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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Lincoln Park entrance gate and marker image, Touch for more information
By Andrew Ruppenstein, September 29, 2020
Lincoln Park entrance gate and marker
1California (Alameda County), Alameda — 15 — Lincoln Park, 1909City Historical Monument #15
This site, first developed by James D. Farwell in 1858, in 1877 became the grand estate of Robert R. Thompson, founder of the Oregon Steam Navigation Co. and Alameda's artesian water works. Thompson's new mansion, completed in 1881, burned . . . Map (db m157011) HM
2California (Alameda County), Albany — Albany Waterfront History (Pre-1900)
Before the Ice Age waned about 10,000 years ago, this area was part of a wide valley through which the Sacramento River flowed on its way to the Pacific Ocean near the Farallon Islands. The river spilled over a waterfall at the Golden Gate . . . Map (db m174544) HM
3California (Alameda County), Albany — Rose WaveColin Lambert & Peter Adams, 2007
This sculpture honors the Gill Family rose nursery that operated during the late 19th to early 20th century in the area extending west from San Pablo Avenue to Ocean View Park. It also honors the original name of the City of Albany, which was . . . Map (db m137060) HM
4California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Delaware Street Historic DistrictPeriod of Significance, 1854-1910 — City of Berkeley Landmark - Designated 1979 —
(Rehabilitated and Partially Reconstructed in 1986. William Coburn, Historic Architectural Consultant) In the 1850s, Gold Rush-era farmers and merchants began settling in this rural bayside area. Delaware Street connected Jacob’s . . . Map (db m52299) HM
5California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Framåt Lodge #405Sanford G. Jackson, Architect 1927 — City of Berkeley Landmark, designated in 1997 —
Berkeley’s large immigrant population in the late 19th and early 20th centuries included many natives of Sweden. The local chapter of the Swedish-American Vasa Order constructed this building as a lodge hall and cultural center. On November 8, . . . Map (db m52386) HM
6California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Historic "Lorin District"
South Berkeley was originally settled by Coast Indians. After Spanish conquest in the 1700s, large land tracts were held by the Peralta, Ashby and Harmon families. Transportation has been a key factor in Lorin's history. Gov. Stanford . . . Map (db m145998) HM
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7California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Historic McGee-Spaulding DistrictBerkeley History
The District was part of the land granted by the king of Spain in 1820 to the Luis Peralta Family. The land was later purchased from Jose Domingo Peralta by four San Francisco businessmen. In 1855, James McGee (1814-1899), a newly arrived Irish . . . Map (db m29071) HM
8California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Historic McGee-Spaulding DistrictBerkeley History
In 1855, Irish-born James McGee (1814-1899) bought 115 acres of the old Peralta rancho – now the McGee Tract - for farmland. Later he donated land for the city's first Catholic convent, school, and church. He was one of Berkeley's first . . . Map (db m154875) HM
9California (Alameda County), Berkeley — 206 — Josiah John Rose-Goldsmith House1891 - Historic Landmark 206
This landmark commemorates an all but forgotten community called Newbury and a pioneer carpenter, Josiah John Rose, builder of many San Francisco and Berkeley homes. Newbury, annexed later in 1891 by Berkeley was a thriving village. The sidewalks . . . Map (db m145339) HM
10California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Northbrae Public ImprovementsJohn Galen Howard, Architect; R.A. Mansell, Landscape Architect 1907 — City of Berkeley Landmark - designated in 1992
Berkeley's Northbrae residential subdivision was opened in 1907 by the Mason-McDuffie Company, John Galen Howard - then Supervising Architect of the University of California - designed the Circle and the stairways, benches, and stone pillars used . . . Map (db m36674) HM
11California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Site of Napoleon Bonaparte Byrne House1868 — City of Berkeley Landmark —
In 1858, prosperous farmer Napoleon Bryne sold his Missouri land and journeyed west with his wife Mary Tanner Byrne, four children and other relatives. Two freed slaves, Pete and Hannah Byrnes, came with the family and became Berkeley’s first known . . . Map (db m54728) HM
12California (Alameda County), Dublin — 1914 Rasmussen House 1990
Site of the home of Peter and Wilhelmina Rasmussen from 1914 until 1937. Peter came to America from Denmark in 1871. He was part of a wave of Danish immigrants who settled in Alameda County. The house was a Craftsman Bungalow built on twenty acres . . . Map (db m112846) HM
13California (Alameda County), Dublin — Don Jose Maria AmadorSoldier - Explorer - Pioneer - Rancher
Jose Maria Amador, born 1794 at San Francisco Presidio, spent his early years in the Mexican Army, as soldier, explorer, Indian fighter, and was later administrator at Mission San Jose. Amador was paid for his service with land, a grant . . . Map (db m69727) HM
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14California (Alameda County), Dublin — Harlan Family
The Harlan Family left Missouri by wagon train in the spring of 1846, along with the Donner Party. At Weber Canyon, Utah, they split with the Donner Party, crossing Donner Summit 3 weeks before the ill-fated Donner Party was trapped. They settled in . . . Map (db m201567) HM
15California (Alameda County), Dublin — Henry Moller1884 – 1974
A native of Germany, he married Bertha Koopman, native of Dublin. He farmed and operated a butcher business, delivering fresh meat from a horse-drawn wagon. He was an Amador High School Trustee for 17 years.Map (db m201570) HM
16California (Alameda County), Dublin — Heritage Park & Museums
This seven acre park is on the site of Dublin's original settlement that was established in 1850. Within the park are the 1856 Murray Schoolhouse, the 1859 St. Raymond Church, the 1880 Kolb Old House, the 1911 Kolb Craftsman Bungalow, the 1870 . . . Map (db m59946) HM
17California (Alameda County), Dublin — Heritage Park & Museums
This ten-acre park is on the site where Dublin was originally settled in 1850. Within the park are the: Murray Schoolhouse, 1856 Old St. Raymond Church, 1859 Sunday School Barn, c. 1860 Kolb’s Old House, c. 1870 Hay Barn, c. 1900 Kolb . . . Map (db m201625) HM
18California (Alameda County), Dublin — James Witt Dougherty1813 - 1879
An early settler from Tennessee, he bought 10,000 acres from Jose Maria Amador for $2.20 per acre. He was chairman of the first board of Alameda Co. in 1853. He had the Hawthorn trees planted in the cemetery, Carlo, his faithful dog, outlived him by . . . Map (db m201564) HM
19California (Alameda County), Dublin — John Bonde1855 - 1949
A native of Denmark, Bonde brought his family to Dublin in 1896. They operated Dougherty Station, which he bought from C.M. Dougherty on Oct. 16, 1907. It later became known as the Dublin Hotel.Map (db m201565) HM
20California (Alameda County), Dublin — John S. Martin
Born in Ireland. Brother to Dennis Martin. Came west in 1844 with Stephen’s Party. Helped Rescue survivors of the Donner Party. First Settled at Bonnie Doon, in Palomares Canyon, later in the hills northwest of Dublin.Map (db m201621) HM
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21California (Alameda County), Dublin — Kolb Family
The Kolb Family settled in Dublin in the 1870’s. George Kolb operated the General Store and farmed. His sons, Edwin and Harold, also ranched and farmed. Harold (H.W. Kolb) was a trustee for the Murray School District for 17 years and was a noted . . . Map (db m201563) HM
22California (Alameda County), Dublin — Lynch Family
William O. Lynch was born in New York July 28, 1827. Arrived in San Francisco on the Pilot-boat W.G. Hackstaff via Straights of Magellan June 28, 1849 after 6 months of buffeting strong winds and waves. In 1850 he and Leo Norris settled in now San . . . Map (db m201569) HM
23California (Alameda County), Dublin — Murray-Green Homes
In 1852 Irish immigrants Michael Murray and Jeremiah Fallon purchased 1000 acres of land from Don Jose Maria Amador, and on this site Murray erected his modest home in 1857. Murray sold his house to John Green, proprietor of the Green Store, whose . . . Map (db m94035) HM
24California (Alameda County), Dublin — Norris Family
It took 6 months for Leo and Mary Jane Norris to come to California by covered wagon. In 1852 Leo purchased 10,000 acres from Don Jose Maria Amador for $20,000 and one white horse. Their lands include most of present day San Ramon Valley. Later, the . . . Map (db m201555) HM
25California (Alameda County), Dublin — Rasmussen Family
Peter A. Rasmussen a native of Langeland, Denmark, married Wilhemina Lausten of Slesvig, Denmark whom he met at a local Danish gathering, settled in Dublin in 1871. He worked on the Dougherty Ranch before he bought his own farm on San Ramon Road, . . . Map (db m201568) HM
26California (Alameda County), Dublin — Rod R. Fallon
Son of Jeremiah and Ellen Fallon. Regarded with great respect by people of the area for his honesty and integrity. Renowned for his fine horsemanship and proficiency with the riata (rawhide rope), which sometimes was up to 70 feet in length. He . . . Map (db m201554) HM
27California (Alameda County), Dublin — The Kolbs of DublinWorking the Land
The Kolb’s purchased their first tractor 1943. The introduction of tractors to mechanize agriculture resulted in a reduction of the heavy efforts of plowing and harrowing before planting, which were often backbreaking tasks for human and draft . . . Map (db m201560) HM
28California (Alameda County), Dublin — Tom Donlon1834 - 1859
A native of Longford, Ireland. He pledged $50 to help build Old Saint Raymond’s Church in 1856. While working on the church, he fell from the roof and was killed at age 25. A school in Dublin was named for him by vote of the student body.Map (db m201622) HM
29California (Alameda County), Fremont — De Anza Expedition 1775 - 1776
Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza by decree of Carlos III of Spain led an expedition to this site – The mission being to colonize the San Francisco Bay Area. In the center of the marker is a circular motif, designed by Doris . . . Map (db m26666) HM
30California (Alameda County), Fremont — Founding of Mission San Jose
This tablet dedicated May 30, 1947 as part of ceremonies commemorating the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Mission San Jose by Father Fermin Lasuen, June 11, 1797.Map (db m162158) HM
31California (Alameda County), Fremont — Machado House
Estimated year of construction: 1890 - 1905 This site possesses regional significance in commemorating the cultural and architectural heritage of Fremont This region is associated with the historic Portuguese settlement known as Machado’s . . . Map (db m211565) HM
32California (Alameda County), Fremont — 334 — Mission San José
At the Ohlone Indian village of Oroysom, Padre Fermín Francisco de Lasuén founded this fourteenth of twenty-one Franciscan missions June 11, 1797. Taught by Padre Narciso Durán, the Ohlone Orchestra and Choir became famous. By 1830 almost 2,000 . . . Map (db m100551) HM
33California (Alameda County), Fremont — 490 — Mormon Pioneers / Mormon Pioneer Adobes
[Side A:] Mormon Pioneers Mormon pioneers traveled far in search of a land where they could worship God in an environment of religious tolerance. Named below are some of the pioneers who settled in Washington Township. They sailed . . . Map (db m28707) HM
34California (Alameda County), Fremont — Paths Through a Varied LandscapeAnza Expedition of 1776
In 1775 and 1776, Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza and Father Pedro Font led an expedition of 240 settlers, soldiers, and others 1,800 miles from Sonora, Mexico to Monterey, California to colonize the Bay Area. Anza and Font then led a much . . . Map (db m176327) HM
35California (Alameda County), Fremont — 246 — Pioneer Schoolhouse & Chapel
Approximately one mile west John M. Horner built the first American schoolhouse non-Catholic chapel in Centerville, Alameda County, 1850. Said to be the first Latter Day Saint Chapel in California. A small structure with three windows in the side . . . Map (db m26629) HM
36California (Alameda County), Fremont — Preservation Efforts, The Land Developer, and Reconstruction of the Higuera AdobeRancho Higuera Historical Park
The adobe slowly deteriorated and a large crack developed in an end wall. The roof caved in, exposing the vulnerable adobe bricks which began to disintegrate. Local historian and preservationist, Robert B. Fisher, M.D., raised an alarm, and in . . . Map (db m211567) HM
37California (Alameda County), Fremont — The Curtner, the Silva and the Goularte FamiliesRancho Higuera Historical Park
Henry Curtner, an enterprising American, arrived at Mission San Jose in 1852. He worked for farmers in the area. In 1856 Curtner returned home to Indiana to marry Lydia Kendall. By 1868 he was able to purchase the portion of Rancho Agua Caliente . . . Map (db m211572) HM
38California (Alameda County), Fremont — The Rancho del Agua Caliente and The Higuera AdobeRancho Higuera Historical Park
After the missions were secularized by Mexico, their lands were divided into ranchos, which were granted to the “Californios” who had served the Spanish and Mexican governments. In 1836 the lands around this park were granted to Fulgencio . . . Map (db m211569) HM
39California (Alameda County), Fremont — Vallejo Homesite
1839-1890 Adobe home of Don Jose De Jesus Vallejo, administrator of Mission San Jose. Center of early day culture. 1949 Two buildings constructed on this site by Miss Olive Ryde to enhance the historic mission. 1962 Generous gify to the . . . Map (db m152794) HM
40California (Alameda County), Hayward — A Chance EncounterUn Encuentro Casual
Near this site, an Ohlone man traveling along a well-worn path encountered a group of armed men riding large four-legged beasts. The man, having never seen such men or horses, was startled. To show that he would not resist or threaten them, he lay . . . Map (db m207584) HM
41California (Alameda County), Hayward — Hayward Public Library
Don Guillermo Castro, founder of the city, preserved the plaza for the enjoyment of the citizens, and in 1856 conveyed to them ownership of the land forever. This library, originally constructed on the plaza in 1951, and enlarged in 1958, was . . . Map (db m28774) HM
42California (Alameda County), Hayward — Heart of the EstateThe Meek Mansion
In 1869, William Meek’s success and expanding family motivated him to build a house worthy of his standing in the community. The resulting mansion is almost 7,000 square feet and has 19 rooms spread out over three floors. The house became the . . . Map (db m210988) HM
43California (Alameda County), Hayward — 1025 — Honcharenko’s Sanctuary
Along the ridge behind this panel lies a 52-acre parcel of historical significance. This farmstead known as “Ukraina” was the home of Ukrainian patriot, writer, and publisher Father Agapius Honcharenko. He and his wife Albina lived here . . . Map (db m26499) HM
44California (Alameda County), Hayward — Legacy of Change
Try to imagine what Anza’s expedition saw when it first arrived in the East Bay. The creeks teemed with salmon and trout, grizzlies and elk roamed free, shore birds flocked by the millions, and it was home to dozens of communities of Ohlone/Bay . . . Map (db m208204) HM
45California (Alameda County), Hayward — Legend of Lone Tree CemeteryHayward, California
One warm summer morning some four score years ago a young Spaniard and his señora rode into Señor Castro's old hacienda, situated near the present Pinedale Court tract in Hayward; and as many travelers asked for food and lodging here, it was . . . Map (db m152981) HM
46California (Alameda County), Hayward — Rancho San Lorenzo
Original site of corrals of Don Guillermo Castro and part of 26,722 acre grant of Rancho San Lorenzo made by Governor Michaeltorena, 1842. Rancho adobe stood on present site of City Hall. Castro’s wife was Marie Luisa Peralta, daughter of grantee . . . Map (db m41629) HM
47California (Alameda County), Hayward — Search for Water
”The plague of long-billed mosquitos…bite us and pursued us all the way to the place where we camped” - Padre Pedro Font Padre Font was not happy. Setting up camp that March 31, 1776, he had come over a thousand miles from his home in . . . Map (db m208140) HM
48California (Alameda County), Livermore — Birth of an Industry
Olivina is the name of the estate Julius Paul Smith built in the Livermore Valley. He and other local entrepreneurs recognized the similarities in climate and soil to the fine wine regions in Europe. The wines produced from their Valley estates . . . Map (db m196904) HM
49California (Alameda County), Livermore — Brushy Peak Regional Preserve
This land has attracted people's interest for millennia. A network of ancient trade routes once linked indigenous people of these different regions: the Ohlone tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bay Miwoks of the Delta and Mt. Diablo, and . . . Map (db m197612) HM
50California (Alameda County), Livermore — Craftsman BungalowBuilt 1915
Original home of early Livermore civic leader and businessman Carl ClarkeMap (db m200682) HM
51California (Alameda County), Livermore — From Borax to Burgundy
Julius Paul Smith was born in Wisconsin in 1842. After fighting in the Civil War, he tried his hand in the farm machinery business and the grocery business. He married Miss Sarah Barker of New York in 1870 and soon headed west. Julius joined . . . Map (db m196907) HM
52California (Alameda County), Livermore — From China to America
Coast Manufacturing and Supply Co. moved to this site in the early 1900s and produced fuse line for explosives. Between 1913 and 1926 Coast hired Chinese immigrants to work in the powder houses located just to the north of this grove of trees. These . . . Map (db m198579) HM
53California (Alameda County), Livermore — Laughlin Moy HouseBuilt: Circa 1870 — Style: Modified Pioneer —
. . . Map (db m195590) HM
54California (Alameda County), Livermore — Pico-Bernal HouseOldest Building in Livermore — Built Circa 1836 —
Originally the east station of the Rancho el Valle de San Jose pioneer ranch of August Hagemann family.Map (db m199530) HM
55California (Alameda County), Livermore — 241 — Robert LivermoreFirst Settler of Livermore Valley
Born in England 1799 – Died Rancho Las Positas 1858. Arrived in Monterey 1822. Married Josefa Higuera y Puentes 1830. Settled on Rancho Las Positas 1835. “Next to the Mission Fathers, he was the first man to engage himself in the culture of . . . Map (db m199846) HM
56California (Alameda County), Livermore — Thomas and Isabelle Scott HomeBuilt: 1894 — Style: Local Pioneer —
Home to Thomas Scott, Livermore's first attorney and Isabelle Scott, Livermore's first female attorney from 1894 to 1903.Map (db m196148) HM
57California (Alameda County), Livermore — William M. Mendenhall 1823 – 1911 / De Anza Expedition Campsite
[Side 1:] William M. Mendenhall 1823 – 1911 Pioneer settler, a descendant of Quakers who emigrated from England with William Penn. He crossed the plains on horseback in 1845. Was a member of Fremont’s Battalion in 1846 and . . . Map (db m196958) HM
58California (Alameda County), Oakland — Anza Expedition of 1776La Expedición de Anza de 1776
This marker consists of two duplicate plaques, one in English and the other in Spanish. The Peralta Family Legacy Luis Maria Peralta was just 17 when he and his family set off for the Bay Area in September 1775m from the town of . . . Map (db m71330) HM
59California (Alameda County), Oakland — Birthplace of Oakland
Looking up Broadway from the wharf, 1854 The waterfront at the foot of Broadway was the site of the first rents and small wooden buildings that became the ciy of Oakland. Settlers began arriving in 1850 during the Gold Rush. When Oakland . . . Map (db m185869) HM
60California (Alameda County), Oakland — Here, Over Time
Before Spanish missionaries came to the Bay Area in 1775, the Huchiun Ohlones had been living off the land's bounty in this part of the East Bay for some 3,000 years. By 1810, the last Huchiuns were gone, and in their place came the Californios, . . . Map (db m154533) HM
61California (Alameda County), Oakland — Latham Memorial Fountain Unveiled
Edith Latham and her brother Milton had been gathering the memory of their parents in drawers, cabinets and living rooms until there was no longer space. Their need for a permanent storage site and longing to share the memories led them to imagine a . . . Map (db m72711) HM
62California (Alameda County), Oakland — Original Residents: The Ohlone / Vicente Peralta's Chosen Place
Original Residents: The Ohlone For more than 2,500 years before the Spanish missionaries first arrived in the Bay Area in the 1770s, dozens of small, politically independent native "tribelets” belonging to the Ohlone language group . . . Map (db m135691) HM
63California (Alameda County), Oakland — Origins of Oakland
In 1850, a twenty-six year old New Englander named Edson Adams set his sights on 480 acres of oak covered shore at the foot of what is now Broadway, on the banks of San Antonio Creek. Although the land was part of the Peralta family rancho he and . . . Map (db m71271) HM
64California (Alameda County), Oakland — 925 — Peralta HaciendaBegun in 1821 — Fruitvale History Tour Site —
The first known inhabitants of Fruitvale were the Ohlone. In 1820 the Spanish crown gave this land to Luis Peralta, making Peralta Hacienda the first non-native settlement in Oakland. From 1820 to 1897, the family had a rancho at this site. . . . Map (db m28960) HM
65California (Alameda County), Oakland — The History of the Site of the Shade Tree
This bay front site originally bordered Ohlone Indian settlements. In 1820 the Spanish crown granted it to Luis Maria Peralta. In 1842 it was given to his son Antonio Maria Peralta. The area was acquired by Horace Carpenter (first mayor of Oakland), . . . Map (db m71212) HM
66California (Alameda County), Oakland — Trestle Glen
The name Trestle Glen dates back to 1893 when Francis Marion "Borax” Smith's Oakland Traction Company extended a trolley line from downtown Oakland, up Park Boulevard to Grosvenor Place. From a point just above where Holman Road crosses Grosvenor . . . Map (db m185171) HM
67California (Alameda County), Oakland — Voyage of the Brooklyn
The voyage of the ship Brooklyn began in New York City on February 4, 1846. On board were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who had the provisions, equipment and skills to settle a new land. Under the leadership of . . . Map (db m92760) HM
68California (Alameda County), Oakland — Water & Rails / Brooklyn Basin
There are two plaques, mounted back-to-back, on the same support for this marker. Water & Rails Rancho Heritage Under Spanish and Mexican rule, much of the East Bay, including all of present-day Oakland, lay within the . . . Map (db m71422) HM
69California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — 510 — Alviso AdobeAlviso Adobe Community Park
Built in 1854, the Alviso Adobe is one of the few adobe structures remaining in the Bay Area. Declared a California Historic Landmark in 1954, the building stands relatively unmodified since the 1920s. The adobe was in continuous use from 1854 . . . Map (db m24616) HM
70California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — 510 — Francisco Solano Alviso Adobe
This building, erected in 1844-46 by Francisco Solano Alviso, was the first adobe house to be built in the Pleasanton Valley. It was originally called Alisal-The Sycamores. Following the Battle of Sunol Canyon, General John C. Frémont withdrew to . . . Map (db m3558) HM
71California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — Gay 90's Pizzeria
Here stands one the first commercial buildings in Pleasanton, possibly as old as 1864. Originally a general store, this building has been a bar, brothel, bank and unofficial Wells Fargo stagecoach stop. Since 1959 it has become well-known as the . . . Map (db m211819) HM
72California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — Johnston Building
Built by George Johnston pioneer landowner and sheepherder in 1896 on portion of Rancho El Valle De San Jose granted by Governor Alvarado to Pico Bernal and Sunol in 1839 later owned by Juana Higuera Bernal a 19th century architectural . . . Map (db m193945) HM
73California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — Meadowlark Dairy - Historic Orchard
Families living here planted fruit and nut trees in this area to the west of the building. In the 1920s the Dana's, managers of the Meadowlark Dairy, planted walnut trees along the property edges and a small fruit orchard north of the . . . Map (db m196203) HM
74California (Alameda County), San Leandro — 279 — Estudillo Home
Site of the last home of José Joaquin Estudillo, grantee of Rancho San Leandro and his wife, Juana Martínez de Estudillo. It was built about 1850. The family founded San Leandro, built a hotel, and donated several lots, including the original site . . . Map (db m100549) HM
75California (Alameda County), San Leandro — Historic Daniel & Meta Best Home1886
This home was built in the late 1870’s by Joseph Demont, a San Leandro pioneer who was active in industry and politics. Daniel Best bought the property in 1886. Best established Daniel Best Agricultural Works, which later became Caterpillar . . . Map (db m26380) HM
76California (Alameda County), San Leandro — 246 — Rancho San Antonio
Governor Pablo de Solá, last Spanish Governor of California, awarded the San Antonio Grant to Don Luis Maria Peralta on August 13, 1820, in recognition of forty years of service. From this point northward the Grant embraced over 43,000 acres. Now . . . Map (db m100548) HM
77California (Alpine County), Alpine Village — CR-39 — Carson Trail - Crooked Trail
"A part of the way the rocks cover the ground so large that it is with the greatest difficulty that we can find a place to drive our waggons [sic] through the trail is quite crooked" - Amasa Morgan, Jul 24, 1849Map (db m211141) HM
78California (Alpine County), Alpine Village — CR-38 — Carson Trail - First Crossing in Mad Canyon
"The river here is…filled with large rocks. We crossed on a bridge but expect to ford the next times…We started through Mad Canyon which is rightly named…the hardest place for teams I ever saw" - Caroline L. Richardson, Sep 12, 1852Map (db m211142) HM
79California (Alpine County), Alpine Village — CR-37 — Carson Trail - To West Carson Canyon
"Thence over a high sloping stony hill (sloping to the river) and down a steep hill to a canon or pass creek, where comes the first tug of war! Through the first range of the Sierra Nevada mountains" - Giles S. Isham, Aug 5, 1850Map (db m211139) HM
80California (Alpine County), Alpine Village — Snowshoe Thomson
This marks the home of John Albert Thomson (Snowshoe Thomson), great pioneer of the Sierra and hero of the mountains, who for twenty winters carried the mail over deep snow of the mountains on his long skiis [sic], giving help to those in . . . Map (db m209084) HM
81California (Alpine County), Bear Valley — Harry SchimkePioneer in His Own Time — 1917 – 1995 —
Through his life’s dreams and efforts. Thousands enjoy skiing, good water, scenic meadows and preservation of Bear Valley’s natural beauty. In AppreciationMap (db m10965) HM
82California (Alpine County), Bear Valley — Old Emigrant Road
This Sierra Crossing used by Jedediah Smith 1821 - Major John Ebbetts 1850 - Snowshoe Thompson 1856-76 - Gold Seekers 1850's. Old road left Carson Pass Road in Hope Valley, crossed Border Ruffian Pass to Hermit Valley, Pacific Summit and through . . . Map (db m10730) HM
83California (Alpine County), Bear Valley — Reynold’s HousePoint of Historical Interest
About 200 yards offshore, in what was once Silver Valley lies the Reynold’s House. This house appears on an 1878 General Land Office map and was probably one of the many road houses along the route that catered to tourists and travelers. Reynold’s . . . Map (db m10999) HM
84California (Alpine County), Kirkwood — Caples Lake
In 1849 Dr. James Caples passed through here on his way to California’s gold country. After a brief stay in Old Hangtown (Placerville) Caples remembered the lake and returned here with his family to establish a way station that served weary . . . Map (db m11048) HM
85California (Alpine County), Kirkwood — CR-43 — Carson Trail - Ascent to Carson Pass
Front of Marker "After dinner we crossed the first mountain. The ascent is half a mile and much like going up the side of a house in steepness. With hughe stones in the road, aside the road and all around the road."- Henry Sheldon Anable, . . . Map (db m148705) HM
86California (Alpine County), Kirkwood — First Summit
Below this ridge is what some pioneers dubbed the “Devils Ladder.” A name reflecting the steepness and extreme difficulty that pioneers experienced as they began their ascent over the Sierra Nevada. This climb was usually referred to as . . . Map (db m21284) HM
87California (Alpine County), Kirkwood — Kirkwood's
This building has been the pioneer home of the Kirkwood and Taylor families since it was built by Zachary Kirkwood in 1864. This building was one of the first resorts operated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.Map (db m100580) HM
88California (Alpine County), Kirkwood — 315 — Kit Carson
On this spot, which marks the summit of the Kit Carson Pass, stood what was known as the Kit Carson Tree on which the famous scout Kit Carson inscribed his name in 1844 when he guided the then Captain John C. Fremont, head of a government exploring . . . Map (db m100568) HM
89California (Alpine County), Kirkwood — 378 — Memorial to Pioneer Odd Fellows
At this point in August 1849, a group of Odd Fellows nearing their goal, the California gold mines, paused in their struggle up these granite walls, to paint on this and adjacent boulders their names and the three links of the Great Order they so . . . Map (db m100569) HM
90California (Alpine County), Kirkwood — 661 — Old Emigrant Road
Here the Old Emigrant Road of 1848 swung down across the meadow now covered by Caples Lake (Twin Lakes) and climbed along the ridge at the right to the gap at the head of the valley. From this summit (9,460 feet) it descended to Placerville. This . . . Map (db m100570) HM
91California (Alpine County), Kirkwood — 662 — Old Emigrant Road
At this place the highway crosses the site of the old emigrant road which here began a long loop around the Silver Lake basin, taking it to an elevation of 9,640 feet at one place. This difficult portion of the road was used by thousands of . . . Map (db m175821) HM
92California (Alpine County), Kirkwood — Snowshoe Thom(p)son(John Tostensen) — A True Pioneer —
“…there ought to be a shaft raised to Snow-Shoe Thompson: Not of marble; Not carved and not planted in the valley, but a rough shaft of basalt or of granite, massive and tall, with top ending roughly as if broken short, to represent a life . . . Map (db m12028) HM
93California (Alpine County), Markleeville — Alpine Hotel
Originally built in 1862 as the Fiske House in Silver Mountain City. It was dismantled, board by board, in 1886 by A.M. Grover and a crew of men. Each board was marked and many of the old square nails were saved. It was re-erected on this site and . . . Map (db m20631) HM
94California (Alpine County), Markleeville — Beautiful Hot Springs Valleydraws people now as it has for thousands of years
Summer after summer the Washoe Indian people visited the valley. Eventually their idyllic retreat was discovered. During the winter of 1844 Captain John Fremont may have seen this place during his crossing of the Sierra. Fremont’s diary of his . . . Map (db m11001) HM
95California (Alpine County), Markleeville — 318 — Ebbetts PassHistorical Landmark
Named after Major John Ebbett and pointed out in 1853 to surveyor G.H. Goodard who referred to it as a “route of great promise – probably the best one for a transcontinental railway.” No emigrant train used this route but a . . . Map (db m11444) HM
96California (Alpine County), Markleeville — Hangman's Bridge & Vigilante Justice
On December 18, 1872, Ernst Reusch, a jealous husband shot and killed E.H. Erickson through the window of  Erickson’s Saloon in Silver Mountain City as Erickson played cards. Reusch believed that Erickson had been having an affair with his wife and . . . Map (db m116094) HM
97California (Alpine County), Markleeville — Historic Silver Mountain City(Kongsberg)
Silver Boom Town in 1866 Population 3000 Remains of City JailMap (db m44990) HM
98California (Alpine County), Markleeville — 240 — Jacob Markley
On September 12, 1861, Jacob Markley staked out a land claim of 160 acres, a parcel that included this site. Markley erected a 16 by 20 foot log cabin somewhere near this plaque, covering it with shakes made from local Sugar Pine. He also built a . . . Map (db m157808) HM
99California (Alpine County), Markleeville — Markleeville General Store
On August 2, 1885, fire broke out in the Town of Markleeville destroying several buildings, including Harvey and Rask’s Bucher Shop and Smokehouse. Later on in the Fall, the building was rebuilt and reopened as Rask’s Butcher Shop. The building . . . Map (db m11963) HM
100California (Alpine County), Markleeville — Snowshoe Thompson
This marks the home of John Albert Thompson (Snowshoe Thompson) great pioneer of the Sierras and hero of the mountains, who for twenty winters carried the mail over the deep snow of the mountains on his long skies: Giving help to those in need along . . . Map (db m21302) HM

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