“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Overland Trail Historical Markers

Established by Ben Holliday in 1862 from the remnants of the Overland Stage, this was the principal route for mail and passengers between northeastern Colorado and southwestern Wyoming in the 1860s.
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By Barry Swackhamer, September 8, 2015
Virginia Dale Marker
Colorado (Larimer County), Livermore — Virginia Dale
Three-quarters of a mile northwest from this point is the original Virginia Dale famous stage station on the overland route to California, 1862 - 1867. Established by Joseph A. (Jack) Slade and named for his wife, Virginia. Located on . . . — Map (db m89595) HM
Colorado (Larimer County), Livermore — 244 — Virginia Dale — Trails West — Welcome To Colorado
What a welcome sight Virginia Dale must have been to nineteenth-century travelers. It was one of the largest stagecoach stations on the Overland Trail, offering hot meals and other conveniences to weary passengers - the equivalent, for its day, of . . . — Map (db m89639) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — 19 — Old Julesburg
Due North 1235 Feet is the Original Site of Old Julesburg, named for Jules Beni, whose trading post was established at the "Upper Crossing" of the Platte prior to 1860, junction of Oregon and Overland Trails. Pony Express Station, 1860-61. . . . — Map (db m47348) HM
Kansas (Johnson County), Gardner — 6 — Overland Trails
Here US-56 lies directly on the route of the Oregon-California and Santa Fe trails. Nearby, the trails branched. On a rough sign pointing northwest were the words, "Road to Oregon." Another marker directed travelers southwest along the road to Santa . . . — Map (db m21669) HM
Kansas (Johnson County), Merriam — 03 — The Overland Trails — Merriam Historic Plaza Walking Path
Historic Frontier Trails cut through the territory now known as Merriam. Hundreds of thousands of people emigrated [sic – immigrated] to the western frontiers along the Oregon and California Trails. The Santa Fe, Oregon and California Trails . . . — Map (db m46856) HM
Kansas (Johnson County), Olathe — Trail Campground..To Farm..To Park
In 1857, Newton Ainsworth claimed this land and allowed the trail travelers to continue camping here. A decade later, the railroads began to make their way west and the great overland trails became a part of history. The need for camping at Lone . . . — Map (db m34357) HM
Nebraska (York County), York — Moving People and Goods on the Overland Trail

Before the transcontinental railroad was completed, the nation entrusted the West's trade and economic survival to an assortment of muleskinners, bullwhackers and stage drivers. From the early 1850s to 1869, the Overland Trail saw lumbering . . . — Map (db m79840) HM

Wyoming (Albany County), Laramie — Big Laramie Stage Station
From 1849 through the end of the 19th century, thousands followed the Overland Trail into Wyoming, across the Laramie Plains, to a toll bridge near tree on the Laramie River. The historic crossing of the marshy plains consisted of a corduroy road . . . — Map (db m89621) HM
Wyoming (Albany County), Laramie — Old Overland Trail
The first stone erected in Albany Co. to mark the Old Overland Trail 1862 - 1868 — Map (db m89622) HM
Wyoming (Albany County), Laramie — The Overland Trail
The route that later became the Overland Trail was followed in 1825 by William Ashley and members of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, who entered the Laramie Valley from the south, forded the Medicine Bow River near Elk Mountain, and crossed the . . . — Map (db m89623) HM
Wyoming (Albany County), Tie Siding — The Overland Stage Line
This stone marks the place where The Overland Stage Line on its way to the West, June 1862 - 1868 crossed the Colorado-Wyoming boundary line. — Map (db m89620) HM
Wyoming (Carbon County), Elk Mountain — Wagonhound Rest Area
The area near the Wagonhound Rest Area has played an important role in western transportation since the earliest days of human activity in the Rock Mountain west. The area has provided Wyoming's earliest inhabitants, explorers, westbound settlers, . . . — Map (db m47142) HM
Wyoming (Carbon County), Saratoga — This Marker on the Overland Trail
This marker on the Overland Trail. Platte River crossing nine miles west 1861 to 1868 — Map (db m62160) HM
Wyoming (Carbon County), Wamsutter — Overland Trail
"From the Platte west to Fort Bridger... is one almost uninterrupted panorama of barren hills, sandy plains, ugly tortuous ravines, and blank desolation... All life and all living things, seem to be gone." (Overland Trail traveler Demas Barnes, . . . — Map (db m89716) HM
Wyoming (Carbon County), Wamsutter — The Overland Stage Station Route
Operated 1862 to 1868 Washakee Station four miles east. Barrel Springs Station fourteen miles west. — Map (db m89717) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Green River — The Overland Stage
The Overland Stage Station Route Operated 1861 — 1868 Green River Division Station Site 350 Yards East Erected By The Historical Landmark Commission of Wyoming 1952 — Map (db m67777) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Green River — The Overland Stage Station Route
The Overland Stage station route operated 1861-1868 Green River Division Station site 350 years east — Map (db m90055) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Point of Rocks — Almond Overland Stage Station
Ruins Of Almond Overland Stage Station, 1862-8 Located Beyond Railroad Tracks 1640 Feet To Southward Of This Marker — Map (db m67926) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Point of Rocks — Overland Stage Route
     At the beginning of the Civil War military strength in the West declined and often it was impossible to safeguard stages carrying the United States mail along the Oregon-California-Mormon Trail. Early in 1862 "Stagecoach King" Ben Holladay . . . — Map (db m67925) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Point of Rocks — Point of Rocks Stage Station
Before the Transcontinental Railroad connected the East and West coasts of the United States, stage coach lines transported both passengers and mail across the country. Stations along the route functioned as pit stops, where horses - tired and . . . — Map (db m76743) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Rock Springs — Rock Spring Stage Station Site
Also the Springs Erected to the memory of Those Brave Pioneers Who passed this way To win and hold The West — Map (db m89720) HM
Wyoming (Uinta County), Fort Bridger — Fort Bridger
. . . — Map (db m36619) HM

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