“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

William G. Pomeroy Foundation Legends & Lore Series Historical Markers

This series is intended for markers in the Pomeroy Foundation's Legends & Lore marker series that describe traditional customs, tales, sayings, dances or art forms of a community shared by word of mouth or observation.
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A Hairy Legend Marker
New York (Allegany County), Canaseraga — 36 — A Hairy Legend — Legends & Lore
First sighted Aug 18, 1926 hairy women of Klipnocky, once young girls, inhabit this forest, waiting for their parents' return. — Map (db m127569) HM
New York (Chenango County), Pitcher — 45 — Pink Hill Legend
Zella Droff was murdered in 1870s by husband for attending dances here at former Pitcher Hotel. Her ghost returns to travelers on Pink Hill Road. — Map (db m146667) HM
New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — 55 — Champy
Legendary lake monster lives here. Over 300 sightings reported since 1819. Up to 200 feet long. NYS Law protects this regional icon. — Map (db m136671) HM
New York (Columbia County), Hudson — 9 — Spook Rock — Legends & Lore
Beautiful Indian maiden and her lover from opposing nation rests beneath this rock. When church bell rings, rock turns over, lovers appear. — Map (db m129044) HM
New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — 19 — Ichabod Crane — Legends & Lore
Washington Irving based the character Ichabod Crane in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on Kinderhook school teacher Jesse Merwin. — Map (db m118567) HM
New York (Erie County), Buffalo — 6 — Job's Last Stand — Legends & Lore
Near here, Job Hoisington gave his life when he held the enemy & allowed Hull's militia to escape Buffalo's burning. Dec. 30, 1813. — Map (db m129080) HM
New York (Erie County), West Seneca — 27 — "Old Shep" — Legends and Lore
"Old Shep" Hermit of Leydecker Road William Sheppard CA. 1840-1933 Was thought to be an outlaw of Jesse James' Gang. Roamed town as a scissors grinder. — Map (db m111417) HM
New York (Genesee County), Bethany — 8 — Rolling Hills — Legends & Lore
Legends & Lore Rolling Hills This asylum is a nationally known center of supernatural activity. Spirits believed to still roam grounds crossing between this world and next — Map (db m140629) HM
New York (Livingston County), Geneseo — 11 — Phantom Indian of Conesus Lake — Legends & Lore
Promoted by Colonel S. Tooey Appearing by moonlight in canoe calling for help Tales still shared today — Map (db m129046) HM
New York (Madison County), Cazenovia — 14 — Crazy Luce — Legends & Lore
Lucy Dutton, Lived ca. 1795 near Cazenovia Lake. Jilted by man who wed her sister. Went mad and wandered Madison County for 30 years. — Map (db m143881) HM
New York (Madison County), Morrisville — 53 — The Loomis Gang — Legends & Lore
The Loomis Gang burned courthouse in 1864 to prevent their trial, but first cut fire hoses here. No culprit found. One of many tales involving gang. — Map (db m145681) HM
New York (Madison County), West Edmeston — 21 — Gorton Turtle — Legends & Lore
As Tom Dorsey cleared land his wagon load of huge rocks couldn't be moved by horses. A giant turtle surfaced and dragged wagon into the lake. — Map (db m129043) HM
New York (Montgomery County), Charleston — 12 — Amos Clayton — 1875-1942 — Legends & Lore —
AKA "Amy" or Island Hermit. Peddler Who Walked Great Distances, Danced For Pennies. Inspired Many Local Tales — Map (db m101679) HM
New York (Onondaga County), Manlius — 28 — Pompey Stone — Legends & Lore
1800s prank believed true. Engraved "Leo de L'N VI 1520" as memorial for 1500s explorer. Found 1820 near this site. 1894 hoax revealed. — Map (db m129020) HM
New York (Onondaga County), Skaneateles — 15 — Benjamin C. Cook — Legends & Lore
Native of Mottville NY Civil War veteran who suggested flags to decorate graves, honoring both Union and Confederate soldiers — Map (db m129024) HM
New York (Onondaga County), Syracuse — 34 — Thirteen Curves — Legends & Lore
Along this route a woman in white searches for her groom. Both died on their wedding night in the early 1900s while driving the 13 curves. — Map (db m129018) HM
New York (Orange County), Goshen — 22 — Claudius Smith — Legends & Lore
Reputed Tory marauder hanged nearby in 1779. His skull believed embedded in masonry over front door of this 1841 courthouse. New York Folklore Society William G. Pomeroy Foundation • 2016 • 22Map (db m135999) HM
New York (Orange County), Goshen — 35 — George Washington — Legends & Lore
During the American Revolution Washington stopped to chat with the children here at this old stone schoolhouse on his way to Newburgh. — Map (db m129019) HM
New York (Orange County), Huguenot — 4 — Painted Aprons — Legends & Lore
Black Rock School attacked by Brant's raiders, 1779. Girls spared as aprons marked with emblem signaling raiders not to harm them. — Map (db m129078) HM
New York (Orange County), Sparrowbush — 24 — Cahoonzie — Legends & Lore
Hamlet named for Chief Cahoonzie or Cahoonshee buried nearby ca. 1750. Last of his tribe to live here. Wise leader, stood 7 ft tall. — Map (db m129022) HM
New York (Rensselaer County), Hoosick Falls — 47 — Natty Bumppo
In this burial ground lies Nathaniel Shipman, the inspiration for James Fenimore Cooper's famous "Natty Bumppo” character. — Map (db m147932) HM
New York (Saratoga County), Corinth — 40 — Bill Greenfield
Lumberjack & folk hero whose tall tales described exploits. Among feats, used cedar trees as stilts in 1850s to help catch fish on Palmer Falls. — Map (db m144969) HM
New York (Saratoga County), Quaker Springs — 18 — Quaker Springs
Local lore states mineral springs found here used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes — Map (db m144968) HM
New York (Schenectady County), Duanesburg — 26 — Esperance Witch — Legends & Lore
Lived Near Here In 1800s. French Settler Accused Of Witchcraft By New England Settlers. Killed By Silver Bullet Shot Through Her Window — Map (db m109404) HM
New York (Schenectady County), Duanesburg — 16 — Michael Righter — Legends & Lore —
Michael Righter 1718-1804 Buried Here First Permanent Settler of Duanesburg Who Lived In Small Cave Near Here ca 1765 Before Building a Log Cabin — Map (db m109359) HM
New York (Suffolk County), Brentwood — 5 — Red Owl Legend — Legends & Lore
In 1877, Charles A. Codman met Indian spirit in form of an owl. His kind act toward the spirit is why the Hermitage of the Red Owl. — Map (db m143385) HM
New York (Suffolk County), Fort Salonga — 64 — Richard Smith — Legends & Lore —
Richard Smith Rested here during his legendary bull ride. Lunched on bread and cheese giving valley and road their names. — Map (db m148340) HM
New York (Suffolk County), Lake Ronkonkoma — 17 — Indian Princess — Legends & Lore
of Lake Ronkonkoma. Legend says she claims one male each year by drowning to be with her at bottom of lake as she seeks her true love. — Map (db m147179) HM
New York (Suffolk County), Orient — 1 — Mile Marker #30 — Legend & Lore
According to local legend, Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin set milestones in 1755 that mark the Post Road from here to Riverhead — Map (db m129079) HM
New York (Suffolk County), Wheatley Heights — 13 — Jacob Conklin — Legends & Lore
Legend says after sailing with pirate Captain Kidd in 1690's, Conklin built home here in 1710. House destroyed by fire in 1918. — Map (db m133222) HM
New York (Wayne County), Sodus — 2 — Underground RR — Legends & Lore
Believed to have been underground railroad safe house ca 1846. Original owners Elizabeth and John Preston were known abolitionists. — Map (db m129077) HM
New York (Westchester County), Ossining — 10 — The Leatherman — Legends & Lore
For no known reason from 1883 to 1889 he trod a 365 mile loop every 34 days between NY and CT clad in 60 lbs of leather. — Map (db m127580) HM

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