“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

US Navy Armed Guard Historical Markers

US Navy sailors serving on US merchant vessels, the Armed Guard protected over 6,236 ships during World War II, with losses due to enemy action of 1,810 sailors killed, 27 taken prisoner and 19,880 surviving 710 torpedoed ships. The Armed Guard helped ensure war materiel made it to US and Allied Armed Forces, proving to be a critical factor in the winning of World War II.
SS Gulfamerica Marker, looking south along Oceanfront sidewalk image, Touch for more information
By Mike Stroud, July 10, 2012
SS Gulfamerica Marker, looking south along Oceanfront sidewalk
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville Beach — F-541 — SS Gulfamerica
This marker commemorates the attack on the USS Gulfamerica on April 10, 1942, during World War II (1941-1945) by a German U-boat just off the coast of Jacksonville Beach. The Gulfamerica, a merchant marine vessel, was on her maiden . . . — Map (db m57687) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Brunswick — World War II Memorial
Dedicated to the gallant sailors of the U.S. Merchant Marine and the U.S. Navy Armed Guard, who sailed, fought and died on those famous Liberty Ships and other merchant ships of the U.S. Maritime Service. This community is forever grateful for . . . — Map (db m11775) HM
Kansas (Sedgwick County), Wichita — USN Armed Guard We Aim To Deliver
In memory of 1,810 shipmates who did not return home and to all others who provided the firepower to give each ship involved a fighting chance to fulfill its mission. [USNAG and USMM Honor Roll] Keith E. Alquist Dean Brandis (USNAG) . . . — Map (db m56711) HM
Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — SS Blackpoint Memorial Part of the Merchant Marine Memorial at Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Dedicated to the U.S.N. Armed Guard, and Merchant Seaman of W.W. II who served on ships, carrying the world to victory. In memory of The SS Blackpoint and crew, the last ship sunk in the Atlantic Theatre of War on May 5, 1945 by enemy action. She . . . — Map (db m85573) WM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Duluth — United States Merchant Marine / U.S. Navy Armed Guard
The United States Merchant Marine In recognition of those who serve their country in war and peace time to those 250,000 who served in world war II to those 670 who were taken prisoner to those 6,700 plus who gave their lives . . . — Map (db m5433) HM
Missouri (Saint Louis County), Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery — World War II Merchant Marine Seamen and Navy Armed Guard Memorial In Peace And War

Dedicated to the memory of Merchant Marine Seamen and Navy Armed Guard who gave their lives in World War II in the service of their country

United States Merchant Marine World War II Losses Ships - 731 Merchant Seamen - . . . — Map (db m96345) WM

New Jersey (Camden County), Camden — American Merchant Marine Memorial
. . . — Map (db m7430) HM
New Jersey (Ocean County), Barnegat Light — U.S. Merchant Marine WW II Memorial
This monument is a memorial to the U.S. Merchant Marine of World War II and to the Merchant Mariners and Navy Armed Guard who served together aboard cargo ships, troop transports, and oil tankers that delivered war material to our troops overseas. . . . — Map (db m34700) HM
North Carolina (Brunswick County), Southport — Catalino Tingzon
Dedicated to the memory of Catalino Tingzon, interred in Northwood Cemetery, and all Merchant Marine seamen and U.S. Navy Armed Guard on the tanker S.S.John D. Gill torpedoed and sunk off Cape Fear by the German submarine U-158 . . . — Map (db m4950) HM
Rhode Island (Washington County), Exeter — U.S. Navy Armed Guard Memorial
The U.S. Navy Armed Guard The division of the U.S. Navy that dealt with the protection of merchant vessels from attacks by submarines and aircraft was known as the Armed Guard. The armament of the merchant vessels started with one gun in . . . — Map (db m66424) WM
Rhode Island (Washington County), Exeter — We Aim-To Deliver
U.S. Navy Armed Guard WWII-Dedicated to all who served. — Map (db m66427) WM
Rhode Island (Washington County), Narragansett — The S.S. Black Point
The S.S. Black Point was built in 1918 at Camden, New Jersey as a coal collier. She was owned by Sprague Steamship Co. of Boston, Mass. And was 369 long 55 at the beam and was carrying 7500 tons of coal. Captain Charles Prior was master with a . . . — Map (db m76004) HM WM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — U.S.N. Armed Guard of World War II Memorial
Dedicated to U.S.N. Armed Guard of World War II The Armed Guard of WW II came into existence on April 15, 1941 as USN Naval Reserves began special gunnery training. On September 25, 1941, orders were given to train 200 officers and 1000 men . . . — Map (db m94336) HM WM

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