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By Barry Swackhamer
Coulterville Marker
1California (Mariposa County), Coulterville — 332 — Coulterville
While miners worked nearby streams and veins for gold, George W. Coulter served their needs as merchant and hotel proprietor. His first store, established in 1850, was a tent stocked with merchandise hauled in by pack train. Coulter and the town . . . — Map (db m46330) HM

2California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Mariposa County Court House
California’s oldest seat of justice still in use. The front half, the original building, completed in 1854, cost $9.200. The lumber was sash-sawed from nearby forests; framework fastened with mortised joints and wooden pegs. Finished lumber was . . . — Map (db m46734) HM
3California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Mariposa County Court HouseErected 1854
In Continuous Use Since Erection This marker placedMap (db m46737) HM
4California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — 670 — Mariposa County Courthouse
This mortise and tenon Greek Revival courthouse, erected in 1854, is California’s oldest court of law and has served continuously as the seat of county government since 1854. During the 19th century landmark mining cases setting legal precedent were . . . — Map (db m46733) HM
5California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Mariposa County’s Old Stone Jail
This 33 X 26 foot structure was built in 1858 from granite blocks quarried near Mormon Bar at a cost of 14,744.00 by J.O. Lovejoy. It originally had two stories and a gallows at the east end. In 1892 a fire gutted the building, taking the life of . . . — Map (db m46443) HM
6California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Mariposa Independent Order Odd Fellows Hall
Built 1867 to replace original building. Used by Mariposa County fraternal organizations since then. — Map (db m46442) HM
7California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Mariposa Museum and History CenterGolden Key Mine Stamp Mill — Mariposa Gazette Building, Counts House —
The first meeting of the Mariposa County Historical Society was held April 14, 1957. In 1958 the museum was established at the Historic Masonic Lodge located nearby. In December 1969, Judge Thomas and Katherine Coakley donated the land to . . . — Map (db m38670) HM

8California (Mariposa County), Hornitos — Cavagnaro General Store
Hornitos was a rich town in the fifties when Calo Cavangnaro erected this building — Map (db m46935) HM
9California (Mariposa County), Hornitos — St. Catherine Catholic Church
St. Catherine Church was built during the 1860’s probably in 1865. Before the church was built, priests came from Stockton to say Mass for the people of Hornitos. Priests from Sonora and Mariposa came for Mass after the church was built. In the . . . — Map (db m46937) HM
10California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — 518 — Agua Fria
One fourth mile north of Carson Creek, tributary of Agua Fria, was located Agua Fria, first county seat of Mariposa County in 1850-1851 one of original 27 counties in California. Until 1852, while mining was main industry of region, Mariposa County . . . — Map (db m51554) HM
11California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Built in 1862 by the people of Mariposa under the direction of Father Auger the church was dedicated and the first mass was said on January 18, 1863 by Archbishop Alemany — Map (db m46444) HM

12Mexico, Estado de Mexico (Municipality of Temascaltepec), San Mateo Almomoloa — Piedra Herrada Monarch Butterfly Reserve
Temascaltepec Temascaltepec deriva del náhuatl temazcalli, significa “baño de vapor”, y de tepetl, “cerro”, y el locativo de “c”, que significa “cerro de los temascales o baños de . . . — Map (db m113776) HM
13California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — The Townsite of Agua Fria, California
This mining town became the seat of justice of Mariposa County when on February 18,1850, the State Legislature divided the state into 27 counties. Mariposa County the comprised one-fifth of the entire state and included what are Mariposa, Tulare, . . . — Map (db m46411) HM

14California (Mariposa County), Bear Valley — May Rock
Originally named Tower Rock, May Rock is the largest outcropping of quartz along the Mother Lode. This 82 foot high formation contains no gold ore. Most gold ore within quartz is at greater depths in the earth. It was part of Colonel John C. . . . — Map (db m46375) HM
15California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Fremont Adobe
The oldest building in Mariposa, and the only 3 story adobe building still in use in the state of California. Erected in 1850 by Col. John C. Fremont and wife Jessie for Palmer Cook & Co., lease holders for the Mariposa Mine and Fremont’s agents. . . . — Map (db m65502) HM

16California (Mariposa County), Coulterville — Coulterville Hotel
The original rock building was built by Thomas and Caroline McCarthy as a private home. Upon completion of the building, they placed a cornerstone with the date of 1852. Eventually, the property was leased to Percy Davis who converted the home into . . . — Map (db m46327) HM

17Mexico, Querétaro (Municipality of Jalpan de Serra), Tancama — The Copper Butterfly BuildingTancama Archaeological Zone
Edificio de las Mariposas de Cobre El simbolismo de la mariposa en Mesoamerica es muy conocido, pues existen múltiples representaciones arquelógicas de este insecto. En la parte superior de este edificio se recuperó un entierro . . . — Map (db m120474) HM
18California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Bridgeport
In 1852 Andrew Church established a trading post where a road from the San Joaquin Valley, crossed the Agua Fria Creek. The site, known as Bridgeport, was on the Fremont Grant, about five miles south of Aqua Fria, first county seat of Mariposa . . . — Map (db m46846) HM
19California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — La Mineta 1850 - Princeton 1854 - Mount Bullion 1862
This site is part of the 44,000 arce [sic] Las Mariposa Land Grant purchased in 1847 by Colonel John C. Fremont for $3,000. In 1850 La Mineta, a mining camp, was established here by Sonoran miners. La Mineta was changed to Princeton in 1854 for the . . . — Map (db m46407) HM
20California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Mormon Bar
In 1849, a group of Mormons established a tent encampment near here while searching for land to farm. After an influx of gold miners the Mormons moved on. Next came thousands of Chinese miners, merchants and farmers. Mormon Bar became the largest . . . — Map (db m46408) HM
21California (Mariposa County), Yosemite National Park — A View Through TimeTunnel View - Yosemite National Park
A Burning Tradition Miwok people, who called themselves Ahwahneechee, lived in Yosemite Valley for thousands of years. Their traditional practice of regularly burning the meadows and oak woodlands of the Valley contributed to the open . . . — Map (db m63597) HM

22California (Tulare County), Visalia — Venice School
Within one-eighth mile of this site was Woodville, the first settlement and county seat of Tulare County. It was named after John Wood, the leader of a party of eighteen from Mariposa mines, who built a log cabin and who was killed here by Indians . . . — Map (db m141786) HM

23California (Mariposa County), Cathey's Valley — Cathey's Valley
[This marker is composed of several panels] [Left Panel:] Origin of the Name of Cathey’s Valley In 1739, the Catheys immigrated from Clones, Ireland to America. Andrew D. Cathey a native of North Carolina, his wife Mary Mariah . . . — Map (db m46839) HM

24California (Fresno County), Fresno — 6 — Green Bush Spring
On this spot in the early days was a flowing spring beside which stood a large green bush. Wild horses, deer, elk and antelope watered here and it served as a watering place for sheep and cattle. The presence of this water caused the railroad in . . . — Map (db m101867) HM
25California (Fresno County), Fresno — The Basque Hotel
[Marker mounted to the left of the entrance door.] This building is the first Basque Hotel built near the Central Pacific Railroad lines that brought many new immigrants to Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley. It was one of several . . . — Map (db m101868) HM
26California (Fresno County), Reedley — Major James D. Savage
James D. Savage was born in 1817 in Cayuga County, New York and moved to Illinois as a a child. He was described as a strong man with blue eyes and a magnificent physique. It was said that he was smart as a whip, shrewd in business and adept with . . . — Map (db m101846) HM
27California (Mariposa County), Wawona — 4 — Yosemite Valley's First Visit by White Men
From the crest of the ridge of a few hundred feet behind this point members of the Mariposa Battalion under the leadership of Major James D. Savage looked into Yosemite Valley on March 27, 1851. Alarmed by the encroaching tide of California Gold . . . — Map (db m47417) HM
28California (Tuolumne County), Columbia — Prosper Rocher Brewery
In 1856 Prosper Rocher constructed Columbia's second brewery located one-half mile east of town on the north side of Yankee Hill Road. Rocher, a French physician, was first partners with Anton Bixel in the Columbia Brewery on Italian Bar Road. . . . — Map (db m8590) HM

29California (Calaveras County), Murphys — Maj. James D. Savage
Member of Fremont’s Battalion during Mexican War. Established Indian trading posts throughout Central San Joaquin Valley. Leader of the first expedition of the Mariposa Battalion into Yosemite Valley, 1851 Dr. Lewis Leach described Savage as . . . — Map (db m34057) HM
30California (Los Angeles County), Altadena — Zane Grey Estate
Zane Grey Estate 396 East Mariposa Street has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 2002 — Map (db m144782) HM
31California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — A Shrine to Justice in California
In honor of the sesquincentennial of the Mariposa County Courthouse and recognition of its continuous use since 1855. In June 1857 Biddle Boggs vs. Merced Mining Company made legal mining history and the 1861 cases of Moore vs. Smaw and Fremont . . . — Map (db m46739) HM
32California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Built in 1862 by the people of Mariposa under the direction of Father Auger. The church was dedicated, Confirmation was conferred and the first Mass was said by Archbishop Alameny on Jan. 18, 1863. The church has been repaired many times through the . . . — Map (db m46599) HM
33California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — The Ophir Mines
The Mount Ophir Mine is one of the most successful and conspicuous of the Mother Lode mines in Mariposa County. It includes the Mount Ophir Mint which was the first of such mints to turn gold into coins. The Mint was built by John Moffitt, who had . . . — Map (db m46381) HM
34California (Mariposa County), Yosemite National Park — The Ahwahneechee
This marker is composed of four plaques secured front and back to two pillars. Adapting to a New Life For thousands of years, Indians adapted to climate changes, fires and droughts in the Sierra. They also survived conflicts with . . . — Map (db m65632) HM
35California (Stanislaus County), Oakdale — Langworth
Site of the town of Langworth. Founded in 1860 by Henry Langworthy It was on a branch of the old Mariposa Road that crossed the Stanislaus River at Islips Ferry. Was part of the 8 square league rancho granted by Mexico to A. B. Thompson in 1846. . . . — Map (db m6365) HM
36California (Stanislaus County), Roberts Ferry — Roberts Ferry
Originally located 3/8 mile downstream, this ferry was first established by Dr. B. D. Horr about 1850. Later owned by Dickenson and by Osborn, it was purchased by John W. Roberts in 1862 and moved to this location in 1865. The ferry was the . . . — Map (db m42598) HM
37California (Ventura County), Ventura — 632 E. Thompson BoulevardMitchell Block Historic District
This house, built in 1904 for Earl E. Barnes, has Classic Revival elements as seen in its flared hip roof, clapboard siding, and porch columns. The stained glass doors and windows, with the Mariposa Lily Design, are an original feature. This house . . . — Map (db m131216) HM

38El Salvador, San Salvador — Claudia Lars(1899-1974)
Claudia Lars Poeta de cualidades excepcionales y una de las voces liricas más insignes de la literatura latinoamericana. Su obra, extensa y variadísima, la ubica entra grandes figuras femeninas de las letras continentales, honor . . . — Map (db m81015) HM
39California (Amador County), Jackson — In Memoriam: The '49ers
They traveled here from family hearths throughout the world to mine Sierra’s treasures from the Golden Mother Lode. O’er claims where stood raw shacks and sailcloth tents the woodsmoke curled, while pick and shovel, pan and sluice marked where . . . — Map (db m42497) HM
40California (Fresno County), Firebaugh — 10 — Andrew Davidson FirebaughFirebaugh's Ferry
Andrew Davidson Firebaugh was born in Virginia in 1823. He served with the Texas Mounted Riflemen in the Mexican War. Coming to Californian in 1849, he fought in the Mariposa Indian War under Major James D. Savage on the expedition that discovered . . . — Map (db m28015) HM
41California (Fresno County), Fresno — 28 — John Charles Fremont
Fremont passed within sight of this spot on April 7, 1844. He is coming from the San Joaquin River to the Kings River with his mountain men guides, Thomas "Broken Hand" Fitzpatrick, Kit Carson and Alex Godey. Fremont described a vast prairie with . . . — Map (db m78355) HM
42California (Mariposa County), Bear Valley — Bear Valley
Headquarters of Col. John C. Fremont, world-famous American, who, in 1847, purchased a floating Mexican grant of 44,000 acres for $3000. After gold was discovered, he floated his grant to include the Mother Lode gold belt from Mariposa to Merced . . . — Map (db m5958) HM
43California (Mariposa County), Bear Valley — 5999 — Fremont’s Fort
General John C. Fremont, 1813-1890. A noted military man, explorer, topographer, senator & businessman, Fremont was also a miner. He settled in Mariposa County living just outside Bear Valley. He operated the Josephine, Pine Tree & Princeton mines . . . — Map (db m5783) HM
44California (Mariposa County), Bear Valley — Mrs. E. Trabucco Store
Louis Trabucco was born in 1821 and emigrated from Italy in 1847. He opened his first store in Bear Valley in 1856. After becoming successful in his Mariposa mining and business ventures he returned to Italy and married 19 year old Elena . . . — Map (db m46374) HM
45California (Mariposa County), El Portal — Site of Savage’s Trading Post
Here in 1849, James D. Savage, established a store built of logs. He engaged in trading and mining and married several squaws for protection and influence. In spring of 1850, fearing Indian depredations, he moved to Mariposa Creek. In December, his . . . — Map (db m904) HM
46California (Mariposa County), Fish Camp — The Surviving Tunnel Tree
Walk through this living tree and look for evidence of it healing itself. Bark of this sequoia is growing inward in an attempt to close over its wound — the large tunnel carved in 1895. Thought to have served as a lower elevation winter . . . — Map (db m84231) HM
47California (Mariposa County), Hornitos — Hornitos“Little Ovens of the Mother Lode”
Historic Jail Museum • History of 1849 • Relics Gold Rush Day Displays One of the Nations Most Famous Ghost Towns early population 15,000. Here was the first Wells Fargo Express Office in county. $40000 in gold sent to Mint daily by armed . . . — Map (db m46936) HM
48California (Mariposa County), Hornitos — Hornitos
Welcome to one of the most famous ghost towns of the 1800's. Hornitos is Spanish for "Little Ovens". It got its name from the above ground graves that were shaped like little cooking ovens used in Mexico. During this time, population was about . . . — Map (db m39481) HM
49California (Mariposa County), Hornitos — Indian GulchEstablished 1849
Indian Gulch was one of the earliest settlements in Mariposa County. Originally called Santa Cruz. The town adapted the new name when the post office opened as another Santa Cruz already existed. James Morton was the first postmaster. During its . . . — Map (db m38671) HM
50California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Agua Fria
Discoverd by Sonoran miners in the early summer of 1849. It was located about a quarter mile above the two springs of cold water from which the town derived its name. Aqua Fria was the first county seat from Feb. 18, 1850 to Nov. 10. 1851. . . . — Map (db m46410) HM
51California (Mariposa County), Yosemite National Park — Olmsted PointA Family Legacy
This turnout was named in honor of famed landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903), and his son, Frederick, Jr. when Tioga road opened to automobile traffic in 1961. Olmsted senior was considered the father of American landscape . . . — Map (db m65531) HM
52California (Mariposa County), Yosemite National Park — 790 — Yosemite Valley1864-1964
On June 30, 1864 the United States granted the Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Big Tree Grove to the State of California to "be held for public use, resort and recreation...inalienable for all time." This act, signed by President Abraham Lincoln, . . . — Map (db m81941) HM
53California (Merced County), Le Grand — The Old Millerton Road Crossed Here
From Stockton to Los Angeles via Millerton where the Friant Dam now is, was the first, and for many years the main road used by goldseekers and settlers. The route followed the edge of the hills to be near the mines and to provide a firm roadbed in . . . — Map (db m61343) HM
54California (Santa Clara County), Hollister — 1843 - Rancho de San Luis Gonzaga - 1931
This rancho was a grant from the Mexican goverment (sic) to Jose, Maria, Mejia and Juan Perez Pacheco made November 4, 1843 and signed by Manuel Micheltorena, Mexican governor of the Californias. The grant contained eleven square leagues . . . — Map (db m93201) HM
55California (Santa Clara County), Santa Clara — Captain Harry Love
Here lies Captain Harry Love, who with a troop of twenty others, on July 25, 1853 allegedly killed bandits Joaquin Murrieta and Three Fingered Jack near Arroyo de Cantua, Fresno County, California. Born in Vermont, Love first visited Alta . . . — Map (db m24122) HM

56Mexico, Ciudad de México, Colonia Tlatelolco — Favor request…and talent for the godsSolicitud de favores…y dones para los dioses
Muchos pueblos mesoamericanos acostumbraban colocar ofrendas tanto para clausurar un edificio, como para construirlo; y este es el caso de una ofrenda encontrada aquí para consagra una nueva edificación. Los arqueólogos encontraron en . . . — Map (db m92042) HM
57Mexico, Hidalgo (Municipality of Tula de Allende), Tula de Allende — The Temple of Pyramid B
Templo de la Pirámide B Los enormes atlantes y las pilastras con relieves que hoy coronan la pirámide, no se encontraban a la vista del pueblo en época prehispánica, servían de apoyo al techo del templo que habían la parte superior. . . . — Map (db m118431) HM
58California (Fresno County), Reedley — Wagon Bridge1885 - 1929
In the early 1850's, before it became a town, Reedley was in Mariposa County. The only way to cross the Kings River was doing so at your own risk or to find a ferry and pay a fee to cross. The Reedley area could claim two operating ferries. . . . — Map (db m77752) HM
59California (Madera County), Madera — MaderaSpanish for "Lumber", The First Industry
Once a part of Mariposa and Fresno Co, this area was traversed by local Indians, fur traders, explorers and gold seekers. The first settlement in what is now Madera County was 16 miles up the Fresno River where James D. Savage located his store, . . . — Map (db m52241) HM
60California (Mariposa County), Mariposa — Mt. Buckingham School
This school was originally two stories and was built in Georgetown about 1878. At that time it was called the Snow Creek School. Space was limited so the school was dismantled and moved to a larger site in 1910. The land was donated by Richard . . . — Map (db m46771) HM
61California (Tulare County), Springville — Battle Mountain
A long period of unrest between the settlers and Indians of Tulare County erupted in war during the Spring of 1856. Untrue reports that five hundred head of cattle had been stolen in Frazier Valley and the burning of the Orson K. Smith sawmill . . . — Map (db m34474) HM

62Guatemala, Petén (Municipality of Flores), Flores — Tikal Archaeological Park
Ficha Técnica del Parque Nacional Tikal Descubrimiento: 26 Feb. 1,848 por Corregidor Modesto Mendez y Gobernador Ambrosio Tút Extensión superficial y altitud: 575.83 Km.2 (A. Gub. No. 239.2003) y 185-380 m.s.n.m. . . . — Map (db m99025) HM
63California (Stanislaus County), Roberts Ferry — Roberts Ferry History Walk
[A short walk starting on the eastern side of the Roberts Ferry Covered Bridge; walking south, crossing over to the western side and returning north. Interpretive markers are placed along both sides covering the timeline from the first people who . . . — Map (db m42617) HM

64California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Matson Line
From 1926 until 1970, Piers 30 and 32 were famous as the San Francisco base of operations of the Matson Line, founded by Captain William Matson, who in 1882 borrowed $4,000 from a scow schooner man to buy shares in the sailing schooner Emma . . . — Map (db m92899) HM

65Mexico, Hidalgo (Municipality of Tula de Allende), Tula de Allende — Toltec Architecture and Art
Arquitectura Tolteca La arquitectura tolteca tiene tendencia a la suntuosidad decorativa, destacando por su monumentalidad. Los toltecas aprendieron de los teotihuacanos el uso de los centros ceremonials, empleando la plaza como . . . — Map (db m118912) HM
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