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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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By Howard C. Ohlhous, August 12, 2011
Here Lies Buried John Brown Marker Detail
New York (Essex County), North Elba — Here Lies Buried John Brown
John Brown of Osawatomie Here Lies Buried John Brown Born at Torrington, Connecticut May 9th, 1800 He emigrated to Kansas in 1855 where he took an active part in the contest against the pro-slavery party. He gained in August 1856 a . . . — Map (db m46521) HM

Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — Battle of Osawatomie
On the morning of August 30, 1856, John Brown led about 30 antislavery men into battle against 250 proslavery Missourians. This Battle of Osawatomie raged on the site of John Brown Memorial Park. Local tradition maintains that the statue of . . . — Map (db m21125) HM

West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — A Moving SymbolHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
In it really began the Civil War. Here was lighted the torch of liberty for all America… For you this is the most hallowed shrine in this country. Henry McDonald, Storer College president The foundations in front of you mark a temporary site . . . — Map (db m8318) HM

Ontario (Chatham-Kent Division), Chatham — John Brown's Convention 1858
On May 10, 1858, American abolitionist John Brown held the last in a series of clandestine meetings here at First Baptist Church. Brown planned to establish an independent republic within the United States and wage guerrilla war to . . . — Map (db m71386) HM
California (San Joaquin County), Stockton — 513 — John Brown(California’s Paul Revere)
In 1846, during American conquest of California, John Brown, nicknamed “Juan Flaco,” rode from Los Angeles to San Francisco in four days to warn Commodore Stockton of the siege of Los Angeles. As a result, troops were sent and the city . . . — Map (db m16011) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Torrington — John Brown Birthplace
John Brown, the abolitionist, was born at this site on May 9, 1800. He dedicated his life to ending slavery in the United States. Brown became a spokesperson for those abolitionists who believed that slavery could only be eliminated by force. He is . . . — Map (db m30187) HM
Georgia (Fulton County), Atlanta — John Brown Gordon
John Brown Gordon, son of the Rev. Zachariah Herndon Gordon and Mrs. Malinda Cox Gordon, was born in Upson County Feb. 6, 1832. He attended a rural school in Walker County, Pleasant Green Academy in Lafayette, and the University of Georgia. He . . . — Map (db m86837) HM
Georgia (Fulton County), Atlanta — John Brown Gordon1832 - 1904
A native of Upson County, Georgia, and a Major General, Confederate States Army, was one of General Lee's most trusted and outstanding officers. He brilliantly led his devoted men in every engagement in which the Army of Northern Virginia . . . — Map (db m64831) HM
Kansas (Douglas County), Lawrence — John Brown and the Siege of Lawrence, September 14-15, 1856
On the afternoon of September 14th, 1856, the Free State settlement of Lawrence, Kansas Territory was threatened with invasion by an army of 2700 Pro-slavery Missourians under the command of Generals David R. Atchison and John W. Reid. Encamping . . . — Map (db m76325) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — 1 — Battle of Osawatomie
The Battle of Osawatomie was fought on this site on the morning of August 30, 1856. John Brown led a force of about 30 Free State guerilla fighters in battle against John Reid and 250 proslavery militia men. John Brown chose this battlefield, . . . — Map (db m69286) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — John Brown Battleground
Purchased by Department of Kansas Womans Relief Corps Dedicated to the Grand Army of the Republic Presented to the State of Kansas for a memorial park — Map (db m69244) HM WM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — 50 — John Brown Country
Osawatomie - the name derives from a combination of Osage and Pottawatomie - was settled in 1854 by Free-State families from the Ohio Valley and New England. John Brown, soon to become famous for his militant abolitionism, joined five of his . . . — Map (db m69325) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — John Brown of Kansas
. . . — Map (db m4347) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — John Brown Statue1935
Cast by the Borbedine Foundry in Paris which made the Statue of Liberty — Map (db m69245) HM
Kansas (Wyandotte County), Kansas City — John Brown
Erected to the memory of John Brown by a grateful people — Map (db m69455) HM
Kentucky (Franklin County), Frankfort — 1653 — Liberty Hall / John Brown (1757-1837)
Liberty Hall A National Historic Landmark This Georgian mansion was begun 1796, by John Brown and named for Lexington, Virginia academy he attended. His wife Margaretta and Elizabeth Love began first Sunday School west of Alleghenies in . . . — Map (db m84387) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Dargan — John Brown
and his associates collected arms and ammunition on the Kennedy Farm (Samples Manor) in Maryland for months prior to the raid on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry, October 17, 1859 — Map (db m1988) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Dargan — John Brown, 59, HangedIn Memoriam
In Memoriam To the Provisional Army of the United States of America and their presence at Kennedy Farm the Summer of 1859 John Brown, 59, Hanged Annie Brown, 16, Sent Home Martha Brown, 17, Sent Home John Henry Kagi, 24, Killed . . . — Map (db m151957) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Hagerstown — John Brown
The Washington House Hotel was a major stop on the National Pike and served as a hospital at times throughout the Civil War. Prior to organizing his raid on the Federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, John Brown registered under the assumed name of "I. . . . — Map (db m20846) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Williamsport — The John Brown Bell
In May 1861, Company I, 13th Massachusetts Infantry was on patrol in Harpers Ferry, and found the engine house where John Brown's raid ended on October 17, 1859. The bell was still in place, and knowing their hometown hook and ladder company needed . . . — Map (db m131803) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Marlborough — The John Brown Bell
Symbol of a nation's efforts to obtain freedom and equality for it's people The John Brown Bell owned, and placed here, John A. Rawlins Building Association, acting in behalf of Akroyd Houde Post 132, the American legion, with the co-operation . . . — Map (db m56437) HM
Michigan (Wayne County), Detroit — S0224 — Frederick Douglass - John Brown meeting
In the home of William Webb, 200 feet north of this spot, two famous American's met several Detroit Negro residents on March 12, 1859, to discuss methods of abolishing American Negro slavery. John Brown (1800-1859), fiery antislavery leader, . . . — Map (db m82809) HM
New York (Essex County), Elizabethtown — John Brown’s Body
John Brown’s body guarded by local citizens rested in this court house on the night of Dec. 6, 1859 on its way to burial at his home in North Elba. — Map (db m136665) HM
New York (Essex County), North Elba — John Brown
John Brown occupied house on this site in 1848-50 while clearing the land. Now known as John Brown's farm. — Map (db m151658) HM
New York (Essex County), Ticonderoga — Colonel John Brown
of Pittsfield, Mass. killed October 19th, 1780 at Stone Arabia, N.Y. on his thirty-fifth birthday. Was with Ethan Allen, May 10th, 1775. Made a gallant attempt to retake the fort September 17th to 22nd, 1777 but failed owing to the sturdy defence . . . — Map (db m9484) HM
New York (New York County), New York — John Brown's Body On The BoweryMcGraw and Taylor Undertakers — 163 Bowery —
This is the former site of undertakers McGraw and Taylor, where the body of John Brown was secretly prepared for burial. Executed on December 2, 1859, for the raid on Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, the radical abolitionist had tried to ignite an armed . . . — Map (db m133037) HM
Ohio (Summit County), Hudson — Boyhood home of John Brown
Hudson, Ohio. Boyhood home of John Brown (1800-1859.) Abolitionist John Brown came to Hudson as a boy in 1805 and lived here until 1826. A frequent visitor to Hudson in the ensuing years, Brown attended services at the Free Congregational Church, . . . — Map (db m41270) HM
Pennsylvania (Crawford County), New Richmond — John Brown Tannery
John Brown of Ossawatomie and Harper's Ferry worked here as a tanner, 1825-35. The nearby house was then his home. His first wife and son are buried near. — Map (db m50447) HM
Pennsylvania (Crawford County), New Richmond — John Brown's Tannery
On the side road, a short distance south, are the remains of the tannery and home built by the noted abolitionist of Harper's Ferry fame. Here, he lived and worked from 1825 to 1835, employing as many as 15 men in producing leather. — Map (db m50446) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Chambersburg — Abolitionist John Brown Boards in Chambersburg
Preparing for the raid on Harpers Ferry arsenal, John Brown came to Chambersburg in the summer of 1859 wearing a beard as a disguise and using the alias of Isaac Smith. He took up residence at Mary Ritner’s boarding house on East King Street, . . . — Map (db m18531) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Chambersburg — Frederick Douglass and John Brown
The two abolitionists met at a stone quarry here, Aug. 19-21, 1859, and discussed Browns plans to raid the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry. He urged Douglass to join an armed demonstration against slavery. Douglass refused, warning the raid would . . . — Map (db m18625) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Chambersburg — John Brown
Boarded in this house for a while in the summer of 1859 under the name of "Smith". While in Chambersburg, he secretly received firearms and ammunition. Later in 1859k Brown led a raid on the arsenal at Harper's Ferry. — Map (db m8103) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Mont Alto — John Brown Raid
Captain John Cooke, one of Brown’s followers, was captured near here on October 25, 1859, nine days after the raid on Harper's Ferry. He was hanged December 16, two weeks after John Brown. — Map (db m1009) HM
Rhode Island (Providence County), Providence — John Brown House
The home of John Brown Reflecting the wealth and position gained from his lucrative career as a slave trader, privateer, China trade merchant and Patriot. — Map (db m56014) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — Holy GroundHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Here on the scene of John Brown’s martyrdom we reconsecrate ourselves, our honor, our property to the final emancipation of the race which John Brown died to make free… Thank God for John Brown!... and all the hallowed dead who died for . . . — Map (db m8316) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — The Murphy Farm
Established 1869 Alexander Murphy 1840-1931 Mollie M. Murphy 1869-1945 Mary Murphy 1834-1908 William J. Murphy 1872-1931 Historical events on the Farm: Battle of Harpers Ferry September 13-15, 1862 General Philip Sheridan's Fortification August . . . — Map (db m13275) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — John Brown Hanging SiteCreation of a Martyr — Prelude to War —
This is where seven men were hanged in December 1859 and March 1860 for their part in John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry. The scaffold stood here in a large field. A month after the trial, on December 2, 1859, John Brown was the first to die. He . . . — Map (db m41650) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — John Brown Scaffold
Within these grounds a short distance east of this marker is the site of the scaffold on which John Brown, leader of the Harpers Ferry raid, was executed December the Second, 1859. — Map (db m12603) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Site of the Execution of John Brown
Site of the execution on Dec. 2, 1859, of John Brown, leader of the raid at Harper’s Ferry. — Map (db m62250) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — The Trial of John BrownJefferson County Courthhouse — Prelude to War —

One of the most famous trials in American history was held in this building in 1859, when John Brown and his followers faced charges of treason against Virginia, inciting slaves to rebel, and murder. Judge Richard Parker presided.

The trial . . . — Map (db m103446) HM

West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Harpers Ferry / John Brown’s Fort
(West Facing Side): Harpers Ferry Named for Robert Harper, who settled here in 1747 and operated ferry. Site purchased for Federal arsenal and armory in 1796. John Hall first used interchangeable gun parts here. Travel route thru Blue . . . — Map (db m82777) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — John Brown
That this nation might have a new birth of freedom, That slavery should be removed forever from American soil. John Brown and his 21 men gave their lives. To commemorate their heroism, this tablet is placed on this . . . — Map (db m99510) HM WM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — John Brown
Here John Brown aimed at human slavery a blow that woke a guilty nation. With him fought seven slaves and sons of slaves. Over his crucified corpse marched 200,000 black soldiers and 4,000,000 freedmen singing “John Brown’s body lies . . . — Map (db m127384) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — John Brown Fort
Here is a building with a curious past. Since its construction in 1848, it has been vandalized, dismantled, and moved four times - all because of its fame as John Brown's stronghold. The Fort's "Movements" 1848 Built as fire-engine house for . . . — Map (db m4420) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — John Brown Monument
Commemorated here is the original location of the "John Brown Fort"--the Federal Armory's fire engine house where abolitionist John Brown and his raiders were captured by the U.S. Marines on October 18, 1859. If you look to the south, you will see . . . — Map (db m10900) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — John Brown's Last StandHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
You are in the line of fire. The stone marker in front of you identifies the original site of the armory fire engine house - now known as John Brown's Fort. Barricaded inside the fort, abolitionist John Brown and his men held off local militia and . . . — Map (db m23413) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — The John Brown Raiders
This plaque is dedicated to the John Brown raiders, a group of men led by John Brown who, at Harpers Ferry on October 17, 1859 struck a blow against slavery.

Killed at Harpers Ferry Jeremiah Anderson • Oliver Brown • Watson Brown • John . . . — Map (db m103497) HM

Iowa (Cass County), Lewis — Fighting Slavery – Aiding RunawaysJohn Brown Freedom Trail — December 20, 1858 - March 12, 1859 —

Iowa assumed an important place in America’s Underground Railroad history when Missourians closed off the Missouri River to Kansas bound settlers. For Iowa residents involved in helping runaways, the work was a dangerous and illegal business. . . . — Map (db m93885) HM

Maryland (Washington County), Dargan — Kennedy FarmStaging and Planning John Brown's Harpers Ferry Raid
This is the Kennedy farmhouse, which abolitionist John Brown (using the pseudonym Isaac Smith) leased in July 1859 from Dr. Robert Kennedy's heirs, ostensibly to do some prospecting. Brown's fifteen-year-old daughter, Annie Brown, identified the . . . — Map (db m20735) HM
Pennsylvania (Montgomery County), King of Prussia — Knox’s QuartersJohn Brown Farm
Brigadier General Henry Knox, Washington’s 27 year old artillery chief, used as his quarters the small stone section of this house. Located upstream on Valley Creek from Washington’s Headquarters, this was the farm home of John Brown and his family. . . . — Map (db m28876) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — Allstadt HouseJohn Brown's Hostages — Prelude to War —
The Allstadt House and Ordinary was the home of John H. Allstadt. On the evening of October 16, 1859, John Brown and his "army" of would-be slave liberators launched their attack on Harpers Ferry from Kennedy Farm just across the Potomac River in . . . — Map (db m145216) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Edge Hill CemeteryJohn Brown Raid Victims
Edge Hill Cemetery contains the graves of Fontaine Beckham and John Avis, two participants in the saga of John Brown’s Raid in October 1859. Beckham was the mayor of Harpers Ferry then and one of four civilian casualties. Ironically, though John . . . — Map (db m41672) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Jefferson County CourthouseWhere John Brown Was Tried
In this courthouse, John Brown, the abolitionist, was tried and found guilty of treason, conspiracy and murder. He was hanged four blocks from here on December 2, 1859. Visitors are Welcome.Map (db m1742) HM

Maryland (Dorchester County), Cambridge — Civil War: Abolitionist, Scout, Spy and NurseCivil War Era — 1858 - 1865 —
The Slavery Conflict Deepens During the 1850's the deep-rooted conflict between pro-slavery and anti-slavery Americans intensified. The 'abolitionists' were united around the common long-run goal of abolishing slavery. But they differed . . . — Map (db m109916) HM

Kansas (Douglas County), Baldwin City — The Battle of Black Jack"Civil War in Kansas!"
"Let not the knives of pro-slavery men be sheathed while there is one abolitionist in the Territory." —Squatter Sovereign proslavery newspaper in Atchison, Kansas Territory, June 10, 1856 On this site at dawn on June 2, 1856, the . . . — Map (db m20051) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — John Frederick Blessing
John Blessing was born in Germany and came to the United States and made his home in Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to Charles Town 1853 and purchased a large brick building on the corner of Charles and Washington Streets (Now known as the Shugart . . . — Map (db m132445) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — "The War That Ended Slavery"Harpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
"The War That Ended Slavery" Abolitionist Frederick Douglass, from his 1881 Storer College Commencement speech "I want to free all the negroes in this [slave] state ... if the citizens interfere with me I must only burn . . . — Map (db m143940) HM

Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — 4 — Battle of Osawatomie
John Reid's proslavery militia men set up cannon on John Brown's Free State Guerilla force's flank here on this high ground and fired into John Brown's Free State guerilla forces line of defense while Reid's proslavery militia men attacked the . . . — Map (db m69225) HM

West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Burned, Flooded, and LeveledHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
The stone and brick walls in front of you show the outline of the Small Arsenal. The actual foundation of this former weapons storehouse lies below ground. In 1959 National Park Service archaeologists first excavated the foundation—100 years . . . — Map (db m143937) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Heyward Shepherd
On the night of October 16, 1859, Heyward Shepherd, an industrious and respected Colored freeman, was mortally wounded by John Brown's raiders in pursuance of his duties as an employee of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. He became the first . . . — Map (db m126128) HM

Maryland (Baltimore), University of MD at Baltimore — A Mother’s Grief
In an age of high infant mortality, Sarah and John Brown experience more than their share of loss. Plagued by smallpox, yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, measles and mumps, early Baltimore families buried one of every three children before their first . . . — Map (db m30564) HM
Virginia (Rappahannock County), Amissville — Dangerfield NewbyA Tragic Journey to Harpers Ferry
Dangerfield Newby (ca. 1820-1859), a free mulatto for whose family this crossroads is named, was the first of John Brown’s raiders killed during the attack on Harpers Ferry on October 16, 1859. He was the eldest child of Henry Newby and a slave, . . . — Map (db m50611) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Charles Town Post OfficeJefferson County Jail
On the site of this Post Office stood the Jefferson County Jail where John Brown and his fellow prisoners were confined after their raid on Harpers Ferry in October 1859. After court trial John Brown was taken from the Jail here to his death on . . . — Map (db m2027) HM

Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Monterey — The Raid On Harpers FerryCaptain John Cook And His Capture
To spark a civil war, John Brown came to Ritner Boarding House in Chambersburg, PA, where he began to plan his famous raid on Harper’s Ferry, in 1859. At the time, Brown was calling himself Isaac Smith. By mid summer, he had rented the Kennedy farm, . . . — Map (db m136152) HM
Virginia, Winchester — A "Malicious Design"Burning the Winchester Medical College
This is the former location of the Winchester Medical College. In the spring of 1862, Union soldiers from Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks's command allegedly entered the building and discovered a partially dissected African American boy. They also found . . . — Map (db m126603) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Harpers Ferry HistoryHayward Shepard — Another Perspective
Heyward Shepard On October 17, 1859, abolitionist John Brown attacked Harpers Ferry to launch a war against slavery, Heyward Shepard, a free African American railroad baggage master, was shot and killed by Brown’s men shortly after midnight. . . . — Map (db m127547) HM

Kansas (Linn County), Trading Post — 46 — Marais des Cygnes Massacre
Nothing in the struggle over slavery in Kansas did more to inflame the nation than the mass killing which took place May 19, 1858, about four miles northeast of this marker. Charles Hamelton who had been driven from the territory by Free-State men, . . . — Map (db m4359) HM
Kansas (Linn County), Trading Post — Marais des Cygnes Massacre State Historic Site Trail
A Nation at Odds The mid 1800s were a time of turmoil and tragedy in the U.S. The issue of slavery polarized the nation. It created a moral, political, and economic dilemma. The struggle over slavery ultimately led to the Civil War, splitting . . . — Map (db m39862) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — 2 — Battle of Osawatomie
John Reid's proslavery militia men formed up in two lines on horseback here and attacked John Brown's Free State guerillas in an aggressive charge. The proslavery Militia men were mounted on horses that were not trained for combat, and began to . . . — Map (db m69221) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — 5 — Battle of Osawatomie
The Battle of Osawatomie was a military victory for proslavery forces, and a moral and propaganda victory for Free State forces in Kansas Territory. John Brown became a symbol of Free State resistance to proslavery forces, and inspired Free . . . — Map (db m69243) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — 6 — Old Stone ChurchOsawatomie Driving Tour
Built by Rev. Samuel Adair brother-in-law of John Brown Dedicated July 14, 1861 — Map (db m69315) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — Site of the Battle of OsawatomieOsawatomie Driving Tour
John Brown defended Osawatomie against an attack by Pro Slavery Militia in the largest battle during the Bleeding Kansas Era on August 30, 1856 — Map (db m69288) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — 9 — Soldiers MonumentOsawatomie Driving Tour
Erected to honor the 5 men killed in the Battle of Osawatomie on August 30, 1856. Dedicated August 30, 1877 —————————— [Monument inscription reads] In commemoration of those who . . . — Map (db m69304) HM
New York (Monroe County), Rush — Hallock House
Frederick Douglass often visited Quaker Wm. Hallock who induced him to reject John Brown's violent plans to free the slaves. — Map (db m58093) HM
New York (New York County), New York — 200 Years & Counting206-8 Bowery
Remarkably surviving for over 200 years, 206 Bowery is one of the few row houses on the Bowery that still retains most of its Federal style characteristics, including its 2 ½-story height, 3-bay width, gambrel roof and pair of gable dormers. . . . — Map (db m133618) HM
Rhode Island (Providence County), Providence — 9 & 10 — Tockwotton and the Indiamen / Sails to Rails 1835: Providence's First Train StationProvidence Harbor Walk at Fox Point & India Point
Tockwotton and the Indiamen The close of the War of Independence in 1783 found the local economy dominated by maritime trade. Wharves along South Water Street became overcrowded with merchant ships, as depicted in the 1800s scene above. In . . . — Map (db m151689) HM
Texas (Shackelford County), Albany — 13676 — The Rev. John Brown, Clara Barton and the 1886-1887 Drought Relief
Scottish immigrant John Brown (1842-1903) moved west following his theological studies in New York. He married Mary Jane Matthews Larn near Fort Griffin and in 1884 became minister of Albany Presbyterian Church, just as West Texas farmers and . . . — Map (db m85634) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Two Treason Trials
Jefferson County's Most Famous Trial In the room immediately behind this wall, the abolitionist John Brown and five of his raiders were tried for treason against the state of Virginia, murder and inciting slaves to rebel. Brown had led 21 men . . . — Map (db m21767) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Storer College 1867-1955Harpers Ferry National Historic Park
Thousands of blacks seeking refuge from slavery and protection behind Union lines fled to Harpers Ferry during the Civil War. Recognizing the importance of education for former slaves, the government’s Freedmen’s Bureau began a school here in . . . — Map (db m96461) HM

Virginia (Orange County), Locust Grove — John Gordon Proposes a Flank Attack
On the morning of May 6, Confederate General John B. Gordon occupied the far Confederate left, in this vicinity, with his brigade of Georgians. Gordon reconnoitered to his left and front and discovered the Union right flank to be vulnerable to an . . . — Map (db m7384) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — A Nation's ArmoryHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
You are standing directly across the street from the main entrance of one of the nation's first military industrial complexes. The U.S. Armory at Harpers Ferry, now covered by an embankment of dirt and rubble, produced the deadliest weapons of its . . . — Map (db m24919) HM

Kansas (Jackson County), Netawaka — Battle of the Spurs
New Inscription One witness to this event later wrote that it was “no joke” to attack old John Brown. The abolitionist inspired such terror that in January 1859, about 1.5 miles north of here, a U.S. marshal fled at the mere . . . — Map (db m127434) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — Oberlin and the Underground Railroad — Historic Underground Railroad Site —
A key junction on the Underground Railroad in Oberlin, Ohio connected at least five routes that led from slavery to freedom. No fugitive in Oberlin was ever returned to bondage. Freedom seekers lived openly in the town, and were supported by . . . — Map (db m144166) HM
Rhode Island (Providence County), Providence — 11 — Bridging the SeekonkProvidence Harbor Walk at Fox Point & India Point
In 1793, John Brown and associates built the first bridge to connect India Point with what is now East Providence. A toll bridge was variously called John Brown's Bridge, India Bridge, and finally Washington Bridge, because of a wooden statue of . . . — Map (db m151685) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Six Acres That Changed the WorldHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Along this path lie the remains of revolutions. Six acres of the U.S. Armory at Harpers Ferry have been reduced to rubble. Buildings that buzzed with activity and innovation now lie covered with dirt. Train tracks that pushed to the edge of a new . . . — Map (db m20475) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Welcome to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church
High above the storied town of Harpers Ferry, with the tranquil waters of the Shenandoah River flowing just below, sits historic St. Peter’s Church. Deeply rooted in the rich history of the Church in West Virginia, the Civil War, and one of the . . . — Map (db m124619) HM

West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — George Washington Turner

There sleeps beneath all that was mortal of GEORGE W. TURNER Born at Wheatland in the County of Jefferson Jany. 11th 1814. Graduated at West Point 1831, and fell nobly maintaining the rights of his State at . . . — Map (db m103553) HM

Ontario (Chatham-Kent Division), Chatham — The Abolition Movement in British North America
From 1783 until the 1860s, abolitionists in British North America took part in the fight to end slavery both at home and in the United States. Thanks to the determination of colonial officials, anti-slavery organizations, and the thousands of . . . — Map (db m71391) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — The Navajo Code Talkers
The original thirty-two Code Talkers were organized to develop codes based on their native language which were used extensively during World War II. These and many other Native Americans served bravely throughout the Pacific and other combat zones. . . . — Map (db m33344) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Phelan — 576 — Santa Fe and Salt Lake Trail1849
Erected in honor of the brave pioneers of California in 1917 by pioneers Sheldon Stoddard, Sydney F. Waite, John Brown Jr., George Miller, George M. Cooley, Silas C. Cox, Richard Weir, Jasper N. Corbett — Map (db m139653) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Yucaipa — 528 — Yucaipa Adobe
Constructed in 1842 by Diego Sepulveda, nephew of Antonio Maria Lugo, this is believed to be the oldest house in San Bernardino County. The land, formerly controlled by San Gabriel Mission, was part of Rancho San Bernardino, granted to the Lugos in . . . — Map (db m143658) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 49 — Adobe Chapel of The Immaculate Conception
Originally built as the home of San Diego’s John Brown in 1850, the house was converted to a church by Don Jose Aguirre in 1858. Father Antonio D. Ubach , formally a missionary among the Indians, was parish priest here from 1866 to 1907. It is said . . . — Map (db m11652) HM
Florida (Volusia County), Daytona Beach — Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial
To the memory of the known Revolutionary Soldiers who removed to Florida Evan Andress • John Bessent • John Brown • Henry Edwards • John Fletcher • William Gay • Zachariah Gherkins • Morton Gray • James Hall • Joab Horne • Amos Latham • John Liles . . . — Map (db m46877) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — 3 — Battle of Osawatomie
John Reid placed the bulk of his proslavery militia men in a line here to charge the center of John Brown's Free State guerilla's line of defense and charged the center of Brown's line in the brush lining the Marais Des Cygnes River. Brown's . . . — Map (db m69224) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — Old Stone Church
One of the first churches in Kansas, this church was built by a Congregationalist group and is typical of the church structures built during pioneering days in Kansas. It was dedicated to public worship in 1861, and its first pastor was the . . . — Map (db m69319) HM
Kansas (Miami County), Osawatomie — T. B. Williams and J. B. Remington
. . . — Map (db m69287) HM WM
Kentucky (Franklin County), Frankfort — 123 — Corner In Celebrities
Homes of Thomas S. Todd, John M. Harlan, George M. Bibb, John J. Crittenden, John Brown, James Brown, Thomas Metcalfe, Robert P. Letcher, George C. Vest, Benjamin G. Brown, James Harlan, Charles S. Morehead, Thomas S. Crittenden, John C. Watson, . . . — Map (db m97496) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Hyattsville — Osborne Perry Anderson
In Memory of Osborne Perry Anderson July 17, 1830   December 11, 1872 This dedicated and brave Christian traveled from Chatham, Canada to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, to fight beside John Brown in quest to abolish slavery. He later . . . — Map (db m90964) HM WM
Maryland (Washington County), Dargan — Confederate InvasionFive Years Later ... — Early's 1864 Attack on Washington —
In June 1864, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee sent Gen. Jubal A. Early's corps from the Richmond battlefield to the Shenandoah Valley to counter Union Gen. David Hunter's army. After driving Hunter into West Virginia, Early invaded Maryland . . . — Map (db m143947) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Sandy Hook — Harpers Ferry - Changes through Time
Situated at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, Harpers Ferry was named for Robert Harper, a millwright who continued a ferry operation here in 1747. The waterpower of the two rivers - harnessed for industry - generated tremendous . . . — Map (db m5033) HM
New York (Essex County), Ticonderoga — Fort Carillon
Built by the French 1755-1758 General James Abercrombie defeated by the Marquis de Montcalm, July 8, 1758 Captured by Sir Jeffery Amherst July 27, 1759 and renamed Fort Ticonderoga Captured by Ethan Allen May 10, 1775 Captured by Sir John Burgoyne . . . — Map (db m9447) HM
New York (Herkimer County), Old Forge — Old Forge, N.Y.
These three iron parts of the old forge and this mill stone from the old grist mill were used by agents sent here by JOHN BROWN of RHODE ISLAND who acquired this tract in 1798. They were again used about 1817 on the south side of the river near this . . . — Map (db m35553) HM
New York (Warren County), Lake George — Lake George in the American RevolutionLake George Battlefield Park
Lake George played an important role throughout the American Revolution as a transportation route, staging area and outpost. In December 1775, as some American troops were ferried north during their abortive invasion of Canada, Colonel Henry Knox’s . . . — Map (db m16111) HM
Ohio (Summit County), Hudson — 31-77 — First Congregational Church of Hudson
On this site, the first meetinghouse owned by the Hudson Congregational Church was dedicated March 1, 1820, twenty-one years after David Hudson first came to the Hudson area. Its members met here until they completed their sanctuary on Aurora Street . . . — Map (db m36192) HM
Ohio (Summit County), Hudson — First Schoolhouse in Summit County
On this site stood a log schoolhouse built in 1801, the first in Summit County. It was used as a meeting-place by the Hudson Congregational Church formed by David Hudson, its lifetime Deacon, and organized September 4, 1802, by Rev. Joseph Badger. . . . — Map (db m36193) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), West Chester — Horace Pippin
Born in West Chester in 1888. Pippin occupied this house from 1920 until his death in 1946. A self-taught black artist, he painted while living here such notable works as "Domino Players," "John Brown Going to His Hanging," and the "Holy Mountain" . . . — Map (db m8156) HM
Pennsylvania (Cumberland County), Newville — Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Big Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in grateful appreciation of the services of these soldiers of the Revolutionary War who lie buried here. Lieut. Colonel Samuel Irvine • Captain William Peebles • Captain Samuel Felton • . . . — Map (db m19563) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Mont Alto — Captain John E. Cook
Near this spot Captain John E. Cook, of John Brown’s Army of Liberation, was captured and disarmed on October 25, 1859 by Daniel Logan and others. He was hanged at Charlestown, Virginia, December 16, 1859. — Map (db m1010) HM
Pennsylvania (Indiana County), Indiana — Absalom (Albert) Hazlett(1837-1860)
A staunch abolitionist, Hazlett became a lieutenant in John Brown’s provisional army and participated in the raid on Harper’s Ferry Arsenal in 1859. He was captured, tried, convicted, and hanged for his involvement following the failed Harper’s . . . — Map (db m40562) HM
Pennsylvania (Lehigh County), Fountain Hill — Stephen Vincent Benét
This talented author was born here July 22, 1898; died in New York March 13, 1943. “John Brown's Body” and his other poems and stories give vivid expression to the best in American spirit and tradition. — Map (db m79675) HM
Pennsylvania (Montgomery County), Plymouth Meeting — Abolition Hall
The antislavery meeting hall here, opened in 1856, brought many leading abolitionist speakers as guests of George Corson and his wife, Martha Maulsby Corson. Built over a carriage shed, the hall could accommodate up to 200 visitors. The family's . . . — Map (db m23524) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — David Bustill Bowser(1820-1900)
A self-taught Black artist, Bowser, who lived here, began his career as a landscape, sign emblem, and banner painter. He also painted portraits including several of Lincoln and one of abolitionist John Brown. — Map (db m82645) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — General Michael P. Small
This log structure, c. 1820, was owned by Bvt. Brig. General Michael P. Small from 1862-1863. General Small began his military career as a West Point graduate in 1855. He served during the entire Civil War for the United States Army. He . . . — Map (db m152306) HM
Rhode Island (Providence County), Providence — The Glory Days of Providence's Old Harbor
The ship George Washington was the last of three ships all named by John Brown after his friend and compatriot. The 624-ton ship George Washington, designed for the India trade, was built in Providence in 1793 and made its first voyage . . . — Map (db m151748) HM
South Carolina (Marlboro County), Blenheim — 35-29 — Brownsville Church
In 1788, this Baptist congregation, while still a branch of Cashaway Church (1756), purchased this land from the Rev. John Brown. The branch became an independently constituted church in 1789 named Muddy Creek and by 1829 was known as Brownsville. . . . — Map (db m31691) HM
South Carolina (Spartanburg County), Boiling Springs — Robin Helton
Crash Site of U.S. Marine A-4 Skyhawk Oct. 29, 1985 In memory of the pilot 1st Lt. Robin Franklin Helton Sept. 13, 1955 Oct. 29, 1985 son of McDonald & Kathryn Helton husband of Connie Swann Helton father of Robyn L. Helton . . . — Map (db m38164) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — 137 — The Craighead House
This Federal-style home was built c1810 for John Brown Craighead and his first wife Jane Erwin Dickinson. Craighead was the son of early Nashville settler the Rev. Thomas Craighead. In 1823, Craighead married Lavinia Robertson Beck, youngest . . . — Map (db m53382) HM
Tennessee (Hamilton County), Tiftonia — 2A 14 — Brown's Ferry
About 3.3 miles north, near the route of the Great War and Trading Path, John Brown, a Cherokee half-breed, established a ferry and tavern in 1800. It was much used by drovers going to and from markets. Legends say that some were robbed and murdered . . . — Map (db m4485) HM
Tennessee (Obion County), Union City — The Firehouse
The Firehouse was built in 2012, and is modeled after the firehouse in Harper's Ferry Arsenal, West Virginia, the site of abolitionist John Brown's 1859 slave revolt and capture by Robert E. Lee. — Map (db m106065) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Lexington Minute Men
In Memory Of The Men of the Lexington Militia Killed In Action • 19 April 1775 During the First Battle of the American Revolution John Brown     Robert Munroe Samuel Hadley     Isaac Muzzy Caleb Harrington      Jonas Parker . . . — Map (db m62373) WM
Virginia (Augusta County), Raphine — A-39 — New Providence Church
This church, seven and a half miles west, was organized by John Blair in 1746. Five successive church buildings have been erected. The first pastor was John Brown. Samuel Brown, second pastor, had as wife Mary Moore, captured in youth by Indians and . . . — Map (db m122187) HM
West Virginia (Brooke County), Bethany — Alexander Campbell
Here lived the leading influence in America's largest indigenous religious movement, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and founder of Bethany College. Built in four periods: the John Brown Mansion, completed in 1793; Buffalo Seminary, in 1819; . . . — Map (db m20826) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — In Honor of Private Luke Quinn
United States Marine Killed 18 October 1859 During the capture of John Brown Flagpole and gravesite rededicated by Marine Corps League Detachment 1143 13 0ctober 2012 — Map (db m104281) HM WM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — PilgrimageHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
In July 1896, members of the National League of Colored Women traveled here from Washington, D.C. and posed for their picture in front of John Brown’s Fort. The women came to pay homage to Brown and his raiders, establishing a pilgrimage tradition . . . — Map (db m8317) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Charles Town
Founded in 1786 by Charles Washington, brother of the President. Here John Brown was tried and convicted of treason. Home of W. L. Wilson, Postmaster General, 1896, who here started the first rural free delivery in America. — Map (db m1650) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Focus of ActionJefferson County in the Civil War
Jefferson County’s association with significant events in Civil War history began in October 1859, when abolitionist John Brown raided the U.S. Arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Quickly captured, Brown and his followers were brought here to Charles Town . . . — Map (db m41671) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Halltown — "Beallair"
Colonel Lewis Washington, who lived here, was one of the hostages captured by John Brown in 1859 in his raid on Harpers Ferry. When captured, Brown wore a sword, once owned by George Washington, taken from this home. (1 Mi. N.). — Map (db m12066) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Arsenal Square
Two brick arsenal buildings, which once housed about 100,000 weapons produced at the Harpers Ferry Armory, occupied these grounds. Capture of the firearms was the objective of John Brown’s 1859 raid. Eighteen months after Brown’s attack, the Civil . . . — Map (db m12969) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Pvt Luke QuinnIn Memory Of
Only Marine killed in John Brown's Raid - October 18, 1859 Pvt Luke Quinn came from Ireland in 1835, and enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1855 in Brooklyn, NY. He was sent to sea duty, then transferred to Marine Barracks in Washington, D.C. He . . . — Map (db m70780) HM WM

Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — The American Southern Defenses – 1776-1777
we are Building a Large & Long Breast work on the South Side.” - Pvt. Thomas Killam, August 19, 1776 When the American Northern Army arrived at Ticonderoga in mid-July 1776, the 300-acre peninsula opposite on the Vermont . . . — Map (db m19543) HM

Rhode Island (Providence County), Providence — The Old Harbortaken from Rhode Island History, Volume 48, Number 2, May 1990 — Prosperity at the Wharves: Providence Shipping, 1780-1850 by Paul G. Bourcier —
Early Years: Providence is a city with a long waterfront tradition. In 1636 Providence was established on the banks of the Providence River. During the 1600's, Providence, initially a farming community, grew slowly, spreading out along the . . . — Map (db m151744) HM
Utah (Washington County), Hurricane — 134 — Southern Exploring Company - 1849Parley P. Pratt — Southern Utah Expedition —
The confluence of Ash and LaVerkin Creeks with the Virgin River is important in the history of this region. Footsteps long forgotten have passed through this region. Some have been remembered but most have faded with time. Roaming bands of Indians, . . . — Map (db m59447) HM
Utah (Washington County), La Verkin — 135 — Southern Exploring Company – 1849Parley P. Pratt — Southern Utah Expedition —
The confluence of Ash and LaVerkin Creeks with the Virgin River is important in the history of this region. Footsteps long forgotten have passed through this region. Some have been remembered but most have faded with time. Roaming bands of Indians, . . . — Map (db m59449) HM

Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Underground Railroad and Precursors to War
Among the events in the 1850s that helped drive the nation into civil war, the Christiana Riot put a controversial new law to a bloody test. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 ordered federal officers to arrest suspected runaway slaves; it also . . . — Map (db m22892) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — History in the Mountains
"I will pledge myself that there is not a spot in the United States which combines more or greater requisites...." George Washington May 5, 1798 Harpers Ferry's history and geography have influenced each other for more . . . — Map (db m12065) HM

New York (Monroe County), Rochester — Frederick Douglass Home Site
Underground Railroad Sites Rochester's proximity to Lake Ontario afforded runaway slaves a direct route to freedom in Canada. Hundreds of runaway slaves were "conducted" from one "station" to another along this secret network of escape routes . . . — Map (db m65156) HM

California (Santa Clara County), Saratoga — History of Madronia Cemetery
Madronia Cemetery is Saratoga’s oldest institution. The first burials occurred on this site in 1854. Other burials followed over the next several years prior to its dedication as a cemetery. This land was originally part of the Quito Land . . . — Map (db m41447) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Anacostia — Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
Also known as Cedar Hill, this site encompasses the estate owned by Frederick Douglass from 1877 until his death in 1895. In honor of Douglass’ work as an author, orator, abolitionist, statesman, and civil rights leader, this site is designated a . . . — Map (db m40846) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Mayors of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
Harpers Ferry, Virginia - Charter from Virginia Legislature 1851 Jeremiah Fuss - 1851-1852 John C. Umseld - 1852-1853 Solomon V. Yantis - 1853-1855, 1879-1880, 1882-1885 George Mauzy - 1855-1857 Isaac Fouke - 1858-1859 Fontaine . . . — Map (db m143935) HM

Ontario (Regional Municipality of Niagara), St. Catharines — Anglican Church, St. Catharines(1795 - 1836)
On this site stood the Anglican chapel, St. Catharines (1795 - 1836), the first public building in the community. The name St. Catharines became associated with the community and the church. By 1797 a log school house was situated just east of this . . . — Map (db m76085) HM
Yukon Territory, Dawson City — Dr. Brown’s ResidenceRésidence du docteur Brown
[English] Built for Dr. Brown, a dentist, in 1902, this attractive little bungalow was tangible proof that affluent residents had confidence in the future of Dawson City and were willing to put down roots. While this may have been somewhat . . . — Map (db m49345) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Belfast — PeopleSandy Row — A little part of Belfast —

[Historic photo captions read]

1. Mr R. J. Moss, Headmaster of Mabel St. School from 1886-1921

2. Saturday night dancing at the Orange Hall in Sandy Row

3. John Brown pictured outside his popular 'Ribbon Shop'

4. A friendly . . . — Map (db m134085) HM

Connecticut (Litchfield County), Torrington — Torrington
Named in 1732 for Torrington in Devonshire, England, this was one of the townships of the Western Lands allotted to Windsor. Since the early settlers were taxpayers in that town, their shares in the division of land depended upon the amount of taxes . . . — Map (db m56057) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Bozrah — Bozrah Civil War Monument
This memorial will forever honor the men and women who bravely served during the Civil War era The actions of those who answered the call to duty will be remembered for their sacrifice in defense of freedom and liberty Jared A. Abell · . . . — Map (db m101737) WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — 5850-2019 — Julia Ward Howe1819 - 1910
Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910) was a poet, author, composer, abolitionist, suffragist and more—but she is most remembered for writing the lyrics to The Battle Hymn of the Republic. According to the story, she and her husband were asleep at the . . . — Map (db m141266) HM
Georgia (Dade County), Wildwood — 041-2 — Chief Wauhatchie’s Home
Just East of the railroad from here and 200 yards North of Wauhatchie Spring and Branch, stood the home of Wauhatchie, Chief of the Cherokees. In the War of 1812 he served in a company of Cherokees under Capt. John Brown, Col. Gideon Morgan and Maj. . . . — Map (db m57996) HM
Georgia (Taylor County), Reynolds — 133-5 — Gen. John B. Gordon
General John Brown Gordon (1832-1904), CSA, lawyer, statesman, owned this farm, “Beechwood,” from 1888 until his death. Here he raised Texas ponies, goats, horses and cattle. For a time he lived in “the old John D. Mitchell . . . — Map (db m81037) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Dalton — 151-3 — The McCarty Neighborhood
William Scott and Frances Brown McCarty began laying out a neighborhood here in 1927. By 1950, influential Dalton residents had established one of the city’s earliest subdivisions. McCarty residents pioneered and maintained the Dalton carpet and . . . — Map (db m19294) HM
Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — The Canal House
In 1852 John Brown, a stonemason, built this last remaining vestige of the early canal era in FortWayne.

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Brown came by canal boat to Allen County in 1847 with his wife Mary. He and his Scottish business partner, . . . — Map (db m100141) HM

Indiana (Pulaski County), Winamac — U.S. Civil War Honor Roll
U. S. Civil War 1861 - - 1865 From 1861 - 1865, Pulaski County men served the Union in the Civil War. Serving primarily in Co. B, 87th and Co. H, 46th Infantry Regiments of Indiana Volunteers, these soldiers valiantly gave their . . . — Map (db m42691) WM
Kansas (Douglas County), Baldwin City — 7 — Battle of Black Jack
This "battle" was part of the struggle to make Kansas a free state. In May, 1856, Proslavery men destroyed buildings and newspaper presses in Lawrence, Free-State headquarters. John Brown's company then killed five Proslavery men on Pottawatomie . . . — Map (db m20059) HM
Kansas (Linn County), Trading Post — Sounds from the past...hoof beats and heartbeats.Frontier Military Historic Byway
Pro- and anti-slavery forces made their way to this area on horseback and on foot in the fight over whether Kansas would be a free state or a slave state. Skirmishes, scuffles and screams could be heard in the woodlands nearby. The Marias des . . . — Map (db m33944) HM
Kansas (Nemaha County), Sabetha — 32 — The Lane Trail
Near here the towns of Plymouth and Lexington once stood as outposts on the Lane Trail, approximated today by US-75. Named for abolitionist James H. Lane, the trail was established in 1856 to bypass proslavery strongholds in Missouri and provide . . . — Map (db m52952) HM
Kansas (Saline County), Salina — August Bondi (1833-1907)Jewish-American Abolitionist, Salina Resident
“August Bondi was born July 21, 1831, in Vienna, Austria. The Bondis, Jewish European refugees, fled the Austrian Empire after the failed revolutions of 1848 and settled in St. Louis, Missouri. August Bondi moved to Pottawatomie Creek in . . . — Map (db m134060) HM
Kansas (Shawnee County), Topeka — 15 — Capital of Kansas
Topeka was founded in 1854 at the site of Papan's Ferry where a branch of the Oregon Trail crossed the Kansas river as early as 1842. Anti-slavery leaders framed the Topeka Constitution, 1855, in the first attempt to organize a state government. The . . . — Map (db m20479) HM
Kentucky (Bell County), Middlesboro — The Emigrant's Dream
Cumberland Gap, the break in the ridgeline you see ahead, is far more than just a pass through a long, rugged mountain barrier. For a generation of American pioneers this was the gateway from their old lives and limitations out to a frontier . . . — Map (db m35899) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Beltsville — Brown’s Tavern
This plaque and garden commemorate the site of Brown’s Tavern, a Prince George’s County Historic Site that served travelers on the former Baltimore-Washington turnpike from the early 1830’s to the early 1990’s. It was constructed and owned by the . . . — Map (db m2983) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — Mount Calvert Federal Period Plantation House
The house you see before you was the home of several plantation owners. John Brown built the Federal-style house in the 1780s. Later, John Brooks and Samuel Berry lived here with their families. Each owner left his imprint by making changes to the . . . — Map (db m127221) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Hagerstown — Ann Carroll Fitzhugh Smith1805 - 1875 — Civil Rights Figure —
Born in Hagerstown, Ann Carroll Fitzhugh moved to New York State with her family at age twelve. She married wealthy abolitionist and philanthropist Gerrit Smith in 1822. Together, they were pioneers in the abolition and womens' rights movements, . . . — Map (db m146015) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Williamsport — Welcome to Williamsport
Early History Williamsport was along the heavily traveled "Indian Trail" and occupied by the Iroquois, Delaware, Catawba, Algonquin and Massawomenkes tribes. The settlement was known as Conococheague, an Indian name meaning either "a long . . . — Map (db m95939) HM
Massachusetts (Plymouth County), Boston — Enlisted Men
Both Union Soldiers training at Ft. Warren and Confederate prisoners of war were quartered along this side of the fort, often in adjoining rooms. his area also contained a schoolroom, 1900-volume library, and a chapel which was used almost daily by . . . — Map (db m59282) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Parade GroundFort Warren-Georges Island — Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area —
From the beginning, Fort Warren’s heart was the six-acre parade ground. When the Civil War broke out soon after the fort was completed, the area was still covered in construction debris. Newly enlisted Massachusetts regiments cleaned it up as they . . . — Map (db m108116) HM
Michigan (Branch County), Coldwater — Branch County World War II Memorial
Memorial To honor those valiant men and women of World War II who gave their lives for God and Country Paul Keller • Richard Symons • Donald Perry • Rollin Johnson • Marion Nutt • Donald Russell • Sidney Palmateer • Harold Van Patten • . . . — Map (db m66769) WM
New Jersey (Essex County), Belleville — Revolutionary War Soldiers Monument
John Bayley • Henry Brown • Isaac Brown • John Brown • Henry Cadmus • Issac Cadmus • John H. Cadmus • John P. Cadmus • Peter Cadmus • Lt. Col. Thomas Cadmus • James Campbell • Minard Cumen • Capt. Amos Dodd • Thomas Doremus • Anthony Francisco • . . . — Map (db m54164) HM
New York (Montgomery County), Fort Plain — Battle of Stone ArabiaRevolutionary War Heritage Trail
In October 1780 Sir John Johnson led an British raiding force of 875 men up the Schoharie Creek and then west along the Mohawk River, destroying almost every farm in their path. At Stone Arabia, the vanguard of his troops engaged Massachusetts . . . — Map (db m120862) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Salem — 3-50 — Maple-DellBuilt 1848
Maple-Dell was the home of John Butler, a Quaker who expressed his religious faith by working for humanitarian causes. An early Goshen Township teacher, Butler opened his home to orphans, the homeless, and runaway slaves, and devoted 20 years of his . . . — Map (db m78944) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Salem — 14-15 — Unserheim
Unserheim, meaning "Our Home" in German, is the name of this ante-bellum Queen Anne style home, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. From 1857-1878, it was home to Daniel Howell Hise, a Quaker and ardent . . . — Map (db m65429) HM
Ohio (Mahoning County), Damascus — 8-50 — Lot 17, Friends Burying Grounds
On this site are re-interred 118 exhumed remains from Lot 17, Friends Burying Grounds, adjacent to Damascus Friends Church on Walnut Street. Among those re-interred here are: Catlit Jones, a scout with Quaker Daniel Boone in Kentucky, a captain in . . . — Map (db m78943) HM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Pilot Class 44-JLa Junta Army Air Field, Colorado — 23 December 1944 —
A Tribute to Those Who Served John Adams • Thomas Aery • David Agner • Roscoe Anderson • Richard Artz • Carl Ashford • Harold Atkinson • Clarence Bain • Philip Barbee • Lester Bennett • Ray Bilbo • John Binkley • William Blair • Chester . . . — Map (db m51306) HM
Ohio (Ottawa County), Put-in-Bay — 14-62 — Jay Cooke Mansion
Completed in 1865, this home was the vacation retreat of Jay Cooke and his family. Known as the "financier" for the Union states during the Civil War, Cooke organized a program to sell millions of dollars worth of bonds to support the war effort. . . . — Map (db m35954) HM
Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Darlington — 47 — Greersburg AcademyAmerican Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
Reverend Thomas E Hughes recognizing the need for a school for the frontier obtained approval and full support from the Erie Presbytery April 13, 1802 to construct a building and form a seminary. He proceeded to build the so called stone pile and . . . — Map (db m122308) HM
South Carolina (Lancaster County), Lancaster — 29-8 — Franklin Academy / Oldest Continuous Public School Site in Lancaster County
Franklin Academy Organized in 1825, was the most widely-known of the four schools that occupied this site. Henry Connelly was its first principal. J. Marion Sims who later achieved world fame as a surgeon was one of its pupils. The building of . . . — Map (db m23836) HM
South Carolina (Marlboro County), Blenheim — 35-30 — Brownsville Baptist Church
Marker Front: In 1788, this Baptist congregation, a branch of Cashaway Church (1756) founded by Welsh Neck Church (1738), purchased land 2 miles SW of here from the Rev. John Brown. The congregation was independently constituted in 1789 and . . . — Map (db m31669) HM
Texas (Crosby County), Crosbyton — 868 — Citizens National Bank
Site of Crosbyton's first bank. In 1909, First State Bank (soon named First National) opened in a new two-story concrete block and stone building, erected by C. B. Livestock Company. For bank, office use. In 1917, Citizens National Bank (est. . . . — Map (db m105215) HM
Utah (Salt Lake County), Salt Lake City — This is the Place Monument
This is the Place Monument, dedicated July 24, 1947, commemorates the arrival of the Mormon pioneers into the valley of the Great Salt Lake one hundred years before, and also the role of others—Spanish Catholic fathers, trappers and fur . . . — Map (db m1525) HM
Virginia (Clarke County), Berryville — T-17 — The Retreat
One and a half miles north is The Retreat, home to three distinguished generations of the Parker family. Thomas Parker, a general in the War of 1812, constructed this imposing Federal-style house in 1799. Richard Parker, his nephew, was a U.S. . . . — Map (db m75497) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — "for the deposit of arms"
The Small Arsenal building that stood here from 1806—1861 was one of two warehouses for the nearby United States Armory. A Harpers Ferry visitor in 1821 described both buildings as "arsenals for the deposit of arms manufactured, consisting of . . . — Map (db m99508) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Federal Armory
In an effort to increase the number of small arms for defense of the United States, George Washington established a Federal armory here in 1794. The rivers provided power for the machinery; surrounding mountains provided iron ore for gun barrels and . . . — Map (db m12964) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Short-lived SanctuaryHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Thousands of enslaved people fled to the Union lines at Harpers Ferry during the Civil War. Some of them found shelter in the "contraband camp" located near here in the shadow of John Brown's Fort. Their freedom and safety were always in jeopardy. . . . — Map (db m20491) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — The Niagara Movement at Storer College
The battle we wage is not for ourselves alone but for all true Americans. W.E.B. DuBois In 1906, the Niagara Movement held its second annual meeting on the Storer College campus. The Niagara Movement was the first national . . . — Map (db m70829) HM

Virginia (Page County), Shenandoah — Shenandoah Iron WorksPage Valley Iron Industry
In 1836, brothers Daniel and Henry Forrer, in partnership with Samuel Gibbons, purchased land here for an ironworks and built a cold-blast furnace, called Furnace #1. Some 6,249 acres provided trees for charcoal, quarries and mines for limestone and . . . — Map (db m16641) HM

Ireland, Munster (County Kerry), Sneem — World War I MemorialAr dheis Dé go raiðh a n-anamMay their souls be at the right hand of God

In Remembrance of those killed in World War One 1914 • Iveragh • 1918 ————————————————————— . . . — Map (db m139993) WM

Arizona (Yuma County), Yuma — A Memorial to the Inmates Who Died at the Arizona Territorial Prison
In memory of the inmates, who lost their life while serving their sentence, at the Arizona Territorial Prison at Yuma Aldrete, Simon • Alejandra • Alveres, Thomas • Armbula, Tomas • Arnett, William • Arvizu, Gregorio • Baca, Antonio • . . . — Map (db m51636) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Mount Baldy-Wrightwood — 146 — Blue Cut
Cajon Pass, separating the San Bernardino and San Gabriel ranges, has long been an important natural gateway. It is traversed by Indian trails, emigrant routes, railroads, and a superhighway. Early in the nineteenth century it became the southern . . . — Map (db m119252) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Phelan — 154 — Sanford Cutoff
For centuries the Cajon Pass has been an important thoroughfare for travelers and traders between the Mojave Desert and Southern California. Following the route of the Old Spanish Trail, most travelers transited the pass on its east side. This . . . — Map (db m80751) HM
California (Sonoma County), Santa Rosa — Comstock House RestorationDue to be Completed in 2012
The 1905 Comstock House is undergoing a restoration. This house was designed by local architect Brainerd Jones, who also created most of the buildings in Petaluma's historic core as well as the nearby Belvedere. Jones included may whimsical . . . — Map (db m102519) HM
Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Lt. Zebulon Pike's Southwestern Expedition1806 - 7
Travel the route of these explorers and read Lt. Pike’s own words from his journal. U.S. Army Expedition to explore the United States new southwest boundary with New Spain. The men: Lt. Zebulon M. Pike Dr. John H. Robinson Sgt. . . . — Map (db m71882) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Simsbury — Simsbury Revolutionary War Memorial
1775 – 1783 We, the people of the Town of Simsbury, do hereby recognize the many hardships and countless sacrifices made by those brave American Revolutionary Soldiers; especially those from Simsbury, who died for our freedom from England. We . . . — Map (db m88058) WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Judiciary Square — e.3 — Senator Daniel WebsterCivil War to Civil Rights — Downtown Heritage Trail —
“Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable,” Senator Daniel Webster, January 1830 Senator Daniel Webster, eloquent advocate for the preservation of the Union and a political giant . . . — Map (db m29708) HM
Georgia (Wilkes County), Washington — 157-21 — Washington Presbyterian Church
The Presbyterian Church at Washington was organized in 1790, under the Presbytery of South Carolina, with the Rev. John Springer as first pastor. Services were held in private homes, in the Court House, the Academy, and in the Methodist Church, . . . — Map (db m25936) HM
Illinois (Champaign County), Champaign — The First Congregational ChurchChampaign Historic Site
The First Congregational Church, built in 1855-56, was popularly known as the “Goose Pond” Church, because the site was once a water-filled area, home to flocks of wild geese and ducks. The church became a meeting center for numerous . . . — Map (db m31118) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Freedom's MartyrElijah P. Lovejoy
Considered by many to be the first casualty of the Civil War, abolitionist editor and Presbyterian minister Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy was killed defending the freedom of the press. Editor of the St. Louis Observer, Lovejoy wrote . . . — Map (db m133295) HM
Kansas (Bourbon County), Fort Scott — "But I Can Fire a Pistol"
"But remember this, I am a girl, but I can fire a pistol and if ever the time comes I will send some of you to the place where there is [sic] 'weeping and knashing of teeth'...." Gene Campbell, in a letter to James Montgomery, . . . — Map (db m54075) HM
Kansas (Douglas County), Lawrence — 10 — Lawrence
Lawrence was established in 1854 by the Emigrant Aid Company, a New England organization formed to prevent the new Kansas territory from becoming a slave state. When the first legislature enacted the so-called Bogus Laws with severe penalties for . . . — Map (db m20460) HM
Kansas (Linn County), Trading Post — Murder on the Marais des Cygnes
The bloodiest single incident in the Kansas-Missouri border struggles, 1854-1861, occurred May 19, 1858, when about 30 Proslavery Missourians seized 11 Kansas Free-State men near Trading Post and marched them to a ravine 225 yards northwest of this . . . — Map (db m39861) HM
Kansas (Wyandotte County), Kansas City — Western University1881 - 1943 — A Kansas City, Kansas Historic Site —
Western University had its beginning in the Quindaro Freedman's School founded in the 1860s by the Reverend Eben Blachley, a Presbyterian Minister. The Freedmen's School was intended to provide education for the children of escaped slaves and . . . — Map (db m69459) HM
Kentucky (Boyle County), Danville — Boyle County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to those men and women of this community who served our country in times of peace and war and especially to those who gave their lives in that service.

World War I Ball, Basil • Jesse, Frank H. • Bramer, George S. • . . . — Map (db m121870) WM

Kentucky (Franklin County), Frankfort — 1372 — Veterans of American Revolution Elected Governor of KentuckyVeterans of American Revolution Elected U.S. Senator from Kentucky
(marker side 1) Veterans of American Revolution Elected Governor of Kentucky Isaac Shelby, 1792-96, 1812-16; Col., Va. Militia James Garrard, 1796-1800, 1800-04; Col., Va. Militia Christopher Greenup, . . . — Map (db m123825) HM
Kentucky (Mercer County), Harrodsburg — 1335 — Early Gun Shop Site / Civil War Armorer
Early Gun Shop Site Here Benjamin Mills made some of finest rifles in US, ca. 1830-50. His muzzle loaders famous for dual trigger system. Used by Kit Carson and Dr. Christopher Graham, conceded to be best rifle shot in world at that . . . — Map (db m46252) HM
Kentucky (Warren County), Bowling Green — An African American Neighborhood
Generations Lived, Worked and Worshipped Here A sizeable African American population lived for generations in this immediate vicinity. Until the late 1960s, African Americans were often relegated to live in predetermined areas and sometimes . . . — Map (db m139387) HM
Maryland (Dorchester County), Bucktown — Finding FreedomThe Call of Freedom
Dorchester County occupies a central place in the story of the Underground Railroad, the secret network of "stations" and "conductors" that sheltered and shepherded hundreds of enslave African Americans to freedom in the mid-1800s. The famed . . . — Map (db m126550) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — B & O Railroad Station"No malice in my heart" — Antietam Campaign —
At this intersection, President Abraham Lincoln spoke from a railroad car platform to Frederick residents assembled in the street on October 4, 1862. He had just returned from viewing the battlefields of South Mountain and Antietam and had called on . . . — Map (db m60166) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — African-Americans at Mount Calvert
A Tobacco-based Ecomony For more than 200 years, slave-based tobacco plantations dominated the economy of Prince George's County. After the county seat moved from Mount Calvert to Upper Marlboro in 1721, Mount Calvert was the center of a large . . . — Map (db m68289) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — Mount Calvert Historical and Archaeological Park
A Confluence of Three Cultures Mount Calvert Historical and Archaeological Park overlooks the confluence of the Patuxent River and the Western Branch. A series of interpretive panels, describes the archaeological and historical resources from . . . — Map (db m68298) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — Mount Calvert Historical and Archaeological Park
A Confluence of Three Cultures Mount Calvert Historical and Archaeological Park overlooks the confluence of the Patuxent River and the Western Branch. A series of interpretive panels, describes the archaeological and historical resources from . . . — Map (db m68299) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Hagerstown — 1850-1870The American Civil War Era
1853 The Hagerstown Female Seminary is constructed on Cannon Hill. Later, the name of this school is changed to Kee Mar College. In 1912, the college is converted for use as the Washington County Hospital. 1854 The Washington . . . — Map (db m145997) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Sharpsburg — A Simple Farm Lane Changed Forever
During the early hours of the battle, Col. John Brown Gordon promised Robert E. Lee, "These men are going to stay here, General, till the sun goes down or victory is won." The Confederate troops that Gordon commanded were part of a well protected . . . — Map (db m20742) HM
Massachusetts (Berkshire County), Great Barrington — The Niagara Movement
The Niagara Movement was Du Bois’s first attempt to form a civil rights organization. This was the first substantial Black-organized protest movement of the twentieth century. It led to the founding of the NAACP in 1909. The first meeting . . . — Map (db m149483) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Lexington — Battle of Lexington Monument
Sacred to Liberty & the Rights of mankind!!! The Freedom & Independence of America, Sealed and defended with the blood of her sons. This Monument is erected by the inhabitants of Lexington, under the patronage & at the expense of the Commonwealth . . . — Map (db m42586) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Lexington — Memorial to the Lexington Minute Men
These men gave everything dear in life, yea and life itself in support of the common cause. Back of Monument: Memorial to the Lexington Minute Men who were on the Green in the early morning engagement April 19, 1775 Capt. John Parker • Lt. . . . — Map (db m18631) HM
New York (Albany County), Altamont — Altamont, New YorkThe Museum in the Streets
WELCOME TO ALTAMONT The Village of Altamont and its immediate surroundings were once part of a tract of land deeded in 1630 by the Dutch West India Company to Killian Van Rensselaer (c. 1586-1643),a wealthy 17th century Dutch diamond and pearl . . . — Map (db m132693) HM
New York (Essex County), Ticonderoga — The French Lines & Carillon Battlefield
The earthen walls in front of you, called the French Lines, are the remains of a defensive wall built in the eighteenth century to defend Fort Ticonderoga from attack. The French Lines as you see them today are the original un-restored remains of . . . — Map (db m126143) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Swing Low: Harriet Tubman MemorialHarriet Tubman Triangle
This larger-than-life bronze sculpture depicts abolitionist organizer and Underground Railroad leader Harriet Tubman (c. 1822-1913), and stands at the crossroads of St. Nicholas Avenue, West 122nd Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem. . . . — Map (db m105284) HM
New York (Onondaga County), Syracuse — 4 — Wesleyan Methodist ChurchThe Freedom Trail — The Underground Railroad —
"The president of the railroad… humanely provided me with free passes for the fugitives on the road to Canada and freedom." — Charles Merrick, Reminiscences of the Jerry Rescue, 1893 The Wesleyan Methodist Church was a . . . — Map (db m138794) HM
North Carolina (Buncombe County), Asheville — Smith-McDowell HouseOur Businessman-Soldier
After John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia, in 1859, new militia companies were formed in the South. Businessman William W. McDowell, whose wife acquired this house from her father’s and brother’s estates, raised a company called the . . . — Map (db m75524) HM
North Carolina (Cumberland County), Fayetteville — The Sandford HouseBarracks for Union Troops — Carolinas Campaign —
Duncan McLeran constructed this two-story Federal-style dwelling in 1797. In 1820, the property was sold and remodeled to accommodate the Bank of the United States, the first federal bank in North Carolina. The house is named for John Sanford, a . . . — Map (db m70374) HM WM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Fields of IdealsA School With A Viewpoint
Side A

The home of Horatio Cyrus and Martha Cozad Ford stood near this corner. According to interviews conducted in the 1890s, it was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Of New England background, Horatio brought a set of ideals that made . . . — Map (db m140135) HM

Ohio (Gallia County), Gallipolis — African Methodist Episcopal ChurchHistoric Underground Railroad Site
Side A: The African Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1818 as the Bethel Church. In 1868 its present name, John Gee, was adopted when the church was erected and rededicated at this present site on land donated by Gee. Founders of . . . — Map (db m30582) HM
Ohio (Licking County), Johnstown — 17-45 — Johnstown Cemetery / War Veterans
Side A: Johnstown Cemetery In 1810, Dr. Oliver Bigelow from Cayuga County, New York, purchased a 4,000-acre tract of land in Monroe Township from John Brown of Boone County, Kentucky, for the sum of $10,000. President John Adams had . . . — Map (db m16711) HM
Ohio (Portage County), Kent — Kent and the Underground Railroad — Historic Underground Railroad Site —
The town of Franklin Mills, now Kent, was active in the Underground Railroad. Many residents aided fugitive slaves in their flight north toward Canada. In 1825 at their tavern on Mantua Street, Joshua and Rebecca Woodard gave shelter to a group . . . — Map (db m151184) HM
Ohio (Summit County), Hudson — Hudson and the Underground RailroadHistoric Underground Railroad Site
Side A Hudson had a long tradition of being an anti-slavery town. By 1826, records show that the town's founder, David Hudson, was hiding runaway slaves at his home. Early Settler Owen Brown and his family helped organize the Underground . . . — Map (db m36201) HM
Pennsylvania (Columbia County), Berwick — Berwick Founder, Settlers, and Pioneers1786 • 1936

(front) 1747 — Evan Owen — 1819 Purchaser of the Site and Founder of the Town.

- First Settlers - 1786 Robert and John Brown named the town Berwick, after Berwick-upon-Tweed, England

- Pioneers . . . — Map (db m119515) HM

Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Chambersburg — The Greatest Sacrifice / Prelude to Gettysburg
The price of war is devastation. Franklin County paid the price when its county seat, Chambersburg, was burned to the ground in 1864. Invaded in 1862, 1863, and 1864 by Confederate forces, Franklin County has the distinction of suffering more . . . — Map (db m18629) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), Wrightsville — Burning the Wrightsville BridgeRiver Towns - Civil War Trails
By late June 1863, the Confederate Army had invaded Pennsylvania. After capturing York, the Rebels planned to take the state capital, Harrisburg, and possibly Philadelphia. To get there, they would need to cross the Susquehanna River at . . . — Map (db m31807) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), Wrightsville — Hosting the InvaderRivertowns - Civil War Trails
Four decades after the Civil War, the June 1863 fire at Wrightsville still loomed in Confederate General John Brown Gordon's memory. "The Union Troops stationed at Wrightsville had," he wrote, "after their retreat across it, fired the bridge which I . . . — Map (db m31818) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — "Men who don't often weep wept then"York
Faced with the impossible task of defending an essentially unarmed city against the six thousand battle hardened troops of General Jubal Early, the citizens of York met with the Confederates and negotiated surrender, in and act which was . . . — Map (db m22888) HM
Rhode Island (Providence County), Providence — Providence Preservation Organizations
Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Preservation Preservation & Heritage Commission [The left half of this section has been removed and makes the section illegible] Rhode Island Historical Society A short distance from here . . . — Map (db m151714) HM
Rhode Island (Providence County), Providence — Roger Williams National MemorialNational Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
Welcome to the birthplace of religious freedom in the United States. Roger Williams, fleeing religious persecution in England and Massachusetts Bay Colony, founded Providence here in 1636. The original inhabitants, the Narragansett and Wampanoag, . . . — Map (db m115217) HM
South Carolina (York County), Fort Mill — Catawba Indian Memorial
[South Side]: 1600 Erected to the Catawba Indians by Sam'l Elliott White and John McKee Spratt The latter is a descendant Thos. "Kanahwa" Spratt and the former a descendant of Wm. Elliott (a kinsman of Kanahwas) two . . . — Map (db m24825) HM
Tennessee (Williamson County), Franklin — The Cotton Gin Assault
Into this area rushed elements of four Confederate divisions on November 30, 1864 as they assaulted the Federal lines near the Carter cotton gin. Crossed largely by troops from Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne’s Division, the area was flooded by men . . . — Map (db m137249) HM
Utah (Salt Lake County), Salt Lake City — Site #3 — Big Mountain
On 19 July 1847, scouts Orson Pratt and John Brown climbed the mountain and became the first Latter-day Saints to see the Salt Lake Valley. Due to illness, the pioneer camp had divided into three small companies. On 23 July, the last party, led by . . . — Map (db m150080) HM
Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — Southern Defense Trail
This walkway is a loop approximately 0.2 mile long with stairs and gentle slopes. It leads you past the remains of a blockhouse (near the parking area), provides a look at the Mount’s rock formations, and provides a vista of the lake south of the . . . — Map (db m19536) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington — History Of The U. S. Marine Corps
Marines have been fighting and dying in defense of freedom since the United States Marine Corps inception in November, 1775. The names of principal campaigns engraved on the memorial are a testament to the sacrifices Marines have made in their . . . — Map (db m129448) HM
Virginia (Clarke County), Bluemont — 1 — Judge Parker's “Retreat” & the Battle of Cool SpringWelcome to Shenandoah University’s River Campus at the Cool Spring Battlefield
“I do not remember to have been engaged in a more sharp and obstinate affair.” (Confederate veteran in Gen. Robert E. Rodes’ division) During the Civil War era the 195 acres that comprise the River Campus were part of a . . . — Map (db m133226) HM
Virginia (Fauquier County), Paris — Mount Bleak FarmThe Settles Anticipate War
Mosby's Confederacy and First Manassas Campaign In the early morning hours of July 19, 1861, thousands of campfire lights burned in the camp of Col. Thomas J. Jackson's brigade which occupied the fields surrounding nearby Paris. Many thoughts . . . — Map (db m4976) HM
Virginia (Fauquier County), Warrenton — Warrenton CemeteryNotable Confederate Resting Place
The gate to your right opens to Warrenton Cemetery, the final resting place of 986 Confederate soldiers, of every Southern state, about 650 casualties of the Civil War. Many wounded Confederates were evacuated to Warrenton and vicinity after the . . . — Map (db m151310) HM
Virginia (Fauquier County), Warrenton — Warrenton CemeteryNotable Confederate Resting Place
The gate to your right opens to Warrenton Cemetery, the final resting place of 986 Confederate soldiers, of every Southern state, about 650 casualties of the Civil War. Many wounded Confederates were evacuated to Warrenton and vicinity after . . . — Map (db m117019) HM
Virginia, Harrisonburg — Warren-Sipe HouseHome and Hospital
This was the home of Edward T.H. Warren, a Harrisonburg attorney. As a lieutenant in the Valley Guards, a Rockingham County militia company, Warren attended the trial and execution of John Brown in Charles Town (in present-day West Virginia) in . . . — Map (db m41497) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — Laurel HillThe Birthplace of James Ewell Brown Stuart
Laurel Hill, the 1,500-acre farm of Archibald and Elizabeth Letcher Pannill Stuart, was the birthplace of their seventh child, James Ewell Brown Stuart, at 11 a.m. on February 6, 1833. The house burned to the ground during the winter of 1847-48. . . . — Map (db m54713) HM
Virginia (Richmond), North Side — Union POW MemorialShockoe Hill Cemetery
Nearby are buried at least 661 United States soldiers who died between July 1861 and June 1863 while prisoners of war in this city. Many died at Confederate General Hospital Number 1 adjacent to Shockoe Hill Cemetery which took in Union wounded . . . — Map (db m79708) HM WM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — Casualties of War
"...We enter the barren waste of Bolivar Heights...a windswept deserted moorland...except its populous graveyard." James E. Taylor, war correspondent Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper August 10, 1864 Military discipline for . . . — Map (db m148870) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — Discover Harpers FerryHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Enjoy over 3,000 acres of rivers, trails, and battlefields in historic Harpers Ferry Near the Visitor Center: Battlefields and Trails Experience Harpers Ferry's tumultuous past. Pick up park trail maps and guides at the visitor . . . — Map (db m143936) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — From Civil War to Civil Rights / Battle of Harpers FerryHarpers Ferry National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
From Civil War to Civil Rights In 1862 Union soldiers forced Edmund Chambers, this farm's first owner (1848-1869), from his home. The farm became a battlefield, where Confederate General A.P. Hill struck the winning blow of the Battle of . . . — Map (db m143933) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — Harpers Ferry Bolivar Veterans MemorialWe Honor All Who Served
This Memorial is dedicated to all from the Harpers Ferry-Bolivar District who served their country from World War I to the present. Their sacrifice and valor for the freedom of America will never be forgotten. For those who did not return, our . . . — Map (db m70786) WM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
(First Panel): Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is the story of... Industrial Development and the production of weapons at the Harpers Ferry armory. John Brown's Raid and his attempt to end slavery. The Civil War with Union and . . . — Map (db m19008) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — Jackson at Harpers FerryThe Stonewall Brigade
As you explore Jefferson County’s Civil War sites, you will learn about some of the notable exploits on the native soil of Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, one of the war's most famous figures. Jackson was born in Clarksburg, Virginia (now . . . — Map (db m147177) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — The First Year of War
"The people for the most part were tongue-tied with terror...overwhelmed with ruin..." Porte Crayon, war correspondent April 18, 1861 The armory and arsenal's destruction signaled the beginning of the war and the end of prosperity in . . . — Map (db m148867) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Explore the Washington Heritage Trail / Afoot in Historic Charles Town
Side A Explore the Washington Heritage Trail George Washington knew the portion of the Shenandoah Valley that forms West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle well. The Washington Heritage Trail lets you drive the scenic backroads that join . . . — Map (db m12596) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Zion Episcopal ChurchyardNotable Occupants
The present church, the fourth on this site, was completed in 1851. Federal troops occupied it during the Civil War and severely damaged it. The churchyard contains the graves of many Washington family descents. They are buried near the eastern . . . — Map (db m41675) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — St. John's Lutheran ChurchAlarm Bell at Dawn
The Reverend Doctor Josiah P. Smeltzer laid the cornerstone of St. John's Lutheran Church on April 30, 1850. The building was completed two years later and dedicated on August 1, 1852. Little more than seven years had passed when, at dawn on . . . — Map (db m70794) HM

California (San Bernardino County), Big Bear City — 619 — Holcomb Valley
Southern California's largest gold rush followed the discovery of rich placer deposits by William F. Holcomb and Ben Choteau on May 4, 1860. Miners rushed to the valley and established boom towns. Belleville, the largest, rivaled San Bernardino in . . . — Map (db m50702) HM
Virginia (Rockbridge County), Lexington — A-46 — Timber Ridge Church
This Presbyterian Church was built in 1756, nineteen years after the first settlement in Rockbridge County. — Map (db m122188) HM

Florida (Hillsborough County), Plant City — Cow CavalryIn Memory — Co. B 1st Battalion       Fl. Special Cavalry C. S. A. —
(Front face)1863 - 1865 Erected by Plant City Chapter #1931 United Daughters of the Confederacy November 17, 2007 By 1863 the Confederate Army was suffering severe food shortages. Capt. John T. Lesley was commissioned to recruit from . . . — Map (db m46292) HM
Florida (Walton County), DeFuniak Springs — Walton County Confederate Monument
To the memory of the Confederate Dead of Walton Co. Florida. Erected by the Ladies of the Walton County Female Memorial Association. Southwest face Angus D. McLean, Col., 6th Fla. Vols. Murdoch M. Gillis, Capt. 6th Fla. Vols. Daniel D. . . . — Map (db m39775) HM
Iowa (Iowa County), Ladora — Historic Grinnell
Josiah Bushnell Grinnell, a native of Vermont, was the person to whom Horace Greeley gave his famous advice “Go West, young man, go West.” Grinnell took that advice and in 1854 founded the city that now bears his name. A leader in state . . . — Map (db m33683) HM
Kansas (Wyandotte County), Kansas City — Quindaro Ruins Archaeological Park
West Inscription: Many battles punctuated the movement to establish and maintain Kansas as a free state during the Civil War period. The quest for freedom exacted a heavy toll and caused many the ultimate sacrifice including John Brown the . . . — Map (db m86331) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Myersville — Explore Maryland as the Crucible of the Nation
Crisscrossed By Transportation Routes, Home To America's Earliest Industries, And Meeting Place For National Leaders, Maryland's Appalachian Region Has Been Pivotal In The Growth Of The Country Throughout its history, the nation has . . . — Map (db m116529) HM
Missouri (Vernon County), Nevada — Nevada
Side A Financial center and shipping point, this prairie town was founded in 1855 as the seat of Vernon County, fertile farming and coal producing area. Col. D. C. Hunter, who laid out the town, named it for Nevada City, Calif. The county, . . . — Map (db m44016) HM
New York (Essex County), Ticonderoga — The Carillon Battlefield
In the mid-18th century, this battlefield was a focal point in the Seven Years’ War, a world war between France and Great Britain. Here the two super-powers struggled for control of the Lake Champlain Lake George water highway, the strategic . . . — Map (db m9590) HM
New York (Essex County), Wilmington — The Wilmington Bridge
One of the first settlers, Reuben Sanford was an instrumental force in the development of Wilmington, building mills, an iron forge, stores and distilleries. Even when travel to the Adirondacks involved many challenging miles by train and . . . — Map (db m147455) HM
Texas (Galveston County), Galveston — Berlocher Row1858
One of the earliest commercial blocks in Galveston, this row of three three-story brick buildings was constructed for John Berlocher by builder John Brown. The easternmost building, 2309 Mechanic, was erected in 1858. The westernmost, 2315 Mechanic, . . . — Map (db m127493) HM
Utah (Salt Lake County), Salt Lake City — In Honor of Brigham Young and the Pioneers
In Honor Of Brigham Young and The Pioneers [ Second Plaque Mounted on the Monument: ] The Names of the PIONEERS Who Arrived in this Valley, July 24, 1847, * Signifies Those Now Living. The Unmarked Ones Are All . . . — Map (db m35317) HM
Virginia (Prince William County), Brentsville — Brentsville”The houses generally are in ruin …”
Brentsville was the Prince William County seat during the Civil War. In response to John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859, the Prince William Cavalry (Co. A, Virginia Cavalry) was formed here on the courthouse lawn in January 1860. The ladies . . . — Map (db m2781) HM
Virginia (Prince William County), Brentsville — The GallowsBrentsville
The County gallows was located in this area. The gallows was erected when needed then disassembled. It was a grim symbol of the ultimate price of lawbreaking. Gallows were widely used in America to execute the convicted. In 19th-century . . . — Map (db m2746) HM
Virginia (Rappahannock County), Amissville — Twilight of Slavery“Enlightened” Accommodations No Match for Freedom
The three brick cabins in the field before you are tangible connections to the enslaved people of Rappahannock County before and during the Civil War. Many slaves escaped to Union lines here and elsewhere, and some former bondsmen served in the U.S. . . . — Map (db m49451) HM
West Virginia (Berkeley County), Spring Mills — Hammond HouseHeadquarters and Hospital
Dr. Allen C. Hammond constructed this Greek Revival-style house about 1838. During the Civil War, both sides used it periodically for a headquarters or a hospital. The war ruined Hammond, a strong Southern sympathizer. In October 1859, Hammond’s . . . — Map (db m72164) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Virginia Lodge No. 1The Independent Order of Odd Fellows

The brick house in front of you was once part of the United States Armory complex. Prominent Armory officials lived along this street. During the Civil War, Union soldiers camped and drilled here. Inside the house they scrawled their names on . . . — Map (db m103605) HM

West Virginia (Jefferson County), Shepherdstown — Confederate Soldiers in Elmwood Cemetery / Colonel Henry Kyd Douglas
Side A Confederate Soldiers in Elmwood Cemetery Over 114 Confederate soldiers who were killed at the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam) September 17, 1862, or later died of wounds in Shepherdstown, were buried here. They were from the . . . — Map (db m12067) HM
West Virginia (Monroe County), Union — Gen. John Echols HouseConfederate General from Union
This is the home of John Echols, lawyer and general in the Confederate army. A graduate of Washington College in Lexington, Virginia, he also attended the Virginia Military Institute and Harvard University. After John Brown’s failed Harpers . . . — Map (db m59264) HM

California (San Bernardino County), San Bernardino — 302 — Settlement of San Bernardino
(top-center plaque) In March 1851 Charles C. Rich and Amasa M. Lyman, apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, left Utah with 437 people "to establish a stronghold for the gathering of saints in California." Jefferson . . . — Map (db m120645) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Groton — Defenders of Fort Griswold • Sept • 6th 1781 •
British Officer - “Who commands this fort ” Colonel Ledyard – “I did sir, but you do now ” Killed – Lieut. Col. William Ledyard, Commanding Capt. Elijah Avery • Capt. Elisha Avery • Lieut. . . . — Map (db m19584) HM
Connecticut (Tolland County), Ellington — Ellington Remembers
( west plaque ) 1675   Colonial Wars   1763 Bingham Ithamar · Ellsworth Daniel · Fitch Medinah · Hubbard Isaac · Pierson Benjamin · Pinney Benjamin Jr. · Pinney Joseph Jr. · Wadsworth Ichabod 1812   War with England   1814 Collins Jabez . . . — Map (db m111901) WM
Georgia (Walker County), La Fayette — 3 — Chattooga Academy - John B. Gordon HallBragg's Headquarters and the Battle of LaFayette — Georgia Civil War Heritage Trails, Inc. —
Named for John Brown Gordon, a Confederate general, Georgia governor and U.S. Senator, this school stands, as a silent monument to the citizens whose legacies made La Fayette a historically rich community. Originally named “Chattooga . . . — Map (db m142951) HM
Kansas (Bourbon County), Fort Scott — The Sites and People of Fort ScottA rich and inviting visit

Downtown Fort Scott

Historic downtown Fort Scott has roots in a time when it was the last stop before the frontier. Initially comprised of former fort buildings, it soon transformed into a lively downtown commercial district. New . . . — Map (db m128766) HM

New York (Cayuga County), Fair Haven — Little Sodus Bay (Fair Haven)A Busy Lakeport — Maritime Heritage —
A Commerce Center. Though camps, pleasure boats, and the sandy beaches of Fair Haven State Park dominate the bay and lake shore today, in 1910 Little Sodus Bay was the second busiest port on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Trains . . . — Map (db m79751) HM
Rhode Island (Providence County), Providence — Revolutions: American and Industrial
In the decade before the Revolutionary War, the British were enforcing revenue laws by stationing maritime law enforcement vessels in Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay. In 1769, Newport citizens burned the British sloop in protest of violations . . . — Map (db m151735) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Bolivar — Honoring All Who Served
Jefferson County’s men and women have answered their nation’s call to military service in war and peace. The monument in front of you is dedicated to all our honored veterans. Five of their stories are mentioned below. Luke Quinn,a Marine . . . — Map (db m107894) HM

Kansas (Franklin County), Ottawa — Main Street, 500 Block South and City ParkHistoric Ottawa Tour Stop 7
The Schools at 5th and Main: Ottawa's first school house was built at 3rd and Walnut where a city parking lot now stands. It suffered a tornado and an earthquake, and cracks appeared in the brick walls. Besides those problems, the population . . . — Map (db m67628) HM
Kansas (Leavenworth County), Leavenworth — Bleeding KansasHistoric Wayside Tour #12
"Each man carried a bowie-knife, a revolver, a pair of breeches, a shirt and a very don't-care a damn expression...The stews and brothels, the hospitals and poorhouses of the East can furnish thousands more of just such scabby, scurvy, scapegoats, . . . — Map (db m46709) HM
Kansas (Leavenworth County), Leavenworth — 11 — Lincoln at the PlantersDecember 5, 1859 — Historic Wayside Tour #11 —
On this site once stood the most famous and magnificent hotel between St. Louis and San Francisco - the Planters. The Planters, a fine four story brick building with 100 guestrooms, opened for business in December 1856. The Planter's most . . . — Map (db m42152) HM
Massachusetts (Berkshire County), Great Barrington — Great Barrington World War I Monument
Erected November 11th 1936 By the School Children Of Great Barrington and Housatonic In Honor of the 359 Men and Women Who Served Their Country In the World War. Abel, Harrison G. • Ackerman, Arthur P. • Adams, Ernest W. • Alcott, Bruce . . . — Map (db m58960) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Bloomington — Civil War Monument
[south side] Erected by the Citizens of Bloomington, Memorial Day, 1890, In honor and memory of our country's defenders 1861, - 1865. Monument Committee. Sever Ellingson, Chairman. • Wm. Oxborough, Jr. • H.H. Pond, Treas. . . . — Map (db m56933) HM
Oregon (Klamath County), Fort Klamath — Fort Klamath Military Cemetery Memorial
Fort Klamath These 58 soldiers and associates were buried in this cemetery, including 22 casualties of the Modoc War. In 1890, after the fort was abandoned, the remains were exhumed and laid to rest at the Presidio in San Francisco. Pvt. . . . — Map (db m91782) HM WM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Plumsteadville — MarinesEstablished November 10, 1775


Revolutionary War · 1775-1783

April 19, 1775 "Shot Heard Around the World," the American Revolution begins

November 10, 1775 Continental Congress authorized the first two Continental Marine . . . — Map (db m143969) HM WM

Connecticut (Middlesex County), Durham — Durham Veterans Monument
Durham Honors Those Who Served Their Country Roll of Honor To the Men of Durham who Served In The Great World War 1914 – 1919 Celso L Arrigoni • Bishop R Atwell • Walter S Blake • Percy A Camp • Kenneth W Clark • William A Gastler . . . — Map (db m94731) WM
Missouri (Cass County), Harrisonville — The Burnt District Monument
(Left Side Plaque) The Burnt District / Jennison's Tombstones When the Civil War began, Cass County was home to over 1,700 families. The population of 8,900 free whites and 1,000 slaves reflected widely diverse origins. Many had . . . — Map (db m22089) HM
New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Dutchess County War Memorial
Dutchess County War Memorial Roll of Honor World War I Adams, George H. • Albertson, Nelson • Allen, Alonza D. • Baliszewski, Frank J. • Bedrosian, Kapriel D. • Bishop, Leon • Bogart, Raymond • Braddock, Benjamin • Brizzie, Charles • . . . — Map (db m37640) WM
Vermont (Windham County), Putney — Putney Veterans Monument
The Town of Putney Remembers Our Men and Women Who Served To Protect Our Freedoms ◊ POW † KIA ★ MIA ♦ DIS ♥ Wounded Dedicated November 9, 2003 (left panels) Revolutionary . . . — Map (db m97990) WM

United Kingdom, Scotland (Caithness), Thurso — Thurso War Memorial
This Memorial Is Dedicated To Those From The Parish Of Thurso, Who, In the War of 1914 — 1919 Laid Down Their Lives For God and Country and the Cause of Freedom We Thank Our God Upon Every Remembrance Of Them Alexander . . . — Map (db m127665) WM
Connecticut (Middlesex County), Clinton — Clinton Veterans Monument
The People Of Clinton Honor Those Who Served Their Country These Are They That Gave Their Lives · · That Men Might Live In Freedom World War I Kozlik, Henry · Stevens, Giles F. · Hilliard, Howard G. World War II Burnes, Edward J. · Jones, . . . — Map (db m100159) WM

Illinois (Vermilion County), Georgetown — Georgetown Area Honor Roll — Georgetown, Illinois —
Editor's Note: The centermost portion of this memorial was dedicated as a World War II Honor Roll in 2006. As late as 2010, additions were made to make this a memorial to all Georgetown, Illinois veterans. The panels are listed here in sequential . . . — Map (db m34578) WM
New York (Westchester County), Mount Kisco — Mount Kisco Veterans Memorial
Korean War Plaque [ far left panel ] 1950 – 1953 The Village of Mount Kisco Honors The Men and Women Of This Community Who Served In The United States Armed Forces During The Korean War World War I Plaque [ left side . . . — Map (db m25440) WM

Illinois (Vermilion County), Rossville — In Honor of Those Who ServedRossville War Memorial
Center Panel Etched in the monument are the emblems of the six services (in order), US Air Force, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, US Merchant Marine, and the US Navy Revolutionary War (1) · Blackhawk War (2) · War . . . — Map (db m11778) WM
Indiana (Steuben County), Angola — Steuben County Civil War Honor Rolls
( East Side - Memorial ) ( Stone Etching ) In loving memory of the women of 1861 to 1865 whose courage and heroism at home were a no less worthy sacrifice upon the alter of Liberty. ( Bronze Plaque ) Steuben County’s Roll of . . . — Map (db m54113) WM
Kansas (Shawnee County), Topeka — Corridor of Flags
Delaware, 1st State December 7, 1787 1609 • Henry Hudson visited Delaware Bay 1638 • Swedish colonists established Fort Christina, Delaware's first permanent settlement, and founded the colony of New Sweden 1655 • Dutch captured New . . . — Map (db m47214) HM

Indiana (Adams County), Decatur — Adams County Peace Monument - Honor Rolls
Left Side Left - Small Plaque Thomas Archibold Pennsylvania Pvt - Capt Bell’s Co Revolutionary War 1755 - ✝ - 1837 Small Plaque James Ball Sgt - Col Bakers MD Regt Revolutionary War 1751 - . . . — Map (db m54763) WM

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