“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Historical Marker Pages Containing “julia c bulette”

Former Elko County High School image, Touch for more information
By Dawn Bowen, June 16, 2007
Former Elko County High School
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — Elko County High School
In 1895, Nevada established the County High School Act. Built in 1896, this was the first school building in Nevada to be constructed under this act. The structure served as the Elko County Library from 1917 to 1974, when the county offices located . . . — Map (db m1345) HM
Nevada (Lyon County), Dayton — Odeon Saloon - Billiard Parlour Dayton Lodge No. 5 I.O.O.F.
The first community building was built by the Odd Fellows in 1863 costing $30,000. Lodge offices and Hall were on the second floor. The Odeon Saloon and Billiard Parlour occupied the west side of the street floor, hosting such notables as Mark Twain . . . — Map (db m89448) HM
Nevada (Lyon County), Silver City — 39 — Johntown(Site One Mile Down Gold Canyon)
Nevada’s first mining town established in 1853. A boarding house was operated here by Eilley Orrum (Mrs. Sandy Bowers). Other prominent residents, discoverers of the fantastic Comstock Lode, included the Grosh Brothers, Peter O’Riley, Patrick . . . — Map (db m45943) HM
Nevada (Mineral County), Hawthorne — 60 — Hawthorne
Present Mineral Co. Seat -- Former Esmeralda Co. Seat Townsite selected in 1880 by H. M. Yerington, president of the Carson and Colorado Railroad Co. as a division and distribution site for the new railroad. The location was adjacent to . . . — Map (db m44197) HM
Nevada (Mineral County), Hawthorne — Old County Court House
On July 1, 1883 the county seat of Esmeralda County moved from Aurora to Hawthorne. A court house was needed, so a contract to build it for $29125 was awarded. On August 16, 1883 construction began. Corruption and collusion between the contractor . . . — Map (db m115909) HM
Nevada (Mineral County), Hawthorne — The Pillar of Light
Debuted in the later forties at the Hawthorne Club located at the corner of 5th and E Street, the main intersection of all roads entering Hawthorne. This was a sign of the times with neon lighting. It brightened the intersection with its huge . . . — Map (db m61068) HM
Nevada (Mineral County), Mina — Rhodes Marsh
Salt pools discovered and developed here in 1862, led to a thriving business by delivering salt to mining mills in Virginia City by camel. Up until this time, the salt was purchased from San Francisco at a rate between 120 & 180 dollars a ton. Sales . . . — Map (db m89451) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Gold Hill — Gold Hill
The first prospectors and settlers came to this area in 1852, but Gold Hill was not formally settled until 1858. The following year, with the discovery of silver, Gold Hill became a major community. Never as prominent as Virginia City, Gold Hill . . . — Map (db m46035) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 601's
In the spring of 1871, a secret organization comprised of leading citizens and business men, was formed to combat lawlessness in Virginia City. This vigilance committee, known as the 601's, served to undesirables, notices to leave town. If they . . . — Map (db m77699) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — E Clampus Vitus Building
Constructed the year following the great 1875 conflagration, the building had deteriorated in latter-days until all that remained was the front brick façade in 1969. During this year the site was purchased by the Virginia City Chapter of E Clampus . . . — Map (db m21986) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Founders of Julia C. Bulette Chapter
On January 11, 1963, 13 members of E Clampus Vitus met at the Bucket of Blood Saloon for the purpose of forming a new chapter of E Clampus Vitus. Those present were: Louie Beaupre, Marsh Fey, John Dufresne, Jim Lydon, Jack Cross, Ed Lydon, Bob . . . — Map (db m89508) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Frank Bell1840 – 1927
Early pioneer of both the telegraph and telephone. He was builder of the first telegraph lines across the Sierra’s from Placerville to Genoa then on to Virginia City. He also had the distinction of telegraphing Nevada’s Constitution to President . . . — Map (db m22342) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — In Memory of Julia C. Bulette
. . . — Map (db m35743) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 41 — Lousetown
North of this marker, a station was established in 1860 on Geiger and Tilton’s new toll road from Truckee Meadows, •• Fine springs, terminus of several wood roads, and a population of teamsters, stock and sheep men were found at Lousetown •• . . . — Map (db m45487) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Ophir Grade
Built in 1860 by the Ophir Mining Company to facilitate the hauling of ore to the mills in the Washoe Valley, it was operated as a toll road until 1871 when its popularity declined due to the completion of the V and T Railroad from Carson City to . . . — Map (db m45574) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 37 — Red Light District
On this spot once stood the cribs of Virginia City’s “Sporting Row.” Near this site, in Crib 1, was housed the celebrated courtesan of the Comstock, Julia C. Bulette, brutally murdered January 20, 1867 for her jewels by John Millian. — Map (db m45843) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 69 — Ships of the Nevada Desert
Camels first arrived in Virginia City in April, 1964. The U.S. Camel Corps was disbanded in 1863, and the animals sold to Nevada traders. Camels were used for hauling freight, firewood, and marsh salt use in refining silver ore. Although one camel . . . — Map (db m45644) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — St. Mary Louise Hospital
Built in 1875 under the supervision of Father Patrick Manogue, the St. Mary Louise Hospital opened March 6, 1876. The grounds, formerly occupied by Van Bokkelen’s Garden (A German brewery-saloon), was donated by Marie Louise Mackay, wife of Bonanza . . . — Map (db m45557) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Crystal Bar
The doors were first opened for business in 1871 by original owner Grant Israel. In the early 1880’s Con Sheen became the second owner. In 1909 William H. Marks became the third owner. The bar is still in the family as William L. And Margaret Marks . . . — Map (db m114320) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Glory of Solidarity and Fraternity
In Sept. 1864, while Atlanta smoldered, the first use of military force to allay labor unrest in the West occurred when Governor J. W. Nye ordered 2 companies of Calvary from Fort Churchill to end a strike by The Story County Miner’s League. The . . . — Map (db m21957) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Great Fire of 1875
Early in the morning on October 26, 1875 fire broke out in Kate Shea’s Boarding House. A strong wind quickly spread the fire. Gallant attempts from the volunteer firemen to extinguish the blaze were futile. By 11:00 A.M., most of the city had . . . — Map (db m21646) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Nevada Bank of San Francisco
Built in 1862-63, this building was first the office of the private bankers Paxton and Thornburgh. After their move to Reese River in 1864-65, it was used sporadically until the Nevada Bank of San Francisco opened January 10, 1876. Owned by . . . — Map (db m22551) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Pioneer Church
The first religious service in Nevada, officiated by a visiting Protestant Episcopal Reverend, was held in Virginia City's U.S. Courthouse on Sept. 11, 1861. A Parish was organized as St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal. In the following year the Rev. . . . — Map (db m77709) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Union Brewery
Beer was not forgotten, and six breweries could scarcely supply the people with beer, for Virginia City has a dry climate. Originally located at 40 North C Street and destroyed by the Fire of 1865, the Union Brewery moved to its present location . . . — Map (db m45564) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Virginia and Truckee Railroad“Do it at once”
“Do it at once” was the order given to I. E. James by William Sharron to build the V & T Railroad. Construction to Carson City was completed in November 1869. By November 1871, Reno was connected to Carson City thus establishing a . . . — Map (db m45642) HM
Nevada (Washoe County), Reno — 42 — Lake's Crossing
First settlement in this area was a toll station & bridge constructed on this site in 1859-60 by E.W. Fuller. It was later known as Lake’s Crossing after Myron C. Lake purchased this property in 1863. Lake’s land gift to the new overland railroad . . . — Map (db m44213) HM

Nevada (Lyon County), Fernley — America's First Transcontinental Highway
The Lincoln Highway was conceived and promoted by industrialists who were determined to act on the concept of creating one transcontinental highway from amongst the various and fragmented paths, trails and city streets. The LH (1913 -1927) brought . . . — Map (db m46380) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Site of International Hotels
Three International Hotels stood on this lot: The first hotel, a 14 room wood structure, was built in 1860 and dismantled in 1863. The second, a 100 room, 4 story brick building, was destroyed by the “Great Fire” of October . . . — Map (db m22066) HM

Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Virginia City
[Located in the center of town is a monument on which there is mounted six markers commemorating historical events and people of Virginia City] West Side - Front of Monument: In June of 1859 in Gold Canyon, a second group of . . . — Map (db m21565) HM

California (Placer County), Tahoe City — 797 — Lake Tahoe Outlet Works and Gatekeepers Cabin
The first outlet works were constructed in 1870 by Colonel A.W. Von Schmidt. The stone and timber crib structure soon passed to the Donner Lumber & Boom Co. who continued to regulate, for a fee, the water flow for floatation of logs and, later, . . . — Map (db m34498) HM
Nevada (Lyon County), Dayton — Chief Truckee
The legendary Paiute Leader; friend and guide to pioneers; breveted a "Captain" by John C. Fremont; gave his name to a valley, river and town; died near here in 1860. Dedicated July 20, 1974 By E Clampus Vitus              Julia C. Bulette . . . — Map (db m30865) HM

California (San Bernardino County), Baker — 622 — Harry Wade Exit Route
Some 100 wagons found themselves in Salt Lake City too late to cross the Sierra Nevada. They banded together under the name of Sand Walking Co. and started for the gold fields in California over the old Spanish Trail. After being in Death Valley . . . — Map (db m54761) HM
Nevada, Carson City — Blackwell Ponds
In 1902 Marion Jefferson Blackwell purchased 360 acres from the State of Nevada, 556 acres of adjoining land from Sweeney’s Hot Springs and a lot with a house. He raised carp and catfish to sell commercially also hay and horses. Neighbors used the . . . — Map (db m116178) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — William Wright aka Dan De QuilleMay 9, 1829 – March 16, 1898
Worked as a reporter for the Territorial Enterprise from 1861 until 1885, re-joined the paper in 1887 and continued working until the paper ceased operation. While as a reporter he was the author of several books. His most famous was the . . . — Map (db m21718) HM

California (Calaveras County), Murphys — E Clampus VitusECV Wall of Comparative Ovations
During the Gold Rush Days of California the organization known as E Clampus Vitas flourished throughout the gold diggings. It was sort of a parody of the solemn and mysterious fraternal orders then so popular in the states. Every member held an . . . — Map (db m115597) HM
California (Trinity County), Weaverville — Spanish Corral
On this lot stood the Spanish Corral, a dance hall house of ill repute for over a decade during the Gold Rush. Two legislative acts of 1855, banned gambling and prostitution. Every fourth business in town was a saloon with ladies of the night, and . . . — Map (db m95696) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Tonopah — The Tonopah Mining Boom
In 1900. Jim Butler stopped at a site known as Tonapah, or Little Water, in the Western Shoshone language. Taking a few rock samples, he discovered a mine that led to one of the most important mineral finds of the early twentieth century. As the . . . — Map (db m52843) HM

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