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First Christian Service in Hawaii Marker is missing image, Touch for more information
By Barry Swackhamer, August 31, 2017
First Christian Service in Hawaii Marker is missing
1Hawaii (Hawaii County), Captain Cook — First Christian Service in Hawaii
In this heiau January-28-1779 Captain James Cook, R.N. Read the English Burial Service over William Whitman, Seaman the first recorded Christian service in the Hawaiian Islands — Map (db m110794) HM
2Hawaii (Hawaii County), Hilo — Lyman House Memorial
The home of David Belden Lyman and Sarah Joiner Lyman Missionaries of the A.B.C.F.M. to the Hawaiian People Built in 1839 — Map (db m111116) HM
3Hawaii (Hawaii County), Hilo — Saddle House - Hale Noho LioDaniel K. Inouye Highway
Well before sheep and cattle ranching took hold in the second half of the nineteenth century, these rugged 'āina mauna, mountain lands, were traveled for collecting birds and rock or for religious purposes. Rock from Maunakea adze quarries at . . . — Map (db m111118) HM
4Hawaii (Hawaii County), Hilo — The Spiritual Power of Stones
Traditions tell us that the larger Naha Stone was brought by canoe to Hilo from the chiefly valley of Wailua on Kaua'i by Chief Makali'inuikuakawaiea centuries ago. The stone had a place of honor at one of several heiau in Hilo and was said . . . — Map (db m111114) HM
5Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Ahu'ena Heiau
Upon this paepae (stone platform) is a representation of Ahu;ena Heiau. Restored by Kamehameha I upon the unification of the pae'aina (island chain), he rededicated Ahu'ena to Lono, the god of peace and prosperity. The Hale O Lono (House of Lono) . . . — Map (db m110669) HM
6Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Hulihe‘e Palace / Moku‘aikaua Church
Hulihe‘e Palace Construction of Hulihe‘e Palace was completed in 1838. Hulihe‘e was the gracious residence of Governor John Adams Kuakini and a favorite retreat for Hawai‘i’s royal families. Kuakini oversaw the construction of both . . . — Map (db m39424) HM
7Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Kamakahonu
Home of Kamehameha I, founder of the Hawaiian Kingdom, from 1812 until his death. Here he built his residence, storehouses and fishponds and remodeled 'Ahu'ena Heiau, a temple of great antiquity. When he died here May 8 1819, his son Liholiho was . . . — Map (db m110592) HM
8Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Kamakahonu / Kailua Pier
Kamakahonu After uniting the Hawaiian kingdom, Kamehameha I returned to rule from his compound at Kamakahonu (lit. eye of the turtle) from 1812 until his death in 1819. 'Ahu'ena Heiau, the religious temple that served Kamehameha was rebuilt . . . — Map (db m110665) HM
9Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Ki'ope Pond
This sacred pond was built with lava rock and coral mortar in the mid 1800's. It once served as a bathhouse for the royal families. Fresh water empties into Ki’ ope pond through underground springs along the edges of the wall. Because of its rich . . . — Map (db m123291) HM
10Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Kuemanu Heiau
In the past, Hawaiian religious practices included the worship of many gods, both through individual and family rituals at small shrines and through larger community ceremonies at heiau (temples) such as this one. In 1819, King Kamehameha II . . . — Map (db m110675) HM
11Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — The First Hawaiian Christian
The first Hawaiian Christian, Henry Opukahaia, died at Cornwall, Conn. 1818 The first Christian missionaries to Hawaii, Bingham, Thurston, Whitney, landed at Kailua, April 12, 1820 with their Hawaiian comrades Hopu, . . . — Map (db m39440) HM
12Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kawaihae — Pu'ukohola HeiauA Sacred Place Since Prehistoric Times
A heiau (temple) at Pu’ukohola was built long before Kamehameha started construction on the heiau that you see. This showed great vision and strategy on the part of the kahuna (priests). The heiau was physically very prominent and imposing on the . . . — Map (db m71886) HM
13Hawaii (Hawaii County), Keauhou — Kauikeaouli and Nāhi'ena'ena
Kauikeaouli and Nāhi'ena'ena An inscribed stone tablet commemorates the nearby birth site of Kauikeaouli who went on to rule Hawai'i as King Kamehameha III. His sister, Princess Nāhi'ena'ena, was also born in Keauhou about . . . — Map (db m110300) HM
14Hawaii (Hawaii County), Naalehu — Kauila and the Sea Turtles of Punalu'u
The mystical turtle, Kauila, makes her home in the Ka’u District at Punalu’u Bay. According to Hawaiian mythology, Kauila was empowered with the ability to turn herself from turtle into human form and would play with the children along the . . . — Map (db m129454) HM
15Hawaii (Hawaii County), Pāhoa — Mokumanamana is a place of spiritual and geologic transition
As these massive volcanoes move away from the hot spot, they cease to erupt, and slowly erode to become atolls, lagoons, and expansive sholes of coral reef. The island of Mokumanamana rises from the sea about halfway along the island chain and . . . — Map (db m111014) HM
16Hawaii (Hawaii County), Pāhoa — The spirit of Pu'uloa now surrounds you
Honor the profound importance of Pu'uloa and its petroglyphs holds for many native Hawaiians - the past, present, and the future. Respect that importance by staying on the boardwalks so that their stories may live forever. Ancient . . . — Map (db m110976) HM
17Hawaii (Hawaii County), Pāhoa — These simple impressions embody the essence of Pu'uloa
We come to Pu'uloa because we want what's best for our keiki (children). Pu'uloa holds two of my children's piko, There kūpuna (elders) brought them here and created the puka where there piko would rest, sealed under a stone These two . . . — Map (db m110978) HM
18Hawaii (Hawaii County), Papaikou — "KU" - Hawaiian God
In the beginning in Hawaiian mythology, Po was a vast and dark empty land. Only one life form dwelled there. It was the spirit of Keawe, his single light shining and holding the energy of creation. Keawe evolved order. He opened his great calabash . . . — Map (db m110860) HM
19Hawaii (Hawaii County), Papaikou — Remembrance Bell
In 1977 Dan and Paulin Lutkenhouse purchased this land to create a botanical garden for the education and enjoyment of the public. This bell was hanging in the steeple of an old church that was the Garden's first visitor center. In 1988 the church . . . — Map (db m110859) HM
20Hawaii (Hawaii County), Papaikou — The Legend of Twin Rocks
The village of Kahali'i was located on this large point of land which extends into Onomea Bay. Though the village is gone, the descendants of Kahali'i still remember some of the legends concerning the area's landmarks. One story tells of the . . . — Map (db m110862) HM
21Hawaii (Hawaii County), Volcano — Explosive eruptions rock Kīlauea volcano
Oli (chants) and mo'olelo (stories of this region recount the celebrated battle between Pelehonuamea (Pele, the volcano deity) and her sister, Hi'iakaikapoliopele (Hi'iaka), that erupted here at the summit of Kīlauea. After a series of . . . — Map (db m111041) HM
22Hawaii (Hawaii County), Waikoloa — Kamehameha II(1797 - 1824)
Liholiho ascended the throne at a time when foreign influences, and new standards and ideas were propelling the Hawaiians into the modern western world. During his reign, the kapu system was abolished and the missionaries arrived, brining . . . — Map (db m108956) HM
23Hawaii (Hawaii County), Waimea — Hale o Kapuni Heiau
The submerged remains of Hale o Kapuni Heiau, a temple dedicated to shark akua (deities), are believed to lie just offshore. The heiau was built by a chief whose family revered sharks, believing that the family's 'aumākua (deified ancestors) . . . — Map (db m110377) HM
24Hawaii (Hawaii County), Waimea — Mailekini Heiau
The remains of Mailekini Heiau, a temple used before the time of Kamehameha, stand before you. Many mysteries surround Mailekini Heiau; its early history, kept orally and secretly within the priesthood, was never recorded. Historians agree that . . . — Map (db m110367) HM
25Hawaii (Hawaii County), Waimea — Pu'ukohlā Heiau
Build a heiau on Pu'ukoholā, the "hill of the whale," dedicate it to your war god, and you will achieve your dream - you will rule the islands. Responding to this prophecy told by Kapoykahi, a famous seer, Kamehameha built the . . . — Map (db m110330) HM
26Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Father DamienThe Reverend Joseph Damien De Veuster, SS. CC. — Hawaii —
Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. —John 15:13 Born a farmer’s son at Tremeloo, Belgium, January 3, 1840. Damien joined the Missionary Congregation of the Sacred Heart and was ordained a . . . — Map (db m13485) HM
27Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Hiram Bingham
A Centennial Memorial of Hiram Bingham. Born in Bennington, Vt., Oct. 30, 1789. Died in New Haven, Ct., Nov. 11, 1869, Aged 80 Years. This slab is placed here in grateful remembrance of a pioneer Missionary by descendants of Hawaiians . . . — Map (db m13800) HM
28Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Kawaiaha‘o Landmark
William Charles Lunalilo was the kingdom’s sixth monarch and proved to be very popular from the beginning of his reign. King Kamehameha V had preceded Lunalilo and had died without naming a successor. Therefore Lunalilo was appointed by the . . . — Map (db m13809) HM
29Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Kawaiaha'o Church(The Stone Church)
Built of gaint coral slabs, hewn from ocean reefs, this sanctuary became known as The Stone Church. This structure was preceded by a succession of four thatched grass buildings which served as houses of worship until ground was broken in 1837. . . . — Map (db m74145) HM
30Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Kawaiaha'o LandmarkThe water of Ha'o...
In the middle of an otherwise dry and barren plane, existed a sacred spring on these grounds, reserved for use by high chiefs and chiefesses only. Legend tells us that among the high ranking who enjoyed the privilege of bathing in the large circular . . . — Map (db m74144) HM
31Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — 13 — Kawehewehe — Waikīkī Historic Trail —
From olden times Waikīkī was viewed not only as a place of peace and hospitality, but of healing. There was great mana (spiritual power) in Waikīkī. Powerful kahuna la‘au lapa‘au (or physicians) lived here. Throughout the . . . — Map (db m13225) HM
32Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — King William Charles LunaliloJan. 31, 1835 – Feb. 3, 1874
King Kamehameha V died on December 11, 1872, without naming a successor to the throne. Prince William Charles Lunalilo was the highest ranking Chief at that time. Instead of claiming his birthright to the throne, he wanted the people to choose their . . . — Map (db m13788) HM
33Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Reverend James KekelaKekela O Ka Lani
Born in 1824 at Mokuleia Oahu Educated by James Hunnewell at Lahainaluna First Hawaiian Christian Minister Ordained at Kahuku December 21 1849 In 1853 he went as a pioneer missionary to the Marquesas . . . — Map (db m74147) HM
34Hawaii (Honolulu County), Laie — Breaking Ground with a Vision: An Inspired Beginning
While travelling around the world on an assignment to visit the foreign missions of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, Elder David O. McKay, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and Hugh J. Cannon visited Hawaii in . . . — Map (db m111520) HM
35Hawaii (Honolulu County), Laie — Mission School
This is the site of the LDS Hawaii Mission School where President David O. McKay, then member of the Church’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, witnessed a flag raising ceremony on February 7, 1921. Observing the multi-ethnic student body . . . — Map (db m111519) HM
36Hawaii (Kauai County), Hanalei — Waioli Mission Hall
The Waioli Mission Hall was established by American Christian missionaries in 1834. A pole and thatch meeting house was constructed by Hawaiians on this site, in anticipation of the arrivals of the missionaries. The first meeting house was destroyed . . . — Map (db m9804) HM
37Hawaii (Kauai County), Kawaihae — Pu'ukohola Heiau National Historic Site
Welcome to Pu’ukohola Heiau, one of the most famous heiau (temples) in the Hawaiian Islands. This heiau is an integral component of the traditional Hawaiian social, political, and religious systems, and a significant place in the history of King . . . — Map (db m71874) HM
38Hawaii (Kauai County), Koloa — 11 — Kōloa Jodo MissionKōloa Heritage Trail — Ka Ala Hele Waiwai Ho‘olina o Kōloa — Preserving the Heritage of Po‘ipū & Kōloa —
Buddhist temples provided Japanese immigrants a place to worship, study their language, learn martial arts and participate in social events. This Jodo Mission used a specialist in temple architecture from Japan to build the large temple’s interior. . . . — Map (db m13007) HM
39Hawaii (Kauai County), Koloa — 14 — Kōloa Missionary ChurchKōloa Heritage Trail — Ka Ala Hele Waiwai Ho‘olina o Kōloa — Preserving the Heritage of Po‘ipū & Kōloa —
Kōloa Missionary Church sanctuary is part of a homestead once owned by Dr. James W. Smith, a medical missionary. In 1842, he began a practice of over 40 years, later becoming an ordained minister at The Church at Kōloa. His grandson, Dr. . . . — Map (db m13023) HM
40Hawaii (Kauai County), Poipu — 5 — Kihāhouna HeiauKōloa Heritage Trail — Ka Ala Hele Waiwai Ho‘olina o Kōloa — Preserving the Heritage of Po‘ipū & Kōloa —
The walled heiau (temple) that once stood here was 130 feet by 90 feet; dedicated to Kāne, a major god of Hawai‘i, Hulokoki, a bird god, Kū-hai-moana and Ka-moho-ali‘i, two shark gods. Three hala-lihilihi-‘ula trees situated on the outside . . . — Map (db m12803) HM
41Hawaii (Maui County), Kipahulu — Palapala Hoomau Congregational Church
Kipahulu-Founded 1864-We welcome visitors to this historic, missionary church in Kipahulu. Out of respect for church members, relatives & descendants of those buried in the graveyard, we ask that you treat this religious site with reverence & care. — Map (db m71842) HM
42Hawaii (Maui County), Kula — Holy Ghost Catholic Church
Holy Ghost Catholic Church has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m71770) HM
43Hawaii (Maui County), Wailuku — Haleki'i and Pihanakalani HeiausState Historical Site
A heiau is a Hawaiian religious structure which centralized the ceremonies and rituals of old Hawaii. The construction of a heiau was directed by the highest chiefs or alii and required a great expenditure of organized labor. The ceremonies and . . . — Map (db m71864) HM
44Hawaii (Maui County), Wailuku — Monument of Christian Faith
In the distant future, when our descendants ask, tell them here lies the first altar made by Korean American Christians. Today, when more than three thousand Korean churches in America, along with their members ask, tell them you all are . . . — Map (db m73191) HM
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