“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Delaware Canal (AKA Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal) Historical Markers

Markers highlighting the history of the Delaware Canal that was in operation along the west bank of the Delaware River between Easton and Bristol, Pennsylvania, from 1831-1932. The canal remnants are now part of the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor.
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By Russell Galen, December 24, 2016
Lambertville Outlet Lock Marker
New Jersey (Hunterdon County), Lambertville — Lambertville Outlet Lock
The outlet lock at this location was built to allow canal boats to pass between the Delaware & Raritan Canal and Pennsylvania's Delaware Canal. Canal boats loaded with coal from the Lehigh Valley would come down the Lehigh Canal to Easton, . . . — Map (db m100644) HM
New Jersey (Hunterdon County), Mount Pleasant — Mount Pleasant General Store
This property, comprising the Mount Pleasant General Store and a smokehouse at the rear, is on the National and State Registers. The smokehouse was constructed in the early 1830's, and the store was erected around 1840. Both were built by the Warne . . . — Map (db m37110) HM
New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — Canals and Railroads – Arteries to the Heart of Industrial Trenton
As the United States began to feel the full force of the Industrial Revolution and expand its own manufacturing and commercial base, cities like Trenton that were blessed with an advantageous location were in the forefront of transportation . . . — Map (db m4298) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Bristol — Canal Office1832 - 1931
“A quiet little village at the southern end of the canal suddenly awakened to find itself a teaming river port swarming with canal boats, boatmen, mules, and river and coastal boats of all sorts.” C.P. Yoder Delaware . . . — Map (db m31279) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Bristol — Delaware Canal1831 - 1932

"Besides, I want to tell you there were pretty good times and many a heart broken and rough life on the canal." Flora Henry, Locktender

Shouts of "Gid-Up" echo along the canal. Pairs of mules strain at their . . . — Map (db m131430) HM

Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Bristol — Life Along the CanalDelaware Canal State Park
“We used to trade a lot along the canal, people who had vegetables and things, we’d give them coal and they’d give us cabbages, tomatoes and things like that. Then there were lock tenders whose wives made good bread. We’d give them coal for . . . — Map (db m62626) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Bristol — The Tidal Lock1832 - 1931
“Coal boats consigned to Philadelphia and adjacent ports were assembled in the river outside the tide lock in rows of up to twenty-one boats, three abreast, to be taken down the river by steamboats. The departure of these tows was . . . — Map (db m31258) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Durham — Canal BoatsDelaware Canal Lock 21
Boatbuilding American canal boats met standards as unique as their canals. Here, the preferred boat met Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company’s specifications of 87 ½ feet long, 10.5 feet wide and 7 ½ feet tall. The wooden . . . — Map (db m86687) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Durham — Delaware Canal
Here is Lock No. 21 in a series of 23 lift locks, numbered from Bristol to Easton. The aqueduct over Cooks Creek is one of nine which carried water and shipping across branches of the Delaware River. — Map (db m19233) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Lumberville — Delaware Canal / Pennsylvania Canal
Delaware Canal Here is Lock No. 12 in a series of 23 lift locks, numbered from Bristol to Easton. Just above here is one of the nine aquaducts by which the canal and its traffic crossed courses of small streams. Pennsylvania Canal A . . . — Map (db m17586) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), New Hope — Delaware Canal
Here are locks No. 8-11 of the 23 lift locks on this canal. New Hope also had one of the nine aqueducts and the only toll station between Bristol and Easton. Coal was the largest item of shipping. — Map (db m20104) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), New Hope — Delaware Canal
Opened from Bristol to this place in 1831; and completed to Easton in 1852. Outlet lock to the river built here in 1834. The near-by River House, built 1794, was a popular barge stop on the canal. — Map (db m86035) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Riegelsville — Riegelsville
The Borough of Riegelsville was formed in 1916, thanks to a petition by local citizens who sought the right of self-government for their thriving river and canal community.

During the late 18th century, a village slowly evolved around what was . . . — Map (db m44764) HM

Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Smithtown — Treasure Island ReservationDelaware Canal Lock 17
Consisting of Treasure Island and Marshall Island. Home to one of the nation's oldest Boy Scout camps, established by the Philadelphia Council, B.S.A. in 1913. Birthplace of the Order of the Arrow, a national campers' honor society founded upon . . . — Map (db m35078) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Uhlertown — Delaware Canal
Uhlertown, known as Mexico at an earlier date, was named for Michael Uhler, boatbuilder and operator of a line of canal boats. Lock No. 18 and well kept buildings are interesting reminders of canal days. — Map (db m18084) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Washington Crossing — A Nation's Signature Event
After suffering defeats to the British Army in New york and New Jersey, General George Washington retreated to the Pennsylvania banks of the Delaware River in early December, 1776. On Christmas night, Washington boldly moved approximately 2400 men . . . — Map (db m76687) HM
Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Easton — Canal Boats1831 - 1932

"I remember one day, my dad grabbed both the driver and captain and threw them in the canal. My dog Buster, got one of the captains by the seat of the pants and really tore his pants off. He got his wife to steer while he went in the cabin . . . — Map (db m109562) HM

Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Easton — Delaware CanalNational Historic Landmark
Delaware Canal has been designated a National Historic Landmark. This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. — Map (db m86114) HM
Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Easton — Easton & Nearby Heritage Attractions1829 - 1932

Easton is situated at the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers. Founded in the early 1750s, it became an important river community and transportation junction. Opened by 1834, the Lehigh, Morris, and Delaware Canal systems carried . . . — Map (db m109572) HM

Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Easton — From Waterways to Highways

"The Lehigh Valley was one of the great transportation hubs of America, possessing 10 major wagon roads, 3 important canals and ultimately 8 important railroads." Alfred Chandler, historian

From this unique point along the . . . — Map (db m109575) HM

Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Easton — It's a Short Commute1829 - 1942

"The boatsmen had a hard life. But the locktenders did too, because they couldn't go nowhere. They had to be on the job all the time." Harvey Brant Locktender

It is early morning and still dark. Nestled in bed, six sleeping . . . — Map (db m109560) HM

Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Easton — Lehigh Canal
This canal's 47 miles from Mauch Chunk to Easton were constructed 1827-1829. Here the Lehigh Canal connected with the Delaware Canal to Philadelphia, and with the Morris Canal to New York. Vital to the transport of anthracite coal and to the rise of . . . — Map (db m29601) HM
Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Easton — Mid-Atlantic HighlandsDelaware Canal State Park
The Mid-Atlantic Highlands region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut forms 3-5 million acre forested greenbelt around the densely populated areas of Philadelphia, New York City, and Hartford.

The region stretches from . . . — Map (db m86118) HM

Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Raubsville — Delaware Canal
The canal channel, which parallels the Delaware River, lies just below the highway. Here are Locks No. 22 and 23, the last lift locks in the 60 miles of canal from Bristol to the Lehigh River at Easton. — Map (db m86092) HM
Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Raubsville — Life Along The Canal1831-1932 — Delaware Canal —
Canallers You became a captain as young as sixteen by showing “The Company” what you could do. You demonstrate how to “snub” (slow down and brake for lock operations), keep accurate cargo records (pay based on number of . . . — Map (db m86113) HM
Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Raubsville — Mules and Men1831-1932 — Delaware Canal —
Mule Power Mules provided the power to move boats along the Delaware Canal. The mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. Compared to a horse, the surefooted mule ate less, had stronger endurance and better health. It was . . . — Map (db m86094) HM

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