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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Beaver

Agnew Square Marker image, Touch for more information
By Mike Wintermantel, February 12, 2011
Agnew Square Marker
1Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Agnew Square
For Honorable Judge Daniel Agnew, 1809-1902. Eminent jurist, author and respected citizen. Judge of the 17th District 1851 to 1863; then appointed to Pennsylvania Supreme Court, becoming Chief Justice in 1873. His home, where he resided over 60 . . . — Map (db m40227) HM
2Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Beaver County Fair Grounds
Beaver County Agriculture Society formed January 26, 1853. Site of annual fairs until 1899. Located between Leopard Lane, Otter Lane, Sharon Road and Fair Avenues. First board of managers: John Carothers, Thomas Thorniley, Thomas McKinley, Daniel . . . — Map (db m49426) HM
3Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Brigadier General William Irvine — (1741-1804)
Irish born, educated in medicine, Irvine practiced in Carlisle till the Revolutionary War. Led a Pennsylvania Regiment in important campaigns. In 1781, chosen by Washington to command western department, headquartered at Fort Pitt. Headed . . . — Map (db m40232) HM
4Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Commanding Officers — Fort McIntosh
Col. John Gibson - 1778 Brig. Gen. Lachlan McIntosh - 1778 Lt. Col. Richard Campbell - 1778 Col. Daniel Brodhead - 1778-1779 Capt. John Clark - 1779 & 1781 Capt. Samuel Dawson - 1779 Capt. Robert Beal - 1779 Capt. Simon Morgan - 1779 . . . — Map (db m44746) HM
5Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — First Court — February 6, 1804
Near this marker sat the first court in Beaver County. The court convened in a tavern owned by Abner Lacock. Judge Jesse Moore presided. His associate judges were Abner Lacock, John H. Reddick and Joseph Caldwell. David Johnson was Prothonotary. The . . . — Map (db m40234) HM
6Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Fort McIntosh
The first United States military post north of the Ohio. Located on River Road, in the area between Bank, Insurance, and Market Streets. Built in 1778 and scene of Treaty of Fort McIntosh in 1785; also a survey base. Abandoned in 1791. — Map (db m40235) HM
7Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Fort McIntosh
1778 — • — 1916 This Marks the Site of Fort McIntosh First United States Military Fort On the north side of the Ohio River —————————— Erected by The . . . — Map (db m44745) HM
8Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Fort McIntosh
Fort McIntosh, 1778-1788, built by General Lachlan McIntosh's continentals of the 8th Pennsylvania and 13th Virginia, veterans of Saratoga, Brandywine, Germantown, and Valley Forge, and Virginia Militia, was the first fort built north of the Ohio by . . . — Map (db m44747) HM
9Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Fort McIntosh — You Are Here
Many famous names were associated with Fort McIntosh, including commanders Lachlan McIntosh, Danial Brodhead and Josiah Harmar, treaty commissioners George Rogers Clark, Richard Butler and Arthur Lee, geographer Thomas Hutchins, and presidential . . . — Map (db m44748) HM
10Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Fort McIntosh — 1778 - 1788
[Left Side of Text]: First Home of the U.S. Army After the American Revolution was won, Congress authorized formation of a small regular army for general defense. This unit, formed under Col. Josiah Harmar, was named the first . . . — Map (db m44750) HM
11Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Fort McIntosh — You Are Here
Much forged iron was found near this site, suggesting it was the location of the blacksmith or armorer's shop. The top edge of the slope, now greatly eroded, was much wider in 1778, and would have accommodated the shop and barracks, as well as the . . . — Map (db m44753) HM
12Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Fort McIntosh — You Are Here
Visible here are remains of stone fireplace hearths and a portion of the original footer for the south wall of the fort. Artifacts found here included USA buttons and artillery projectiles, suggesting this may have been officers' quarters and . . . — Map (db m44886) HM
13Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Fort McIntosh — You Are Here
The size and shape of the fort was confirmed by the angle of the nearby foundation wall, which matches the opposite wall on the west side. The fort was very large and well built, constructed of square - hewn logs laid horizontally on stone . . . — Map (db m44888) HM
14Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Fort McIntosh Site — 1778 - 1788 — Birthplace of 1st American Regiment —
This marks the western boundary of Fort McIntosh, erected here in 1778 in defense of the western frontier. • • • • • Following the Revolutionary War, a treaty with the Native Americans was drawn at Fort McIntosh in 1785. The occasion was . . . — Map (db m44734) HM
15Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — General Lachlan McIntosh
General Lachlan McIntosh First Commander, Fort McIntosh President, Society of the Cincinnati in The State of Georgia, 1783-1789 Erected by the Society 1978 — Map (db m44737) HM
16Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — King Beaver's Town
Present Beaver perpetuates the name of a Delaware chief and of his village near here. Its location along the Ohio-Beaver River trails gave it importance in the fur trade. — Map (db m40238) HM
17Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Matthew S. Quay
Home of the noted state and national political leader is near here. He rose, between 1856-1887, from local and state offices to United States Senator. A Republican Party leader from 1887 until his death in 1904. — Map (db m40241) HM
18Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Matthew Stanley Quay Home
This house, built by Samuel French, about 1845, was the home (1884-1904) of Matthew Stanley Quay. Born in 1833, Quay graduated at age 17 from Jefferson College. His first political office was as prothonotary. After a brilliant Civil War record and . . . — Map (db m49428) HM
19Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — McIntosh Square
In honor of Brigadier General Lachlan McIntosh; born 1727 in Scotland, died 1806. Appointed Western Department Commander of the Continental Army by General Washington May 1778. Erected Fort McIntosh in the fall of 1778, serving as its first . . . — Map (db m40242) HM
20Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Richmond Little Red Schoolhouse
In continuous service as a schoolhouse from 1844-1950. During its 106 years it exemplified the basic element of the American public school system of the 19th century, a one room school in which one teacher taught eight different grades. — Map (db m50886) HM
21Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — The Tuscararas Trail
The great trail between Fort Pitt and Detroit was traveled for years by Indians. It was used by the expeditions of Bouquet's Royal Americans. Blackwatch. Virginia and Pennsylvania Militia in 1764 and McIntosh's Continentals and Virginia Militia in . . . — Map (db m50185) HM
22Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Water Lot
Source of water to Beaver Borough 1802-1886. From hillside springs, pipes bored from logs carried water to the center of town. First reservoir, built 1845 from native stone, still stands. — Map (db m49427) HM
23Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Beaver — Wayne Park
Named for General Anthony Wayne, his defeat of the Indians in 1794 made possible peaceful settlement of the Ohio Territory and beyond. — Map (db m79944) HM
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