“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

The Spirit of 76, America's Bicentennial Celebration Historical Markers

During the time America was celebrating its Bicentennial (1776-1976), historic markers were erected to commemorate different events or projects. This Marker Series is for those historic markers that have the Bicentennial logo, were inspired by, have reference to it in someway within its context or was placed by a Bicentennial committee, commission etc.
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By TRCP Alliance, June 22, 2013
Bartram’s Trail Marker
Alabama (Baldwin County), Stockton — Bartram’s Trail
William Bartram, America’s first native born artist - naturalist, passed through Baldwin County during the Revolutionary era, making the first scientific notations of its flora, fauna and inhabitants. As the appointed botanist of Britain’s King . . . — Map (db m81855) HM
Alabama (Clarke County), Rockville — Bartram's Trail
William Bartram, America’s first native born artist-naturalist, passed through Clarke County during the Revolutionary era, making the first scientific notations of its flora, fauna and inhabitants. As the appointed botanist of Britain’s King George . . . — Map (db m101568) HM
Alabama (Elmore County), Wetumpka — Bartram's Trail
William Bartram, America’s first native born artist-naturalist, passed through Elmore County during the Revolutionary era, making the first scientific notations of its flora, fauna and inhabitants. In 1776 the appointed botanist of Britain’s King . . . — Map (db m69431) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Tuskegee — Bartram's Trail
William Bartram, America's first native born artist - naturalist, passed through Macon County during the Revolutionary era, making the first scientific notations of its flora, fauna and inhabitants. As the appointed botanist of Britain's King George . . . — Map (db m99676) HM
Alabama (Russell County), Phenix City — Bartram's Trail
William Bartram, American's first native born artist - naturalist, passed through Russell County during the Revolutionary era, making the first scientific notations of its flora, fauna and inhabitants. As the appointed botanist of Britain's King . . . — Map (db m48433) HM
Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — Bicentennial Moon Tree
This seedling was grown from the very seeds that journeyed to the moon and back on board Apollo 14. It symbolizes the major role forests played in developing our American Heritage and the vital role forests have in our future. This planting made . . . — Map (db m83012) HM
Arkansas (Lonoke County), Lonoke — Lonoke Landmarks
Joseph Taylor Robinson Home - 204 NE Front St. Practiced law in Lonoke - 1893-1912 U.S. Congressman - 1902-1913. Governor of Arkansas - January - March 1913. U.S. Senator - 1913-1937. Lonoke was named for lone oak tree, surveyor's landmark for . . . — Map (db m65710) HM
Arkansas (Saline County), Bauxite — Bauxite, Arkansas
Following the discovery of extensive bauxite ore deposits in 1887, an ore drying plant was located here by The Pittsburg Reduction Co. In 1903 a small village was laid out to house the workers. This village which included a bank, hospital, theater . . . — Map (db m96634) HM
Arkansas (Saline County), Benton — Saline County Revolutionary War Soldiers
In honor of two Revolutionary War soldiers who chose Saline County, Arkansas as their home. After enlisting in the spring of 1777, they served through the winter at Valley Forge and to the end of the war in 1783. ASHER BAGLEY, Private . . . — Map (db m96595) WM
Arkansas (Saline County), Benton — The Gann Building
Built in 1893, the office of Dr. Dewell Gann, Sr. is the only known bauxite building in existence. The building was constructed by patients who could not afford to pay for services he had rendered them. The soft stone was dug from a farm nearby, . . . — Map (db m96597) HM
Arkansas (Saline County), Bryant — The Battle of Hurricane Creek
After the fall of Little Rock to Union forces in September, 1863, the area immediately south of the Arkansas River became a No Man’s Land. On the morning of October 23, 1864, a Federal detachment of the 7th Army Corps, returning to Little Rock after . . . — Map (db m96635) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Moon TreeLoblolly Pine (Pinustaeda)

This tree was grown from a seed that journeyed to the Moon and back aboard Apollo 14 1971 Planted here on Arbor Day March 15 Bicentennial Year 1976 — Map (db m92358) HM

California (Butte County), Oroville — County Community Well
1856 Renovated Oroville Rotary 1980 (Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976) — Map (db m65844) HM
California (Butte County), Oroville — First Liberty Pole In The West
. . . — Map (db m65908) HM
California (Butte County), Oroville — First Pharmacy
Randall & McDermott 1855 B.S.A. Troop 29 (Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976) — Map (db m65909) HM
California (Butte County), Oroville — Liberty Pole
In 1767, when our yet to be united nation felt the stirrings of revolution, freedom-loving colonists carved and erected the first “Liberty Pole”. It served as a rallying point for those who opposed the British imposed Stamp Act. . . . — Map (db m65843) HM
California (Butte County), Oroville — Site of Boehme & Heep Saloon
Built 1855 Restored 1976 by Aerie No. 196 – Fraternal Order of Eagles, Oroville (Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976) — Map (db m65907) HM
California (Butte County), Oroville — Site of First Oroville Bank
McWilliams & Tymeson 1855 Wells Fargo & Company Express Agents First Brick Bldg in Oroville Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 196 (Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976) — Map (db m65906) HM
California (Butte County), Oroville — The American
Site of First Theater in Oroville The American (Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976) — Map (db m65838) HM
California (Humboldt County), Eureka — The Josiah Gregg Expedition
After finding Humboldt Bay from the sand dunes near Fairhaven on December 20, 1849, the Dr. Josiah Gregg exploring party reached the present site of Eureka. December 26, passing an open area near this point, to camp by an Indian village close to . . . — Map (db m91923) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Moon Tree
Coast Redwood Sequoia sempervirens This "Moon Tree" is a Coast Redwood grown from a seed that in January 1971 was carried to the moon and brought back to earth by Major Stuart Roosa, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 14. The seed . . . — Map (db m63500) HM
California (San Joaquin County), Lathrop — 780-7 — Site of Completion of Pacific RailroadFirst Transcontinental Railroad
The construction of the San Joaquin River Bridge completed the last link of the Transcontinental Railroad. Building had simultaneously proceeded from the Bay Area and Sacramento and met at the San Joaquin River. The first train crossed the bridge on . . . — Map (db m11380) HM
California (San Mateo County), Half Moon Bay — The James Johnston House
James Johnston, a forty-niner from Ohio, established a homestead on this wild, romantic vista of sloping fields and ocean shore in 1853. For his Californiano bride, Petra Maria de Jara, he built this typical eastern saltbox, whose origins from the . . . — Map (db m25518) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — The 1887 Church
Construction of this historic church was started in 1887. Completion was delayed until 1889 due to a yellow fever epidemic which claimed the lives of the pastor and many members of the congregation. Used to house the first Christian congregation . . . — Map (db m43102) HM
Indiana (Dearborn County), Lawrenceburg — LawrenceburgFounded 1802
Birthplace of two Indiana Governors. Albert Gallatin Porter, eighteenth Governor (1881-1885), born here April 20, 1824, died Indianapolis, May 3, 1897; and Winfield Taylor Durbin, twenty-fourth Governor (1901-1905), born here May 4, 1847, died . . . — Map (db m66907) HM
Indiana (Huntington County), Andrews — Lessel Long1838 - 1915
Lessel Long was a Huntington County pioneer, a Union soldier in the Civil War, and a prisoner of war at Andersonville prison (Camp Sumter) where 13,000 prisoners died. After the war he became a manufacturer and merchant in Andrews. In 1886 he . . . — Map (db m76418) HM
Indiana (Huntington County), Huntington — Chief Francis La Fontaine(Topeah) 1810-1847
In 1840 the Miami Indians agreed to move from the upper Wabash area to eastern Kansas. Francis La Fontaine was his tribe’s last principal chief. After leading his people west in 1846, he died at Lafayette, Indiana, en route to his home. The body was . . . — Map (db m76449) HM
Indiana (Huntington County), Huntington — Ex Parte Milligan
In a landmark decision on April 3, 1866, the United States Supreme Court overturned the conspiracy against the national government conviction of Huntington attorney Lambdin P. Milligan (1812-1899). This decision, rising out of the Civil War, set a . . . — Map (db m71300) HM
Indiana (Huntington County), Huntington — John R. Kissinger1877 - 1946 — Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient "Quiet Hero - Few Know His Name"
John R. Kissinger, who lived in Huntington in his latter years, became the first volunteer to subject himself to the bite of an infected mosquito (1900) in an experiment to identify the cause of "Yellow Jack" (Yellow Fever). This successful . . . — Map (db m45205) HM
Indiana (Huntington County), Huntington — Samuel Huntington1731 -- 1796 — Signer of the Declaration of Independence
This city, township and county were named for Samuel Huntington, signer of the Declaration of Independence and important political figure in the Revolutionary War era. Records indicate the name was given by Elias Murray, Huntington's nephew, when he . . . — Map (db m71299) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Campanile1926 1976
"Erected as an enduring monument to memorialize Louisiana's sons and daughters who died in World War I. The memorial was funded and dedicated April 30, 1926 by General John R. McQuigg, National Commander of the American Legion" — Map (db m89333) WM
Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — The Washington Artillery Park — American Revolution Bicentennial: 1776-1976
[Panel 1]: On and near this site since 1718 has centered the military activities of both regular and citizen soldiers of France, Spain, the Confederacy and the United States. On either side were the redoubts forming the “Great . . . — Map (db m24684) HM
Louisiana (Saint Helena Parish), Greensburg — Revolutionary War Memorial
Erected to the memory of those Revolutionary War Patriots who not only helped to win freedom for our Country but also helped to carve a civilization within St. Helena Parish. — Map (db m88218) WM
Louisiana (Saint Helena Parish), Montpelier — Montpelier
Parish seat from 1812-1832. Land office - a clearinghouse for public lands between the Mississippi and the Pearl Rivers 1812-1837. Montpelier Academy 1833-1840. Early post office St. Helena 1814-1859. Connected to Natchez Trace. — Map (db m94882) HM
Louisiana (Saint Mary Parish), Morgan City — Attakapa Militia
The Militia of the Attakapa Region of South Central Louisiana served under Spain’s Governor of the colony, Bernardo de Galvez in his campaigns against the British during the War for American Independence. — Map (db m85733) HM
Louisiana (Saint Mary Parish), Morgan City — Dr. Walter BrashearB. MD. 1776 - D. LA. 1860
Famed as surgeon in KY. 1806. Settled Attakapas, LA. 1809. Became large landowner, sugar planter in St. Mary, serving many years in LA. Legislature. Town of Brashear, now Morgan City, incorporated 1860. — Map (db m85751) HM
Louisiana (Vernon Parish), Leesville — Sgt. Abe Allen — 1896-1941
Only soldier from Louisiana to serve under General John J. Pershing's "One Hundred Heroes" in World War I, Company B, 28th Infantry. Received Distinguished Service Cross and the Distinguished Service Medal. — Map (db m86665) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Courtland — Brighton
On the Red River Oxcart Trail to Traverse des Sioux 1854–First white man to claim land–Bruce Pierce. 1855-56–Then; Christian, John & Andrew Anderson; Christian & Torger Peterson & the Jensens. 1862–The Applebaum home . . . — Map (db m73506) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Courtland — Courtland
1855 - First settlers were Jacob Harmon, Mr. Haresine, John Sidel, Jacob Gfeller, & Ole Nelson - Most of the early settlers came from Germany. 1856 - Village of Red Stone, near the ferry, was surveyed but never developed. 1856 - Hilo post . . . — Map (db m66070) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Fairfax — Joseph LaFramboise -Interpreter to the Sioux
1826   Licensed U.S. fur buyer with H. H. Sibley. 1834   Owned Little Rock Trading Post on the Minnesota River. 1837   Interpreter for Indian Treaty at Fort Snelling and Washington D.C. 1838-39   Guide for Jean N. Nicollet, U.S. Gov’t . . . — Map (db m70653) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Lafayette — Bernadotte Co-op Creamery
Creamery, organized as "Riverside" in 1895 - changed to "Bernadotte" in 1944 - New creamery built 1936 - cost $10,518. It handled whole milk at all times. Patorns delivered cream over 40 years. Co-Op dissolved in 1959. Building sold and used as . . . — Map (db m73900) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Lafayette — Bernadotte Lutheran Church
Organized 4 May 1866 at Magnus Peterson home, Pastor John Pehrson, by Swedish settlers, 21 charter families, 104 families by 1870. Commemorated on native stone, set in 1937. First worship in homes, in school-house No. 26; first church built . . . — Map (db m79770) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Lafayette — Lafayette Township and Village
First settler in township was Louis Sharro. John Bush and family came in 1854 and kept an Inn for travelers. Township organized in 1858. First post office 1859 - moved to Village 1897. Village platted 1896; Incorporated Feb., 1900. Minneapolis & St. . . . — Map (db m66615) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Nicollet — New Sweden Creamery
New Sweden Creamery Association was organized Jan. - 1895.   350 cows were pledged for the Creamery. The creamery was built in 1896. Jan., 1898, Samuel Haugdahl was hired as butter maker.   He received many state and national awards in . . . — Map (db m73922) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Norseland — Norseland Community
The name Norseland was originated by community spirited settlers - 1858-Norseland Store was built by John Burke 1896-Patrons built Norseland Co-op Creamery next to the Burke store which had a post office 1922-Emil Swenson became a partner . . . — Map (db m73868) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Norseland — Norseland Community
1854-Methodist church organized-disbanded 1900. 1858-Norwegian Lutheran church organized - 1911 present church erected. 1858-Scandian Grove Lutheran church organized. 1888 stone church erected. 1858-Burkes had a general store & post . . . — Map (db m73881) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — Old Traverse Cemetery
March, 1856 – Traverse des Sioux and St. Peter organized a cemetery Assoc. purchasing 10 acres. Early Missionaries, pioneer, and Civil War Veterans are buried here. Rev. T. C. Williamson, first Missionary in this area and Rev. Stephen . . . — Map (db m66414) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — St. Peter Boat Landing
About 150 feet North of this Park was the old boat landing. Boat transportation from the earliest years of this area until the 1870's was the main source of commercial transportation. The first steamboat to come up the Minnesota River was . . . — Map (db m65784) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — The Bornemann House
First property owner was Wm. B. Dodd. Fourth property owner, Adolph Bornemann, born in Traverse des Sioux 1862. His father, Bernhard, a journalist from Germany came to Traverse des Sioux in 1856; built a hotel & raised sheep. 1869, the Bornemanns . . . — Map (db m68094) HM
Missouri (Jackson County), Independence — 19 — First Presbyterian ChurchAmerican Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
The congregation dates from 1826. The church neither divided nor closed in the Civil War. Designed in 1888 by Nier, Hogg and Byram of Kansas City, Mo. Harry S. Truman first met Bess Wallace here in Sunday School in 1892. — Map (db m121823) HM
Missouri (Jackson County), Independence — Historic Courthouse
This 1933 courthouse, inspired by Independence Hall, contains restored courtroom and office of former Presiding Judge Harry S. Truman. Often remodeled, this building rests upon a foundation laid in 1828. Listed on the National Register of Historic . . . — Map (db m34782) HM
Missouri (Jackson County), Independence — Truman Boyhood Home
In 1895 John and Martha Truman bought this house, built about 1886. Harry S. Truman (1884 - 1972) spent his boyhood here. The family moved in 1902. Later additions have greatly altered the original appearance of the house. — Map (db m117025) HM
Nevada (Washoe County), Sparks — James C. Lillard Railroad Park History
Railroad Park was officially dedicated on July 4, 1976, in commemoration of our nation's 200th birthday. It was officially named James C. Lillard Railroad Park, by the City of Sparks City Council on July 12, 1976, in honor of Mayor James C. Lillard, . . . — Map (db m67227) HM
New Jersey (Burlington County), Beverly — Dunk’s Ferry Bicentennial Memorial1776 * 1976
Near this site, one of our country’s first ferries was operated from circa 1695 to late 19th century. During Revolutionary times, it was used by Washington and his troops. This area was called “Dunks Ferry” before Beverly, N.J. was . . . — Map (db m35872) HM
New York (Cayuga County), Brutus — William McCreedy
William McCreedy and family, burial site. Soldier in Revolution. Born 1755 - Died 1824. Early Methodist meeting held in nearby family home. — Map (db m88480) HM
New York (Cayuga County), Weedsport — God's Acre
God's Acre First community cemetery in the town of Brutus 1801 - 1863. Most stones removed, 1916. Declared town park, 1974. — Map (db m87920) HM
New York (Erie County), Alden — Site of Moffat's Tannery
Earliest big industry in Alden from the 1850's to the early 1900's. Local and foreign hides tanned for upper leather. Hemlock bark from nearby forests hauled in by horse and wagon, used in the process. The large building spanned Tannery Creek. — Map (db m75544) HM
New York (Erie County), Brant — Town of Brant Memorial Park
Town of Brant Memorial Park Originally named Sampton in 1820, Morse's Corners in 1835, and organized as BRANDT on Mar. 25, 1839 after the Mohawk Chief Col. Joseph Brandt. His Indian name, Pha-wan-da-nee-gah, meant "Wood partly burned" or . . . — Map (db m104240) HM
New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Buffalo Seminary
Founded 1851 as Buffalo Female Academy. First located on Johnson Park, the school moved to present site in 1909. The seminary remains the first and only non-sectarian private high school for girls in western New York. — Map (db m80401) HM
New York (Erie County), Buffalo — D'Youville College
First women's college in western New York. Established 1908 by the Grey nuns. Center building, 1874, originally housed Holy Angels Academy. College led renewal of city's west side by expansion program, 1954-1969. — Map (db m80027) HM
New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Ellicott Square Building
Ellicott Square Building Opened by Ellicott Square Company in 1896 as largest office building in world. Daniel H. Burnham, architect. Steel frame, brick and terra cotta exterior, Italian marble, ornamental iron decorations, and marble mosaic . . . — Map (db m92875) HM
New York (Erie County), East Aurora — The Middle Road
in 1803 Joseph Ellicott with Jabez Warren, East Aurora's pioneer settler, surveyed and laid out Middle Road, also known as Big Tree Road, for the Holland Land Company. It extended a distance of 43 miles from the Genesee River to Lake Erie including . . . — Map (db m74558) HM
New York (Erie County), Lackawanna — Father Baker's Gas Well
Father Baker's Gas Well ——•—— At this site on August 22, 1891 natural gas was found at a depth of 1137 feet. This well and its twin continued to produce sufficient gas for many of the energy needs of Our Lady of Victory . . . — Map (db m93920) HM
New York (Erie County), Orchard Park — Obadiah Baker Homestead
Built in 1840 - replaced log cabin erected when property was acquired from Holland Land Company in 1804. The Baker family - prominent Quakers in this area - lived here for five generations. This home served as one last station of Underground Railway . . . — Map (db m80830) HM
New York (Erie County), Orchard Park — Site of Erastus D. Webster Homestead
The Webster Family were early settlers in this community. Erastus Webster served under Secretary of State Seward in the Cabinet of President Abraham Lincoln. He represented the U.S. Gov't during the transfer of the Confederate emissaries Mason and . . . — Map (db m80546) HM
New York (Erie County), Sardinia — Former Baptist Church
The present Sardinia Town Hall was the first Baptist Church in the area, built in 1829, dedicated in 1830. It was instrumental in later organization of churches in Arcade, Holland and Chaffee. — Map (db m76271) HM
New York (Erie County), Tonawanda — Louis P.A. Eberhardt Home
Louis P.A. Eberhardt Home Kenmore's founder, Louis Phillip Adolph Eberhardt built this home in 1893-94 and occupied it until 1918 when it was acquired by the YWCA. This brownstone home and its twin, built by LPA's brother Fred, cost $150,000 . . . — Map (db m97913) HM
New York (Erie County), West Seneca — Fourteen Holy Helpers R. C. Church
Site of original Middle Ebenezer Memorial Church, built of handmade bricks. Christian Metz held first church service March 1846. When Ebenezer Society moved to Iowa in 1864, property was bought by Fourteen Holy Helpers Church congregation and . . . — Map (db m49032) HM
New York (Genesee County), Corfu — First United Presbyterian ChurchCorfu, N.Y.
Rev. Hugh Wallis organized the First Presbyterian Church of Pembroke July 1, 1817. In 1829 Andrew Harroum gave a quarter acre of land for this church building which was completed in 1831 by a congregation of 78 members. The church bell was cast in . . . — Map (db m76058) HM
New York (Genesee County), Pembroke — General Ely Samuel Parker 1828-1895"Do-Ne-Ho-Ga-Wa" Grand Sachem Chief — "Keeper of the Western Door of the Long House of the Iroquois"
Son of William and Elizabeth Parker, born in a log cabin overlooking the water-falls, at Indian Falls, N.Y., then part of the Tonawanda Indian Reservation. Volunteered into the army, and became General Grant's Military Secretary. He was instrumental . . . — Map (db m76082) HM
New York (Genesee County), Pembroke — Site of First Permanent Settlement
Site of first permanent settlement ? Town of Pembroke ? David Goss, coming from Massachusetts in 1804, took up land on the Holland Purchase. His dwelling, which he converted into a tavern, was the first Public House in the Township. . . . — Map (db m126162) HM
New York (Livingston County), Lima — Lima Bank Robbed
Lima Bank Robbed This vault was in the "Bank of Lima" at the time of the first bank robbery in Livingston County. February 6, 1915. — Map (db m116961) HM
New York (Niagara County), Hartland — Quaker Meeting House / Quaker Cemetery
[east side]Quaker Meeting House 1836 cobblestone meeting house of the Hartland Orthodox Friends was in use until 1905 (See reverse side)[west side] Quaker Cemetery The Orthodox Friends Cemetery was used from 1836 until 1905 (See reverse . . . — Map (db m78464) HM
New York (Niagara County), Royalton — Chestnut Ridge - Lewiston Road
An old Indian trail used by travelers to Fort Niagara, widened for wagon use about 1800, later a stage route from Batavia to Niagara. — Map (db m72105) HM
New York (Niagara County), Wilson — Tabor Bridge
Dr. Hiram B. Tabor, Wilson Physician for 45 years, built this house beside bridge in 1846 on land acquired from Simon Sheldon. — Map (db m71274) HM
New York (Onondaga County), Clay — Cigarville Station
Built 1871 - served Syracuse Northern RR - burned and rebuilt about 1890. Renamed Clay Station 1903. First PO in town. D. Sotherden, Owner — Map (db m65338) HM
New York (Orange County), Village of Chester — World War I Monument & Chester Bicentennial Commission Time Capsule
In Honor of The Men and Women of the Town of Chester Who Served Their Country 1917 - In The World War - 1919 [Column 1:] Charles Babcock, Jr.; John E. Bailey; George W. Bartow; William D. Bartow; Anthony S. Becker; . . . — Map (db m22545) HM
New York (Orleans County), Yates — Yates Academy
Founded 1841 by Peter Saxe for higher education. First year attendance 161. Incorporated 1842. Moved here 1847. Closed 1889. — Map (db m72190) HM
New York (Steuben County), Arkport — Hurlbut House
Built by Christopher Hurlbut between 1804 and 1806 and was used as a home and a tavern. One of the oldest frame houses in Steuben County. — Map (db m76112) HM
North Carolina (Polk County), Columbus — Polk County Bicentennial Memorial
Dedicated as a Bicentennial Tribute to the men and women of Polk County who have perpetuated two hundred years of freedom by serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during times of war and national emergency. — Map (db m11390) HM
Ohio (Fayette County), Washington Court House — Veterans Bicentennial MemorialBicentennial Flag Pole
Erected by the people of this community in commemoration of all those who served their country during our first two centuries..... — Map (db m60841) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Worthington — The Bicentennial Oak
This oak tree has been planted by the people of Worthington to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and to reaffirm its principles July 4, 1976 — Map (db m12695) HM
Ohio (Mahoning County), Youngstown — The First Log School
Bicentennial 1776 ★ July 4 ★ 1976 The first log school in Mahoning County 1803 — Map (db m107689) HM
Oregon (Douglas County), Roseburg — Medal of Honor Recipients Moon Tree
. . . — Map (db m113198) WM
Oregon (Jackson County), Ruch — Ruch1976
Casper M. Ruch started the Ruch settlement at this cross roads site between Crescent City and Jacksonville in 1896. On ten acres purchased from J.M. McDonough be built a home, blacksmith shop, warehouse, dance hall, store, and smoke house, curing . . . — Map (db m112485) HM
Texas (Haskell County), Haskell — The Liberty Tree
This Tejas Pecan tree, to be called “The Liberty Tree”, was presented to Haskell City - County in commemoration of the American Revolution of Bicentennial by the Texas Forest Service in Jan. 1976. — Map (db m82082) WM
Texas (Shackelford County), Albany — Georgia Battalion Memorial
In Honor of the Georgia Battalion Georgia was the only state in the Union to supply arms from its state arsenal when her sons came to Texas to join the fight for freedom. The Georgia Battalion of 5 companies of volunteers came as a . . . — Map (db m94068) HM WM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Pier Cemetery 1838Resting Place of Fond du Lac's First Pioneer Family
(engraving) First Fond du Lac Home Fanna Pier 1838 Daughter of Nathan and Betsey Kendell, wife of Colwert Pier, died March 1, 1838 aged 30. Being the first white female resident and the first death in the County of Fond du Lac. . . . — Map (db m71325) HM

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