial
To those who gave their life so freely that we may live today and tomorrow WW I Adams, Halbert ∙ Adamson, Henry ∙ Bagwell, Tom ∙ Banks, William ∙ Beck, Claude ∙ Beck, Edward ∙ Bell, George ∙ . . . Map (db m53843) WM
66 Alabama, Washington County, Chatom — Washington County Veterans Memorial
. . . Map (db m122742) WM
67 Alabama, Wilcox County, Camden — Veterans Monument
A Monument Committee, consisting of Susan Baggett, Chairman; Gladys Mason, Clara Blackmon, Jane Shelton Dale, Tommy McNeece, Bill Albritton and Mayor Henrietta Blackmon, was established on February 12, 2004. Their plan was to build a monument to . . . Map (db m68158) HM WM
68 Alabama, Winston County, Arley — Meek High School War Memorial
Lest We Forget Killed in Action World War I 1917–18 World War II 1941–46 Marvin Wenfred Johnson • Thomas Felton Smith • O. Z. Thornton • Tommie Tyree • Russell Burdick Wade • Belton Elmo Wilson • Walter Evan Wilson • Jackson Harold . . . Map (db m201367) WM
69 Alabama, Winston County, Haleyville — City of Haleyville, Alabama
(Side 1) The Cherokee Indians were here first. They lived under the bluffs, near an area called the “division of the waters.” Richard McMahan established the first permanent settlement here in1820. John Byler completed the . . . Map (db m80558) HM
70 Alaska, Juneau Borough, Juneau — Archie Van Winkle — Medal of Honor — Colonel U.S. Marine Corps —
Born: 17 March 1925 Juneau, Alaska. Died: 22 May 1986 Ketchikan, Alaska Sudong, Korea 2 November 1950-For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as a platoon sergeant in Company B-1-7, 1st . . . Map (db m61871) WM
71 Alaska, Skagway — Skagway Remembers
The citizens of Skagway, Alaska wish to forever remember the sacrifices of our military servicemen who died in wartime. These young men left home and community to answer the call to help preserve peace and freedom in the world. World War . . . Map (db m72787) WM
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72 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — City of Bisbee Warrior Memorial
The City of Bisbee honors by this memorial her warriors who died in defense of the principles of American Democracy against enemies of freedom in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the War in Vietnam that their patriotic sacrifice will be . . . Map (db m28279) WM
73 Arizona, Maricopa County, Mesa — Major Gen Carl G. Schneider, USAF (Ret)
Commemorative Air Force Arizona Military Aviation Walk of Honor Proudly Recognizes Major Gen Carl G. Schneider, USAF (Ret) Carl Schneider enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force in 1946. He graduated from Williams AFB flying the P-51 Mustang. . . . Map (db m102905) HM WM
74 Arizona, Maricopa County, Phoenix, Central City — The Arizona Korean War Veterans Memorial
The Arizona Korean War Veterans Memorial is dedicated to those Arizona men and women who served during the Korean War June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953 *** Arizona Korean War Veterans Memorial Commissioners MG Donald L. Owens, AZ ANG . . . Map (db m27350) WM
75 Arizona, Mohave County, Kingman — Kingman Veteran's Memorial
In eternal memory of all Veterans of Kingman Past, Present and Future May your deeds and service never be forgotten or taken for granted. With the sincerest of appreciation to the following, who made this memorial a reality: . . . Map (db m29359) WM
76 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson — The Korean War Memorial
Side A: We were those whom others did not want to be. We went where others feared to go and did what others feared to do. June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953 Side B: The United States Marines Sgt Raul B. Babasa • Sgt . . . Map (db m83243) WM
77 Arizona, Pima County, Tucson — Tucsonans Killed in Action — "Easy" Company 13th Infantry Battalion USMCR — Korean War —
Top row: Pfc. Corbett B. Robertson, Pfc. Emilio A. Ramirez, Pfc. Raymond C. Hubbard, Sgt. Jesus R. Carrasco, Pfc. Richard L. Nickles, Pfc. Joe M. Valenzuela Bottom Row: Sgt. Johnson McAfee, Pfc. Manuel H. Moreno, Sgt. Raul B. . . . Map (db m67152) WM
78 Arizona, Pinal County, Sacaton — Honoring Native American Women Veterans
Honoring Native American Women Veterans Dedicated February 22, 2003 American Legion Post 84 Sacaton, AZ Sculptor: Oscar Urrea Artist: Jim CovarrubiasMap (db m32844) WM
79 Arkansas, Ashley County, Hamburg — Ashley County War Memorials — WWI - WWII / Korean - Vietnam
World War I Dedicated to the sons of Ashley County Arkansas Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice For Humanities Defense in the World War 1914 — 1918 _______ {List of the honored . . . Map (db m108565) WM
80 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — Air Force Cross – Navy Cross – Distinguished Service Cross
The Distinguished Service Cross (Army), Navy Cross, and Air Force Cross are equivalent awards. They are given to any service person who, while serving, distinguishes himself or herself by extraordinary heroism not justifying the award of the Medal . . . Map (db m90867) HM WM
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81 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — Bronze Star Medal
The Bronze Star Medal is awarded to any person who, while serving in any capacity in or with the military of the United States after 6 December 1941 distinguished himself or herself by heroic or meritorious service or achievement, not involving . . . Map (db m90855) HM
82 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — Korea
On June 25, 1950, North Korean troops started the Korean War by invading South Korea. Two days later, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution calling member nations to help defend South Korea. In all, 16 nations sent troops to . . . Map (db m92219) HM WM
83 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — Legion of Merit
The Legion of Merit was the first American decoration awarded to citizens of Foreign Nations. There are four degrees of award. They are Chief Commander, Commander, Officer, and Legionaire/Legion of Merit. Only the Legion of Merit is awarded to . . . Map (db m90866) HM
84 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — Silver Star Medal
Criteria: The Silver Star Medal is awarded to any person who, while serving in any capacity with the Armed Forces of the United States is cited for gallantry in action while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing armed . . . Map (db m90778) HM WM
85 Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison — Boone County War Memorial
Dedicated to the men and women of Boone County who served with honor and glory and to those inscribed here who made the supreme sacrifice that we might live in freedom World War I Allen, Roy · Lafferty. Robert L. Casey. John · . . . Map (db m143898) HM
86 Arkansas, Cleburne County, Heber Springs — Cleburne County War Memorial
In Honor of Those Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice from Cleburne County Iraq Parker, Tommy Lynn "TJ" Jr. Woodham, Anthony Lynn World War I Denwoody, Frank • Stark, George B. Estes, Charles D. • Thompson, Perry J. . . . Map (db m143762) WM
87 Arkansas, Drew County, Monticello — Walls of War — Drew County Veterans Memorial
Erected by the citizens of Drew County in honor of all who served or who may serve and dedicated to those who gave their lives that we might be free. Veterans Day 1988. World War I B.C. Bast, George F. Cater, Chisley Garrison, Forrest . . . Map (db m85089) HM
88 Arkansas, Franklin County, Ozark — In Memory of our Friends Lost in Korea, Vietnam & Iraq
Korea 1950 – 1953 Garlande Darter Charles McCartney Otis E. Hutchinson Vietnam 1965-1975 Rickey Pyle Otis E. Hutchinson, Jr. John F. Schaffer Wayne J. Sanders Iraq 1990 – 1991 Charleston's . . . Map (db m120873) WM
89 Arkansas, Jackson County, Newport — Newport High School War Memorial
[Front] Dedicated to the memory of the students of Newport High School who gave their lives in the service of our country World War II Brown, Albert Lee • Dennis, Elmer • Gochenour, George E. • Grossman, Melvin • Jones, . . . Map (db m221247) WM
90 Arkansas, Lawrence County, Walnut Ridge — Honored to serve their Country
Billie Robert, Army, WWII • Austin G Smith, Army, WWII • Freddy J Robert, Navy, WWII, Korea • W. A. Slayton, Army, WWII • Kenneth Slayton, Navy, WWII • Veston Broadway, AAF, WWII • Robert Hicks, USAF, WWII, 1955-1963 • James H. . . . Map (db m174044) WM
91 Arkansas, Lee County, Marianna — Lee County War Memorial
East Side Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his country. Dedicated by the citizens of Lee County to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their country. North Side Korean War . . . Map (db m117251) WM
92 Arkansas, Lonoke County, Lonoke — Lonoke County Honor Roll
World War I Honor Roll Ray A. Martin • Walter M. Brawley • Clayton Stevenson • Joe Nelson • Jesse Brashears • Ross H. Robinson • Pat Petty • John Hall • Edward L. Dardenne • Jack Clayton • Charles C. Coulson • James H. Folks • Robert Dowdle • . . . Map (db m211571) WM
93 Arkansas, Marion County, Yellville — In Memory of Corporal Charles L. Gilliland — Medal of Honor Recipient, Congressional Medal of Honor
A native of Baxter County, Arkansas, this young 17 year old was killed during the Korean War in April 1951, while serving as a member of the U.S. Army, Company I, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division.Map (db m160310) HM WM
94 Arkansas, Mississippi County, Blytheville — Mississippi County Korean War Memorial
In memoriam to those men from Mississippi County who gave their lives in the Korean War 1950-1953 Capt. William O. Boyd · Pvt. William H. Charles · Sgt. Louis A. Webb · Cpl. Billy L. Crain · PFC. Duane Brown · Pvt. Billy L. Hopper · PFC. Gerald . . . Map (db m212140) WM
95 Arkansas, Mississippi County, Osceola — South Mississippi County War Memorial
In Memoriam To those men from South Mississippi County who gave their lives in World Wars I & II, Korea, and Southeast Asia Lt. John McGavock Grider - PVT. William A. Charles PFC Clarence Croft - CPL. Billie W. Craine PFC Hershel Brock . . . Map (db m36534) WM
96 Arkansas, Poinsett County, Lepanto — Lepanto Veterans Memorial
Dedicated by the citizens of Lepanto community in grateful tribute to the men who gave their lives in the defense of our country World War I Willie Lamb World War II Jimmie Carter • Ralph Bowles • Jack Young • Herbert . . . Map (db m221253) WM
97 Arkansas, Randolph County, Pocahontas — Veterans Memorial
Randolph County will remember These gave all Names not listed World War I We the citizens of Randolph County pay humble tribute to the living and the dead who helped preserve us a free people. World War II May . . . Map (db m172264) WM
98 Arkansas, Stone County, Mountain View — Our Stone County Sons
In Loving Remembrance of Our Stone County Sons who paid the supreme price of their lives in the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, and who now await reunion with us in eternity as we, their friends and . . . Map (db m155979) WM
99 Arkansas, Washington County, Fayetteville — 936 Field Artillery Battalion
Dedicated to those who served and those who waited HQ & HQS Battery Austin, Carl D. ∙ Baldwin, Alvin E. ∙ Bartle, Billy J. ∙ Blake, Harold G. ∙ Blood, Rueben S. ∙ Bohannan, Billy W. ∙ Brown, Marion E. . . . Map (db m62976) WM
100 Arkansas, Washington County, Fayetteville — Medal of Honor
Five alumni of the University of Arkansas have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation's highest distinction for supreme gallantry in military action. World War II: Lt. Maurice Britt ’41, U.S. Army, Italy, Nov. 10, 1943; Lt.(JG) . . . Map (db m224265) HM

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