“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Memorial located on lawn of Baldwin County Courthouse. image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, January 14, 2017
Memorial located on lawn of Baldwin County Courthouse.
1 Alabama, Baldwin County, Bay Minette — Baldwin County Eternal Flame Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the Glory of God and in Honor of the Veterans of all Wars Map (db m100865) WM
2 Alabama, Baldwin County, Daphne — Patriot's Point Memorial
Patriot's Point Memorial This Memorial is Dedicated to All the Brave Men and Women Who Proudly Served in the United States Armed Forces Protecting Freedom Around the WorldMap (db m100864) WM
3 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fairhope — Tears of Sorrow — Tears of Joy
Honoring all Veterans and Their Families Concept Designer:Sissy Birindelli Sculptor: Stephen Spears The Fairhope Veterans Memorial Committee Wishes to thank all our supporters, with special thanks to : The City of Fairhope The Single . . . Map (db m128892) WM
4 Alabama, Baldwin County, Gulf Shores — Officer’s Row
As the U.S. Army modernized at the turn of the 20th century, so too did its military posts. In the stratified society of this period, separate and distinct areas for the various classes of individuals were developed. The Army was little different, . . . Map (db m70104) HM
5 Alabama, Baldwin County, Spanish Fort — 173d Airborne Brigade (Sep) — 1963 — 1971
In commemoration of all Sky Soldiers whose valor and sacrifice in defense of South Vietnam must never be forgotten "All Gave Some – Some Gave All" Map (db m100946) WM
6 Alabama, Barbour County, Eufaula — In Honor of All World War II Veterans
[Title is text] Roll of honor Front & Rear Map (db m101418) WM
7 Alabama, Blount County, Blountsville — In Honor of Those Who Served
. . . Map (db m156410) WM
8 Alabama, Bullock County, Blues Old Stand — Three Notch Road
Side 1 Built by U.S. Army engineers over the summer of 1824, Three Notch Road has served as Bullock County’s major transportation route throughout its history. It was constructed to facilitate military communication between Pensacola . . . Map (db m89638) HM
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9 Alabama, Bullock County, Three Notch — Three Notch Road
Side 1 Built by U.S. Army engineers over the summer of 1824, Three Notch Road has served as Bullock County’s major transportation route throughout its history. It was constructed to facilitate military communication between Pensacola . . . Map (db m89637) HM
10 Alabama, Calhoun County, Anniston — The Legacy of the Military / Anniston's Military Heritage
The Legacy of the Military On the other side of Anniston, the Army constructed an Ordnance Depot on 15,000 acres west of the city during WWII. Over time, the depot evolved into the region's largest employer. The economic and community . . . Map (db m106619) HM
11 Alabama, Cherokee County, Cedar Bluff — Cherokee County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of all our servicemen who were in the Revolutionary War 1775-1783 War with Great Britain 1812-1814 Indian wars - various 1813-1837 War with Mexico 1846-1848 War Between the States 1861-1865 Spanish-American . . . Map (db m156266) WM
12 Alabama, Cherokee County, Centre — Cherokee County Veterans War Memorial
In honor of those men and women who fought for the cause of freedom and in memory of those who paid the ultimate price and or did not make it back home World War I • World War II • Korea • Vietnam • Desert Storm This war memorial . . . Map (db m197522) WM
13 Alabama, Clarke County, Thomasville — Thomasville War Memorial — Lest We Forget
Dedicated to the Glory of God and in Honor of the Men and Women who have Served their Country Map (db m101611) WM
14 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Never Forget Garden
This garden is a living tribute to all of America's veterans and their families. In silence and respect, this is a place to remember why millions of Americans have fought and died for our liberty and our freedom. Here we renew our . . . Map (db m192077) WM
15 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — The Purple Heart / Military Order of the Purple Heart
The Purple Heart This monument is dedicated to those soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and Coast Guardsmen from Colbert County, Alabama who were wounded in combat or killed in action. Military Order of the Purple Heart . . . Map (db m192058) WM
16 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — U. S. Army M60A3 Main Battle Tank
Obtained from Ft. Rucker, AL by American Legion Post No. 31 April 28, 1999 *Weapons: 105 mm rifled cannon. 7.62 mm and .50 caliber machine guns. *Engine: 750 hp. 12 cylinder air-cooled diesel. *Crew-4 men: Weight-107.900 lb.: Speed-30 mph: . . . Map (db m107646) HM
17 Alabama, Covington County, Andalusia — Purple Heart Memorial — Combat Wounded
To Honor Covington County Purple Heart RecipientsMap (db m94900) WM
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18 Alabama, Covington County, Andalusia — Rodney J. Evans
Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company D, 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, Tay Ninh Province, Republic of Vietnam, 18 July 1969. For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and . . . Map (db m99522) HM WM
19 Alabama, Covington County, Florala — Downtown Square and Veterans Memorial Park
The name Florala came from combining the names of Florida and Alabama. Lake Jackson, located in Florala, is the state's largest natural lake. It is named for Andrew Jackson, who in 1818 camped on the lake with his soldiers while en route to . . . Map (db m83457) HM
20 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Combat Wounded Veterans — Military Order of the Purple Heart — 1782-1932 —
Dedicated To The Recipients Of The Nation's Oldest Military Decoration "The Purple Heart" Combat Wounded Veterans Military Order of the Purple Heart 1782 - 1932 My stone is red for the . . . Map (db m101168) WM
21 Alabama, Cullman County, Holly Pond — Veterans Memorial
dedicated to the men and women who served in the United States armed forcesMap (db m160672) WM
22 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Dallas County Korean War Memorial
Front KOREA In Honor and Memory of our Veterans who Served in the Korean War 1950 — 1953 ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Against overwhelming odds our valiant service men and women withstood the . . . Map (db m82043) WM
23 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Dallas County Vietnam Memorial
Front VIETNAM Honor ✯ Duty ✯ Sacrifice In Grateful Memory and Honor of all Veterans from Dallas County who served in the Vietnam Conflict 1965 — 1973 ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ . . . Map (db m82039) WM
24 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Dallas County World Wars Memorial — Lest· We· Forget — World War I 1917-1918 — World War II 1941-1945 —
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. St. John, 15-13 Erected in grateful humility to the enduring memory of those of Dallas County whose names appear hereon who made the supreme . . . Map (db m83522) WM
25 Alabama, DeKalb County, Fort Payne — Fort Payne’s Fort
The fort, consisting of a log house and large stockade, was built in 1838 by order of General Winfield Scott, commander of military forces responsible for the removal of Cherokee Indians. Soldiers occupying the fort were commanded by Captain . . . Map (db m28030) HM
26 Alabama, DeKalb County, Sulphur Springs — POW-MIA Memorial
You are not forgottenMap (db m213364) WM
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27 Alabama, DeKalb County, Sulphur Springs — Veterans Memorial
They gave their last full measure of devotionMap (db m213365) WM
28 Alabama, Etowah County, Attalla — Camp Sibert — World War II: 1942-1945
On 6/18/1942 the U.S. took possession of 36,300 acres in Etowah and adjoining St. Clair County to establish Alabama's first Chemical Warfare Center. The area was dedicated on 12/25/1942 and named for U.S. Army M/G William Luther Sibert, first Chief . . . Map (db m33304) HM
29 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — Disabled American Veterans
(Side 1) Disabled American Veterans Formed December 25, 1920. Birmingham Chapter No. 4 Chartered January 25, 1926. This Memorial Dedicated To Our Military Forces And To All Who Have Given Their Blood And Lives That The Republic Might Live . . . Map (db m24347) WM
30 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — History of the 117th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
January 1922 Federal Recognition 135th Observation Squadron May 1923 Redesignated 114th Observation Squadron January 1924 Redesignated 106th Observation Squadron October 1943 Redesignated 100th Bombardment Squadron November 1946 . . . Map (db m27388) HM
31 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — Raymond Weeks — Founder of National Veterans Day
A grateful nation remembers Raymond Weeks, founder and director of National Veterans Day. (Lower plaque) November 11, 2007, commemorating the 60th Anniversary of America's first National Veterans Day, Birmingham, Alabama. . . . Map (db m188212) HM
32 Alabama, Lamar County, Vernon — Lamar County Korea & Vietnam Memorial
In memory of Lamar County's honored dead Korea Bowen, Elzie Ray Hays, Robert A. Mixon, Herman L. Pickens, Freddie F. Reed, Cecil Rushing, Larry W. In memory of Lamar County's honored dead . . . Map (db m96851) WM
33 Alabama, Lamar County, Vernon — Lamar County WWI & WWII Memorial
Side 1 In Memory of Lamar County's Honored Dead World War One and Two Allen, Othar J. • Conner, Herbert C. Atkins, A. Lincoln • Conner, James Box Avers, Cicero • Cox, William Lloyd Baughn, Claudie • Cowart, Milo K. . . . Map (db m96852) WM
34 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Anderson — Hugh Pate Harris — General, U.S. Army
(Side A) Approximately one-half mile north of this location is the birthplace of Hugh Pate Harris. He was born there on June 15, 1909. At a young age, Hugh and his family moved to Lawrence County, Tennessee. After graduating from . . . Map (db m69499) HM
35 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — 16” Projectile
The 1,900 lb. HC (High Capacity) Mark 13 shore-bombardment projectile is fired from the Mark 7, 16” .50-caliber gun. The HC round can create a crater 50’ wide and 20’ deep. The 16” gun turret weights 1,708 tons. The barrel weighs 267,904 lbs. . . . Map (db m69660) HM
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36 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile
The AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile was the United States’ first Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM). It was made to deliver W28, 4-megaton nuclear warheads. North American Aviation was contracted in 1956 to build the protoype. The AGM-28 was put into . . . Map (db m69655) HM
37 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Anti-Tank Gun
This is a T-3 (T-78) Experimental anti-tank gun. It fired a 76mm round of ammunition. Being a towed weapon limited it to being used defensively, and its lack of mobility meant it could be easily outflanked. Towed anti-tank artillery disappeared . . . Map (db m69661) HM
38 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — General Arthur E. Brown, Jr. — City of Florence Walk of Honor
A 1953 graduate of West Point, Gen. Brown culminated a 36-year military career as Director of the Army Staff (1983-1987) and Vice-Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army (1987-1989).Map (db m219297) HM
39 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — General Hugh Pate Harris — City of Florence Walk of Honor
Hugh P. Harris became a four-star general in 1964, the 66th officer to receive this rank. A leader in the development of the airborne concept, he held such important post as Commanding General, U.S. Continental Army Commander.Map (db m219305) HM
40 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Lt. Col. R. Edward Yeilding — City of Florence Walk of Honor
After flying more than 90 worldwide reconnaissance missions, in 1990 Lt. Col. Ed Yeilding set a coast to coast aircraft speed record of 67 minutes 54 seconds flying an SR-71 spy plane, which is now at the Smithsonian.Map (db m219174) HM
41 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Rear Admiral Fran McKee — City of Florence Walk of Honor
In 1976, Fran McKee became the first woman line officer promoted to Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. A wide range of opportunities for women in the Navy is a result of her personal example and her work on the Navy's Equal Rights Committee.Map (db m219332) HM
42 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — The “Honest John” Rocket
The M50 Honest John was the U.S. Army’s first nuclear-armed surface-to-surface rocket. It was an unguided 762mm artillery rocket, powered by an M6 solid-fuel rocket engine. The Honest John was developed at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, . . . Map (db m69656) HM
43 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — The Hawk Missile
The Hawk Missile was the first mobile medium-range, guided, anti-aircraft missile deployed by the U.S. Army in August 1959. The Hawk is a surface-to-air missile powered by a solid-propellant rocket motor and controlled in flight by its large tail . . . Map (db m69652) HM
44 Alabama, Limestone County, Athens — Athens College Veteran's Memorial
Dedicated to those who gave their lives in defense of their country by the veteran students of Athens CollegeMap (db m46362) HM
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45 Alabama, Limestone County, Athens — Night Chaparral
The MIM-72 Chaparral is a ground launched air-to-air missile. Development of the "Night Chaparral" began in 1963 with the short-term replacement of the MIM-64 Mauler, a quick-reaction semi-active radar homing missile system. Designation aptly . . . Map (db m207538) HM
46 Alabama, Limestone County, Elkmont — Alabama Combat Infantrymen Monument
Front: To Honor All Combat Infantrymen We were boys and we were young We became men on that hill we overran Some of us lived, many of us died For a moment with us abide and join in prayer with me to honor those of the . . . Map (db m156897) WM
47 Alabama, Madison County, Brownsboro — Trail of Tears — Drane/Hood Overland Route
In May 1838 soldiers, under the command of U.S. Army General Winfield Scott, began rounding up Cherokee Indians in this area who had refused to move to Indian Territory in Oklahoma. About 16,000 Cherokees were placed in stockades in Tennessee and . . . Map (db m33318) HM
48 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Major General H.N. Toftoy, USA.
This plaque was placed here by Citizens of Huntsville and Madison County, Alabama, In Honor Of Major General H.N. Toftoy, USA. Who was Commanding General of Redstone Arsenal from September 1, 1954, to March 31, 1958. It was unveiled . . . Map (db m27906) HM
49 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Memorial Fountains — Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial
The Memorial Fountain System begins with a flow of water cascading over the continuous weir, which is punctuated by 8 Black Granite Markers. This flow symbolizes the blood which has been spilled defending our nation's freedom and flows into the . . . Map (db m68728) WM
50 Alabama, Madison County, Madison — Madison County Veterans
Dedicated to the men and women of the community of Madison who devotedly served their country in the wars.Map (db m36493) HM
51 Alabama, Marshall County, Guntersville — History of Guntersville
(Side A) This area's proximity to the Tennessee River and Indian trails made it a crossroads for early habitation, settlement, and trade. Archaeological studies reveal it was first inhabited about 12,000 years ago by Paleo-Indians. They . . . Map (db m33305) HM
52 Alabama, Mobile County, Dauphin Island — British Occupation of Dauphin Island — February - April 1815
When British forces arrived at Mobile Bay to assault Fort Bowyer on Mobile Point, half of the British army under the command of Sir John Kean, who was recovering from wounds suffered during the defeat at New Orleans, was landed on Dauphin Island to . . . Map (db m122427) HM
53 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — A National Cemetery System
Civil War Dead An estimated 700,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died in the Civil War between April 1861 and April 1865. As the death toll rose, the U.S. government struggled with the urgent but unplanned need to bury fallen Union troops. . . . Map (db m162406) HM
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54 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Australia — Korean War Memorial
Australia's contribution to the Korean War included 77 Squadron of the RAAF and the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. Australian troops participated in two major battles in 1951. On April 22, Chinese forces attacked forcing South Korean and . . . Map (db m191385) HM WM
55 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Canada — Korean War Memorial
The first Canadian aid to the UN forces came from the Royal Canadian Navy. On July 12, 1950, three Canadian destroyers were dispatched to Korean waters to serve under UN command. In addition, a Royal Canadian AirForce Squadron was assigned to air . . . Map (db m191417) HM WM
56 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Colombia — Korean War Memorial
The first of four Colombian Battalions to serve in Korea during the war arrived in June 1951 and remained until being replaced by the 2nd Battalion Colombia in July 1952. The 3rd Battalion Colombia provided relief in November 1952 and was replaced . . . Map (db m191416) HM WM
57 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Ethiopia — Korean War Memorial
Beginning in June 1951, Ethiopia furnished three 1,200-man battalions to the UN Command, the 1st Kagnew Battalion, 2nd Kagnew Battalion and 3rd Kagnew Battalion. The first of these battalions arrived in May 1951 and was assigned to the U.S. 7th . . . Map (db m191418) HM WM
58 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Horace O. Davis
This building is named for Horace O. Davis whose dedication and estimable service to the USS Alabama Battleship Commission enhanced the memories of the personnel, who served aboard the USS Alabama and the honor of the people of the Great State for . . . Map (db m50427) HM
59 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — M26 Pershing
By late 1943 it had become apparent to some within the U.S. Army that the Sherman tank was not up to dealing with some of the newer Panzers nor the Tiger tanks the Germans were producing. Development on a new, more powerful medium tank had to start, . . . Map (db m191557) HM
60 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — M42 Duster
The U.S. Army introduced the M19 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage in 1944. It was a self propelled anti-aircraft gun armed with twin 40mm Bofors rifles. The Bofors had proved devastating to aircraft in the war up to that point. Using them for mobile air . . . Map (db m191559) HM
61 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — M60A1
The role of tanks has been an evolving concept. During WWII, for example, US tanks were classified into categories of light, medium, and heavy. Their role directly related to infantry support while tank destroyers were used to combat enemy armor. . . . Map (db m191553) HM
62 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Netherlands — Korean War Memorial
The advance party of the Dutch contingent arrived in Korea on October 24, 1950, but the remainder of the unit’s men did not arrive until December 1950. During the conflict the Royal Netherlands Navy was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation of the . . . Map (db m191384) HM WM
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63 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — T-55 Main Battle Tank
As the Second World War drew to a close the Soviets were hard at work creating a new tank. During the War they developed the T-44 from the trusty T-34 tank. It performed better with more armor. The Soviets wanted to increase the firepower of the . . . Map (db m191560) HM
64 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Tank M48A1
Armament 1 - 90mm Gun 2 - .50 Cal. Machine Guns 1 - .30 Cal. Machine Gun Weight   99,000 lbs. Combat Loaded Crew   4 Men Maximum Speed   28 mph Cruising Range   70 Miles Grade Ascending Ability   60 . . . Map (db m100938) HM
65 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — Thailand — Korean War Memorial
Thailand was among the first UN countries to send troops to fight in Korea. It contributed the 2,100 man 21st Royal Thailand Regiment consisting of three infantry battalions. Arriving in August 1950, the regiment was assigned to the US 1st Calvary . . . Map (db m191420) HM WM
66 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — The Fallen Guardians Monument
The Fallen Guardians Monument Dedicated to the personnel who lost their lives while performing Coast Guard missions in Alabama Eternal Father, Lord of Hosts, watch o’er the ones who guard our coasts, protect them from the raging seas and give . . . Map (db m136756) WM
67 Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile — U.S. Coast Guard Monument — Mobile, Alabama
The monument is dedicated to the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard and its predecessor agencies who have served their nation from facilities in Mobile in an unbroken chain since the assignment of the revenue cutter "Alabama" to the port city in . . . Map (db m162425) HM WM
68 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Airman First Class John L. Levitow Monument
This monument is dedicated in honor of Airman First Class John L. Levitow of Hartford, Connecticut, the first Air Force enlisted man to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. On the night of 24 February 1969, Airman First Class Levitow was a . . . Map (db m95394) HM
69 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Army Air Corps Enlisted Pilots — 1912 — 1942
Title is textMap (db m95393) WM
70 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Award of Air Force Cross to Keary J.Miller
Citation to Accompany the Award of The Air Force Cross to Keary J.Miller Technical Sergeant Keary J. Miller distinguished himself by gallantry in connection with military operations against an opposing armed force near . . . Map (db m116584) HM
71 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Khobar Towers — Never To Be Forgotten — June 25, 1996 —
25 June 1996 This day signaled to the Air Force and our nation that we were at war with a determined and evil enemy. It was the opening salvo in what would become a much greater conflict. The Khobar Towers attack was a story of . . . Map (db m220477) WM
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72 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Khobar Towers Memorial — Dhahran   Saudia Arabia — 25 June 1996 —
Front Khobar Towers Dhahran   Saudia Arabia 25 June 1996 Right side Eglin AFB Florida MSgt Kendall K. Kitson, Jr. TSgt Daniel B. Cafourek TSgt Patrick P. Fennig TSgt Thanh Van Nguyen . . . Map (db m95392) WM
73 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Korean Service Memorial & Medal — We Remember... — 1950   1954 —
Front Dedicated to the enlisted men and women who served honorably in the Korean Theater of Operation. Reverse The medal is suspended by a ring from a silk moire ribbon composed of white piping on the ends and . . . Map (db m95387) WM
74 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Operation Allied Force — Kosovo Campaign — 24 Mar 1999 – 10 Jun 1999 —
{Title is text}Map (db m95389) WM
75 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Operation Eagle Claw — Desert One — 1980 —
. . . Map (db m95386) WM
76 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Operation Noble Eagle
. . . Map (db m95390) WM
77 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Southwest Asia Service Medal — Liberation of Kuwait
Front Dedicated to all the enlisted men and women who valiantly participated in the liberation of Kuwait. You are the symbol of freedom. God Bless America Reverse The medal is suspended from a sand colored ribbon with . . . Map (db m95388) WM
78 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — The Spirit of the Minuteman
. . . Map (db m95533) HM WM
79 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Vietnam Service Memorial
Front Dedicated to the enlisted men and women who served in S.E. Asia Reverse {Vietnam Service Medal} 1958 – 1973 Map (db m95391) WM
80 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — Fourth Aviation Squadron Historic District — Montgomery County
The 4th Aviation Squadron was an all African-American unit established at Maxwell Air Force Base on June 10, 1941, and it was one of the first African-American units established in Alabama. Though its official mission was stated as . . . Map (db m158650) HM
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81 Alabama, Montgomery County, Maxwell Air Force Base — The Air Corps Tactical School
Established here in 1931, was the birthplace and nurturing ground of American air doctrine. In the ferment of a decade of thought and debate, the Air Corps Tactical School gave rise to concepts for the strategic and operational deployment of U.S. . . . Map (db m79085) HM
82 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Camp Sheridan
From Division Headquarters, located at this point from August 1917 to May 1918, was directed the training of the Thirty Seventh Division, National Guard Troops of Ohio, for Service in the World War. The Relief map below indicates the locations . . . Map (db m38899) HM
83 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Major Lemuel Purnell Montgomery — 1786 - 1814
Brilliant lawyer, valiant soldier, in whose honor Montgomery County, Alabama was named Map (db m94029) HM
84 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — Naval Heroes of the War of 1812 — Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama
The six streets which cross Dexter Avenue between Court Square and the State Capitol are named for Oliver Hazard Perry, James Lawrence, Thomas Macdonough, Issac Hull, Stephen Decatur and William Bainbridge, all naval officers of the War of 1812. . . . Map (db m99545) HM
85 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery, Boylston — 37th Division The Buckeye Division — World War I / World War II & Korea
World War I Camp Sheridan was the site of the August 1917 organization of the Buckeye Division, made up of Ohio National Guardsmen who previously had been serving on the Mexican Border. After training, the 37th went to France in June 1918, . . . Map (db m38895) WM
86 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery, Boylston — 9th Infantry Division / “The Old Reliables”
9th Infantry Division The 9th Division was organized on 18 July 1918 at Camp Sheridan for service in World War I. When the War ended, 11 November 1918, deployment of the Division to France was canceled and it was demobilized on 15 February . . . Map (db m76161) HM
87 Alabama, Montgomery County, Pike Road — Town of Pike Road Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to all who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America Never to be forgotten for giving the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom Duty Honor CountryMap (db m86475) WM
88 Alabama, Morgan County, Priceville — M601A Tank
The M601A Tank was manufactured by Chrysler Detroit Tank Plant in Michigan in the 1960's. The M60 became the US Army's first generation "Main Battle Tank". The improved suspension and armor protection was introduced in the new turret design . . . Map (db m165156) WM
89 Alabama, Morgan County, Priceville — Morgan County Veterans Memorial — Dedicated November 11, 2012
This park is dedicated to all Morgan County Veterans who have given their lives while serving in the armed forces of the United States of America during active wartime. Each of the five black granite monuments on the inner circle represents the five . . . Map (db m165155) WM
90 Alabama, Morgan County, Priceville — Prisoner of War or Missing in Action — POW*MIA
On August 10th, 1990, the 101st Congress passed U.S. Public Law 101-335, recognizing the National League of Families POW/MIA Flag and designating it as a symbol of our Nations concern and commitment to resolving as fully as possible the fate of . . . Map (db m165176) WM
91 Alabama, Morgan County, Priceville — United States Army — Army
Side 1 Alexander, Jr John PVT World War I • Alford, George PFC World War II • Alford, Ottis F CPL Korean War • Ayers, Thomas P PFC World War II • Baker, Fred S PVT World War I • Bartlett, Richard G PFC World War II • Bennett, . . . Map (db m165179) WM
92 Alabama, Morgan County, Priceville — United States Marines — Marines
Alexander, Bobby Ray CPL Vietnam War • Blevins, James H PFC World War II • Brindley, Warren B PFC World War II • Burgess, Percy B PFC World War II • Carithers, Marvin L B CPL World War II • Hendrix, Paul G SSGT Vietnam War • Hendrix, . . . Map (db m165166) WM
93 Alabama, Morgan County, Priceville — United States Navy — Navy
Baker, Dorsey M EM, C World War I • Blankenship, Theron A S1C World War II • Bussey, Ewell SA World War I • Curbow, Charles C S1C World War II • Fields, Ezell W SM1C World War II • Hoff, Atlee H LT World War II • Houser, Joseph T A0M1 . . . Map (db m165175) WM
94 Alabama, Morgan County, Priceville — USS San Jose (AFS-7)Anchors / BOFORS TWIN 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
USS San Jose (AFS-7)Anchors The USS San Jose was a Mars-class combat stores ship acquired by the U.S. Navy in 1970. She served as a navy ship until November 1993 and was involved in the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War. She was . . . Map (db m165160) WM
95 Alabama, Perry County, Marion — Perry County Veterans Memorial
In Honor of all Perry County Veterans of All WarsMap (db m70103) WM
96 Alabama, Pike County, Brundidge — "Lest We Forget"
To honor the memory and valor of our soldiers Civil War W.W.I W.W.II Korean Vietnam Operation Desert StormMap (db m36514) HM
97 Alabama, Russell County, Fort Mitchell — Address by President Lincoln — At the Dedication of The Gettysburg National Cemetery — November 19, 1863 —
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, . . . Map (db m120002) WM
98 Alabama, Russell County, Fort Mitchell — Fort Mitchell Military Cemetery
This military graveyard was established soon after Fort Mitchell was built by General John Floyd of the Georgia Militia. Located just south of the stockade, the cemetery was used between 1813 and 1840 during the fort's occupation by Georgia and . . . Map (db m26122) HM
99 Alabama, Sumter County, York — York Veterans War Memorial — Lest We Forget
On behalf of a grateful nation in recognition of the men and women who bravely served their country during war and peace. Especially those who gave their lives as the ultimate sacrifice to preserve freedom throughout the world.Map (db m89727) WM
100 Alabama, Talladega County, Talladega — USS Talladega (APA-208) — Talladega County — “The Tremblin’ T” —
Seven Battle Stars ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ World War II ☆ Iwo Jima Operation ☆ Okinawa Gunto Operation First of the 31 ship convoy with occupation troops to dock at Yokohama on VJ Day, . . . Map (db m12212) HM

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