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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Skippy Peanut Butter Marker - wide view image, Touch for more information
By Andrew Ruppenstein, December 21, 2020
Skippy Peanut Butter Marker - wide view
1California (Alameda County), Alameda — Skippy Peanut ButterSite of the Former Rosefield Packing Company
Incorporated on August 24, 1926 Joseph L. Rosefield was the inventor of hydrogenated peanut butter. Before this process was developed, peanut butter would separate and quickly spoil. Mr. Rosefield received a patent for his process in 1923 and . . . Map (db m163095) HM
2California (Alameda County), Alameda — They Brought Alameda the NewsPaul's Newstand Re-dedicated April 30, 2011
NEWSPAPERS were the main source of public information before the introduction of radio and television. The Bay Area was home to several daily newspapers and the larger publishers produced as many as five editions released throughout the day. . . . Map (db m145341) HM
3California (Alameda County), Albany — Albany Waterfront History(Post-1900)
The explosive powder industry developed around San Francisco during the Civil War to supply California's gold mines. A powder plant opened at Albany's remote Fleming Point in 1879. Others on the north side of Albany Hill followed. Nobel Depot, . . . Map (db m174552) HM
4California (Alameda County), Albany — Rose WaveColin Lambert & Peter Adams, 2007
This sculpture honors the Gill Family rose nursery that operated during the late 19th to early 20th century in the area extending west from San Pablo Avenue to Ocean View Park. It also honors the original name of the City of Albany, which was . . . Map (db m137060) HM
5California (Alameda County), Albany — 5 — Site of Charles MacGregor's Office
Charles Manning MacGregor built approximately 1,500 homes in Albany, mostly in the 1920's and 1930’s. These homes, many featuring a Mediterranean style, originally sold for under $5,000 and can still be seen around town, giving Albany its own . . . Map (db m137101) HM
6California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Allenoke ManorCoxhead and Coxhead, Architects — 1903 —
City of Berkeley Landmarks designated in 1986 Allenoke is the only large estate remaining near the northern edge of the University of California campus. It was designed by Ernest Coxhead for Allen Freeman, President of the Bank of Oakland. . . . Map (db m53888) HM
7California (Alameda County), Berkeley — American Photoplayer Co.Cooper Woodworking Buildings — 1912-1920 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 1986 Over the years this complex housed Cooper Woodworking, the Sperry Flour Company, the American Photoplayer Company, and other industrial and manufacturing enterprises. American Photoplayer manufactured . . . Map (db m53818) HM
8California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Barker BuildingA.W. Smith, Architect — 1905 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 1978 James Loring Baker was an early Berkeley landowner, developer, and civic leader. He was one of the signers of the incorporation papers for the Town of Berkeley and it was he who delivered them to . . . Map (db m54332) HM
9California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Bill's Trading Post and Gem GalleryBerkeley History — A.W. Smith, Architect and Builder, 1923 —
Bill Gulley started "Bill's Model Shoe Shop” here in 1934, after his previous business enterprise of bootlegging ended with the repeal of Prohibition. When he died in 1966, his daughter, Mary Jane "Peggy” Casey, and her daughters . . . Map (db m154320) HM
10California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Bowen’s Inn/Higgins GroceryCirca 1854 — City of Berkeley Landmark, designated in 1985 —
This building, thought to be Berkeley’s oldest remaining structure, originally stood on the Contra Costa Road, now San Pablo Avenue. Built by Captain William J. Bowen when the area was sparsely populated, it served as an inn, saloon, grocery . . . Map (db m53831) HM
11California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Chamber of Commerce / Wells Fargo BankWalter H. Ratcliff, Jr., Architect, 1925-27 — City of Berkeley Landmark - Designated 1984 —
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places For nearly a half century, this steel frame and concrete structure, clad in brick and terra cotta, was Berkeley’s only “skyscraper.” Walter Ratcliff, highly respected for his fine . . . Map (db m52316) HM
12California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Davis-Byrne Building1895 — City of Berkeley Landmark - Designated 1991 —
This building was originally part of the small commercial district that grew up around Dwight Way Station where Shattuck Avenue commuter trains intersected with the horse-car line that ran up Dwight Way to the California Schools for the Deaf and . . . Map (db m29581) HM
13California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Delaware Street Historic DistrictPeriod of Significance, 1854-1910 — City of Berkeley Landmark - Designated 1979 —
(Rehabilitated and Partially Reconstructed in 1986. William Coburn, Historic Architectural Consultant) In the 1850s, Gold Rush-era farmers and merchants began settling in this rural bayside area. Delaware Street connected Jacob’s . . . Map (db m52299) HM
14California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Ennor’s Restaurant BuildingJames W. Plachek, Architect — John P. Brennan, Builder; 1923 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 2006 This reinforced concrete building with its articulated brick facade and simple classical detailing was built for Harvey and Marie Ennor at a time of energetic downtown development. They expanded a . . . Map (db m54337) HM
15California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Exxon Super Service Station
This station was constructed as an Exxon Super Service Station in 1933. It was a business venture of longtime Berkeley elementary school teacher, Sue Irwin. Built in the California Mission Style it reflects the look of railroad . . . Map (db m171532) HM
16California (Alameda County), Berkeley — F.D. Chase Building
City of Berkeley Structure of Merit designated in 2000 William Wharff, Architect, 1909 Renovation, The Bay Architects, 2001 During Berkeley's early 20th-century development boom, the F.D. Chase Real Estate Company constructed this . . . Map (db m174424) HM
17California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Federal Land BankJames W. Plachek, Architect, 1938 — ELS Architects, 1999 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated 1985 The Farm Credit Administration built this structure to house federal agricultural banking and financial agencies, including one of the 12 Federal Land Banks that assisted Depression-era farmers. Features . . . Map (db m54258) HM
18California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Fox CourtCarl Fox, Designer — 1927-30 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 1977 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places This small-scaled complex of one-and two-story buildings is a surprise on a busy street. Arranged along a brick walkway through a garden court, . . . Map (db m53829) HM
19California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Francis Kittredge Shattuck BuildingCity of Berkeley Landmark, designated in 1995
Stone and Smith, Architects 1901 Jim Novosel: The Bay Architects 1998 Berkeley’s transit pattern was established in 1876 when Francis Kittredge Shattuck and James L. Barker brought a spur line of the Central Pacific (later Southern Pacific) . . . Map (db m52378) HM
20California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Fullen Market BuildingHenry S. Patton, Builder — 1907-08 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 1985 Built by a real-estate developer during the East Bay building boom that followed the 1906 earthquake, this corner store anchored the southwestern boundary of the neighborhood once known as Regents . . . Map (db m53833) HM
21California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Golden Sheaf Bakery AnnexCity of Berkeley Landmark - designated in 1978 — Clinton Day, Architect, 1905 * Jim Novosel, Architect, 2000 —
Listed on the National Record of Historic Places In 1877, English immigrant John G. Wright founded the Golden Sheaf, Berkeley's first wholesale/retail bakery. The original bakery, with a public dining room, stood around the corner on Shattuck . . . Map (db m50360) HM
22California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Harpoon Cannon(Whaling Gun)
The whaling gun below this plaque came off the ship; “Cody.” Gib Hunter was the Captain of the ship and was the last of the whalers to operate off the West Coast. Captain Hunter presented this whaling gun to Bud Spenger.Map (db m155984) HM
23California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Heywood BuildingCity of Berkeley Landmark, designated in 1993
James W. Plachek, Architect 1917 Jim Novesel: The Bay Architects 1994 This small commercial building was built for William Heywood, son of Berkeley pioneer Zimri Brewer Heywood. The upstairs was used as the architectural offices of James W. . . . Map (db m52382) HM
24California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Howard Automobile CompanyFrederick Reimers, Architect, 1930, Hayashida Architects, 2006 — Renovations for the Buddhist Churches of America, Jodo Shinshu Center —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 1983 This Zig-Zag Moderne building, designed for the sale and servicing of Buick automobiles, captures the glamour, rising affluence, and sophistication of the post-World War I era. Charles Howard, who . . . Map (db m54334) HM
25California (Alameda County), Berkeley — J. Gorman & Son BuildingConstructed circa 1880 — Additions and renovations 1890, 1906, 1940, 2005 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 1982 John and Margaret Gorman moved their furniture and upholstery shop to this location in 1880. It is one of Berkeley's oldest commercial buildings and a surviving example of the . . . Map (db m29371) HM
26California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Moe's BooksBerkeley History
In 1959, Morris (Moe) Moskowitz and his wife, Barbara, opened a small paperback bookshop on Shattuck Avenue. They soon moved to Telegraph Avenue where Moe's Books evolved into a renowned emporium featuring hundreds of thousands of books. Moe's . . . Map (db m136179) HM
27California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Morse BlockDickey and Reed, Architects — 1906 —
Charles Dickey, whose firm designed the Claremont Hotel and who practiced architecture extensively in California and Hawaii, designed this building with two residential floors above commercial storefronts. From 1921 to 1935 the ground floor was . . . Map (db m52313) HM
28California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Mrs. E.P. (Stella) King BuildingAlbert Dodge Coplin, Architect — 1901 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 2005 This corner store was built for Stella King’s dry goods business and upstairs residence. Until the shop closed in 1923, it was a gathering place where neighbors could find everything from sewing . . . Map (db m54722) HM
29California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Peet’s Coffee & TeaBerkeley History
A revolution began here in 1966 when Alfred H. Peet (1920-2007) opened his first coffee roastery and store. Arriving in San Francisco in 1955, “Mr. Peet” was dismayed by the poor quality of coffee in his adopted country. He had learned . . . Map (db m54188) HM
30California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Philadelphia Quartz CompanyFurnace Room #1 and Mixing Room — Constructed 1917-1918 —
Berkeley History Reflecting West Berkeley’s early industrial heritage, this plant remains one of the city’s largest brick buildings. Once used to produce chemicals for a cluster of nearby industries that manufactured soaps, cleaning agents, paper . . . Map (db m53812) HM
31California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Roos Bros. BuildingMiller and Pflueger, Architects, 1926 — City of Berkeley Landmark, designated in 1984 —
In 1876 the Central Pacific (later Southern Pacific) Railroad expanded into downtown Berkeley. What is now Shattuck Square was the site of freight yards; Berkeley Station was located on the smaller block to the south. By 1903, as the business . . . Map (db m52384) HM
32California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Rumford's PharmacyBerkeley History
In the 1930s pharmacist and civil rights activist Dr. William Byron Rumford (1908–1986) served as the first black professional at Oakland's Highland Hospital. In 1942 he purchased a pharmacy in Berkeley and, after constructing this . . . Map (db m154343) HM
33California (Alameda County), Berkeley — S.H. Kress Co. StoreEdward f. Sibbert, Architect 1933 — City of Berkeley Landmark, designated in 1981 —
Samuel H. Kress began his chain of retail stores around 1900 and soon these “five and dime” variety stores dotted downtowns across America. Kress’s own company architects designed stores of high quality and adapted them to fit into the . . . Map (db m52380) HM
34California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Shattuck SquareJames Miller and Timothy Pfleuger, Architects 1926 — City of Berkeley Landmark, designated in 1984 —
Shattuck Square is a group of three buildings constructed on the site of a former railroad freight yard, as a northern anchor to Berkeley’s historic downtown commercial district. It is the city’s only work by the San Francisco architectural firm . . . Map (db m52391) HM
35California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Site of Hunrick Grocery Store1908
City of Berkeley Structure of Merit designated in 1988 German immigrant George Hunrick built one of Berkeley’s many neighborhood groceries on this site when the north Berkeley hills were in an early stage of development. In those days before home . . . Map (db m54189) HM
36California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Site of John Hinkel Livery Stable, 1900Berkeley Farm Creamery Complex — F.E. Armstrong, Contractor, 1910 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 1998 By 1900, downtown Berkeley had developed around Shattuck Avenue, its main street. On this site, owned by John Hinkel, stood a brick livery stable run by John Fitzpatrick, the early operator of the . . . Map (db m54346) HM
37California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Site of Pump House - Peet Brothers/Colgate PalmoliveBerkeley History
In the early 20th century, a thriving manufacturing district grew up in southwest Berkeley. This is the site of a former saltwater pump house, located on what was once the east shoreline of San Francisco Bay. The pumps supplied water used in the . . . Map (db m54669) HM
38California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Site of Reid's RecordsBerkeley History
Founded in 1945 by local sports hero Melvin Reid and his wife Betty Reid, Reid’s Records was one of the first Black-owned record shops in California and one of the few shops of any kind where African-American music could be purchased before the . . . Map (db m152805) HM
39California (Alameda County), Berkeley — South Berkeley BankWells Fargo Bank, South Berkeley Branch — John Galen Howard, Architect, 1906 —
City of Berkeley Landmark designated in 1982 In the early 20th century, this was one of two banks anchoring the busy Lorin business district’s streetcar intersection. The building remained a bank until the 1980s. Its architecture combines a . . . Map (db m53815) HM
40California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Spenger’s Fish Grottoc. 1890 — City of Berkeley Landmark - Designated in 2001 —
Clam chowder, baked beans and 10¢ beer – these and fish dinners drew crowds to fabled Spenger’s. It all began in the 1860s when Johann Spenger from Bavaria started fishing in the Bay. The gabled structure he built here housed his business and . . . Map (db m52303) HM
41California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Star GroceryBerkeley History
The Star Grocery, one of Berkeley's oldest and most beloved family-run businesses, was founded in 1922 by Greek immigrant brothers Nick and Jim Pappas. They originally hand delivered groceries in wicker baskets which, as the business flourished, . . . Map (db m154319) HM
42California (Alameda County), Dublin — Amador Valley Hotel(Later the Dublin Hotel)
For 86 years a favorite congregating spot. Built by John Green in 1860, with a balcony over the porch and a gabled roof. A famous cross-roads stop and transfer point on the Oakland-Stockton and Martinez-San Jose stagecoach routes intil the 1890's . . . Map (db m59944) HM
43California (Alameda County), Fremont — D26 — Ehrman General Store
With the discovery of gold in California, the town around the Mission San Jose became the gateway and provision center for the “49er” on his way to the Southern Mines. To meet these demands, the firm of Strauss and Co. was founded by . . . Map (db m64904) HM
44California (Alameda County), Fremont — 642 — Leland Stanford Winery
This winery was founded in 1869 by Leland Stanford, railroad builder, Governor of California, United States Senator, and founder of Stanford University. The vineyard, planted by his brother Josiah Stanford, helped to prove that wines equal to any in . . . Map (db m100554) HM
45California (Alameda County), Fremont — 46 — Vallejo Flour Mill← ½ Mile
Site of flour mill, Niles. Built 1853 by Don Jose De Vallejo, brother of General Vallejo, on his Rancho Arroyo De La Alameda. Niles was once called "Vallejo Mills". Stone aqueduct carrying water for mill parallels Niles Canyon Road.Map (db m154369) HM
46California (Alameda County), Fremont — Washington Hotel
Washington Hotel originally located across the street as a two story adobe building. Destroyed by the 1868 earthquake. Rebuilt on the present site in the same year. The building has served as a hotel, stage stop, state library, and present . . . Map (db m54668) HM
47California (Alameda County), Hayward — Got Salt? Without it, No Civilization or Ice Cream!
Salt is an important compound. Our lives depend on it and the economy of many cultures thrive on its trade. Salt harvesting has a long history in the Bay Area, beginning with the Ohlone Indians. Early salt production included gathering salt . . . Map (db m177228) HM
48California (Alameda County), Hayward — Riches from Seawater and Sun
THE PILINGS IN FRONT OF YOU once held structures of the Oliver Salt Company. After the gold rush, demand for salt soared for use in ore refining, livestock raising, paper pulping, and food preservation. Many former gold-seekers, . . . Map (db m174885) HM
49California (Alameda County), Hayward — Working in the Salt Ponds
WHEN THE PONDS AROUND YOU were first built, producing salt by solar evaporation required intense labor and a lot of time. Workers had to move seawater from San Francisco Bay (only 2.5% salt content) through a series of evaporation ponds to . . . Map (db m174878) HM
50California (Alameda County), Livermore — Duarte GarageBuilt 1915
Service Station and Car Dealership Situated on the Original Route of the Lincoln Highway ———————— City of Livermore Historic Preservation Site Dedicated July 1996 Operated by The . . . Map (db m19994) HM
51California (Alameda County), Livermore — William M. Mendenhall 1823 – 1911 / De Anza Expedition Campsite
[Located at the Livermore Civic Center is a two-sided monument. Side 1 is a marker dedicated to William M. Mendenhall, founder of the town of Livermore. Side 2 is a marker marking this site as a campsite of the Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition . . . Map (db m19981) HM
52California (Alameda County), Newark — Carter Brothers
Western history owes the Carter Brothers a great debt, for they were the general contractors for the first six narrow gauge railroads in California. From 1874 to 1902 they built freight, passenger, cable and street cars. Their plant became Newark's . . . Map (db m94310) HM
53California (Alameda County), Newark — Wind-Powered Archimedes Screw-Pump
Regional Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark Wind-Powered Archimedes Screw-Pump ca. 1890 Newark, California This late example of the wind-driven Archimedes screw-pump shifted brine from on salt concentrating pond to one . . . Map (db m71365) HM
54California (Alameda County), Niles — “The Bankers Building”A Fremont Bank Building
This building was originally constructed as the Niles Branch of the Bank of Alameda County. Its doors opened on Monday, September 23, 1929. The construction was considered a “new modern building” that would be “a model of . . . Map (db m24455) HM
55California (Alameda County), Oakland — 1920 Moving the World's Cargo
Oakland built the 9th Avenue Terminal to load and unload break-bulk cargo – goods packed in individual crates, barrels, and bags, rather than in standardized containers. It's a method of shipping that requires a lot of manpower, and for . . . Map (db m163098) HM
56California (Alameda County), Oakland — 1930 Where the World Comes to Oakland
The opening of the Panama Canal in 1914 made way for new trade routes that led to a shipping boom in the post-war world of the 1920s. By 1925, Oakland was ready to capitalize on growing international commerce. On November 10, the people of . . . Map (db m163097) HM
57California (Alameda County), Oakland — 5 — American Bag Co.Oakland Waterfront Warehouse District
American Bag and Union Hide Company pioneered the vacuum cleaning and machine mend- ing of used burlap bags which it resold as "Guaranteed Amerbags” with an unconditional guarantee, an unusual practice at the time. The company also made new . . . Map (db m145515) HM
58California (Alameda County), Oakland — Asian Resource Center
1922 A neo-gothic Code Machine Factory never realized On the top floor Women of Chinatown sewed parachutes for WWIIMap (db m72763) HM
59California (Alameda County), Oakland — 22 — Autocar SalesOakland Waterfront Warehouse District
This one story brick warehouse served as the showroom and service garage for The Autocar Sales & Service Company, an Ardmore, Pennsylvania car and truck manufacturer that pioneered the mass production of forward control trucks (cab-over design). . . . Map (db m145495) HM
60California (Alameda County), Oakland — 10 — C.L. Greeno Co.Oakland Waterfront Warehouse District
The Cincinnati-based C. L. Greeno Company built the C. L. Greeno Pacific Coast Headquarters warehouse to receive upholstery and bedding supplies via rail from its Ohio factory for distribution throughout the area west of Denver. Favorable rail . . . Map (db m145493) HM
61California (Alameda County), Oakland — California Cotton MillBuilt in 1883 — Fruitvale History Tour Site —
The California Cotton Mill was one of Oakland’s earliest and largest industries. Jingletown was named for the mill workers’ habit of jingling coins in their pockets on payday. At its height, the mill had 600 to 700 employees and 20 to 30 . . . Map (db m71211) HM
62California (Alameda County), Oakland — Charles P. Howard Terminal
The marine terminal you are facing is the easternmost of the Port of Oakland’s container shipping facilities. Howard Terminal is operated as a joint venture of SSA Terminals and Matson Navigation Company, the principal carrier of containerized . . . Map (db m71327) HM
63California (Alameda County), Oakland — Crossroads
Latham Square is actually a triangle, an accidental space created by the meeting of new and old roads. Broadway did not extend above 14th Street until the late 1880s, when it was needed to channel the city's expansion to the north. Telegraph . . . Map (db m160466) HM
64California (Alameda County), Oakland — 3 — Davis-Parker Whse.Oakland Waterfront Warehouse District
A tiny wholesale grocery firm was the first occupant of this warehouse built on speculation for developers Hyman Davis and M. Parker. Founded in San Francisco in 1896 by Samuel Sussman, and Gustav and Samuel I. Wormser, Sussman Wormser & Company . . . Map (db m145505) HM
65California (Alameda County), Oakland — Estuary Industry
Railroads & Industries Railroads and shipping set the stage for Oakland's industrial development. Transcontinental trains have been rumbling down the Embarcadero (old First Street) since 1869, and oceangoing vessels have been calling at . . . Map (db m92790) HM
66California (Alameda County), Oakland — Evolution of a Marine Terminal
Oakland’s waterfront has been rebuilt many times in response to changes in marine technology. In 1900 coal-laden schooners discharged their cargo into bunkers on Howard Terminal’s pier. Dockside warehouses, known as transit sheds, held break-bulk . . . Map (db m71328) HM
67California (Alameda County), Oakland — Food & Ships
Oakland Canneries By the early 20th century, harbor improvements, expanded port facilities, and transcontinental rail service had made Oakland one of the state's leading exporters of processed food of all kinds: canned, dried, bottled, . . . Map (db m92788) HM
68California (Alameda County), Oakland — Former Safeway Headquarters
This building served as the corporate headquarters of Safeway Stores, Inc. from 1929 until 1997. The building, affectionately known as "4th & J" by it's occupants, was built in 1929 for Safeway by the Clinton Construction Company and was designed . . . Map (db m145376) HM
69California (Alameda County), Oakland — Fourth St. circa 1962Oakland Waterfront Warehouse District
The District's Fourth Street streetscape has changed very little since 1954, the end of the period that qualifies the District for the National Register. The later warehouses - beginning at the northeast corner of Fourth and Harrison Streets and . . . Map (db m145554) HM
70California (Alameda County), Oakland — Francis Marion “Borax” Smith1846 - 1931
The West was pioneered by remarkable men, one of whom was Francis Marion “Borax” Smith. A Wisconsin farm boy, he became one of the great entrepreneurs of California and Nevada. By 1890 he dominated the borax industry and his trademark, . . . Map (db m72139) HM
71California (Alameda County), Oakland — Heinolds’ First and Last Chance Saloon
Two plaques are placed on Heinold's First & Last Chance Saloon. above National Register of Historic Places Heinolds’ First and Last Chance Saloon in continuous operation on this site since 1883 and closely associated with . . . Map (db m71296) HM
72California (Alameda County), Oakland — Jack London Square Development
The building behind you was the Port of Oakland headquarters from late 1961 until 1990. An aluminum skin now covers what was a 1920s cold storage building, the Haslett Warehouse. One third of the original building was demolished to allow . . . Map (db m71272) HM
73California (Alameda County), Oakland — Latham Square
Latham Square is located in the historic shopping and transportation hub of downtown Oakland. The name dates from dedication of the Latham Fountain in 1913. The fountain was a gift to the City and the local SPCA from Edith and Milton Latham . . . Map (db m160463) HM
74California (Alameda County), Oakland — 18 — Oakland PlumbingOakland Waterfront Warehouse District
The Oakland Plumbing Supply Company warehouse and showroom was one of the few buildings constructed in the District during the 1920s that did not serve a wholesale grocery purpose. The company was nevertheless a significant Port of Oakland customer . . . Map (db m145506) HM
75California (Alameda County), Oakland — Oakland's First Wharf
This is the approximate site of the first wharf authorized by the town of Oakland and constructed by Horace W. Carpenter at the foot of Main Street (now Broadway) in 1852. The wharf was used for shipping lumber and supplies.Map (db m71235) HM
76California (Alameda County), Oakland — Pony Express Ferry “Oakland”Jack London Square
Dedicated April 23, 1999 Jack London Square By Port of Oakland, William Campbell Family, Dreyers Grand Ice Cream, Alameda/Oakland Ferry Service, Waterfront Plaza Hotel & Jacks, Sportsman's Hall - Pollock Pines Pony Express Home . . . Map (db m19017) HM
77California (Alameda County), Oakland — 24 — Poultry ProducersOakland Waterfront Warehouse District
In 1985, this warehouse was renamed "The Egghouse” after the building's first use as an egg distribution center for Poultry Producers of Central California. Poultry Producers originated the Nulaid® brand name, a brand employed today to . . . Map (db m145511) HM
78California (Alameda County), Oakland — 6 — S & W Fine FoodsOakland Waterfront Warehouse District
After leaving its leased location at 255 Third St. and constructing this warehouse, S&W Fine Foods, Inc. adopted the name that is today one of the oldest food brands in the United States. S&W grew to become one of the country's largest packagers . . . Map (db m146200) HM
79California (Alameda County), Oakland — 7 — Safeway StoresOakland Waterfront Warehouse District
Sirloin steak sold for 20 cents a pound when Safeway Stores established its first headquarters in this warehouse. An adjacent Western Pacific Railroad spur line and nearby Port of Oakland shipping facilities allowed Safeway to receive inventory and . . . Map (db m146199) HM
80California (Alameda County), Oakland — The History of the Site of the Shade Tree
This bay front site originally bordered Ohlone Indian settlements. In 1820 the Spanish crown granted it to Luis Maria Peralta. In 1842 it was given to his son Antonio Maria Peralta. The area was acquired by Horace Carpenter (first mayor of Oakland), . . . Map (db m71212) HM
81California (Alameda County), Oakland — The Music They Played on 7th StreetOakland Walk of Fame — "The Harlem of the West Coast" —
Honoring the rich musical heritage of the Blues, Jazz and Gospel artists who played on 7th Street Come explore and learn about a glorious brea in Oakland's musical history! The music they played on 7th Street, Oakland Walk of Game pays . . . Map (db m92754) HM
82California (Alameda County), Oakland — The Port of Oakland
The Port of Oakland was formed on November 10, 1925 when citizen passed bonds for the development of port facilities. On February 12, 1927, the first permanent Board of Port Commissioners was sworn in by Mayor John L. Davie, The Port’s headquarters . . . Map (db m71270) HM
83California (Alameda County), Oakland — Union Point
Creating a Harbor Spreading before you is the Oakland Estuary. This sheltered inlet of San Francisco Bay was once fringed by broad marshes and shallow tidelands which became mud flats at low tide. A rich wildlife habitat, the estuary was a . . . Map (db m72098) HM
84California (Alameda County), Oakland — 23 — United GrocersOakland Waterfront Warehouse District
"United We Buy ... Individually We Sell” was the marketing tag line of United Grocers, Ltd., a wholesale grocer that supplied 1,460 retail outlets in northern California and Nevada and posted $1 billion in annual sales by the time it was . . . Map (db m145499) HM
85California (Alameda County), Oakland — 1 — W.P. Fuller & Co.Oakland Waterfront Warehouse District
The West Coast's largest and oldest paint company built the District's first warehouse. W. P. Fuller Paint Company used the warehouse to distribute paint and window glass throughout the western United States. Although the company has been sold many . . . Map (db m145502) HM
86California (Alameda County), Oakland — West Oakland and Prescott
Oakland Point Originally known as Oakland Point, for the westward bulge of the shoreline, this area was later called Prescott after the school. It developed from 1869 in tandem with the trans-continental railroad. The Central Pacific/Southern . . . Map (db m177514) HM
87California (Alameda County), Oakland — 9 — Western StatesOakland Waterfront Warehouse District
Western States Grocery Company roasted over 250,000 pounds of coffee a year in the basement of this warehouse. In addition to coffee, Western States distributed a full line of grocery products. Western States competed on price (“one case or a . . . Map (db m145498) HM
88California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — 510 — Alviso AdobeAlviso Adobe Community Park
Built in 1854, the Alviso Adobe is one of the few adobe structures remaining in the Bay Area. Declared a California Historic Landmark in 1954, the building stands relatively unmodified since the 1920s. The adobe was in continuous use from 1854 . . . Map (db m24616) HM
89California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — Gay 90's Pizzeria
Here stands one the first commercial buildings in Pleasanton, possibly as old as 1864. Originally a general store, this building has been a bar, brothel, bank and unofficial Wells Fargo stagecoach stop. Since 1959 it has become well-known as the . . . Map (db m112913) HM
90California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — The Pleasanton Hotel
In 1864, five years before the first railroad arrived in Pleasanton, John W. Kottinger demonstrated his faith in Pleasanton”s future by building the communities first hotel, The Farmer’s Hotel. The building was purchased by Henry in 1891 and . . . Map (db m24607) HM
91California (Alameda County), San Leandro — Filtration BasinsLake Chabot Historical Walk
Public outcry led Oakland councilman George Pardee, who later became Governor of California, to campaign Contra Costa Water Company for a clean reliable water system. The Hyatt filters were installed, along with pump houses and filtration basins, . . . Map (db m113822) HM
92California (Alameda County), San Leandro — Giant Water FiltersLake Chabot Historical Walk
The giant drums in front of you were designed and built in 1888 as part of the filtration plant that processed water from Lake Chabot. Water was forced through these sand filters to remove impurities. Named after the engineer who designed them, . . . Map (db m71649) HM
93California (Alameda County), San Leandro — Historic Best Building1910
The Best Building is a significant example of commercial architecture in San Leandro and the only San Leandro Plaza building remaining from the early decades of the 20th century. As a manufacturer and inventor, Daniel Best had already contributed . . . Map (db m54740) HM
94California (Alameda County), San Leandro — Historic Daniel & Meta Best Home1886
This home was built in the late 1870’s by Joseph Demont, a San Leandro pioneer who was active in industry and politics. Daniel Best bought the property in 1886. Best established Daniel Best Agricultural Works, which later became Caterpillar . . . Map (db m26380) HM
95California (Alameda County), San Leandro — Lake Chabot Historical WalkWelcome time travelers!
In February 1874 a large Chinese work force entered this woodland setting to begin construction of San Leandro Reservoir. Later renamed Lake Chabot after its French-Canadian originator Anthony Chabot, the dam was built using techniques Chabot . . . Map (db m71648) HM
96California (Alameda County), San Leandro — Memorial to the Chinese LaborersLake Chabot Historical Walk
The Alameda County Historical Society dedicates this panel to: Ah Bing – 41, Kim Yuen – 29, Toy Sing – 31, and Lock Sing – 33, who died outside this tunnel. This panel is also dedicated to the countless unnamed and unsung Chinese laborers . . . Map (db m71651) HM
97California (Alameda County), San Leandro — San Leandro – Industry
West side of marker: San Leandro’s first industries served the needs of farmers. In 1886, Daniel Best bought San Leandro Plow and formed Daniel Best Agriculture Works to manufacture tractors, combines, and harvesters. Best’s son . . . Map (db m26437) HM
98California (Alameda County), San Leandro — 824 — San Leandro Oyster Beds
Oysters were the mainstay of the California fishing industry at the turn of the century. Along this site (the original Mulford Canal) the San Leandro oyster beds flourished. In 1892 William Roberts field title to the beds south along San Lorenzo . . . Map (db m100559) HM
99California (Alameda County), San Leandro — Taming the Waters’ FlowLake Chabot Historical Walk
“Aha!” exclaimed Anthony Chabot It was spring of 1866 when he saw the raging waters of San Leandro Creek collide with Grass Valley Creek. He studied the vast surrounding watershed and determined it could nourish a reservoir year-round. He had . . . Map (db m71712) HM
100California (Alameda County), San Leandro — To Build a DamLake Chabot Historical Walk
Underneath the lake lies evidence of the dam’s construction. The steps on this panel and the next one show how hands and hooves toiled to complete this engineering feat in 1892. The rest of this marker consists of three illustrations . . . Map (db m71734) HM

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