“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Bend, Oregon Historical Markers

View From Pilot Butte Scenic Lookout image, Touch for more information
By Don Morfe, June 28, 2009
View From Pilot Butte Scenic Lookout
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — "The Westward Movement" — Pilot Butte Park
Pilot Butte was a beacon for travelers. On a day sometime in the year 1813, and Indian lookout, from one of several tribes summering in this vicinity, might have “hiked the butte” and from here observed an exploration party . . . — Map (db m63090) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Bend Veterans Peace Memorial
Honoring the men and women of Bend who have served, are serving and will serve to defend our freedom during times of peace and war. Remembering the POW, the MIA, and those named below who have made the supreme sacrifice. They will not be forgotten. . . . — Map (db m113347) WM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Journey of the Log to Lumber — It All Began in the Woods
To supply the lumber mills with logs, entire mobile towns were created in the woods to house the men and their families who cut down the trees. The towns were movable camps conveyed by railroad cars. From 1916, these temporary towns, or logging . . . — Map (db m113935) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Lava Butte
Geologists say the volcanic activity of this area occurred less than 6000 years ago. Lava which exuded from the south side of this butte flowed to the west and blocked the Deschutes River, deflecting it from its former channel. This formed the . . . — Map (db m68673) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Lava River Cave
(Marker #1) Welcome LAVA RIVER CAVE is one of Oregon's longest (5466 feet) uncollapsed lava tubes. About 100,000 years ago, this conduit carried 2000° F. (1100° C.) lava from an upslope vent to lower areas on the flanks of the Newberry . . . — Map (db m92909)
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Location, Location & Location — Two of the Greatest Lumber Companies in the World — Were Located Right here in Bend
The bustling marketplace you see today, filled with shops, theaters, restaurants, entertainment and recreation was once the site of the largest pine sawmills in the country. Back in the 1920s, they were busy, noisy and dusty mills, each . . . — Map (db m113931) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Logs Finally Become Lumber — The Lumber Journey and the Era Come to an End
Trees were felled in the woods and hauled to the Deschutes River where they floated downstream to the mills. The final steps of this log-to-lumber journey occurred as the wet lumber, known as green wood, exited the mill on the green chain. As . . . — Map (db m113933) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Old Post Office — National Register of Historic Places
Construction of the Old Post Office established the presence of the federal government in this area. It was a project of the Public Buildings Program, a federal agency created by President Herbert Hoover. As one of the first buildings with . . . — Map (db m113264) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Oregon's Fabled "High Desert" — Pilot Butte Park
This complex ecosystem nurtures a variety of plants and animals. Vast, sage-covered plains begin at the eastern foot of the Pilot Butte and stretch dramatically to the east and south. This is Oregon’s fabled “High Desert”. The . . . — Map (db m63094) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — River Ruler
This cableway was installed in 1905 by the United States Geological Survey to measure the river's flow. Today instruments sense and record the elevation of the water surface. This information is relayed by satellite into computers of water . . . — Map (db m114253) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Some Lava Flows Build Their Own Pipelines — Newberry National Volcanic Monument
You may already know about pipelines. Oil, water and gas, chemicals, medicine and food flow to us through pipes and tubes. Pipelines are a naturally efficient way to move fluid from one place to another. Nature constructs marvelous . . . — Map (db m92910)
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Thank Goodness for Water and Gravity — The Railroad and the River Moved the Logs to the Mill
Huge trees were felled in the woods and the logs were transported by railroad to town. They were then dropped into the Deschutes River to await their turn in the mill. The river was a perfect storage place for the logs. The natural flow of the . . . — Map (db m113936) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — The City of Bend — Pilot Butte Park
In the beginning...there were old growth trees. The small community, first called Farewell Bend from the nearby big bend in the Deschutes River, could have been called “Pilot Butte” if the 1901 recommendation of Postmaster William . . . — Map (db m63089) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — The Mill Transformed Trees into Highly Prized Lumber — Deschutes Pine Was Well Known Across The Country
From the woods to the Deschutes River, the log was hoisted by the bull chain into the mill from the river to the log deck. It was then directed to the band saw in one of the three head rigs, where the process began. It was the head sawyer's . . . — Map (db m113919) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Today's Old Mill District — Was Yesterday's Lumber Mills
The mills may be gone, but their legacy is apparent all around us. The lumber companies spurred Bend's growth and they helped a lot of folks raise their families in this area. Today we see evidence of Mill B every time we look at the three iconic . . . — Map (db m113932) HM

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