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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historic Cemetery Marker seen along Market Street, looking east image, Touch for more information
By Mike Stroud, October 12, 2013
Historic Cemetery Marker seen along Market Street, looking east
1 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — Historic Cemetery
Known as the Scott Hall Cemetery, it dates from the late 18th century. Here will be found the grave of Commodore Whaley of the Maryland Navy who was killed in the Battle of the Barges in the Chesapeake Bay near the mouth of Onancock Creek in . . . Map (db m7681) HM
2 Virginia, Accomack County, Onancock — WY-14 — Onancock
Two miles west is Onancock, founded in 1680. A courthouse was then built and used for a few years. Militia barracks were there in the Revolution. From Onancock, Colonel John Cropper went to the aid of Commodore Whaley in the last naval action of the . . . Map (db m7673) HM
3 Virginia, Accomack County, Temperanceville — Anne Makemie HoldenWomen of Virginia Historic Trail
Landowner, successful business woman manager, champion of American Independence. Daughter of Naomi and Francis Makemie, founder of organized American Presbyterianism.Map (db m7835) HM
4 Virginia, Albemarle County, Cash Corner — W-204 — Castle Hill
The original house was built in 1765 by Thomas Walker, explorer and pioneer. Tarleton, raiding Charlottesville to capture Jefferson and the legislature, stopped here for breakfast, June 4, 1781. This delay aided the patriots to escape. Castle Hill . . . Map (db m22439) HM
5 Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville — W-199 — Birthplace of George Rogers Clark
George Rogers Clark was born a mile northeast of here on 19 Nov. 1752. He grew up on a farm in Caroline County. Clark explored the Ohio River Valley, fought in Dunmore's War in 1774, and helped convince the General Assembly to organize Kentucky as a . . . Map (db m165405) HM
6 Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville — W-199 — Clark’s Birthplace Reported permanently removed
A mile north was born George Rogers Clark, defender of Kentucky and conqueror of the Northwest, November 19, 1752.Map (db m17271) HM
7 Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville — Jefferson Vineyards
Here in 1774, Thomas Jefferson and Philip Mazzei planted Virginia's first commercial vineyard, intending to export their wine back to Europe. The Vineyard was abandon in 1776 with the advent of the Revolutionary War. Jefferson's efforts to grow . . . Map (db m188548) HM
8 Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville — W-163 — Revolutionary Soldiers Graves
Jesse Pitman Lewis (d. March 8, 1849), of the Virginia Militia, and Taliaferro Lewis (d. July 12, 1810), of the Continental Line, two of several brothers who fought in the War for Independence, are buried in the Lewis family cemetery 100 yards south . . . Map (db m3994) HM
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9 Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville — Thomas JeffersonCitizen-Statesman-Patriot
The greatest advocate of human liberty Opposing special privileges He loved and trusted The People To commemorate his Purchase of Louisiana Erected by The Jefferson Club of St. Louis MO on their pilgrimage Oct 12, 1901 to . . . Map (db m99849) HM
10 Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville — Thomas Jefferson Monument
Proclaim Liberty throughtout the land unto the inhabitants thereof —Leviticus XXIV. This monument to Thomas Jefferson was presented to the people to perpetuate the teachings and examples of the Founders of the . . . Map (db m8805) HM
11 Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Garthfield — W-166 — Convention Army The Barracks
In Jan. 1779, during the American Revolution, 4,000 British troops and German mercenaries (commonly known as “Hessians”) captured following the Battle of Saratoga in New York arrived here after marching from Massachusetts. It was called . . . Map (db m55784) HM
12 Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Hunter's Hall — Thomas Jefferson
Here was born Thomas Jefferson April 13, 1743 Lover of LibertyMap (db m68666) HM
13 Virginia, Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Ivy Farm — Albemarle Barracks Burial Site
"In 1779 4,000 prisoners, British and their German auxiliaries, captured at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, marched over 600 miles to quarters, called 'The Barracks', situated a half mile north of this site. Traditionally, some of these prisoners . . . Map (db m37586) HM
14 Virginia, Albemarle County, Cobham — W-205 — Revolutionary War Campaign of 1781Mechunk Creek
After reinforcements from Brig. Gen "Mad" Anthony Wayne arrived on 10 June 1781, the Marquis de Lafayette moved south from his camp on the Rapidan River to prevent further raids by Gen. Charles Cornwallis British troops encamped at Elk Hill. By 13 . . . Map (db m22617) HM
15 Virginia, Albemarle County, Gordonsville — Z-151 — Albemarle County / Louisa County
Albemarle County. Albemarle County was formed in 1744 from Goochland County and named for William Anne Keppel, the second Earl of Albemarle, titular governor of Virginia from 1737 to 1754. A portion of Louisa County was later added to . . . Map (db m22780) HM
16 Virginia, Albemarle County, Scottsville — GA-45 — Wilson Cary Nicholas1761-1820
Just to the south was Mount Warren, the home of Wilson Cary Nicholas. He served in the Continental army, represented Albemarle County in the General Assembly (1784–1789, 1794–1799), and was a delegate to the Virginia Convention of 1788 . . . Map (db m19406) HM
17 Virginia, Albemarle County, Shadwell, Hunter's Hall — W-202 — Shadwell, Birthplace of Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson—author of the Declaration of Independence, third president of the United States, and founder of the University of Virginia—was born near this site on 13 April 1743. His father, Peter Jefferson (1708–1757), a surveyor, planter, and . . . Map (db m17306) HM
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18 Virginia, Albemarle County, Simeon — W-201 — Colle
Philip Mazzei, a Tuscan merchant and horticulturalist, arrived in Virginia in 1775 and was persuaded by Thomas Jefferson to settle here. Jefferson gave him 193 acres of land, and Mazzei named his property Colle (meaning "hill"). He built a house ca. . . . Map (db m170655) HM
19 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — AlexandriaA Place Through Time Reported missing
13,000 years ago The Paleoindian Period A Native American hunter during the Paleoindian period discards a broken spear point, on a bluff overlooking a tributary to the Potomac River at the southern edge of present-day Alexandria. . . . Map (db m166409) HM
20 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Alexandria, VirginiaMarket Square — Alexandria Historic District —
Wording on stone tablet to left: Alexandria, Virginia County seat of Fairfax 1742-1800 Organized 13th July, 1749 Incorporated by the Assembly of Virginia 1779 Ceded to the Federal Government 1789 First boundary . . . Map (db m167068) HM WM
21 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Col. John Fitzgerald
Here stood the home of Col. John Fitzgerald favorite aide-de-camp and bosom friend of WashingtonMap (db m115761) HM
22 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Colonel Michael Swope House
This house was built between 1784-1786 by Colonel Michael Swope, a Revolutionary War Battalion Commander, and his wife, Eva Kuhn Swope. Originally from York, PA, Colonel Swope was taken prisoner by the British at the beginning of the war and was . . . Map (db m149717) HM
23 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Duvall's Tavern
On December 31, 1783, George Washington was feted here by the Gentlemen of Alexandria celebrating his triumphant return from the Revolutionary War.Map (db m191971) HM
24 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — George Washington in AlexandriaCity of Alexandria Est. 1749
George Washington considered Alexandria his hometown after its founding in 1749, and it is here that he came to do business, learn the events of the world, pick up mail, and visit friends. His first association with the town was probably as a 17 . . . Map (db m115747) HM
25 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Home of Dr. James Craik(Born 1730 - Died Feb. 6, 1814)
Close personal friend and family physician of Washington. Surgeon in Braddock's campaign, also with Washington throughout the Revolutionary War. Was at his bedside when he died and received his last messages.Map (db m167158) HM
26 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Home of George Gilpin 1740-1813
Home of George Gilpin 1740-1813 Member, Fairfax Committee of Safety Colonel, Virginia Regiment Fairfax Militia, Served with General George Washington in New Jersey campaign and Battle of Germantown Surveyor of the Town of . . . Map (db m115764) HM
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27 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Home of Henry Lee(Light Horse Harry)
Famous Revolutionary Soldier, Father of Robert E. Lee. Was ardent supporter of Federalists. Defended Washington in political contests and delivered eulogy before Congress at Washington's Death in which he used the now famous phrase: "First in . . . Map (db m72316) HM
28 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — John Fitzgerald1776-1976
This building was the warehouse of John Fitzgerald, Alexandria merchant and officer of the third Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line. Colonel Fitzgerald was a close friend of General George Washington and he was his secretary and aide-de-camp . . . Map (db m81247) HM
29 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Lee-Fendall HouseCity of Alexandria Est. 1749
Revolutionary War hero Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee, father of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, purchased several lots on North Washington Street in Alexandria soon after the War for Independence. He lived with his family in a house on Cameron . . . Map (db m115721) HM
30 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Living History Reported permanently removed
Discover the spirit of Alexandria that has been making history for well over two centuries Founded in 1749, Alexandria was the center of commercial and political activity for early patriots such as George Washington as the seeds of the . . . Map (db m115776) HM
31 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Philip Marsteller1741 - 1803
Lieut. Col U.S.A., Revolutionary War 1st Battalion, Lancaster County Pennsylvania Associators, 1777 Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General Member of The Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention, July, 1776 Original stone removed . . . Map (db m195645) HM WM
32 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — E-91 — Potts-Fitzhugh-Lee House
This Federal-style townhouse and its adjoining twin were built ca. 1793. Original owner John Potts, Jr., secretary of the Potomac Company, deeded the house in 1799 to William Fitzhugh of Chatham, member of Virginia's Revolutionary Conventions and . . . Map (db m188751) HM
33 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Residence of General William Brown, M.D.Born 1748.      Died 1792.
Physician General and Director of Hospitals, Middle Department, Continental Army, Charter member, Society of the Cincinnati. Author of the first American Pharmacopoea. President of Board of Trustees of Alexandria Academy, at General Washington's . . . Map (db m71757) HM
34 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — The Alexandria LyceumCity of Alexandria Est. 1749
One block south is The Alexandria Lyceum, formed as a public education organization in 1834 by Quaker schoolmaster Benjamin Hallowell and other civic leaders. In 1839, the founders joined with the Alexandria Library Company to construct a . . . Map (db m115718) HM
35 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — The Emerging NationJones Point Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
From the late 1700s into the 1800s, the pastoral calm of the Point was interrupted repeatedly—by soldiers manning cannon emplacements, by surveyors laying out the boundaries of the nation's capital, by workers at a ropewalk and the lighthouse, . . . Map (db m62029) HM
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36 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — The Memorial Fountain
The Memorial Fountain in this garden rededicated on June 2, 1967 by The Mount Vernon Chapter National Society of The Daughters of the American Revolution on the occasion of the Dedication of tavern square the fountain was previously located at the . . . Map (db m241669) WM
37 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town — Windmill HillCity of Alexandria Est. 1749 — Alexandria Heritage Trail —
Now a city park, Windmill Hill got its name from the windmill built here on Miller's Cliff by inventor John R. Remington in 1843. With soothing winds and a grand view of the busy port, the hill was the scene of fashionable promenades and numerous . . . Map (db m143377) HM
38 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town West — Home of Edmund Jennings LeeCompleted 1801
Eminent lawyer, he lived here until 1837. His son, Cassius Francis Lee until 1865. Edmund Jennings Lee served as Vestryman and Warden of Christ Church, whose Glebe lands he successfully defended from confiscation after the Revolutionary War. Major . . . Map (db m8566) HM
39 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town West — Lee-Fendall House
Built by Philip Richard Fendall in 1785 on land purchased from Henry (Light Horse Harry) Lee. Lee was a brilliant cavalry officer in the Revolution, close friend of George Washington, Virginia Assemblyman, member of Congress and Governor of . . . Map (db m128768) HM
40 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town West — E-93 — Lee-Fendall House
“Light Horse Harry” Lee, Revolutionary War officer, owned this land in 1784. The house was built in 1785 by Phillip Fendall, a Lee relative. Renovated in 1850 in the Greek Revival style, the house remained in the Lee family until 1903. . . . Map (db m8567) HM
41 Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town West — E-106 — Washington-Rochambeau RouteAlexandria Encampment
Most of the American and French armies set sail from three ports in Maryland—Annapolis, Baltimore, and Head of Elk—in mid-Sept. 1781 to besiege the British army in Yorktown. The allied supply-wagon traln proceeded overland to Yorktown, . . . Map (db m8570) HM
42 Virginia, Alexandria, Southwest Quadrant — Old Presbyterian Meeting HousePresbyterian Cemetery
In this cemetery rest the earthly remains of Patriots in the Revolutionary War, many of whom were of Scottish ancestry. These Patriots, along with many Presbyterians from Alexandria, fought for the cause of Liberty and assisted the Soldiers . . . Map (db m129163) HM
43 Virginia, Appomattox County, Concord — Z-58 — Appomattox County / Campbell County
Appomattox County. Appomattox County was named for the Appomattox River, which runs through the county. The river is named for the Appamattuck tribe, which lived near the mouth of the river. The county was formed from parts of Buckingham, . . . Map (db m74018) HM
44 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Bluemont — Southern-Shreve Cemetery
Five generations of the Southern, Shreve, and related families are interred in this burial plot. The Shreve family in Arlington dates from the arrival of Samuel Shreve from New Jersey about 1780. Shreve purchased a tract of land near Ballston in . . . Map (db m64878) HM
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45 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Fort Myer — A Place of Division and ReunificationArlington House — George Washington Memorial Parkway, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
When the Civil War broke out, the Potomac River—to your right—became the dividing line between North and South. Shortly after Robert E. Lee resigned from the US Army in 1861, Union soldiers seized Arlington House. Sixty years later, a nation . . . Map (db m204431) HM
46 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Fort Myer — American Revolution American Red Maple
. . . Map (db m137195) WM
47 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Fort Myer — Lexington Minute Men
In Memory Of The Men of the Lexington Militia Killed In Action • 19 April 1775 During the First Battle of the American Revolution John Brown     Robert Munroe Samuel Hadley     Isaac Muzzy Caleb Harrington      Jonas Parker . . . Map (db m62373) WM
48 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Fort Myer — Pierre Charles L’Enfant
Revolutionary Soldier, 1775-1783 Pierre Charles L’Enfant Engineer, Artist, Soldier under the direction of George Washington, designed the plan for the Federal City Major US Engineer Corps 1782 Charter member of the Society of the . . . Map (db m224006) HM
49 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Fort Myer — The Commander in Chief's Oak
This oak tree was dedicated by the Honorable George Bush, President of the United States, on August 7, 1989, to commemorate the Bicentennial of the establishment of the War Department under the United States Constitution. It honors the men and . . . Map (db m71034) WM
50 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Glencarlyn — Washington's Survey Marker Reported missing
Although it is no longer legible, this monument marks the northernmost point of an approximately 1200-acre tract of land that George Washington purchased in 1775 prior to the American Revolution. Washington used an oak tree that stood on this site . . . Map (db m56480) HM
51 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Old Glebe — Fort Ethan Allen—What to Look For
The earthen mounds that surround you are the remains of the fort's construction. The model behind you re-creates Fort Ethan Allen as it was depicted in U.S. Army engineering drawings published after the Civil War. Use the drawing and model . . . Map (db m129237) HM
52 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Radnor - Fort Myer Heights — Making A Memorial Reported permanently removed
The United States Marine Corps War Memorial stands as a symbol of our nation's high regard for the honored dead of the Marine Corps. Although the statue depicts one of the most famous events of World War II, the memorial is dedicated to all Marines . . . Map (db m129450) HM
53 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport — The Custis FamilyAbingdon Plantation
John Parke Custis was the adopted stepson of George Washington and had been raised at the nearby Washington estate of Mount Vernon. He and his wife, Eleanor Calvert, lived in New Kent County with their first two daughters. However, Custis wanted to . . . Map (db m8380) HM
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54 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Rosslyn — History Of The U. S. Marine Corps Reported permanently removed
Marines have been fighting and dying in defense of freedom since the United States Marine Corps inception in November, 1775. The names of principal campaigns engraved on the memorial are a testament to the sacrifices Marines have made in their . . . Map (db m129448) HM
55 Virginia, Arlington County, Arlington, Virginia Square — Old Ball Family Burial Ground
This is one of Arlington’s oldest family burial grounds. Ensign John Ball (1748- 1814), a veteran of the American Revolution (Sixth Virginia Infantry), is buried here. John Ball was the son of Moses Ball, who was one of the pioneer settlers in the . . . Map (db m56482) HM
56 Virginia, Augusta County, Churchville — W-227 — Colonel George Moffett
George Moffett (1735–1811), a prominent regional military and civic leader, had joined the Augusta County militia by 1758. He participated in the French and Indian War (1756–1763), led a militia company at the Battle of Point Pleasant in . . . Map (db m30460) HM
57 Virginia, Augusta County, Dooms — JD-14 — Jarman’s Gap
Five miles east, formerly known as Woods’ Gap. Michael Woods, his three sons and three Wallace sons-in-law (Andrew, Peter, William), coming from Pennsylvania via Shenandoah Valley, crossed through this pass into Albemarle County in 1734 – . . . Map (db m16644) HM
58 Virginia, Augusta County, Staunton — A-53 — Bethel Church
Two miles west. The first church was built by Colonel Robert Doak in 1779. Captain James Tate, an elder, led in the battles of Cowpens and Guilford Courthouse (1781) a company drawn mainly from this church. In the churchyard 23 Revolutionary . . . Map (db m32104) HM
59 Virginia, Augusta County, Steeles Tavern — A-31 — Old Providence Church
Two and a half miles northwest. As early as 1748 a log meeting house stood there. In 1793 a stone church (still standing) was built. In 1859 it was succeeded by a brick church, which gave way to the present building in 1918. In the graveyard rest . . . Map (db m23759) HM
60 Virginia, Bedford County, Bedford — Bedford’s Volunteer Company
Oct. 10, 1774 In memory of Bedford’s Volunteer Company which fought in The Battle of Point Pleasant Thomas Buford, Captain Thomas Dooley, Lieut. Sergeants Jonathan Cundiff, Ensign Nicholas Mead • William Kennedy • John . . . Map (db m43717) HM
61 Virginia, Bedford County, Forest — Z-255 — Bedford County / Campbell County
Bedford County was probably named for the English statesman John Russell, fourth duke of Bedford. Russell, as secretary of state for the Southern Department from 1748 to 1751, had general supervision of colonial affairs. Bedford was formed from . . . Map (db m234611) HM
62 Virginia, Botetourt County, Daleville — D-30 — Greenfield
Half a mile west stood Greenfield, the home of Col. William Preston. According to local tradition, Stephen Rentfroe constructed a fort there in the 1740s. In 1759, Preston bought the property from Rentfroe and soon built a house that evolved into a . . . Map (db m62983) HM
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63 Virginia, Bristol — Overmountain Patriots of the American Revolution
Dedicated to the hundreds of patriots from this area who fought in the American Revolution (1775 - 1783). When the war in the north came to a stalemate by early 1780, the British turned their military strategy to the South. They believed that . . . Map (db m32611) HM
64 Virginia, Bristol — K-123 — Walnut Grove Plantation
Col. Robert Preston (1750-1833) acquired 720 acres here in the 1780s and established Walnut Grove. Preston had emigrated from Ireland in 1773 and worked as assistant surveyor under his relative William Preston, who laid out vast areas of western . . . Map (db m210159) HM
65 Virginia, Brunswick County, Dolphin — SN-61 — Smoky Ordinary
The ordinary that stood on this site catered to travelers on the north-south stage road as early as 1750. During the American Revolution local warehouses were burned by British Colonel Tarleton, and legend says that it was from that occurrence that . . . Map (db m20164) HM
66 Virginia, Brunswick County, Lawrenceville — Col. John Jonesof Brunswick County
Soldier of the Revolution Feb. 14, 1735 – Jan. 11, 1793 Vestryman St. Andrew’s Parish 1775-79 Justice 1760-93 Sheriff 1773-75 Clerk 1789-93 House of Burgesses 1772-73 Virginia Senate 1776-89 Speaker of the Senate . . . Map (db m20216) HM
67 Virginia, Buckingham County, Sheppards — F-61 — New Store Village
Four miles west is the site of New Store Village, in early times an important stop on the stage coach road between Richmond and Lynchburg. Philip Watkins McKinney, governor of Virginia 1890-1894, was born here in 1832. Peter Francisco, Revolutionary . . . Map (db m29166) HM
68 Virginia, Campbell County, Altavista — L-30 — Origin of Lynch Law
During the Revolutionary War, loyalists in the Virginia backcountry periodically conspired against the Revolutionary authorities. Colonels Charles Lynch, James Callaway, and other militia officers and county justices formed extralegal courts to . . . Map (db m65382) HM
69 Virginia, Campbell County, Brookneal — Henry Family Graveyard
The double box tomb on the north side of the path marks the graves of Patrick Henry and his second wife, Dorothea Dandridge. Patrick Henry died at home on June 6, 1799, after a long illness. Dorothea died on Valentine's Day 1831 at Seven Islands, . . . Map (db m128643) HM
70 Virginia, Campbell County, Brookneal — Last Law Office of Patrick Henry
. . . Map (db m128667) HM
71 Virginia, Campbell County, Brookneal — FR-25 — Patrick Henry’s Grave
Five miles southeast Is Red Hill the last home and burial place of Patrick Henry, governor of Virginia and the great orator of the American Revolution. Henry is especially famous for his “Liberty or Death” speech made in 1775 in Saint John’s . . . Map (db m64382) HM
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72 Virginia, Campbell County, Brookneal — R-15 — Patrick Henry’s Grave
Five miles east is Red Hill, last home and grave of Patrick Henry, orator of the Revolution. He moved there in 1796 and died there, June 6, 1799. Henry is especially famous for his “Liberty or Death” speech made in 1775 at the beginning of the . . . Map (db m64431) HM
73 Virginia, Campbell County, Brookneal — R-15 — Patrick Henry’s Grave
Five miles east is Red Hill, the last home and gravesite of Patrick Henry, the great orator of the Revolution. Henry is especially famous for his “Liberty or Death” speech made in 1775 in St. John’s Church in Richmond. Henry moved . . . Map (db m64434) HM
74 Virginia, Campbell County, Lynchburg — K-149 — Mount Athos
Two miles north stand massive sandstone walls and four chimneys, the ruins of Mount Athos, overlooking a bend of the James River. The house was built about 1800 for William J. Lewis (1766-1828) on land that had been patented in 1742 by John Bolling . . . Map (db m42896) HM
75 Virginia, Campbell County, New London — K-139 — New London
This place, on the old stage road, was the first county seat of Bedford; the first courthouse, built in 1755, was standing until 1856. In 1781, New London was raided by the British cavalryman, Tarleton, seeking military stores. It came into Campbell . . . Map (db m65383) HM
76 Virginia, Caroline County, Bowling Green — ND-7 — Campaign of 1781
Lafayette, marching from Head of Elk, Maryland, to Richmond, camped here the night of April 27, 1781.Map (db m14100) HM
77 Virginia, Caroline County, Edgar — Z-246 — Caroline County / King William County
Caroline County. Area 529 Square Miles. Formed in 1727 from Essex, King and Queen, and King William. Named for Queen Caroline, wife of King George II. George Rogers Clark, conqueror of the Northwest, passed his youth in this . . . Map (db m17789) HM
78 Virginia, Caroline County, Hanover — Z-148 — Caroline County / Hanover County
Caroline County. Area 529 Square Miles. Formed in 1727 from Essex, King and Queen, and King William. Named for Queen Caroline, wife of King George II. George Rogers Clark, conqueror of the Northwest, passed his youth in this . . . Map (db m22269) HM
79 Virginia, Caroline County, Milford — ND-5 — Edmund Pendleton's Home
Six miles southeast is the site of Edmundsbury, home of Edmund Pendleton. Pendleton, born September 9, 1721, was in the House of Burgesses; a delegate to the Continental Congress; chairman of the Virginia Committee of Safety, 1775-6; president of . . . Map (db m22259) HM
80 Virginia, Caroline County, Moss Neck — N-12 — Windsor
This is the ancient Woodford Estate. Governor Spotswood and the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe stopped here on their way to the mountains, August, 1716. Here General William Woodford was born, October 6, 1734. He defeated Governor Lord Dunmore at . . . Map (db m22577) HM
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81 Virginia, Caroline County, Port Royal — N-14 — Hazelwood
Hazelwood was the home plantation of John Taylor of Caroline (1753-1824), agricultural reformer and political theorist. Taylor studied law under his uncle, the jurist Edmund Pendleton, and was an officer in the Revolutionary War. He served in the . . . Map (db m186681) HM
82 Virginia, Caroline County, Woodford — Z-156 — Spotsylvania County / Caroline County
Spotsylvania County. Straddling the fall line, Spotsylvania County was formed from Essex, King William, and King and Queen Counties in 1720. It was named for Alexander Spotswood, lieutenant governor of Virginia from 1710 to 1722. The Civil War . . . Map (db m3319) HM
83 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — V-7 — Berkeley and Harrison's Landing
A short distance south. The place was first settled in 1619 but was abandoned. It was repatented in 1636. Benjamin Harrison, signer of the Declaration of Independence, lived here; his son, William Henry Harrison, President of the United States, was . . . Map (db m30225) HM
84 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — V-7 — Berkeley Plantation or Harrison's Landing Reported permanently removed
A short distance south, it was first settled in 1619, when the first Thanksgiving was held here. The present mansion, built in 1726, was the birthplace of Benjamin Harrison, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and President William Henry . . . Map (db m9284) HM
85 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — V-7 — Berkeley Plantation or Harrison's Landing
English settlers established Berkeley Hundred just south of there in 1619. Benjamin Harrison III, a merchant and planter, purchased the property in 1691. A Georgian-style house was built in 1726 for Benjamin Harrison IV and his wife, Anne Carter. . . . Map (db m175928) HM
86 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — V-11 — Charles City C. H. Reported permanently removed
In 1702 Charles City County, which then included both sides of James River, was divided; the courthouse here was built about 1730. Here Simcoe's British Cavalry surprised a party of militia, January 8, 1781. Here Grant's Army passed on its way to . . . Map (db m9557) HM
87 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — V-11 — Charles City Court House
Charles City County, named for King Charles I, was one of Virginia's eight original shires formed by 1634. It encompassed land south of the James River until 1702, when Prince George County was established. The courthouse was completed here in 1757. . . . Map (db m175947) HM
88 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — Eye Witness to a Revolution
Charles City Courthouse was an eye witness to the American Revolution (1775-1783). Soldiers enlisted here before marching off to join the Continental Army. Local militia encamped on the grounds, and armies marched by throughout the course of the . . . Map (db m17758) HM
89 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — V-35 — Kennon's Landing
Located 1 ½ miles south of the James River is Kennon's Landing. Richard Kennon married Anne Hunt about 1735 and lived there until his death in 1761. Anne Hunt's father was Captain William Hunt whose father William Hunt, a supporter of Nathaniel . . . Map (db m86171) HM
90 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — Lane to Site of First Thanksgiving
Lane to Site of First Thanksgiving in America. First whiskey distillery 1621. One of the first ship yards in the New World. 18 gun man of war was constructed here for the Revolutionary War. Lincoln landed here in 1862 to confer with General . . . Map (db m175925) HM
91 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — New Hope & Court HouseCharles City County, Virginia
Since the establishment of the Court House during the mid-eighteenth century, this area has served as a community center for the entire county. During the Revolution and Civil War the area was the site of military encampments. A tavern built in the . . . Map (db m9429) HM
92 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — V-8 — Westover
In 1619 the first settlement was made at Westover, about 2 miles southeast. Two settlers died in the Powhatan uprising of 1622. Theodorick Bland bought Westover in 1666; William Byrd I acquired it in 1688. About 1730 his son, Colonel William Byrd . . . Map (db m9285) HM
93 Virginia, Charles City County, Charles City — Westover Church
Early colonists in Jamestown migrated westward, bringing Anglican worship there as early as 1613. Westover Parish was recognized in 1625 by the House of Burgesses. A church built in 1630 at Westover Plantation was moved to its present site in 1731. . . . Map (db m221020) HM
94 Virginia, Charles City County, Cherry Hall — Sandy Point & Cherry HallCharles City County, Virginia
Originally home to the Paspahegh Indians, Sandy Point was settled in 1617 as Smith's Hundred and after 1619 known as Southampton Hundred. St. Mary's Church was established here prior to the Powhatan Uprising of 1622. During the Revolutionary War . . . Map (db m9467) HM
95 Virginia, Charles City County, Kimages — PA-250 — Benjamin Harrison
Benjamin Harrison (1726-1791) - Virginia planter, politician, and signer of the Declaration of Independence - was born at nearby Berkeley plantation. He first served in the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1752, though elected in 1749, and remained in . . . Map (db m86174) HM
96 Virginia, Charlotte County, Brookneal — Red Hill"Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775
After three decades of public service, Patrick Henry retired in 1794 to Red Hill plantation in Charlotte County, which he regarded as "one of the garden spots of the world." He purchased the 700-acre estate and simple story-and-half house in 1794 . . . Map (db m128698) HM
97 Virginia, Charlotte County, Brookneal — Red HillPatrick Henry National Memorial
Text Box #4) The flags of the Commonwealth Courtyard honor Patrick Henry's election as the first governor of Virginia on June 29, 1776, when the boundaries of the commonwealth extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River. The Grand . . . Map (db m128702) HM
98 Virginia, Charlotte County, Brookneal — 10 — Red Hill — Patrick Henry National Memorial —
One mile to the south is Red Hill, Patrick Henry’s last home and burial place. The marble stone covering his grave carries the simple inscription, “His fame his best epitaph.” Henry came here in 1794 and died at his beloved Red Hill . . . Map (db m65398) HM
99 Virginia, Charlotte County, Charlotte Court House — FR-12 — Campaign of 1781
At Cole's Ferry on Staunton River, twelve miles southwest, Steuben halted his southward march, June 10, 1781.Map (db m31020) HM
100 Virginia, Charlotte County, Charlotte Court House — FR-6 — Edgehill
Three miles north is Edgehill, home of Clement Carrington. He ran away from Hampden-Sydney College to join the Revolutionary army, served in Lee's Legion, 1780-81, and was wounded at Eutaw Springs, September 8, 1781.Map (db m31023) HM

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