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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Why are South Mountain and the Fruit Belt so important to the area and Pennsylvania? Marker image, Touch for more information
By Devry Becker Jones, November 11, 2020
Why are South Mountain and the Fruit Belt so important to the area and Pennsylvania? Marker
1Pennsylvania (Adams County), Arendtsville — Why are South Mountain and the Fruit Belt so important to the area and Pennsylvania?
The Historic South Mountain Fruit Belt encompasses about 20,000 acres and forms a fertile crescent (half moon shape) covering the southeastern slopes of South Mountain in the western half of Adams County. The soils are deep, well drained and . . . Map (db m159877) HM
2Pennsylvania (Adams County), Biglerville — The Historic Thomas Bros. Country Store
The Historic Thomas Bros. Country Store Biglerville, PA. Est. 1909 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Map (db m159880) HM
3Pennsylvania (Adams County), Butler Township — Russell Tavern
The original building in which George Washington lodged in October, 1794, while engaged in quelling the Whiskey Rebellion is standing just west within view of this point.Map (db m63676) HM
4Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Barlow Creamery
Samuel Swartz built and operated a creamery on this site in 1898, with milk and cream from local dairy farmers. The creamery manufactured ice cream, becoming famous for "Barlow Ice Cream." In 1909, C.D. Dougherty purchased the business, later . . . Map (db m192378) HM
5Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — McAllister's MillUnderground Railroad Station
At their grist mill on nearby Rock Creek, James McAllister and his family provided temporary shelter to hundreds of fugitive slaves. Now in ruin, it was part of one of the earliest UGRR networks through which freedom seekers passed on . . . Map (db m61438) HM
6Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Rural Electrification
In 1936 seventy-five percent of Pennsylvania farms had no electric service. During the next five years, with Federal support, 14 consumer-owned cooperatives were formed in this Commonwealth. Adams Electric Cooperative at Gettysburg, serving members . . . Map (db m26818) HM
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7Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — The Black Horse Tavern
At the time of the battle of Gettysburg this was the name of the tavern kept in this stone house which was built in 1813 and in a large log house much of older date then adjoining.Map (db m10793) HM
8Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — The Guest House
Remodeled from the previous owner’s garage, “The Little House”, was completed in March 1956. Inside are a sitting room, bedroom and bath. Although used for guests such as Field Marshall Bernard L. Montgomery and Eisenhower’s business . . . Map (db m64173) HM
9Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — The Trademark of Craftsmen
It is not difficult to imagine the wear on a barn from years of active farming and the changing Pennsylvania seasons. In the spring of 1875, two brothers, Samuel F. Frey and William H. Frey, painters by trade, and Hiram C. Lady, a carpenter’s . . . Map (db m78901) HM
10Pennsylvania (Adams County), East Berlin — Studebaker Home
Built ca. 1790 by David Studebaker, carpenter, farmer, and minister. He was related to the family that later built wagons and automobiles. The house is privately maintained as a museum.Map (db m11638) HM
11Pennsylvania (Adams County), East Berlin — Swigart's Mill[Beaver Creek Mill]
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m100652) HM
12Pennsylvania (Adams County), Fairfield — Historic Fairfield Inn
Historic Gettysburg Historic Fairfield Inn 1757 Adams County Honored 2007 Civil War Building July 1863Map (db m113667) HM
13Pennsylvania (Adams County), Franklin Township — Highway EnterpriseLincoln Highway Heritage Corridor
Charles W. Johnson was the proprietor of the general store in McKnightstown for 62 years. This store is now the site of the post office. Johnson began working at the General Store under Calvin T. Lower and then later purchased the store. Oil, . . . Map (db m150317) HM
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14Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Better Than a Tent...
On the afternoon of July 1, 1863, the Union Army retreated from positions behind you to Cemetery Hill, the high ground in front of you. By early evening Union pickets along this area of the Emmitsburg Road were being harassed by Confederate fire. On . . . Map (db m19062) HM
15Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Gettys Crossroads and Tavern
Here the Shippensburg-Baltimore and the Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Roads crossed. Near the crossroads, stood the tavern of Samuel Gettys. In 1775, troops gathered here for Continental service.Map (db m17045) HM
16Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Ice House Complex
A gift to Gettysburg College in 1990 from George W. Olinger and Mac E. Olinger, life long residents of Gettysburg, zestful supporters of local history, common sense preservationists and quiet, humanitarians. Their gift of these historic buildings . . . Map (db m29799) HM
17Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Jennie Wade Birthplace
In this modest weatherboard house, constructed ca. 1820, Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade was born on May 21, 1843. Wade, the second of six children of James and Mary Filby Wade, spent her childhood here, attending local schools and . . . Map (db m8169) HM
18Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Lee's Headquarters at GettysburgFighting and Photographs
"There was no use in fighting any longer. The enemy had deployed and we were trapped. The town was before us, the enemy on either side, and behind us." —Col. John Musser, 143rd Pennsylvania Infantry
On the . . . Map (db m99965) HM
19Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Lincoln Square BuildingFormerly Hotel Gettysburg
Since the founding of Gettysburg this has been the site of successive inns -- Scott's Tavern, The Indian Queen, The Franklin House and the McClellan House, which Col. John McClellan and his family operated prior, during and after the battle. The . . . Map (db m28689) HM
20Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Thaddeus Stevens, the Great Commoner, 1792 -- 1868
Gettysburg College -- As a state representative, Stevens got $18,000 from the state for the college’s first building, Pennsylvania Hall Savior of Public Education – Speech in 1835 turned back repeal effort of public education. Also left . . . Map (db m199082) HM
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21Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — The James Gettys Hotel
Built in 1803, this hotel served as a popular stopping place, providing lodging and entertainment far and wide. Today, the James Gettys Hotel carried on its historic tradition with suites named after the many domestic and commercial businesses . . . Map (db m105491) HM
22Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — The John Rupp House and Tannery Site
The house on your left was constructed in 1868 for John Rupp. Described as “one of the finest on Baltimore Street, if not the town,” this Gothic Revival style “cottage” reflected the success of Rupp’s “Valuable Steam . . . Map (db m75503) HM
23Pennsylvania (Adams County), Liberty Township — John Hanson "Hance" Steelman(1655-1749)
Indian trader and interpreter of Maryland and Pennsylvania. First settler in this valley. Born of Swedish parents along the Delaware. This tablet erected by Liberty Twp. and Fairfield Area Bicentennial Cmte. First Marker Placed in 1924 by . . . Map (db m29543) HM
24Pennsylvania (Adams County), Littlestown — In Memoriam....Ralph R. Ruggles, Jr
This tree is dedicated to the humblest of men who served his God, his country, and community. As the first president of the Littlestown Jaycees in 1950, Ralph demonstrated daily "that service to humanity is the best work of life."Map (db m155333) HM
25Pennsylvania (Adams County), Littlestown — LittlestownDeveloping Years — 19th Century —
The coming of the Littlestown Railroad in 1858 brought growth and a new life to Littlestown. The railroad ran E-W along Cemetery Street and was extended west to Frederick, MD, in 1872. It was not uncommon for Littlestown citizens to leave . . . Map (db m10852) HM
26Pennsylvania (Adams County), Littlestown — Littlestown20th Century
The turn of the century brought the continuation of growth and change to Littlestown. The photos depict businesses and properties which may be familiar to many despite some changes in appearance. The Littlestown to Hanover trolley line, installed . . . Map (db m10859) HM
27Pennsylvania (Adams County), New Oxford — Fill 'Er UpLincoln Highway Heritage Corridor
Traveling the Lincoln Highway gave people a sense of freedom and spontaneity. However, there came a new responsibility — taking care of the vehicle. Livery stables and blacksmith shops were replaced by gasoline and service stations. As a result, . . . Map (db m130306) HM
28Pennsylvania (Adams County), New Oxford — Kuhn Tavern1763
This was a tavern site along the Marsh Creek Road as early as 1763. Operated by the Frederick Kuhn family from 1769 until 1791. In the next year son Henry Kuhn laid out, the town of Oxford here on part of his 256 acre property. Well located at . . . Map (db m130293) HM
29Pennsylvania (Adams County), Straban Township — Jacob Grass HotelCivil War Hospital
Jacob Grass Hotel July 2, 1863Map (db m64343) HM
30Pennsylvania (Adams County), Straban Township — 59 — Wirt's Tavern
. . . Map (db m159885) HM
31Pennsylvania (Adams County), Tyrone Township — 372 — John Studebaker
Had his wagon works 2.5 miles SE of here, 1830 to 1836, when he moved west. In 1852 his sons formed the Studebaker Company, the world's largest maker of horse-drawn vehicles and, in 1897, a pioneer in the automobile industry.Map (db m26026) HM
32Pennsylvania (Adams County), Tyrone Township — Original Studebaker Wagon Shop
-On this site in 1830- John Clement Studebaker built his first wagon shop. The Studebaker family left this location in 1835, to go west eventually settling in South Bend, Indiana. In 1852 his sons founded the wagon manufacturing company that . . . Map (db m94507) HM
33Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Avalon — Davis Island Lock and Dam
Below this bridge was the first lock and dam built (1878-1885) on the Ohio River. This was the world's largest movable dam yet constructed, and included the world's first rolling lock gate and widest lock chamber. Built and operated by the United . . . Map (db m40201) HM
34Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Braddock — The Great Steel Strike of 1919
In the largest work stoppage to that date, over 350,000 U.S. workers went off the job. Reverend Adalbert Kazincy, pastor of Saint Michael's here, championed the strikers and provided the church as a meeting place. The strike failed after 15 weeks.Map (db m47044) HM
35Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Crescent Township — Shousetown Boatyard
Founder Peter Shouse, built "Kentuckian," its first steamboat, in 1829. Sold 1837 to E. & N. Porter. By 1866 over 80 steamboats had been launched. The last was the 1727-ton "Great Republic," famed on the Mississippi River for its size and elegance.Map (db m201462) HM
36Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Duquesne — Duquesne Steel Works
Plant here began in 1886. Acquired by Andrew Carnegie in 1890, then by United States Steel in 1901. Workers here implemented advances in rolling mill and blast furnace processes before 1914; in pollution control, 1953. At peak of operations they . . . Map (db m45001) HM
37Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), East Pittsburgh — George Westinghouse
Inventor of air brake and some 400 other devices. Developed AC transmission of electric current. Spent creative years in Pittsburgh and founded the industry which bears his name.Map (db m40648) HM
38Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Elizabeth — Elizabeth
Here were the boatyards of John and Samuel Walker, a major center for building boats for western waters. A ship launched in 1793 at these yards reached Philadelphia via New Orleans.Map (db m41772) HM
39Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Forest Hills — Pioneer Short-Wave Station
On this site in 1923, Westinghouse opened a special radio facility to experiment with long-distance transmissions. Led by Frank Conrad, engineers here demonstrated the vital role of high-frequency short waves in sending broadcasts around the world.Map (db m40901) HM
40Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Forest Hills — Westinghouse Atom Smasher
The world’s 1st industrial Van de Graaff generator was created by Westinghouse Research Labs in 1937 as an early experiment with atomic energy. The 5-story pear-shaped structure is located here. The company remained active in establishing US . . . Map (db m47038) HM
41Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Forward Township — Monongahela River Navigation System
One of the nation's earliest and most successful river navigation systems, its series of locks and dams, begun in 1838, has provided year-round navigation between Pittsburgh and Fairmont, West Virginia. Millions of tons of coal shipped through the . . . Map (db m56942) HM
42Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Harmar Township — Allegheny Valley Coal Miners Memorial
We Honor - Brothers, fathers, husbands, uncles, and sons who worked in the coal mines now diminished, descending into darkness and danger known to few others to simply support self and family. - The hundreds tragically killed in the . . . Map (db m197590) HM
43Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Homestead — 1892 Homestead Strike Memorial
Erected by the members of the Steel Worker Organizing Committee Local Unions in memory of the iron and steel workers who were killed in Homestead, PA., on July 6, 1892, while striking against the Carnegie Steel Company in defense of their American . . . Map (db m156112) HM
44Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Homestead — Chiodo's TavernSpirit of Homestead
Standing at the foot of the Homestead Grays Bridge, Chiodo's Tavern embodied the spirit of Homestead and the Steel Valley. Originally the Trautman Hotel, the building housed a restaurant and bar for over 105 continuous years. The longest . . . Map (db m156111) HM
45Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Homestead — Steel on the MoveThe Ingot Buggy
This ingot buggy holding two ingot molds stands as a symbol of the massive Homestead Steel Works—the mill that dominated the landscape and economy of this area from the completion in 1881 until it shut down in 1986. After steel was . . . Map (db m156115) HM
46Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Marshall Township — Elias Fry Barn
Pennsylvania bank barn named after Philip Elias Fry (1868-1946), a highly skilled carpenter who built many barns in Marshall Township. Donated by Claude and James Herbert and moved to this site in 1992 from Adoph and Bertha's Frye's former farm on . . . Map (db m87213) HM
47Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), McKeesport — National Tube Works
Incorporated 1869, the works began production here, 1872. By 1901, when it became a subsidiary of United States Steel, this was the world's largest pipe producer. Major advances in inspection techniques originated here. Plant operations ceased in . . . Map (db m47041) HM
48Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Moon Township — Moon Township September 11th Memorial
September 11, 2011 The Tenth Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks on the United States of America The Moon Township Volunteer Fire Company and the Township of Moon Dedicate this memorial in memory of the 2,752 persons who lost their lives . . . Map (db m130046) WM
49Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Moon Township — Mooncrest
Designed and built in 1943 by the federal government as defense worker housing. Mooncrest residents produced armor plate, munitions, and ships at the nearby Dravo Corporation during World War II. Operated by U.S. Air Force after 1945; homes sold to . . . Map (db m40222) HM
50Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Munhall — Homestead Strike
On the morning of July 6, 1892, on orders of the Carnegie Steel Company, 300 Pinkerton agents attempted to land near here; strikers and citizens repulsed them. Seven workers and three Pinkertons were killed. 8,000 state militia arrived July 12; by . . . Map (db m39901) HM
51Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Munhall — Homestead Strike Victims
In these two adjoining cemeteries are buried six of the seven Carnegie Steel Company workers killed during the “Battle of Homestead” on July 6, 1892. The graves of Peter Ferris, Henry Striegel, and Thomas Weldon are here in Saint Mary's . . . Map (db m40891) HM
52Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Neville Township — Dravo Corporation Shipyard
During World War II, Dravo's shipyard here was a leader in the manufacture of Landing Ship Tanks--LSTs--for the United States Navy. Dravo's over 16,000 workers produced a total of 145 LSTs. This and four other inland yards, all using techniques . . . Map (db m40280) HM
53Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), North Braddock — Edgar Thomson PlantU.S. Steel Mon Valley Works
ASM International The Materials Information Society Has Designated Edgar Thomson Plant U.S. Steel Mon Valley Works An Historical Landmark “Built in 1873 by Andrew Carnegie, the Edgar Thomson Plant pioneered numerous technological . . . Map (db m99443) HM
54Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), North Braddock — Joe Magarac • 1940
Joe was of eastern European stock and worked in the steel mills of Pittsburgh. His physical power and his courageous, giving and industrious character made Joe the greatest steelworker who ever lived. In fact, Joe was made of steel, born in . . . Map (db m98943) HM
55Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — "Piazza Lavoro" and "Mythic Source," 1984Ned Smyth (American, born 1948) — Aggregate and marble mosaic; Commissioned by the Heinz family and H.J. Heinz Company —
This two-part sculpture recognizes the significant contributions of Pittsburgh and to American labor history by a symbolic representation of labor's role in our nation's development. The human figures populating the facades are engaged in this . . . Map (db m156087) HM
56Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — "Pittsburgh Variations," 1984George Sugarman (American, born 1912) — Painted aluminum; Commissioned by The Hillman Fund of the Allegheny Conference on Community Developm —
Conceived as a "Sculpture Park" within a "Sculpture Park", the varied elements that have contributed to Pittsburgh's growth are represented by forms which symbolize a paddlewheel (the rivers), a crucible (primary metals), the Golden Triangle . . . Map (db m156086) HM
57Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — "The Forks," 1984Isaac Witkin (American, born South Africa, 1936) — Aluminum; Commissioned by Alcoa Foundation —
A celebration of the three rivers and the molten metals that have been major forces in shaping Pittsburgh's industrial history. Collection of Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute [Additional plaque on the base of the sculpture:] . . . Map (db m156088) HM
58Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — 1st Drive-In Filling Station
At this site in Dec. 1913, Gulf Refining Co. opened the first drive-in facility designed and built to provide gasoline, oils, and lubricants to the motoring public. Its success led to construction of thousands of gas stations by different oil . . . Map (db m40872) HM
59Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — 31st Street Bridge
Moving river cargo along the Allegheny was difficult when low bridges prevented large boats from passing through. The 30th Street Bridge was the last obstruction on the Allegheny that interfered with river commerce. When replaced in 1928, the new . . . Map (db m191482) HM
60Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — 4600 East Carson Street
Originally the Hays Mansion owned by James B. Hays and built in the mid-1800's, this property was purchased by Charles H. Butterweck in 1916 from Stella and Louis Hays. Although the original home was destroyed in the 1936 flood, there is pictured . . . Map (db m174403) HM
61Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Allegheny AqueductThree Rivers Heritage Trail
The Pennsylvania Canal across Pennsylvania was an engineering triumph with a spectacular 37-mile railroad portage over the Allegheny Mountains. For half a century between 1820 and the Civil War, packet boats pulled by mules navigated through the . . . Map (db m191483) HM
62Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Allegheny CityThree Rivers Heritage Trail
In the early 1700s, the Allegheny River formed a boundary: lands claimed by European nations were to the east, and lands claimed by Native Americans were to the west. Near this site in 1783, James Robinson, the first permanent European settler . . . Map (db m191484) HM
63Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Allegheny Cotton Mill Strikes
Major strikes by women cotton factory workers protesting 12-hour work-days occurred nearby in Allegheny City in 1845 and 1848. The strikes led to an 1848 state law limiting workdays to 10 hours and prohibiting children under twelve years of age from . . . Map (db m40301) HM
64Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Allegheny County
Formed September 24, 1788 out of Westmoreland and Washington counties. Named for the Allegheny River. County seat of Pittsburgh was laid out in 1764 and became a city in 1816. A center of the iron, steel and other industries and “Workshop of . . . Map (db m40937) HM
65Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Andrew Carnegie(1835-1919)
A poor Scottish immigrant, Carnegie became a millionaire steel magnate and proponent of the "Gospel of Wealth." Seeking to benefit society with his fortune, he built over 2,500 libraries and endowed institutions advancing education and peace.Map (db m40875) HM
66Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Anthony Sadowski
Prominent Indian trader and interpreter, employed by the provincial governor of Pennsylvania as an Indian agent in the Western Country. As a trader travelled "To Allegheny" as far as Logstown, (Ambridge, PA). With two other Indian traders . . . Map (db m66451) HM
67Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Aria Cultural District LoftsHistoric Landmark
Aria Cultural District Lofts Originally, Gerber Carriage Company Rutan & Russell, Architects, 1904-05Map (db m128179) HM
68Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Benedum-Trees Building — Historic Landmark —
Benedum-Trees Building Thomas H. Scott, Arch., 1905Map (db m67184) HM
69Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Bessemer Converter
This 10-ton Bessemer Converter was originally installed at the A. M. Byers Company, Ambridge, Pennsylvania. It was built by the Pennsylvania Engineering Corporation at its New Castle, Pennsylvania, plant in 1930, and was one of the last commercially . . . Map (db m61313) HM
70Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Birthplace of the Aluminum Industry
This tablet marks the birthplace of the aluminum industry in the United States. On the site of this building the Pittsburgh Reduction Company, now Aluminum Company of America, late in November, 1888, produced the first commercial run of aluminum by . . . Map (db m79882) HM
71Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Black DiamondsThree Rivers Heritage Trail
Outcroppings on the slopes above Pittsburgh's factories exposed a rich coalfield that was considered a natural wonder of the modern world. The vast Pittsburgh Coal Seam extended across several states, and was so profitable it was called "Black . . . Map (db m174421) HM
72Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Cast Iron Columns
The Iron City For much of the 19th century, Pittsburgh was known as the Iron City. Home to large and small iron mills and foundries, the region produced a diversity of iron products including nails, cannon, structural and sheet iron, as . . . Map (db m174190) HM
73Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Charles Martin Hall(1863-1914)
Hall's invention of electrolytic manufacture of aluminum was first applied to commercial production in 1888 by the Pittsburgh Reduction Company, which later became Alcoa. This process, developed here, made the commercial use of aluminum possible.Map (db m73628) HM
74Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Chuck Muer
This portal is dedicated to Chuck Muer Founder of The Grand Concourse upon its tenth anniversary April 29, 1988 Map (db m156283) HM
75Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Clinton Furnace
Pittsburgh’s first successful blast furnace for making pig iron. Operations began near here, 1859, using Connellsville coke as fuel. The furnace’s technology initiated a new era, leading to more advanced furnaces capable of producing huge amounts of . . . Map (db m15138) HM
76Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Coal Tipple
In 1871, James Hays established the Beck's Run Mine. He employed 220 miners, 14 drivers, plus 17 mules. The mine's output was upwards of 15,000 bushels a day. In the miners picture, the man standing on the left is Christian Steiner, born September . . . Map (db m174415) HM
77Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Coal TransportationThree Rivers Heritage Trail
Steamboats pushing coal barges transported vast amounts of bituminous coal from Pittsburgh to ports along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans. Before the Ohio River locks and dams were built, low water was the major transportation problem . . . Map (db m174422) HM
78Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Early Land UseFrick Park
Before Henry Clay Frick gave the City of Pittsburgh 150 acres to create Frick Park, the land — formerly called the Gunn Hill Tract — was owned by the Wilkins family. The Honorable William Wilkins (1779 - 1865) was a prominent . . . Map (db m156131) HM
79Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Eliza FurnaceThree Rivers Heritage Trail
James Laughlin, one of the founders of Jones & Laughlin, constructed the first Eliza Furnace, a stone blast furnace for smelting iron. Built in 1858 before the Civil War, Eliza marked the city's emerging iron and steel industry and was the first . . . Map (db m191485) HM
80Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — First Mining of Pittsburgh Coal
This State's bituminous coal industry was born about 1760 on Coal Hill, now Mount Washington. Here the Pittsburgh coal bed was mined to supply Fort Pitt. This was eventually to be judged the most valuable individual mineral deposit in the United . . . Map (db m48882) HM
81Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Founding of the Ironworkers Union
On Feb. 4, 1896, sixteen delegates met at Moorheads Hall here to form the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers. Active in the struggle for health and safety standards; by 1996 it had 140,000 . . . Map (db m40936) HM
82Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Fourth Avenue National Register Historic DistrictPIttsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation
Pittsburgh industry boomed 1890 and 1910, leading to the development of Pittsburgh's "Wall Street," the Fourth Avenue financial district. Growth of the district was first spurred by the flow of corporate income of the burgeoning iron and steel . . . Map (db m156258) HM
83Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Frederick J Osterling Office & Studio — National Historic Landmark —
Office and Studio 228 Isabella Street This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of The Interior Map (db m65001) HM
84Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Frick Family
This park is a legacy of industrialist Henry Clay Frick and his daughter Helen. From modest beginnings — he was born to a Mennonite farmer and whiskey distiller in 1849 — Henry Frick became one of America's most influential and . . . Map (db m156155) HM
85Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — George Westinghouse Memorial1846 - 1914
George Westinghouse Union Soldier Citizen of Pittsburgh Founder of the Westinghouse Industries Benefactor of humanity through his labors and inventions 1846 - 1914 The first substitution of high voltage electricity for . . . Map (db m156205) HM WM
86Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Gulf Building — Historic Landmark —
Gulf Building 1930-1932 Trowbridge & Livingston, Archs.Map (db m83953) HM
87Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Hazelwood: A Rivertown Rich in History
Named for the hazelnut trees that once grew on the banks of the Monongahela River, Hazelwood possessed a natural beauty that George Washington noted in his early journals. Originally Native American territory, Hazelwood was purchased through the . . . Map (db m94065) HM
88Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Henry Clay Frick(1849-1919)
Pittsburgh industrialist and philanthropist, Frick was instrumental in the organization of the coke and steel industries. His controversial management style while chairman of Carnegie Steel led to the bloody Homestead Strike in 1892.Map (db m40939) HM
89Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Henry J. Heinz(1844-1919)
From a start in 1869 selling bottled horseradish, Heinz built an international firm by 1886. He pioneered innovative advertising, quality control, and benevolent employee policies and transformed modern diets.Map (db m40889) HM
90Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Herr's Island
This island was known as Herr's Island for over 200 years. Named for Benjamin Herr, a Swiss Mennonite, the island became an idyllic village with fruit trees and gardens. Herr operated a water-powered mill in the back channel as packet boats floated . . . Map (db m99623) HM
91Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — History / RestorationWestinghouse Memorial
History Honoring George Westinghouse -- An Industrial Hero Once called "The Greatest Living Engineer," George Westinghouse was a prolific inventor, a farsighted entrepreneur, and and enlightened employer. Westinghouse was born to . . . Map (db m156203) HM
92Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Hub of Activity
Teeming Ingots After steel was made in Open Hearth facilities, it was often teemed or formed into columns of steel called ingots. This was done by pouring the molten steel into ingot molds. The ingots would be transported through the Works on . . . Map (db m174473) HM
93Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Immigrant Steel WorkersThree Rivers Heritage Trail
In the late 19th century, tens of thousands of immigrants, primarily from Europe, came to America searching for an opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their families. Overcoming the hardships of the trip, resettlement in a foreign . . . Map (db m174470) HM
94Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Influential FiguresFrick Park
Henry Clay Frick Frick was born in 1849 in West Overton, Westmoreland County, PA. He attended Otterbein University for one year, but did not graduate. In 1871, at 21 years old, Frick joined two cousins and a friend in a small partnership, . . . Map (db m156128) HM
95Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Iron and Steel WorkersThree Rivers Heritage Trail
The shift to mass production in the steel industry brought thousands of new workers to Pittsburgh and forever changed the city. Between 1870 and 1900, Pittsburgh's population quadrupled. Through Ellis Island and from across the nation came the . . . Map (db m191487) HM
96Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — James E. Rohr
James E. Rohr rose from the position of management trainee to become Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. Under his leadership, PNC became . . . Map (db m156260) HM
97Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — James Hay Reed
Born Sept. 10, 1853, in a house standing in this square. Distinguished as a lawyer. Counselor to a majority of the leaders of business who built the corporations which made Pittsburgh leader in American industry.Map (db m40176) HM
98Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — John Scull(1765-1828)
Pioneering editor and publisher who issued first edition of Pittsburgh Gazette, 1786. First newspaper west of Alleghenies, it became the Post-Gazette, 1927. A Berks County native, he was active in Western Pennsylvania's civic affairs; home and print . . . Map (db m42024) HM
99Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Johnson StudioEstablished 1923
Johnson Studio was one of the first African-American owned and operated businesses to locate on Centre Avenue. The Studio was first opened at 1862 Centre Avenue in 1923 under the founder's name, Luther H. Johnson, Photographer. The name was changed . . . Map (db m78475) HM
100Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Jones & Laughlin Steel Company1853-1984
For over 140 years, the Jones & Laughlin Company (J&L) defined Pittsburgh. Its huge blast furnaces, open-hearth facilities, and neon J&L sign were landmarks for many Pittsburghers. The plant was located on this stretch of land and on a tract . . . Map (db m174472) HM

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