“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Massachusetts

1814 Marker image, Touch for more information
By Brandon D Cross, September 21, 2019
1814 Marker
1Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — 1814
During the War of 1812, Captain Richard Raggett, of the British blockade ship, H.M.S. Spenser, demanded a ransom of $6,000 from the village of Barnstable, or else he would destroy the extensive saltworks owned by Loring Crocker. Undaunted, . . . — Map (db m142193) HM WM
2Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — Abraham Blish
Original Settler with the Barnstable Colony in 1640. Selected Grand Juror, Hayward, Constable, and Highway Surveyor. Served with Militia of the Colony of New Plymouth. In 1658, he built and operated one of the First Grist Mills in . . . — Map (db m140492) HM
3Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — Barnstable County’s 300th Anniversary
1685 - Memorial - 1985 This tablet is in commemoration of Barnstable County’s 300th Anniversary A dedication to those loyal sons and daughters who gave unselfishly of themselves to the call of duty in the Military, . . . — Map (db m142219) HM
4Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — Charles L. Gifford
In Memory of Charles L. Gifford Served United States House of Representatives November 7, 1922 - August 23, 1947 — Map (db m142331) HM
5Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — James Otis Jr.
James Otis Jr. The Patriot West Barnstable 1725 — 1783 Advocate Orator Statesman President John Adams Said In Part Of Otis’s Famous Writs Of Assistance Speech In Boston February 1761 “American Independence . . . — Map (db m142330) HM
6Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — Marcy Otis Warren
Mercy Otis Warren Born – W. Barnstable 1728 - 1814 Champion Of The Bill Of Rights Playwright – Poet – Historian PatriotMap (db m142325) HM
7Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — Men Of Barnstable
In Honor Of The Men Of Barnstable Who Served In The Revolution The War Of 1812 The Civil War The War With Spain The War With Germany This Stone Marks The Spot From Which The Soldiers Marched To Boston In . . . — Map (db m142182) WM
8Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — Mercy Otis Warren
: In Tribute To Mercy Otis Warren Poet, Playwright, Historian And Political Pamphleteer On The Occasion Of The 225th Anniversary Of The Start Of The American Revolution 1775 - 2000 * * * * * Member of a . . . — Map (db m142177) HM WM
9Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — Olde Colonial Courthouse
This building was the court house where the Kings Court was forced to end its sessions by a band of patriots in September 1774 — Map (db m142175) HM
10Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — Sandwich Meeting of Friends
Sandwich Monthly Meeting of Friends, established in 1657, is the oldest continuous Quaker meeting in North America. It consists of congregations here, in West Falmouth and in Yarmouth. This meetinghouse, the third on this site, was built . . . — Map (db m140503) HM
11Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — The Unitarian Church of Barnstable
. . . — Map (db m140443) HM
12Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — Thomas Hinckley
Nearby Stood The Homestead Of Thomas Hinckley Governor Of Plymouth Colony From 1681 To The Union With The Bay Colony in 1692. — Map (db m142187) HM
13Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Barnstable — War MemorialWest Barnstable, Massachusetts
Our Community Dedicates This Memorial Lest We Forget In Memoriam ★ Gilman, Raymond E.   ★ Luomala, Otis   ★ Thomas, Dennis World War I Anderson, Charles S · Atwood, Neil · Baker, Stanley · Benson, Aubrey C. · . . . — Map (db m143819) WM
14Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — Address by President LincolnAt the Dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery — November 19, 1863 —
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that . . . — Map (db m136466) HM
15Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — Crossing the Bar MemorialPart of the Merchant Marine Memorial at Massachusetts Maritime Academy
This plaque is dedicated to the officers and crew members of the S/S Marine Electric who lost their lives in the line of duty on 12 February 1983. By Marine Transport Lines, Inc. M.E.B.A District 81 National Maritime Union Masters, Mates and . . . — Map (db m85581) HM
16Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — Merchant Marine Memorial
Merchant Marine Memorial — Map (db m85583) WM
17Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — SS Blackpoint MemorialPart of the Merchant Marine Memorial at Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Dedicated to the U.S.N. Armed Guard, and Merchant Seaman of W.W. II who served on ships, carrying the world to victory. In memory of The SS Blackpoint and crew, the last ship sunk in the Atlantic Theatre of War on May 5, 1945 by enemy action. She . . . — Map (db m85573) WM
18Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — SS Pan Oceanic Faith MemorialPart of the Merchant Marine Memorial at Massachusetts Maritime Academy
This bell is dedicated to the memory of those who were lost at sea when the SS Pan Oceanic Faith went down in the North Pacific on 9 October 1967. John P. Dunphy ’65 • John M. Ward ’65 • John R. McPhee ’67 • Joseph P. Nowd ’67 • James Bechtold ’67 . . . — Map (db m85577) HM
19Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — The Unknown Seaman MemorialPart of the Merchant Marine Memorial at Massachusetts Maritime Academy
The Unknown Seaman Dedicated 7, October 1989 This monument is dedicated to the officers and men who sailed the ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine during World War II. Especially to the 6700 unsung heroes who lost their lives in that conflict. And to . . . — Map (db m85575) WM
20Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Brewster — The Brewster Store
The Brewster Store 1852 National Register of Historic Places — Map (db m157961) HM
21Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Buzzards Bay — August BelmontFebruary 18, 1853 - December 10, 1924
In Memory of August Belmont February 18, 1853 - December 10, 1924 Whose vision, initiative, an indomitable courage made possible the first complete construction of The Cape Cod Canal Connecting Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod Bay which was . . . — Map (db m57668) HM
22Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Buzzards Bay — Bournedale's Yesterdays
You are standing in the center of the Old Nye Estate. Before construction of the canal, this was the finest home in Bournedale, a sleepy Cape Cod village complete with post office, village hall, general store, and its own industry - the Tahanto Iron . . . — Map (db m57536) HM
23Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Buzzards Bay — Cape Cod Canal
Chief of Engineers Award of Excellence US Army Corps of Engineers Cape Cod Canal For exceptional project managemental achievements, and the enhancement of public perception of the corps objectives. — Map (db m57672) HM
24Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Buzzards Bay — Comassakumakanit
Long before the first European settlements in the Herring River Valley, a band of Wampanoag Indians lived in this area. The seasonal village called Comassakumakanit, stood beside Megansett Waye, an important trading path linking Cape and the . . . — Map (db m57534) HM
25Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Buzzards Bay — Monica Dickens StrattonFounder of the Samaritans, USA — 1915-1992 —
Through her efforts suicide barriers were placed on the canal bridges. "The Samaritans hope that saving people here will give them time to reconsider, to give themselves another chance at living, and at finding some help." — Map (db m57669) HM
26Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Buzzards Bay — Still on Patrol
(Front of Marker) In memory of all U.S. Submarines that are still on patrol. U.S.S. Trout State Boat of Massachusetts lost in action February 29th 1944 (Rear Marker) U.S. Navy Submarines paid heavily for their success in World . . . — Map (db m57398) HM
27Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Buzzards Bay — William Barclay Parsons
William Barclay Parsons, Hon.M.ASCE Chief Engineer, Cape Cod Canal, 1906-1914 The original construction of the Cape Cod Canal demonstrated the feasibility of constructing and operating a sea-level canal without locks. — Map (db m57670) HM
28Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Chatham — History of Chatham Lighthouse
The waters off Chatham are notoriously dangerous because of the treacherous shoals and currents. The need for lights to warn mariners was recognized in early days of the country, and in 1806, nine years after the erection of the first lighthouse on . . . — Map (db m154912) HM
29Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Chatham — In Memory of the Pioneers of ChathamWilliam Nickerson
He came from Norwich England in 1637. He acquired from the Indians by a series of purchases prior to the year 1683 the greater part of the present Township then known as Monomoyick. He and his sons and sons-in-laws Robert Nickerson • Samuel . . . — Map (db m68997) HM
30Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Chatham — Original Prop
. . . — Map (db m157614) HM
31Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Chatham — Samuel De Champlain
The First White Man on these Shores Landed Here October 1606 — Map (db m71054) HM
32Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Chatham — Site Of The First Settlers Home
The house of William Nickerson built about 1664, stood south 51 degrees west at a distance of 19 1/5 rods (about 105 yards) from this marker. He was the first settler in Monomoit where he purchased from the Indians most of what is now Chatham. . . . — Map (db m157368) HM
33Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Chatham — The Battle of Chatham Harbor
Chatham’s only active hostilities during the Revolutionary War occurred in Chatham Harbor, near this site, on 20 June 1782. At sunrise, crew members from a British privateer were discovered in Chatham’s East Harbor, attempting to sail away . . . — Map (db m78440) HM
34Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Chatham — 8 — The Mayflower Story
A group of Separatist from the Church of England, later named Pilgrims, left England for Holland in 1608 in settled in Leiden in 1609. After staying there for 11 years, the group sailed back to England on the ship Speedwell, where they joined by . . . — Map (db m78321)
35Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Chatham — The Rescue of the Pendleton
One of the most spectacular small boat rescues on the east coast of the United States occurred on February 18, 1952. The tanker Pendleton broke in half off the coast of Chatham during a fierce Nor' caster storm. In blinding rain and sixty foot . . . — Map (db m63406) HM
36Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Deerfield — Quinton Stockwell / Abigail Bullard Stockwell
Erected In Memory of Quinton Stockwell and his wife Abigail Bullard Stockwell It was in their house, which stood on this spot, that the Stockwells boarded the Reverend Samuel Mather during the earliest days of . . . — Map (db m147359) HM
37Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Dennis — Barnstable County 9/11 TributeA Day not to be Forgotten
Somerset County, PA · New York, NY · Washington, D.C. 09.11.2001 A Day Not To Be Forgotten Alderwoods Group Map (db m157930) HM WM
38Massachusetts (Barnstable County), East Dennis — Jacob Sears Memorial Library
This Property Has Been Placed on the National Register of Historical Places By the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m157966) HM
39Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — A Whale Bone Welcome
Inviting guests to step through the massive jawbones of a whale may seem an unusual way to say, “Welcome to our home.” But for Captain Edward Penniman, there could be no more appropriate greeting. Born in Eastham, Captain Penniman earned . . . — Map (db m111659) HM
40Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Changing Beach
The barren sandspit to your right was once the site of the Coast Guard Beach bathhouse and its asphalt parking area. Today they are gone, erased by the forces of the sea. In February 1978, the same winter storm that brought a famous blizzard to . . . — Map (db m144092) HM
41Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Coast Guard Beach:A Place Where the Only Constant is Change
The spot where you now stand will eventually be at the water’s edge, and someday it will be gone entirely. Wind and waves continually reshape the shoreline. Through natural processes, the sea is eroding the land. Wind will build a dune, one sand . . . — Map (db m141192) HM
42Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Doane Rock
Cape Cod is composed almost entirely of rock debris deposited by the ice age glaciers over 18,000 years ago. Most of this debris, called “glacial till”, consists of clay, sand, and pebbles, but the ice age also deposited larger stones. . . . — Map (db m111818) HM
43Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Eastham Remembers
Eastham Remembers 1917 - World War - 1919 Army Chase Ralph A · Collins Bernard C · Clark Henry E · Horton Earl K Camp Brewer Leonard J · Hatch Freeman C · Gill Alfred D · Steele George B Navy Hopkins Clifton · Steele WM Bradley . . . — Map (db m147336) WM
44Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Eastham Town Hall
This Property Has Been Placed On The National Register Of Historic Places By the United States Department Of The Interior — Map (db m141393) HM
45Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Eastham WindmillCape Cod's Oldest
Built in Plymouth 1680 by Thomas Paine of Eastham. Moved to Truro, 1770. Moved to Eastham, 1793. Moved to this location, 1808. — Map (db m52648) HM
46Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — First Encounter
One mile west of this site hostile Indians had their First Encounter 6 December 1620 (Old Style) With Myles Standish, John Carver, William Bradford, Edward Winslow. John Tilley, Edward Tilley, John Howland, . . . — Map (db m141405) HM
47Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — First Encounter MonumentCommemorating the Pilgrims' first encounter with Native Americans
On this spot hostile Indians had their first encounter December 8, 1620, old style, with Myles Standish, John Carver, William Bradford, John Tilley, Edward Winslow, John Howland, Edward Tilley, Richard Warren, Stephen Hopkins, Edward Dotey, John . . . — Map (db m51139) HM
48Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — First Encounter PlaqueCommemorating the Pilgrims' first encounter with Native Americans
Near this site the Nauset tribe of the Wampanoag nation, seeking to protect themselves and their culture, had their first encounter, 8 december 1620, with Myles Standish, John Carver, William Bradford, Edward Winslow, John Tilley, Edward Tilley, . . . — Map (db m51142) HM
49Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Indian Rock
For thousands of years before the Europeans landed, the Nauset Indians lived beside the marshes of Cape Cod. Among the evidence of their occupation is this community grinding rock, one of four such boulders found in the Nauset Bay area. . . . — Map (db m111595) HM
50Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Journey of the Mayflower
After 66 days spent in the cramped confines of a small ship pitching and rolling its way from England across the stormy North Atlantic, the Mayflower’s passengers gave thanks. It was the morning of November 9,1620 and they had spotted land - the . . . — Map (db m141189) HM
51Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Kettles
A bird's eye view of Cape Cod reveals a landscape dimpled with holes. Most of them are nearly round, and many are filled wit water, like Salt Pond in front of you. Geologists call these intriguing depressions "kettles." They were formed over . . . — Map (db m63408) HM
52Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Nauset Beach Light Stationa Shifting Landmark
In 1836, in response to numerous shipwrecks in the area, 21 residents of Eastham petitioned the Boston Marine Society for a lighthouse. The first Nauset Beach Light Station was built more than 500 feet east of this spot. Because of constant beach . . . — Map (db m141506) HM
53Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Outermost cliff and solitary dune…
”outermost cliff and solitary dune… this is Eastham, this is the outer cape…having known and loved this land for many years, it came about that I found myself free to visit there, and so I built myself a house upon the . . . — Map (db m144415) HM
54Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Port de Mallebarre
Fifteen years before the Pilgrims landed on Cape Cod, French explorer Samuel de Champlain sailed down the Atlantic coast from Canada in search of new lands. On July 20, 1605, he entered here what was then a shallow bay. He named it Port de . . . — Map (db m111600) HM
55Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — The Life Savers
In the days before electronic navigational aids, the waters off Cape Cod with their hidden shoals held many dangers for passing ships, especially at night or during thick weather. In 1872 the U.S. Life-Saving Service established nine stations on . . . — Map (db m141194) HM
56Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — The Outermost House
Author and naturalist Henry Beston came to this shore in September 1927. On the dunes about a mile and a half to your right he built a cottage with two rooms and a fireplace. Here he lived a solitary year in the company of the ocean. His nearest . . . — Map (db m111657) HM
57Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — There’s No Place Like Home
Edward Penniman’s career as a man of the sea began at age 11. At 21, he was harpooning with the New Bedford, Massachusetts whaling fleet. By the time he was 29, he was master of his own whaling ship. Captain Penniman’s seven whaling voyages spanned . . . — Map (db m111660) HM
58Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Eastham — Workboat of the Marshes
A remnant from Cape Cod's agriculture past, this 1850-era hay barge was a common sight among the working dories, skiffs, and catboats of the area. Wide and flat-bottomed, it was rowed, poled, and sailed throughout the shallow marshes. Salt marsh hay . . . — Map (db m63407) HM
59Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich — Albro House
Harwich Historical Society 1894 National Register Of Historic Places — Map (db m157860) HM
60Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich — Battle of the Bulge
In Memory Dec. 16, 1944 - Jan. 25, 1945 Dedicated to Those Men and Women Who Fought in the Historic World War II Battle of the Bulge In the Ardennes, Belgium Cape Cod Islands Chapter 58 Veterans of the Battle of the . . . — Map (db m157863) WM
61Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich — British 6 Pounder
This iron cannon is a British 6-pounder used on commercial ships. The “B” on the trunnion is a foundry marking. The gun is believed to have been brought to Harwich around 1815. It was fired at many town celebrations, but after . . . — Map (db m157620) HM
62Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich — Brooks Grinding Stone
One of a pair of grinding stones found on property once owned by the Brooks family in Harwich Center. By the 18th century the town boasted as many as eight grist mills where local farmers could take their grain to be ground. — Map (db m157856) HM
63Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich — Harwich Historical SocietyBrooks Academy Museum
Harwich Historical Society 1844 National Register of Historic Places — Map (db m157619) HM
64Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich — Harwich Men
This Memorial Has Been Erected To Commemorate The Harwich Men Who Fought In The American Revolution — Map (db m157858) WM
65Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich — Jonathan Walker — “The Man With the Branded Hand” —
Born in Harwich, 1799, Captain Walker attempted to help seven slaves in Pensacola, Florida escape in 1844. Arrested as a “Slave Stealer” He was branded on orders of a United States Court on the right hand “SS” and jailed . . . — Map (db m157617) HM
66Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich Port — Harwich Supreme Sacrifice Memorial
In Memory of the Men of Harwich Who Made the Supreme sacrifice World War I Valmer H. Bassett Clarence L. Berry J. Wilton Berry Earle M. Chase Leslie M. Clark Scott C. Nickerson Josiah D. Nickerson World War . . . — Map (db m157872) WM
67Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich Port — Harwich War Memorial
Honoring The Men And Women of Harwich Who Served Their Country World War I World War II And The Korean Conflict ☆ ☆ ☆ Vietnam Conflict — Map (db m157868) WM
68Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich Port — Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr.
In Memory Of Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. 1912 - 1994 Speaker Of The house Of Representatives 1977 - 1986 Donated By His Friends To The People Of Harwich Map (db m157876) HM
69Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — 50 Years Of Peace Corps
. . . — Map (db m143760) HM
70Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Battle Of The Bulge1944 - 1945
Dedicated to the gallant and victorious men and women who participated in the Battle of the Bulge. The greatest battle ever fought by the United Stated Army in Belgium and Luxembourg during World War II, 16 December 1944 thru 25 January . . . — Map (db m142706) WM
71Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Cape and Islands Korean War Memorial
Cape and Islands Korean War Memorial — Map (db m142958) WM
72Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Hyannis ArmoryHyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail
Location of the Presidential Acceptance Speech After JFK and wife Jacqueline voted in Boston, they flew to Cape Cod to await the election results at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port. When it was announced that Richard Nixon conceded, . . . — Map (db m157314) HM
73Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Hyannis HarborHyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail
The Kennedys Sailing Tradition One of the most well-known Kennedy pastimes is sailing, often from Hyannis Harbor into Nantucket Sound. JFK and Jacqueline spent many summers sailing with their family in Hyannis Port. U.S. Senator Ted . . . — Map (db m157364) HM
74Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Hyannis Normal School
Original Campus and Buildings Hyannis Normal School 1897 – 1932 Hyannis State Teachers College 1932 – 1944 Gift of The Class of 1940 — Map (db m142710) HM
75Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Hyannis Public Library Association
Established in 1865 by Mrs. Rosella Ford Baxter and 14 women. In 1908 this classic Cape Cod house, circa 1750, with lovely grounds, was purchased for library use for $2,500 from James Otis of Hyannis Port. Ora Adams . . . — Map (db m142673) HM
76Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Hyannis World War Honor Roll
In Recognition Of The Men From Hyannis Who Served In The 1914   World War   1919 ★ Paul Howland Sherman Jr Clarence Albert Crowell D.S.C. Army Arenovski, Louis Vivian • Baoaka Arthur Harry • Baker Everett Davis . . . — Map (db m143817) WM
77Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — JFK MemorialHyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail
The 35th President of the United States, 1961 - 1963 John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy (JFK) was the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. At age 43, he was the youngest . . . — Map (db m144082) HM
78Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Kevin Arthur HoustonSOC (SEAL)
In Loving Memory SOC (SEAL) Kevin Arthur Houston 20 September, 1975 – 6 August, 2011 “Greater Love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friend.” John 15.13 — Map (db m142707) WM
79Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — 2 — Main St. HyannisHyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail
Main Street, Hyannis in the 1960s was filled with activity. Shops were bustling, and supporters of John F. Kennedy, running for president, lined the streets. Since JFK based much of his campaigning out of the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, . . . — Map (db m144001) HM
80Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Maritime MuseumHyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail
The Kennedy’s Contribution to Maritime Heritage The Cape Cod maritime Museum, to the east, and it’s 1886 Crosby catboat replica, Sarah, docked here at Gateway Marina, was made possible by funding obtained by Senator Edward . . . — Map (db m157317) HM
81Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — 6 — National SeashoreHyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail
President John F. Kennedy loved Cape Cod and its unique natural environment. In 1961, he signed legislation establishing an American treasure, the Cape Cod National Seashore, protecting the fragile coastline from Chatham to Provincetown. The . . . — Map (db m144005) HM
82Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Peace Corps MemorialHyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail
Engaging The Next Generation The Peace Corps was established by President John F. Kennedy on March 1, 1961. JFK sought to encourage mutual understanding between Americans and people of nations and cultures by sending volunteers . . . — Map (db m144009) HM
83Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Roses For RoseHyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, Matriarch of the Kennedy Family. Did you notice the amount of roses on Main Street and Pearl Street in Hyannis? Many people on Cape Cod associate roses here with Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the matriarch of the . . . — Map (db m157310) HM
84Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — St. Francis Xavier ChurchHyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail
The ‘Kennedy Church’ St. Francis Xavier Church, located on South Street in Hyannis, was the church Rose and Joe Kennedy chose to attend after buying their home in Hyannis Port in the 1920’s. St. Francis Xavier became the summer parish . . . — Map (db m157311) HM
85Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — The Federated Church of Hyannis
. . . — Map (db m142692) HM
86Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — The Forgotten WarKorea: June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953
This memorial honors the Korean War veterans from Cape Cod and the Islands. The white bricks in the pathway immortalize those who were killed in action or died while missing. One and one half million Americans served in Korea; 129,000 were . . . — Map (db m142955) HM
87Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — The Public Service Building1928
Early tenants included the U.S. Post Office, New England Telephone and Telegraph, Cape and Vineyard Electric Co., Barnstable County National Bank, F.W. Woolworth, & W.T. Grant. The West Barnstable Brick Company provided Many Of The Original . . . — Map (db m142677) HM
88Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — The Republic of South Korea Stone
This Stone Was Provided By The Republic Of South Korea As A Tangible Reminder Of The Sacrifices Made By The United States Military To Protect The Freedom Of A Sovereign Country — Map (db m143004) WM
89Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Veterans MemorialAmerican Legion Post 206 — Hyannis, Massachusetts —
In Honor Of Those Who Gave Their Services In The Defense Of Their Country And The Free World, So That Peace, Justice And Liberty Might Be The Heritage Of All. — Map (db m143002) WM
90Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Vietnam Veterans Memorial1959 - 1975
Dedicated To All Who Believe In Freedom To Honor Those Who Came Home As Well As Those Left Behind Americans Will Not Forget November 11, 1983 — Map (db m142709) WM
91Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — World War II and Korean Conflict MemorialVillage Of Hyannis
Honoring the men and women in the Village of Hyannis who served in World War II and the Korean Conflict — Map (db m142340) WM
92Massachusetts (Barnstable County), North Chatham — 10 — Chatham Radio/WCC
This is the site of Chatham Radio/WCC. Maritime wireless communications flourished here, one of the 20th century’s premier wireless telegraphy stations. The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America built the Chatham receiver station in . . . — Map (db m78441) HM
93Massachusetts (Barnstable County), North Truro — Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse
This marks the center of the site where the tower of the Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse stood from 1857 until 1996 — Map (db m111593) HM
94Massachusetts (Barnstable County), North Truro — The Steamship Portland
On November 27, 1898 The Steamer Portland With 176 persons aboard Sank with No Survivors About Seven Miles Out To Sea From This Station At Cape Cod Light _____ ___ _______ This Memorial Dedicated November 27, 1948 By . . . — Map (db m141449) HM
95Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Orleans — Academy Place
This small unassuming patch of land harbors two treasures in the rich historical fabric of our town, the Rock Harbor Academy and the original Snow Library. Rock Harbor Academy In 1827, a group of citizens who wanted a place of higher . . . — Map (db m141702) HM
96Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Orleans — Battle of Orleans Massachusetts 1814
Here, Dec. 19, 1814 Orleans Militia repulsed British landing from H.M.S. Newcastle, - intent; burning village and vessels, War of 1812. Town's early commercial and maritime center. Packet's Landing; passengers and freight between here, Plymouth, . . . — Map (db m61489) HM
97Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Orleans — East Orleans Country Store
East Orleans Country Store, built prior to 1835 by William Myrick. Later owned by Myrick, Doane & Crosby. Sold in 1858 to lot Higgins and moved to the present site. Run until 1935 by Samuel Higgins. — Map (db m141678) HM
98Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Orleans — French–Atlantic Cable Company
French – Atlantic cable company Cape Cod station 1890 – 1959. Oldest cable on Atlantic bed. From storm isolated Cape, first world news of steamer Portland lost off Truro with 200 lives; flashed from Orleans to Brest, France and back over . . . — Map (db m77557) HM
99Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Orleans — Jonathan Young Mill
Built circa 1720 in South Orleans, later moved to the center of town. It was moved to Hyannisport in 1897. In 1983, the structure was given to the Orleans Historical Society by the Groves family. The society then donated it to the town. Dismantled . . . — Map (db m59979) HM
100Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Orleans — Keeping the Light for 114 YearsNauset Lighthouse
”All the towers leaking bad. Everything all wet and in poor order Log entry by Keeper Nathan Gill, 1874 Taking care of a lighthouse was demanding. The keeper was tasked with keeping the lights burning no . . . — Map (db m141388) HM

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Oct. 21, 2020