“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Maine

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By Peter Linehan, June 5, 2006
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1Maine (Androscoggin County), Auburn — Bonney Park
In Memory of Rodney “Rocky” Bonney. Auburn police officer Rodney “Rocky” Bonney died in the line of duty attempting to rescue a youth from these frigid waters. April 06, 1981. “In Valor There is Hope” — Map (db m1048) HM
2Maine (Androscoggin County), Auburn — Cities of the AndroscogginLewiston-Auburn
The Lewiston-Auburn Railroad Bridge was erected in 1909 and served as a vital link to the downtown. It also provided the connection for thousands of Canadian, Irish, Polish and other immigrants to the area. Recognizing the bridge’s historic . . . — Map (db m1050) HM
3Maine (Androscoggin County), Greene — Androscoggin County Mail Route 1794
Portland to Augusta Highway was opened 1793. Post-riders carried mail on horseback 1794. Greene was first Post Office in Androscoggin, established 1796. Pejepscot Claim and Plymouth Company disputed this section. — Map (db m137000) HM
4Maine (Androscoggin County), Lewiston — Lewiston Maine Civil War Memorial
Erected by the citizens of Auburn in memory of her noble sons who by land and sea gave their lives to preserve the UNION and secure FREEDOM to all its people 1882. 1 Side has 41 names inscribed. Additional side has 41 names inscribed — Map (db m104790) WM
5Maine (Aroostook County), Fort Kent — Allagash and St. John RiversNorthern Forest Canoe Trail
English: Wabanaki Native Americans were this area's original inhabitants, hunting, gathering and traveling along these waterways. In the 1780's, the Upper St. John Valley began to be settled by French-Canadians and Acadians. By . . . — Map (db m148193) HM
6Maine (Aroostook County), Fort Kent — America's First MileU.S. Route 1 • Fort Kent, Maine
(right panel) This site denotes the first mile of U. S. Route 1, designated on November 11, 1926. The first mile extends from the Fort Kent, Maine / Clair, New Brunswick international border to the Dube House - built in 1840, one of the . . . — Map (db m137375) HM
7Maine (Aroostook County), Fort Kent — Fort Kent
Fort Kent has been designated a National Historic Landmark. This site possesses National significance in commemorating the history of the United States. — Map (db m2088) HM
8Maine (Aroostook County), Fort Kent — One People in Two Countries / Une Vallée sans frontière
English: To St. John Valley residents, the river was never a dividing boundary. In 1842, distant governments finally agreed to divide the U.S. and Canada along the St. John River. Generations before, Acadians had settled the . . . — Map (db m148168) HM
9Maine (Aroostook County), Fort Kent — Rail Fuels Growth, Cultural ChangeLe chemin de fer contribue à la croissance économique et aux changements culturels
English: 1902: The arrival of the Bangor and Aroostook in Fort Kent marked a time of rapid economic growth. Potatoes, hay, lumber, and people were able to move efficiently south. Now, this remote French-speaking Valley with . . . — Map (db m148188) HM
10Maine (Aroostook County), Fort Kent — The Aroostook War
The Aroostook War was an undeclared, bloodless “war” that occurred in 1839. The peace treaty that ended the American Revolution in 1783 had not satisfactorily determined the boundary between New Brunswick and what is now Maine. The . . . — Map (db m102463) HM
11Maine (Aroostook County), Fort Kent — When "going across" Was Like Crossing the StreetLorsque « changer de pays » était comme traverser la rue
English: Before bridges, railways, and paved roads, the St. John River unified communities, culture, and commerce across the entire Valley — north and south. The genealogical roots of many Valley families cross the river . . . — Map (db m148184) HM
12Maine (Aroostook County), Frenchville — "Smuggling is Not a Sin" / « La contrebande n'est pas-un péché! »
English: —Local storytellers continue, “it was a crime but not a sin.” Of course, since lying is a sin, “Do not get caught!” Some priests may not have believed that your grandmother taking . . . — Map (db m148075) HM
13Maine (Aroostook County), Frenchville — Farming Then & Now / L'agriculture d'hier à aujourd'hui
English: Acadian settlers claimed fertile lands along the river first, raising oats, wheat, and buckwheat, then potatoes. Savvy farmers fertilized with manure and rotated crops with pastureland. By 1905 railroads make it . . . — Map (db m148074) HM
14Maine (Aroostook County), Frenchville — Frenchville Railroad Station & Water TankNational Register of Historic Places
This property has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m148026) HM
15Maine (Aroostook County), Frenchville — La paroisse de Ste. Luce 150e anniversaireThe Parish of St. Luce 150th Anniversary — 1843-1993 —
1843 — 1993 Hommages aux pionniers Français qui ont eu le courage d’établir la paroisse Ste. Luce. In tribute to the French pioneers who had the courage to establish the Parish of St. Luce. Upper Frenchville, Maine Ste. Luce Parish . . . — Map (db m148299) HM
16Maine (Aroostook County), Frenchville — The "Potato Road" / La route «des patates »
English: Did you know? Water towers were once a common sight along rail tracks. Frenchville’s 55,000 gallon 1910 water tower is one of the last remaining in the U.S. Coal heat kept it from freezing. When diesel engines . . . — Map (db m148076) HM
17Maine (Aroostook County), Madawaska — "Making Do" / Tout faire avec rien
English: ”Making do” with creativity: French-Acadian inventiveness, ingenuity, & lapatente Here in the Valley, a person who can make or fix just about anything is called le patenteux in the local . . . — Map (db m148296) HM
18Maine (Aroostook County), Madawaska — Acadian Heroine: Tante Blanche / Tante Blanche : Héroïne acadienne
English: Two years of flooding, early frosts, and harsh winters forced many settlers to flee in the winter of 1797. While the remaining men were away hunting, an eight day storm descended. Tante Blanche strapped on snowshoes and . . . — Map (db m148300) HM
19Maine (Aroostook County), Madawaska — Acadian Landing SiteAcadian Cross Historic Shrine — National Register of Historic Places —
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m148200) HM
20Maine (Aroostook County), Madawaska — Discover Traces of Acadian ArchitectureDécouvrez les traces de l'architecture acadienne
English: Hidden solid timber homes. Bricks disguise the timber structure of the house across the field, built using a practice once common here called "piece on piece" [above]. This method used square-hewn horizontal timbers . . . — Map (db m148298) HM
21Maine (Aroostook County), Madawaska — Du Premier Débarquement des Acadiens àu MadawaskaThe first landing of the Acadians in Madawaska — juin 1785 —
Plaque commémorative du premier débarquement des Acadiens àu Madawaska, en juin 1785. Hommages de Leurs Descendants. 15 Août 1934. English (Google translate): Commemorative plaque of the first landing of the Acadians in Madawaska . . . — Map (db m148295) HM
22Maine (Aroostook County), Madawaska — Genealogy, Massive French & Acadian Family ReunionsLa généalogie. Ces grands rassemblements de familles acadiennes et françaises
English: Genealogy, massive French & Acadian family reunions link past and future While some Americans proudly trace their roots to the Mayflower, here Valley roots lead back to 1785 and the first 17 Acadian families. . . . — Map (db m148199) HM
23Maine (Aroostook County), Madawaska — Saint David Catholic ChurchNational Register of Historic Places
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m147986) HM
24Maine (Aroostook County), Madawaska — Territoire de Madawaska
English: —Acadians settling where faith, farms, and family could grow— British encourage the settlement of the Madawaska Territory. The British — having lost many American colonies in 1783 — wanted . . . — Map (db m148194) HM
25Maine (Aroostook County), Madawaska — Who is a patenteux? / Patenteux ou pas ?
English: Renowned carver Aurelle Collin's handmade crooked knives employ used razor blades. “You see, he had a neighbor who had a barber shop — so he would use his old razor blades to make his knives. Pretty . . . — Map (db m148297) HM
26Maine (Aroostook County), Orient — Orient Veterans Memorial
Blake Bartlett • Brent Bartlett • Donald Brown Leroy Brown • Lynwood Brown • William Brown Michael Carr • Darrell Colson • Bliss Deering Hazen Deering • Ellis Dwyer • Virgil Dwyer Babb Elliot • Gary D. Faulkner Sr. • Melony Faulkner Dale . . . — Map (db m125163) WM
27Maine (Aroostook County), Presque Isle — Maine Solar System ModelScale: 1:93,000,000
You are part of Northern Maine’s Aroostook County 40-mile long scale model of the Solar System. At this scale, one mile along U.S. Route 1 equals the distance from the Earth to the Sun, known as an “astronomical unit”. The Sun is located . . . — Map (db m58942) HM
28Maine (Aroostook County), Winterville — The Aroostook and Fish River Roads
The northern portion of present-day Route 11 from Sherman to Fort Kent was planned and constructed in many stages from 1826 to the 1850s. This stretch of road includes two historical routes: the Aroostook Road, which ran 75 miles from Molunkus . . . — Map (db m102464) HM
29Maine (Cumberland County), Bridgton — Webb House, circa 1830National Register of Historic Places
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m136997) HM
30Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Androscoggin Swinging BridgeNational Register of Historic Places January 2004
Originally designed and built 1892 by John A. Roebling's Sons Co. for mill workers to cross the river from new housing in Topsham to the Cabot Mill in Brunswick. The bridge has served generations of citizens of all ages between Brunswick and . . . — Map (db m51968) HM
31Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Bowdoin College War Memorial
• Honored Here Are All Bowdoin Generations Who Served When Our Country Called and Those Who Fell • World War II [Honored Dead] Korea [Honored Dead] Vietnam [Honored Dead] I hear even now the infinite fierce chorus, The cries of . . . — Map (db m55495) WM
32Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Bowdoin College World War Memorial
Dedicated to the Sons of Bowdoin who in the World War offered their lives and services for their country and for Freedom 1914 - 1918 [Roll of Honored Dead] Breve tempus aetatis satis longum est ad bene honesteque . . . — Map (db m55492) WM
33Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Brunswick Veterans MemorialIn Grateful Recognition of Valor
Dedicated to the honor and memory of our men and women of Brunswick who served our country in all wars and conflicts — Map (db m51930) WM
34Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Company K, 1st Maine Volunteer Infantry
In memory of Company "K" 1st Maine Volunteer Inf. Spanish American War 1898 - 1902 Brunswick Maine — Map (db m51369) WM
35Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Founding of the Maine Medical Association
This monument commemorates the founding of the Maine Medical Association on April 28, 1853. On that date, and near this site, at what was then the Tontine Hotel, 27 physicians met to organize the association which has existed continually to this . . . — Map (db m51926) HM
36Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Harriet Beecher Stowe House
Built in 1806, this house was occupied by Harriet Beecher Stowe and her family from 1850 to 1852. It was here that Stowe harbored fugitive slave John Andrew Jackson in late 1850. Stowe would go on to write her first novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, . . . — Map (db m105316) HM
37Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Home of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain1828     1914
. . . — Map (db m21398) HM
38Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Robinson Memorial Gate
In Memory of Franklin C. Robinson of the class of 1873 for thirty six years teacher of Bowdoin men and in Memory of his wife Ella Maria Tucker Robinson — Map (db m55477) HM
39Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Robinson Memorial Gate
In memory of Warren Eastman Robinson 1890 - 1918 ———— Bowdoin '10 First Lieutenant U.S. Army Second Battle of the Marne St. Mihiel Meuse Argonne ———— . . . — Map (db m55509) WM
40Maine (Cumberland County), Brunswick — Site of Fort Andross and Fort George
To mark the site of 1688 Fort Andross 1694 and 1715 Fort George 1737 Also the earliest burial place where are buried Benjamin Larrabee Agent of the Pejepscot Proprietors and Commander of Fort George. Also Robert and . . . — Map (db m51932) HM
41Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — A Town Within A Town
The primary purpose of Fort Williams may have been for coastal defense, yet many men, women, and children also called it home. This self-sustaining community featured many of the buildings and services typical of an American town of the time . . . — Map (db m25389) HM
42Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Annie C. McGuire Shipwreck Memorial
Annie C. McGuire shipwrecked here Christmas Eve 1886. — Map (db m95427) HM
43Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Battery Blair
Battery Blair was completed in 1903. It was named for Francis P. Blair, Jr., a veteran of the Mexican and Civil Wars who rose to the rank of major general and later represented Missouri in the U.S. Senate. The battery consisted of two twelve-inch . . . — Map (db m25378) HM
44Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — CCC Headquarters
One of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal programs, the Civilian Conservation Corps hired unemployed young men during the Great Depression. The CCC provided training to men between the ages of 18 and 25 for work on conservation projects including . . . — Map (db m25390) HM
45Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Civilian Conservation Corps
This plaque was dedicated by Chapter 111 Alumni by former members of the Civilian Conservation Corps in memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the members, who served at this post and other C.C.C. camps in Maine and throughout the United States . . . — Map (db m50361) HM
46Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Fort Williams
This former military installation, begun in 1873 and known as The Battery at Portland Head, was a sub-post of Fort Preble until 1898 when it became a separate independent fort. It was designated Fort Williams in honor of Brevet Major General Seth . . . — Map (db m23389) HM
47Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Fort Williams
From the 1750s, Portland Harbor was of economic importance as the closest American harbor to Europe and of strategic importance as a protected anchorage for the navy. As part of an upgrading of the harbor defenses in 1873, construction began on a . . . — Map (db m25385) HM
48Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Looking EastCasco Bay
[Header Information] Portland Harbor: Ice-free, 25' deep at low tide Export/Import: Paper, Electronics, Foresty Products, Seafood, Oil & Gas Winds: Southerly in Summer, Northerly in Winter Commercial Fishing Fleet: 150 Peaks Island: Most . . . — Map (db m50382) HM
49Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Looking NorthPortland, Maine
[Header Information] Population: 65,000 Surrounding Population: 250,000 Number of Languages Spoken in the Portland Public Schools: 40 Visitors Per Year: 3,750,000 Average Summer Temperature: 82° Miles from Boston: 100 Amount of office . . . — Map (db m50362) HM
50Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Looking SouthCape Elizabeth
[Header Information] Hannaford Bros. Co.: The supermarket chain was founded in 1883 to sell the vegetables and fruits grown on a farm in Cape Elizabeth. Farming: Cape Elizabeth-grown cabbage was considered the best in the state, bringing $10 a . . . — Map (db m50384) HM
51Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Portland Head Light
Since its commission by George Washington in 1790, Portland Head Light remains an enduring symbol of the rugged, solid characteristics of a magnificent coastline and proud people weathering the challenges of nature and time. In observance of . . . — Map (db m41841) HM
52Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — Spurwink Church
Spurwink Church Built, 1802 Rebuilt C.1834 National Register of Historic Sites — Map (db m50331) HM
53Maine (Cumberland County), Cape Elizabeth — U.S.S. Eagle-56 (PE-56)
In memory of the officers and crewmen of the U.S. Navy's Eagle Class Sub-Chaser U.S.S. Eagle-56 (PE-56) torpedoed and sunk by the German U-boat U-853 approximately nine miles southeast of this location on Monday, 23 April 1945 with the loss of . . . — Map (db m50332) WM
54Maine (Cumberland County), Freeport — Freeport Maine Civil War Monument
In honor of our soldiers & sailors 1861-1865 1906Map (db m95746) WM
55Maine (Cumberland County), Freeport — The Desert of Maine
The Desert of Maine was once a productive farm. The first patch of sand appeared about 100 years ago, and has continued to spread over the years, and now covers several hundred acres. — Map (db m104986) HM
56Maine (Cumberland County), Gorham — Birthplace of Ellen G. White
Birthplace of Ellen G. White Born Here Nov. 26, 1827 Co-Founder Seventh-Day Adventist Church Dedicated May 22, 1983 by Seventh-Day Adventist Church Gorham Historical Society — Map (db m144849) HM
57Maine (Cumberland County), Harpswell — Bailey Island Bridge
Plaque 1 National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Bailey Island Bridge Harpswell, Maine Presented 1984 Plaque 2 This 1150 ft. bridge is an exceptional engineering solution to meet unusual conditions and is the only one of . . . — Map (db m108111) HM
58Maine (Cumberland County), Naples — In Appreciation of The Men of NaplesWho Served in the World War — 1917-1919 —
In appreciation of The Men of Naples who served in the World War 1917-1919 *Leon E. RichardsonEdward M. Barker • Hartley G. Batchelder • Frank R. Brooks • Urban L. Cannell • Guy Edes • Robert Edes • Alonzo L. Edwards • Charles F. Elliot • . . . — Map (db m155166) WM
59Maine (Cumberland County), Naples — Songo Lock
This lock, originally built of stone masonry in 1830, was a vital link in the 50 mile long waterway from Portland Harbor to Harrison at the head of Long Lake until the advent of the railroad in 1869. At one time 100 “canal boats” were . . . — Map (db m59436) HM
60Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Alonzo P. Stinson
Third Sergeant Company H Fifth Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry Aged 19 Years Killed First Battle Bull Run July 21st 1861 Sergeant Stinson was the first volunteer soldier from Portland to give his life for the preservation of . . . — Map (db m50433) WM
61Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Arctic Campaign Memorial
In memory of three thousand men and women who gave their lives in the Arctic Campaign 1941-1945 on convoys to and from Russia We will remember them May 2000 This granite is given by the people of Murmansk City, Russia to the people of Portland . . . — Map (db m105684) WM
62Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Boxer and EnterpriseHistoric Site
On September 5, 1813 off Monhegan Island on the coast of Maine, the American brig “Enterprise” commanded by 28 year old Lt. William Burrows engaged in battle with the British brig “Boxer” commanded by 29 year old Captain . . . — Map (db m129636) HM
63Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Charles F. EastmanConductor on the Underground Railroad & Entrepreneur — Portland Freedom Trail —
Eastman (1821-1880) was barber, second-hand clothing dealer, mariner and hack driver. He was also a financial supporter of the Abyssinian Meeting House and School. He owned and operated several barber shops with his four sons, including one on . . . — Map (db m50425) HM
64Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Christopher Christian Manuel1781 - 1845 — Portland Freedom Trail —
Activist, Barber and Musician Born in Cape Verde, Africa First President Portland Union Anti-Slavery Society — Map (db m50434) HM
65Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Eastern CemeteryChartered 1668
Declared a National Historic Site January 1974 Here lie the hardy courageous early settlers, the men and women who founded and defended this area, who made history in civil life, government, law, the arts, education, religion, in the state and . . . — Map (db m50432) HM
66Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — First Parish ChurchPortland Maine Freedom Trail
Top Plaque Maine Freedom Trails Established 2007 Bottom Plaque First Parish Church, Unitarian Universalist 425 Congress Street. A memorial plaque inside First Parish honors Prentis Mellen. Pews within the church are marked for the . . . — Map (db m96519) HM
67Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Franklin Street WharfPortland Freedom Trail
Landing spot for many passengers on the Underground Railroad and embarkation point for their transit to Canada and England. Anti-slavery sympathizers were well-organized to greet stowaways from Southern cargo vessels, find them safe housing in . . . — Map (db m20614) HM
68Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Friends (Quaker) Meeting HousePortland Maine Freedom Trail
Top Plaque Maine Freedom Trails Established 2007 Bottom Plaque Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, Corner of Federal and Pearl Streets. Famous abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison started the Maine anti-slavery movement with a speech . . . — Map (db m96520) HM
69Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — George Cleeves Memorial
In honor of George Cleeves Founder of Portland 1633 Deputy President of the Province of Lygonia 1645 - 1659 There landed with George Cleeves, his wife Joan, and daughter Elizabeth, his partner Richard . . . — Map (db m55535) HM
70Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Home of Amos Noë and Christiana Williams FreemanPortland Freedom Trail
First full-time called minister of the Abyssinian Meeting House 1841-1852 Rev. Freeman (1809-1893) was an instructor in the school maintained for African Americans in the Abyssinian Meeting House. As conductors on the Underground Railroad, the . . . — Map (db m50428) HM
71Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Home of Elias and Elizabeth Widgery ThomasPortland Freedom Trail
Corner of India and Congress Street, known as a Station House on the Underground Railroad. The home was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1866. The Thomases were prominent in the Portland Anti-Slavery Society, begun in 1833, which also worked to . . . — Map (db m50429) HM
72Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — India Street Terminal
In recognition of Portland's role in Canada's history India Street Terminal at Milepost 0.0. on the Atlantic & St. Lawrence / St. Lawrence & Atlantic RRs. Grand Trunk Railway of Canada Canadian National Railways July . . . — Map (db m50445) HM
73Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — John Ford Memorial
[On the base of the John Ford statue]: John Ford, Director - “I Make Westerns” Born: John Martin Feeney, 2-1-1894 Died: John Ford, 8-31-1973 Portland High School Class of 1914 Married Mary McBride Smith . . . — Map (db m72521) HM WM
74Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Joseph Coffin Boyd1760 - 1823
District Paymaster US Army, War of 1812 First Maine State Treasurer [Served 1820-1823, died in office] — Map (db m50435) WM
75Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Mariner's ChurchPortland Maine Freedom Trail
Top Plaque Maine Freedom Trails Established 2007 Bottom Plaque Mariner's Church Fore and Moulton Street location of Daniel Colesworthy's basement anti-slavery bookstore and printshop. In 1836 Colesworthy printed "Light and Truth . . . — Map (db m96607) HM
76Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — On this site
On this site from 1784 till 1955 stood the house in which Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born February 27, 1807 This boulder is from the Hiram farm of his grandfather, General Peleg Wadsworth, where the poet spent many happy youthful days. The . . . — Map (db m148131) HM
77Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Civil War Monument1861 - 1865
More than four thousand men were enrolled from Portland in the army and navy for the War of the Rebellion More than three hundred were killed in battle or died in service. Honor and grateful remembrance to the dead, equal honor to those who, daring . . . — Map (db m25392) HM
78Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Maine Fort Allen Park GAR memorial
Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty One country and One flag In memory of the Grand Army of the Republic Dedicated September 9, 1929 By the Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 — Map (db m96269) HM WM
79Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Maine Fort Allen Park USS Maine Memorial
Gun recovered from USS Maine sunk in the harbor Havana Cuba February 15, 1898 — Map (db m96271) HM WM
80Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Maine Fort Allen Park USS Portland Memorial
Marker 1 USS Portland CA33 Heavy Cruiser W.W. II Battle Record Coral Sea Midway Guadalcanal Kiska Tarawa Makin Marshalls Palau Hollandia Leyte Landings Leyte Landings Surigo Strait Manila Bay Okinawa Accepted Japanese Surrender at Truk . . . — Map (db m96268) HM WM
81Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Maine Freedom Trail Eastern Cemetery
Top Plaque Portland Freedom Trail Bottom plaque The Eastern Cemetery is the resting place of some of Portland's noted abolitionist, who campaigned against slavery, provided safe-houses and assisted runaways on their journey to . . . — Map (db m96267) HM
82Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Maine Freedom Trail Hack Stand of Reuben Ruby
Top plaque Portland Freedom Trail Maine Freedom Trails Established 2007 Bottom Plaque The Hack stand of Reuben Ruby, corner of Temple and Federal Streets. Ruby (1798-1878) was Portland's foremost African American Anti-Slavery . . . — Map (db m96610) HM
83Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Maine Korea and Vietnam Memorial
To the memory of those men of the City of Portland who gave their lives in 1950 Korea 1955 1964 Vietnam 1975 51 names inscribed — Map (db m96525) WM
84Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Maine Spanish War/World War I Memorial
In honor of the men of Portland who served their country and civilization in the 1898 Spanish War 1898 1914 World War 1919 This tablet erected 1922 — Map (db m96527) WM
85Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Maine World War I Marker
To perpetuate the memory of these men of the City of Portland who with unfaltering loyalty gave their lives in the 1914 World War 1919 67 Names are listed They sought not glory but their country's good — Map (db m96523) WM
86Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Maine World War II Memorial
In memory of the men of the City of Portland who gave their lives in 1941 World War II 1945 7 rows of names inscribed — Map (db m96526) WM
87Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Portland Observatory
has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. The Observatory is the nation's only remaining maritime signal tower. It served as . . . — Map (db m50418) HM
88Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Rear Admiral James Alden
Panel 1: [rendering of Rear Admiral James Alden] Born in Portland March 31, 1810 Died in San Francisco Feb 6, 1877 Panel 2: [rendering of a mariner's sextant] Intrepid Explorer Skilful Hydrographer Cartographer of the . . . — Map (db m72995) HM WM
89Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Reverend William I. Reese
[Southwest Face] Erected Dec 1, 1859 By a donation from the HON. FRANCIS O.J. SMITH, to honor and perpetuate the memory of REV. WILLIAM I. REESE who while pastor of the First Universalist Society, founded the Portland Widow’s Wood Society. . . . — Map (db m50436) HM
90Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Secondhand Clothing Store of Lloyd ScottPortland Freedom Trail
Top plaque Portland Freedom Trail Maine Freedom Trails Established 2007 Bottom plaque Secondhand clothing store of Lloyd Scott, 44 Exchange Street. Scott became vice president of the Portland Union anti-slavery society in 1842. . . . — Map (db m96623) HM
91Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — The Site of Fort Loyal
Erected by the Colonists in 1680 Captured by the French and Indians in 1690. Entire English settlement destroyed ———— To the memory of these brave defenders this tablet placed by The Daughters of the . . . — Map (db m50448) HM
92Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Tug Stamford Propeller
Measuring nine feet across, this propeller is from the Tug Stamford which was built in 1951 as the Thomas Tracy, then renamed in 1971 to the Stamford. In 1998, the tug was acquired by the Portland Tugboat and Shipbuilding Co. of Portland, Maine, . . . — Map (db m105980) HM
93Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Wadsworth-Longfellow House
Has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating and illustrating the history of the United States U. S. . . . — Map (db m25391) HM
94Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — War of Independence Memorial1775 - 1783
To the memory of our historic dead who bore arms in the War of Independence and who were ever the brave defenders of our country who made her foundations so enduring — Map (db m50430) WM
95Maine (Cumberland County), Scarborough — Civil War Memorial
Scarboro To her sons who fought for the Union — Map (db m50329) WM
96Maine (Cumberland County), South Portland — Civil War Memorial
In honor of our Patriot Soldiers and Sailors. 1861-65 Cape Elizabeth • South Portland — Map (db m55536) WM
97Maine (Cumberland County), South Portland — Civil War Memorial
In honor of those who served in the War for the Union 1861 - 1865 "Yours has the suffering been the memory shall be ours." "Your silent tents of green we deck with fragrant flowers." Erected by Thatcher Post No. 111 G.A.R. . . . — Map (db m107072) WM
98Maine (Cumberland County), South Portland — Civilian Conservation Corps
This plaque was dedicated by Chapter 111 Alumni by former members of the Civilian Conservation Corps in memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the members, who served at this post and other C.C.C. camps in Maine and throughout the United States . . . — Map (db m55601) HM
99Maine (Cumberland County), South Portland — Coast Artillery Corps at Fort Preble
Dedicated to the men and women of the Coast Artillery Corps who defended Portland Harbor at Fort Preble in five wars from 1808 through 1945 — Map (db m55602) WM
100Maine (Cumberland County), South Portland — Early Settlement
The largest 17th century settlement in Cape Elizabeth - which included South Portland and Cape Elizabeth prior to 1895 - was established in 1658 near Spring Point. However, the onset of the French and Indian Wars in 1675 necessitated frequent . . . — Map (db m55673) HM

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Oct. 21, 2020