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Side B - - Franklin County Hemp Marker image, Touch for more information
By Ginger Drenning, August 25, 2009
Side B - - Franklin County Hemp Marker
1Kentucky (Franklin County), Frankfort — 1164 — Franklin County Hemp / Hemp in Kentucky
Side A Kentucky River Mills began making hemp yarns for backs of Brussels carpets in 1878, and started producing binder twine in 1879. Finest quality imported machinery used. Employed 125 persons year round. In 1941, received contract from . . . — Map (db m22152) HM
2Kentucky (Mason County), Maysville — 1165 — Hemp in Kentucky / Hemp in Mason County
Hemp in Kentucky First crop grown, 1775. From 1840 to 1860, Ky. production largest in U.S. Peak in 1850 was 40,000 tons, with value of $5,000,000. Scores of factories made twine, rope, gunny sacks, bags for cotton picking and marketing. . . . — Map (db m83598) HM
3Kentucky (Scott County), Georgetown — 1166 — Hemp in Scott County / Hemp in Kentucky
Hemp in Scott County Reverend Elijah Craig established at Georgetown, in 1789, one of the earliest ropewalks, which were long sheds for spiral winding of hemp fibers. Also started fulling mill in 1793. Both factories made cordage and rigging . . . — Map (db m84825) HM
4Kentucky (Woodford County), Versailles — 1167 — Hemp in Kentucky / Woodford County Hemp
Side One Hemp in Kentucky: First crop grown 1775. From 1840 to 1860, Ky. Production largest in U.S. Peak in 1850 was 40,000 tons, value of $5,000,000. Scores of factories made twine, rope, gunny sacks, bags for cotton picking and . . . — Map (db m31133) HM

5District of Columbia (Washington), Arboretum — Apocynum cannabinumIndian Hemp
Native Americans used the stalk for fiber in the same way Europeans used their hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Indian Hemp is superior, however, because it is stronger and lasts longer. This herb is poisonous. — Map (db m144567) HM

6Kentucky (Boyle County), Danville — 1279 — First Crop / Hemp in Kentucky
Kentucky's first recorded hemp crop, 1775, was on Clark's Run Creek, near Danville. Grown by Archibald McNeill, who brought the first seed with him when he located here. Hemp production spread slowly throughout the area, but Boyle County later . . . — Map (db m121560) HM
7Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 1319 — Clark County Hemp
One of the ten Bluegrass counties which produced over 90 percent of the entire country's yield in late 1800s. Production increased from 155 tons in 1869 to over 1,000 tons in 1889, valued at about $125 per ton. In 1942, Winchester selected as site . . . — Map (db m67704) HM
8Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 1319 — Hemp in Kentucky
Hemp in Kentucky - First crop grown, 1775. From 1840 to 1860, Ky.'s production largest in U.S. Peak in 1850 was 40,000 tons, with value of $5,000,000. Scores of factories made twine, rope, oakum to caulk sailing ships and cotton bagging. State's . . . — Map (db m67705) HM

9Kentucky (Franklin County), Frankfort — 103 — Leestown
Side A In 1773 McAfee Company and Hancock Taylor came here and surveyed area, an early pioneer stopping place. By 1775 Leestown settled and named by Hancock and Willis Lee; established by Va. Assembly, 1776. Temporarily abandoned in 1777 . . . — Map (db m22153) HM
10Pennsylvania (Lycoming County), Muncy — Canal Boat Building
In the 19th century travel by roads was slow and treacherous and railroads had not yet been established. Canal travel, for passengers and cargo, was a dependable means of transportation; canal boats helped to link Pennsylvania's major cities and . . . — Map (db m120818) HM
11Virginia (Albemarle County), Charlottesville — Textiles — Thomas Jefferson's Monticello —
Panel 1 Jefferson introduced mechanized cloth production to his plantation when trade embargoes and looming war cut off the supply of imported British cloth. In 1811, he hired William McLure, a free white artisan and "a very ingenious man," . . . — Map (db m68175) HM

12Pennsylvania (Carbon County), Jim Thorpe — Railroad Intersection
"Built in 1850, the (inclined) planes were 1,200 feet long and 430 feet high. As a loaded car descended on one plane. it would draw an empty car up the other plane." John Koehler, Railroad Historian, Weatherly You are . . . — Map (db m114632) HM
13Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Bethlehem — Oil Mill1765
“Notice is hereby given to the Public, that the new oil Mill at Bethlehem for rubbing Hemp will be a going before Christmas. But the new Oil Mill will not be finished till the Latter end of Januario or in Febr. next year 1766...” Oil . . . — Map (db m27080) HM

14Texas (Navarro County), Corsicana — 7231 — Colonel Roger Q. Mills(1832-1911)
Born in Kentucky. Came to Texas 1849. Civic and political leader. Represented Navarro County in Legislature, 1859-60. Joined in call for State Secession Convention, 1861. Joined 3rd Texas Cavalry. Later a colonel in 10th Texas Infantry. Wounded in . . . — Map (db m60954) HM

15Florida (Volusia County), New Smyrna Beach — 1768 British Colony of New Smyrna
During Florida's British Colonial period, 1763-1783, Doctor Andrew Turnbull established the largest North American colony at this site. Approximately 1300 Minorcans, Greeks, and Italians comprised the colony named after Smyrna, Asia Minor, the . . . — Map (db m72962) HM
16Kentucky (Mason County), Maysville — Front Street Maysville, 1850Sutton's Landing — 1850's —
This county seat and trade center of over 4,500 people daily welcomed freight-hauling steamboats bringing in goods and visitors and picking up hemp, tobacco and whiskey at the bustling foot of Sutton Street. Senator Henry Clay and others stopped . . . — Map (db m83974) HM
17Missouri (Platte County), Parkville — Parkville
Founded by George S. Park - 1838 First known as English Landing, river port on frontier, steamboat landing; slave, tobacco, and hemp market. Home of Park College Founded 1875 John A. McAfee and George S. Park pioneered in new . . . — Map (db m65993) HM
18Missouri (Platte County), Weston — Timeline of Weston History
Panel 1 1837 Weston is established by Joseph Moore taking a land claim and building the first cabin at present intersection of Market and Main 1837 Salem Christian Church is founded. Building constructed in 1841 1838 . . . — Map (db m77143) HM

19Florida (Volusia County), New Smyrna Beach — Dr. Andrew TurnbullDec. 2, 1720 - March 13, 1792
Founder of the largest colony under British rule ever to come to the New World. The New Smyrna Colony of Florida 1768 - 1778 — Map (db m72930) HM
20Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — New World Medical Plants
On this site During the 1730's the Trustees of the Georgia Colony, aided by funds from the Worshipful Society Of Apothecaries of London sought to grow New World medical plants both for their therapeutic value and for the enrichment of empire. . . . — Map (db m6185) HM

21California (San Benito County), Paicines — Climbing at Pinnacles National Monument
Pinnacles has seen the birth and growth of modern rock climbing over the past 80 years. The early accents of the rock spires, often done with basketball sneakers and braided hemp rope, were dangerous and intensely challenging. The crackless faces of . . . — Map (db m87694) HM
22District of Columbia (Washington), Georgetown — Parrott Ropewalk
Here the Richard Parrott Ropewalk manufactured rope and rigging used on sailing vessels that plied their trade in old Georgetown through the early 19th Century. The ropewalk receives its name from the long path used for the laying out of . . . — Map (db m68712) HM
23Florida (Monroe County), Islamorada — Historic Plaque
Indian Key, an 11 acre island just offshore to the east, played an important part in Florida's history. An Indian village 1500 years ago, it was also the home of pirates roaming the Caribbean, and a ship wrecker's village during the 1810's. The . . . — Map (db m83557) HM
24Florida (Volusia County), New Smyrna Beach — F-1025 — Turnbull Grand Canal
The Turnbull Grand Canal, also known as the Grand Canal, was built by indentured servants brought to the area by Scottish physician Dr. Andrew Turnbull in 1768. As part pf the largest single attempt at British colonization in North America, Smyrnea . . . — Map (db m131383) HM
25Kentucky (Fayette County), Lexington — 1809 — John Hunt Morgan (1825-1864)
(Front): Known as the "Thunderbolt of the Confederacy," Morgan was born in Huntsville, Alabama; in 1831 moved to Lexington. After attending Transylvania, he fought in the Mexican war. In Lexington, he prospered as owner of hemp factory and . . . — Map (db m14014) HM
26Maryland (Wicomico County), Salisbury — Open Pond
From the deck you see several important shallow water plants. Most visible is the broad leaved cattail with its brown, cigar-like top. In the spring, there is a yellow top above the brown. The thin, tall native plant with the pinkish-purple flowers . . . — Map (db m79222)
27Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Lewis Wharf, 1835
Boston's legendary clipper ship trade centered around Lewis Wharf. Ships bound for faraway ports sailed from here in the 1840s and '50s: • to buy tea in China and sell it in Europe. • to California where most of the '49ers' famous gold . . . — Map (db m115279) HM
28Missouri (Clay County), Liberty — Clay County African American Pioneers
[Front] "Come, drink, all who thirst for freedom: The water fountain will no longer separate us as a people." During the Civil War era, one of every four Clay County residents was of African descent. Although sold in slave auctions and . . . — Map (db m68207) HM
29Missouri (Clay County), Liberty — The Liberty Landing
The Liberty Landing, also known as Baxter’s Landing, located at the base of the bluffs one half mile west of Missouri 291 Highway, played a significant role in the history and development of Liberty, Missouri as well as Clay County. In use from 1829 . . . — Map (db m46604) HM
30Missouri (Lafayette County), Lexington — The Battle of LexingtonSept. 18, 19 and 20, 1861 — Battlefield —
This area saw action between the Missouri Home Guard units and the Missouri State Guard. The Home Guard were composed of pro-Union German immigrants from Lafayette county. They were commanded by Maj. F.W. Becker. Sharpshooters kept many of the . . . — Map (db m46167) HM
31Missouri (Lafayette County), Waverly — Gen. Joseph O. Shelby ParkWaverly, Missouri
Waverly, noted for fine apples & rich farmlands was settled in 1818, chartered in 1850 with William Smith Thomas as Mayor. In 1804 Lewis & Clark Expedition made oars near Port of Waverly which served Missouri River steamboats and now barge lines for . . . — Map (db m90359) HM
32Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Willow Street — Millstones
These millstones stand in silent testimony to the importance of milling in Lancaster County. The first mill was built only a few years after the Mennonites arrived in 1710. Vital to agriculture, the mills increased in number to over 200 by 1839. . . . — Map (db m67150) HM
33Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Bethlehem — Colonial Industrial Quarter1741 - 1800
“They have carried the mechanical Arts to greater Perfection here than in any Place which I have seen.” John Adams to Abigail Adams April, 1777 Early Industrial History By 1745, only four years after they founded . . . — Map (db m26917) HM

34United Kingdom, England (County Durham), Hartlepool — Ropes
There would be approximately 12 miles of rope on board an average frigate of the Napoleonic era. The Standing Rigging supports the masts. It is very thick as it has to bear a great deal of weight. These ropes could be as large as 10cm . . . — Map (db m125685) HM
35Florida (Volusia County), New Smyrna Beach — F-924 — The Gabordy Canal
The Gabordy Canal, also known as the South Canal, was built by colonists brought to the New Smyrna area in 1768 by the Scottish physician, Dr. Andrew Turnbull. As part of the largest single attempt at British colonization, New Smyrna attracted more . . . — Map (db m101768) HM
36Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 2 — Settlement of Savannah
On January 18,1733, the British galley Anne arrived in Charleston, South Carolina with James Oglethorpe, 144 "sober, moral, and industrious" colonists and provisions to build a new colony south of the Savannah River in Georgia. While the . . . — Map (db m19545) HM
37Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-2 — The Trustees' Garden
At this site was located the first public agricultural experimental garden in America. From this garden was disseminated the upland cotton which later comprised the greater part of the world`s cotton commerce. Here were propagated and from this . . . — Map (db m18761) HM
38Kentucky (Madison County), Richmond — Slavery at Pleasant View Farm
Never a plantation Pleasant View Farm had its beginnings in 1801 when Joseph Barnett bought 578 acres on the Hayes Fork of Silver Creek. By 1824 he had constructed the brick house that stands today. About the same time, Barnett is believed . . . — Map (db m31624) HM
39Kentucky (Taylor County), Campbellsville — Morgan Held Prisoner In Pleasant Hill Church
September 1861 Morgan caught smuggling Confederate uniforms After Confederate forces occupied Columbus, a city in far western Kentucky, President Lincoln proclaimed that commercial trade with the Confederacy be stopped. . . . — Map (db m99322) HM
40Maryland (Cecil County), Earleville — Tobacco and Mount Harmon
Colonial Tobacco Trade Before you stands a crop of tobacco planted to reflect the historic tobacco trade that flourished at Mount Harmon in the colonial era. Tobacco was an important cash crop that helped build early American settlements, and . . . — Map (db m156568) HM
41Maryland (Prince George's County), Bladensburg — Colonial Ropemaking
One of the maritime industries that was present in the colonial port of Bladensburg was the making of rope and various other types of cordage. In colonial and nineteenth century America, this activity took place in a manufacturing facility known as . . . — Map (db m8222) HM
42Massachusetts (Bristol County), New Bedford — Working WaterfrontNew Bedford Whaling National Historic Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Working Waterfront-Standing here during the heyday of whaling you would have seen and heard the bustling of a whaling port preparing for sea: ship carpenters building vessels from great white oak timbers, and caulkers hammering oakum---hemp mixed . . . — Map (db m62410) HM
43Missouri (Lafayette County), Lexington — The Battle of LexingtonSeptember 18, 19, 20, 1861
Following victories in southwestern Missouri, Maj. Gen. Sterling Price and 10,000 men of the Missouri State Guard marched north with the objective of breaking the Federal line along the Missouri river. On Sept. 12, 1861 the Guard engaged and drove a . . . — Map (db m46105) HM
44Missouri (Lafayette County), Lexington — The Battle of LexingtonSeptember 18, 19, 20, 1861 — The Anderson House —
William Oliver Anderson (1794-1873) and his son-in-law, Henry Howard Gratz, had built a prosperous business in Lexington around hemp production and rope making in the 1850’s. Prior to the Civil War, Anderson became one of the most prominent . . . — Map (db m46109) HM
45Missouri (Platte County), Platte City — Platte County
[Front] Platte is one of 6 counties formed from the U.S. Government's 1836 Platte Purchase in which Iowa, Sac, Fox, and small bands of other Indian tribes gave up over 2 million acres of land for $7,500 and other benefits. The Purchase was . . . — Map (db m66465) HM
46New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — Roebling …… Wire Rope and American Bridges
One of the iron and steel products for which Trenton became best known was wire rope. Originally developed as a stronger and more durable alternative to hemp, wire rope was first successfully produced in America in the early 1840s by John A. . . . — Map (db m4302) HM
47Ohio (Hardin County), McGuffey — 15-33 — Village of McGuffey / Great 1934 Onion Strike
Side A: Village of McGuffey The Village of McGuffey was named for John McGuffey, who in the 1860s first attempted to drain the Scioto Marsh. A larger and more effective drainage effort, made by others who entered Hardin County in the 1880s, . . . — Map (db m29062) HM
48Oregon (Tillamook County), Tillamook — Steam Donkey
Steam donkeys such as this "Tacoma Wide Face Yarder" were a vital part of a logging team's equipment in the 19th century forests of Oregon. Their name is derived from secondary engines called "donkey engines" used on sailing ships to load cargo, . . . — Map (db m113295) HM
49Pennsylvania (Cambria County), Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site — Inclined Plane No. 6
In front of you is the site of Inclined Plane No. 6, one of ten inclines on the Allegheny Portage Railroad. The track visible today has been reconstructed. From 1834 to 1854, railroad cars bearing canal boats, freight, and passengers were pulled . . . — Map (db m53782) HM
50Pennsylvania (York County), Hanover — Conrad Moul - The Public Commons
The original Moul Townhouse stood to your right. It was the mirror image of the 215 Broadway townhouse behind you. By 1915, the Moul Family replaced it with the Neoclassical Revival style brick home designed by Dempwolf Architects of York, which you . . . — Map (db m22416) HM
51Tennessee (Davidson County), Hermitage — Growing CottonA Risky Venture
Andrew Jackson called it his farm, but in reality, The Hermitage was a large cotton plantation dependent upon enslaved labor. All the agricultural activities on Jackson’s 1000 – acre plantation supported his cotton. On average, Jackson’s . . . — Map (db m81422) HM
52Virginia (Alexandria), Old Town — The Long Story of The Jones Point Ropewalk1833-1850 — Jones Point Park —
In 1833, Josiah Davis constructed a narrow, 400-yard-long building where rope was manufactured for ship's rigging, a once-thriving maritime industry for the nearby port of Alexandria. [Caption:] The Jones Point ropewalk was a two-story . . . — Map (db m127774) HM
53Virginia, Fredericksburg — The Slave Ship OthelloFredericksburg: Timeless.
Virginia Fredericksburg Augt 25th 1773 Messrs. Samuel &William Vernon Gentlemen You will by this opportunity be advised by Capt. Jno. Duncan of his Arrival here, & valuing himself on Col. John Thornton for his Services in disposal . . . — Map (db m97371) HM

54Missouri (Boone County), Rocheport — Steamboating on the Missouri
First Steamboats Early steamboat trips on the Missouri River tested boats, crews and passengers. Between 1820 and 1900, several hundred steamboats on the Missouri were destroyed by fire or boiler explosions, crushed by ice, or sunk by snags. . . . — Map (db m46353) HM
55Missouri (Lafayette County), Lexington — Lexington
Side 1 Lexington, on the bluffs above the broad Missouri, grew up around Jack's Ferry, 1819, to become by 1860 one of the great river ports of the State. Prosperous river trade and agricultural richness of the area made the town a commercial . . . — Map (db m90423) HM
56North Carolina (Alamance County), Burlington — The Regulators' FieldA Lesson for the Defeated — Carolinas Campaign —
(Preface): The Carolinas Campaign began of February 1, 1865, when Union Gen. William T. Sherman led his army north from Savannah, Georgia, after the March to the Sea. Sherman's objective was to join Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in Virginia to crush . . . — Map (db m42335) HM
57Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Columbia — Chickies* Mansion and Chickies* #1 Furnace (*Chickies - also Chiques or Chikis)
In 1828, Henry Haldeman, patriarch of a well-to-do local family, purchased mills (including a saw mill, chopping mill, and a hemp mill) at the mouth of Chiques Creek and set up two of his sons in business there. The eldest son, Samuel, drew up . . . — Map (db m136311) HM
58South Carolina (Greenwood County), Ninety Six — Environmental Change From Forest to Park
Once dense forest, this area was gradually cleared by people. Fire, storms, and the introduction of non-native plants and animal species also contributed to changing the landscape. If you lived here in the 1700s, you would have seen these woods . . . — Map (db m32790) HM

59Illinois (Vermilion County), Tilton — Tilton Honor Roll
In memory of our men & women in the Armed Forces World War II First Column : Elmer L. Alcorn • Frederick V. Alcorn • Lamoine T. Alcorn • Robert H. Allison • George Anderson • Marvin E. Anderson • Ernest Attebury • Floyd Bailey • . . . — Map (db m11317) WM
60Louisiana (Lafayette Parish), Lafayette — The PresbyteryLe Presbytére
THE PRESBYTERY: A Simple Residence from the early 1800s This small home represents the simple but functional structures in which priests could have lived in the early 1800s. The building was originally located property . . . — Map (db m135886) HM
61Massachusetts (Essex County), Salem — Wharves in the Early 1800s
If you visited Salem’s waterfront in the late 1700s or early 1800s you would have been impressed not only by the ships and their exotic cargo, but also by the variety of artisans and craftsmen who worked on the wharf. Sail makers, riggers, rope . . . — Map (db m86536) HM

62Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Early Inhabitants
The First Nations Native peoples have lived around the Chignecto Isthmus for thousands of years. Travelling in family groups and small nomadic bands, they moved from area to area harvesting seasonal food sources. Early French explorers were . . . — Map (db m112112) HM
63France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (Var), Aups — L’insurrection de 1851The Insurrection of 1851 — On the Heritage Path —
(This marker and monument has three parts; The L'insurrection de 1851 marker, the monument to the insurrectionists, and a monument to the local Aups' victims of WWII.) Sur les Chemins du Patrimoine L’attachement des Varois pour la république et . . . — Map (db m61676) HM WM
64Connecticut (Middlesex County), Middletown — Middletown in the 1700s
Middletown entered its golden era during the 1700s. By 1750, a century after its settlement, Middletown was the most populous and one of the richest towns in Connecticut. The town owed its size and prosperity primarily to maritime trade. At . . . — Map (db m98586) HM
65Missouri (Boone County), Rocheport — History of Rocheport
1804... Land Before the Town Prior to its settlement, American Indians used the area we now call Rocheport. The closeness to the river, fertile soils, both salt and freshwater springs, and the protection given by the huge bluffs, rock . . . — Map (db m46345) HM

66Kentucky (Lincoln County), Stanford — Isaac Shelby
The General and Statesman Isaac Shelby’s military decisions at the Battle of King’s Mountain in 1779 secured a critical victory for America during the Revolutionary War. Before war’s end, Shelby had also served in the North Carolina . . . — Map (db m120217) HM

67Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of San Miguel de Allende), San Miguel de Allende — Parish of Saint Michael the ArchangelSan Miguel de Allende - El Corazón de México
Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel Algunos años después de haberse fundado la antigua San Miguel el Grande (1555), se instauró en el lugar, uno de los primeros curatos de la región, entre los años dde 1563 y 1564. Tiempo en que . . . — Map (db m131615) HM
68Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Forks of the Road Historical Site
[Panel 1:] Natchez in the Center of Slavery Slavery is central to American history. The labor of enslaved African Americans built much of the nation’s wealth and enabled it to gain its economic independence. The enslavement of people . . . — Map (db m41533) HM
69Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — Rocketts Landing
East 1607-1707 Native Settlements and Early Colonization May 24, 1607: days after landing at Jamestown, Christopher Newport left his fellow English colonists to explore the James River. Accompanied by “five gentlemen, . . . — Map (db m54831) HM

70Missouri (Jasper County), Carthage — Rendezous At Carthage
Crossroad of Destiny: Union or Disunion The year of 1861 was one of crisis and decision making for Missouri. Throughout her history, Missouri had stood at many crossroads, for virtually all of the major routes leading from East to West . . . — Map (db m81003) HM
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