“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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By Cosmos Mariner, April 22, 1998
Captain James Cook Marker
1Hawaii (Hawaii County), Captain Cook — In Memory of Captain James Cook, R.N.
Marker panel on obelisk (1874): In Memory of the great circumnavigator Captain James Cook, R.N. who discovered these islands on the 18th of January, 1770 and fell near this spot on the 14th of February, 1779. . . . — Map (db m72497) HM
2Hawaii (Hawaii County), Hilo — Hilo Bay: In the days of Kamehameha
(Legend to Points of Interest to on the Hilo Bay map:) ➊ Kānoe Heiau Kānoe Heiau was one of six major lauakini or sacrificial heiau on the island of Hawai'i dating back to ancient times. ➋ Naha . . . — Map (db m111236) HM
3Hawaii (Hawaii County), Hilo — Kamehameha at Hilo Bay
Kamehameha the Great was born in the 1750s and rose to become one of the most important figures in Hawaiian history. He lived during a period of great transition in Hawaiian society, having witnessed the arrival of the first Westerners when he was . . . — Map (db m111235) HM
4Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Ki'ope Pond
This sacred pond was built with lava rock and coral mortar in the mid 1800's. It once served as a bathhouse for the royal families. Fresh water empties into Ki’ ope pond through underground springs along the edges of the wall. Because of its rich . . . — Map (db m123291) HM
5Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Niumalu Beach / Kailua Bay
Niumalu Beach Once a hub for canoeing, water gathering and some shipping, the fancy beach at Niumalu (lit. shade of the coconut tree), commonly known as Kanuha Beach, is sheltered by a sea wall that has protected beach-goers of over 100 . . . — Map (db m110586) HM
6Hawaii (Hawaii County), Keauhou — Keauhou BayThe Kekahuna Legacy
Cultural historian Henry E.P. Kekahuna was born on Maui in 1881 when many ancient Hawaiian traditions were still in practice. He listened and learned the stories of old. He explored and mapped many areas throughout Hawai'i in the 1950s. His . . . — Map (db m110310) HM
7Hawaii (Hawaii County), Keauhou — Royal Center at Keauhou Bay
In the time of the ruler 'Umi-a-Liloa, 22 generations before the time of King Kamehameha I, the Royal Center moved away from Waipi'o in the island's northern region. As a result of this move, Royal Centers developed along Kona's leeward coast, By . . . — Map (db m110308) HM
8Hawaii (Honolulu County), Aiea — RegulusThe Missile of the Pacific — Guided Missile Unit Ten —
From 1959 through 1964 Regulus was the submarine launched retaliatory missile in the Pacific The Regulus missile deterrent strike force operated from submarine base, Pearl Harbor, under the operational control of Commander Submarine . . . — Map (db m111762) WM
9Hawaii (Honolulu County), Aiea — USS Parche
Launched 24 July 1943 (shield logo) Commissioned 20 November 1943 USS Parche SS-384 These men served aboard during her six war patrols ( 191 names) * Wolf Pack Commander ** Commanding Officer of USS Parche *** Lost at Sea- - 10 February . . . — Map (db m111817) WM
10Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — King Kamehameha IThomas Ridgeway Gould — Bronze, 1883 —
King Kamehameha I (c. 1758–1819) is generally recognized as the most important figure in Hawaiian history. He was a wise ruler who enacted laws to protect the defenseless and to bring order to the newly united kingdom. An astute statesman, he . . . — Map (db m13581) HM
11Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Diamond Head Lighthouse
The Diamond Head Lighthouse is a prominent symbol of Hawaiian history to residents and visitors alike. The lighthouse rests aside a tuff-cone volcano, formed by explosive eruptions thousands of years ago. In 1825, British sailors ascended the . . . — Map (db m111324) HM
12Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — 16 — Duke KahanamokuWaikīkī Historic Trail
Olympic swimming champion Duke Kahanamoku (1890–1986) spent much of his youth here in Kālia with his mother’s family, the Paoas. The family owned most of the 20 acres which the Hilton Hawaiian Village now occupies. It is said that it was . . . — Map (db m13188) HM
13Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Fall and Rise of the Fleet
More than two thousand Americans were killed on December 7, 1941, almost half of them aboard USS Arizona. Military installations around the island were attacked and nineteen ships were sunk, beached, or badly damaged. Hundreds of Navy and Army . . . — Map (db m104804) HM
14Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — 17 — Kālia Bay — Waikīkī Historic Trail —
Fish were easily netted from the ponds near Pi‘inaio Stream. In ancient times, the area was home to many Hawaiian families, who enjoyed the offerings in its bountiful waters. It was not unusual to see native men and women fishing, . . . — Map (db m13127) HM
15Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Kawaiaha'o LandmarkThe water of Ha'o...
In the middle of an otherwise dry and barren plane, existed a sacred spring on these grounds, reserved for use by high chiefs and chiefesses only. Legend tells us that among the high ranking who enjoyed the privilege of bathing in the large circular . . . — Map (db m74144) HM
16Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Le’Ahi Beach Park
The Hawaiian goddess Hi’iaka compared the peak of volcanic cone of Diamond Head to the dorsal fin of the ‘ahi fish, thus the Hawaiian name for Diamond Head is Le’ahi. This site was once the Dillingham Home, the beachfront house of Harold . . . — Map (db m111326) HM
17Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Lost Submarine MemorialUnited States Submarine Losses-Prior To and After World War II- — USS Bowfin Museum and Park —
He goes a great voyage that goes to the bottom of the sea, George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum, 1651 Throughout the history of submarine development, men have fought enemies just as lethal as any human foe. Those who brave the deep in . . . — Map (db m81389) HM WM
18Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Reverend James KekelaKekela O Ka Lani
Born in 1824 at Mokuleia Oahu Educated by James Hunnewell at Lahainaluna First Hawaiian Christian Minister Ordained at Kahuku December 21 1849 In 1853 he went as a pioneer missionary to the Marquesas . . . — Map (db m74147) HM
19Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — 19 — The Ala Wai Canal — Waikīkī Historic Trail —
Ala Wai (freshwater way) Canal was at the heart of the Waikīkī Reclamation Project launched in the early 1900s “to reclaim an unsanitary and most unsightly portion of the city.” The duck farms and the millions of mosquitoes . . . — Map (db m13196) HM
20Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — 1 — The Beaches of WaikikiWaikiki Historic Trail
Princess Lili’uokalani enjoyed spending time with Robert Louis Stevenson on Waikiki in “earnest conversation”, Feb 3, 1889 This section of Waikiki Beach contains four distinct areas: Outrigger Canoe Club, San Souci, Kapi’olani Park . . . — Map (db m73122) HM
21Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — The Golden Anchor
The Navy’s Retention Excellence Award, or “Golden Anchor” is traditionally awarded to active-service Naval vessels for meeting or exceeding crew retention goals. On June 11, 2005, Battleship Missouri became the first non-active . . . — Map (db m112231) HM
22Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — U.S. Naval Base Pearl Harbor
U.S. Naval Base, Pearl Harbor has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 this site possesses exceptional value in commemorating and . . . — Map (db m4526) HM
23Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — U.S.S. Arizona
At 0755, 7 December 1941, near this spot at Berth Fox 7 The USS Arizona was hit by one torpedo and approximately seven bombs. One bomb went down the stack and another penetrated the black powder magazines. The sunken ship remains the tomb . . . — Map (db m143290) HM WM
24Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — USS Arizona AnchorA Solemn Reminder
This anchor was recovered from the Arizona The ship had three anchors. The crew used one in calm seas, two during foul weather, and the third as a spare. Each weighs nearly ten tons. Notice the size of the anchors compared to the . . . — Map (db m111209) WM
25Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — USS Seawolf (SS-197)Bowfin Park — Pearl Harbor —
LCDR A.M. Bontier, USN, Commanding Officer; Launched 15 August 1939; Lost at Sea, 3 October 1944. Beginning with her first patrol just hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a daring submarine embarked on a career that made the name . . . — Map (db m81417) WM
26Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — USS Swordfish (SS-193)Bowfin Park — Pearl Harbor —
CDR K.E. Montross, USN, Commanding Officer; Launched 1 April 1939; Lost at sea, January 1945. Less than two weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Swordfish sank her first ship. So began the career of a submarine that not only sank . . . — Map (db m81419) HM WM
27Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — USS Tang (SS-306)Bowfin Park — Pearl Harbor —
CDR R.H. Kane, USN, Commanding Officer; Launched 17 August 1943; Lost at sea, 24 October 1944. The exploits of Tang are legendary in submarine history. Under the bold leadership of Commander Richard H. O’Kane, Tang executed five brilliant . . . — Map (db m81473) HM WM
28Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — USS Utah Memorial
Near this spot, at Berth Fox 11 on the morning of 7 December 1941, the USS Utah was struck on the portside with what is believed to have been three aerial torpedoes and was sunk. She was subsequently rolled over to clear the channel but . . . — Map (db m60044) HM
29Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — USS Utah Memorial
This memorial was officially authorized by the 91st Congress of the United States of America on 14 October 1970. Its construction was made possible by Congressional appropriation and by the generous contributions of many individuals and . . . — Map (db m60071) HM
30Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — USS Wahoo (SS-238)Bowfin Park — Pearl Harbor —
CDR D.W. Morton, USN Commanding Officer; Launched 14 February 1942; Lost at sea 11 October 1943. If one submarine could be said to embody the spirit and pride of the U.S. Submarine Force, it would probably be Wahoo. Certainly the enemy . . . — Map (db m81474) WM
31Hawaii (Honolulu County), Pearl Harbor — U. S. S. MissouriInstrument of Surrender, WWII
The instrument of surrender terminating the Second World War was signed on this ship, 2 September 1945 east longitude date while she lay at anchor in Tokyo Bay. The Allied representatives were • General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, The . . . — Map (db m49677) HM
32Hawaii (Kauai County), Waimea — Captain Cook Monument
In January, 1778, two ships under the command of British navigator Captain James Cook sighted the northwest coast of O'ahu. The next day they cruised from Maha'ulepu to Waimea Bay on Kaua'i where they set anchor. Acquainted with the Tahitian . . . — Map (db m65777) HM
33Hawaii (Maui County), Lahaina — Scandinavian Migration to Hawaii
This monument commemorates the arrival of the Norwegian barque Beta which dropped anchor near this spot on February 18, 1881, and of her sister ship Musca, which arrived in Honolulu May 13, 1881. They brought more than six hundred . . . — Map (db m73188) HM
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