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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Defiance

Abatis and Camp Marker image, Touch for more information
By Dale K. Benington, July 15, 2019
Abatis and Camp Marker
1Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — C — Abatis and CampOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
Abatis and Camp »»«« General Wayne’s Army in 1794 and General Winchester’s Army in 1812 encamped on this spot. Here also was the western end of Gen. Winchester’s Abatis. — Map (db m136580) HM
2Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Bark Cabin Home of Coohcoohe
. . . — Map (db m28449) HM
3Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Buffalo Were Recorded Here In 1718
Buffalo were recorded here in 1718 to the east across the river. This entire area was an important Indian trade center from early times to c. 1830. Trading posts were established here in the middle 1700's including George Ironside's and Peter . . . — Map (db m28539) HM
4Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Chief Pontiac
Birthplace and Park of Chief Pontiac 1712 --- 1769 — Map (db m26826) HM
5Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Coohcooche
[First Marker]
Coohcooche Mineral Spring 1790 Birthplace of Ottawa Chief Shabonee 1775 and Lodge of Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket 1792 Winchester Camp No 1 1812 [Second Marker] Chief Blue Jacket . . . — Map (db m28354) HM
6Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Defiance Historic Sites
Site Of French Mission 1650 Jesuit Mission 1670 Moravian Christian Indians 1781 Great Indian Cornfields 1794 Cabin and Home of Delaware Chief Whingy-Pooshies and Boy Captive, John Brickell 1791 - 1794 - 1795 British . . . — Map (db m52998) HM
7Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Fort DefianceAnthony Wayne Parkway
The arrival of the Legion of the United States at this point on August 8, 1794 marked the end of General Anthony Wayne's difficult march, through swamps and forests, from Fort GreeneVille. On this site, in the center of the Indian country, General . . . — Map (db m18668) HM
8Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Fort Defiance
Fort Defiance was erected upon this site by General Wayne August 9-17, 1794 and thus "The Grand Emporium of the hostile Indians of the west was gained without loss of blood." From this point General Wayne advanced against the Indians and . . . — Map (db m18751) HM
9Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — A95 — Fort DefianceOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail — Wayne-Harrison-Winchester-Clay-Bird Marches —
. . . — Map (db m29662) HM
10Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Fort Defiance Flagstaff
Fort Defiance Flagstaff All land north to Canada is surveyed on baseline running from this point. — Map (db m18768) HM
11Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Fort Defiance, 1794
Here in 1794 General Anthony Wayne built Fort Defiance during the Indian Wars prior to the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Fort Winchester was built south of here during the War of 1812. Down river from here is Preston Island, former site of Indian . . . — Map (db m28542) HM
12Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — A96 — Fort WinchesterOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail — Wayne-Harrison-Winchester-Clay-Bird Marches —
. . . — Map (db m18671) HM
13Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — C32 — Fort WinchesterOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
. . . — Map (db m18717) HM
14Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — 4-20 — Fort Winchester
[Front Text] : "Fort Winchester" General William Henry Harrison ordered the construction of Fort Winchester at the beginning of October 1812 and it was completed October 15. The fort served as a forward observation post and supply . . . — Map (db m37974) HM
15Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — French Indian Apple Tree
French Indian Apple Tree Largest on Record 9 Ft. Diameter 60 Ft. Spread 45 High Bore 200 Bu. 1872 1670 - 1887 — Map (db m28438) HM
16Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Graves of Soldiers
Graves of Soldiers 1794 Wars 1812 — Map (db m136759) HM WM
17Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed Chapman Benefactor 1774 - 1845 First Nursery 1811 - 1828 — Map (db m28431) HM
18Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Little Turtle (Me-she-kin-o-quah)1752 - 1812
[Text on the south side of the Marker]: Little Turtle (Me-she-kin-o-quah) 1752 - 1812 Little Turtle, a war chief of the Miami People, was born near present-day Fort Wayne, Indiana. From 1790 to 1794, he lived in a . . . — Map (db m52992) HM
19Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — C322 — Pontiac BirthplaceOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
Pontiac Birthplace »»«« Here, in 1712, was born the Great Indian chief who in- cited Pontiac’s Conspiracy. He federated the tribes and with the aid of the French threatened British suprem- acy. Killed in Illinois . . . — Map (db m28350) HM
20Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Pontiac Park
Named for the Ottawa Indian chief said to have been born here c. 1712. Site of the largest recorded apple tree "French and Indian" c. 1680 to 1887. Here Oliver Spencer spent his Indian captivity 1792. Bark cabins and cultivated fields fields of the . . . — Map (db m30297) HM
21Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Route and Camp's
Route and Camp's of Gen. Wayne, 1794, Gen. Harrison, 1812, and Winchester Camp No 2, and Abatis, 1812. — Map (db m18991) HM
22Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — Shawnee Glen
Shawnee Glen 1792 Home of Johnny Appleseed 1828 Morningside Park — Map (db m28405) HM
23Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — 2-20 — Spemica Lawba–Johnny Logan
[Front Side of Marker]: "Spemica Lawba-Johnny Logan" In September 1786, Captain Benjamin Logan of Kentucky captured a young Indian boy during a raid across the Ohio River on the Machachac tribe towns of the Shawnee nation. Upon . . . — Map (db m28338) HM
24Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — 3-20 — Tale of Ensign James Liggett / Major Adam Charles Muir, 41st Regiment of Foot
[Front Side of Marker]: "Tale of Ensign James Liggett" After American militia troops forcibly ended the 1812 siege of Fort Wayne, General James Winchester's Army of the Northwest marched down the north side of the Miami [Maumee] . . . — Map (db m28336) HM
25Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — The Indian Wars1790 - 1795
When American Pioneers attempted to settle the area north and west of the Ohio River, following the Ordinance of 1787,the Indians aided by the British in Canada, fought valiantly and fiercely for their homes in the Ohio Country. It required the . . . — Map (db m18827) HM
26Ohio (Defiance County), Defiance — 7-20 — Winchester's Camp #2 / Preston Island
[Front Text on Marker] : "Winchester's Camp #2" After completing Fort Winchester, Brigadier General James Winchester ordered his troops to cross to the north side of the Maumee River. The troops occupied the new site, Camp #2, from . . . — Map (db m54318) HM
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