“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Historical Markers

A Sanctuary for Humpback Whales image, Touch for more information
By Don Morfe, November 10, 2008
A Sanctuary for Humpback Whales
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — A Sanctuary for Humpback Whales — Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary — Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park —
The sanctuary lies within the shallow, warm waters surrounding the main Hawaiian Islands and is one of the world’s most important humpback whale habitats. Most of the North Pacific humpback whale population migrates nearly 3,000 miles to Hawaiian . . . — Map (db m72000)
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Ahu'ena Heiau
Upon this paepae (stone platform) is a representation of Ahu;ena Heiau. Restored by Kamehameha I upon the unification of the pae'aina (island chain), he rededicated Ahu'ena to Lono, the god of peace and prosperity. The Hale O Lono (House of Lono) . . . — Map (db m110669) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Ala Loa — State Site 10942 Ka'ūpūlehu Ahupua'a
You are walking along a segment of the ala loa (long path), a Hawaiian foot trail that linked settlement areas along the coast from Kealakekua to Kawaihae. This segment of the trail was also identified as a traditional route for the huaka'i pō, . . . — Map (db m110501) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Ala Mauka Makai — Mountain-Ocean Trail — Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park —
This trail cuts across Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, passing sites that represent many of the values for which this park was created, such as a malama ka aina, caring for the land. This was a place where Hawaiian families lived, values . . . — Map (db m72001) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Discovering Kaloko-Honokohau — Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park
Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park celebrates the indigenous people of Hawaii. It penetrates deep into Hawaiian antiquity by preserving evidence of a thousand years of society. It links the touched with the heartfelt, transcending the . . . — Map (db m71999) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Habitation Site
This archaeological site contains several residential and food storage features, and was first occupied on a temporary basis during the early 1800s. Fishing and collecting marine resources was the primary economic activity for residents of this . . . — Map (db m110504) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Hawaiian Trail
This is a portion of an ala loa (long path) or ala kahakai (a more recent term meaning trail by the sea) that follows the coastline. The Hawaiians of old used it to connect communities for socializing and exchanging goods, as well as to arrive at . . . — Map (db m110506) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Imu Fishing Area
In the shallow water flat of Ka'ūpūlehu Beach a special fishing technique was used by Hawaiians during rough water conditions. Stone piles (imu) were constructed as shelters to attract fish. These piles were then dismantled as nets were . . . — Map (db m110582) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Kamakahonu
Home of Kamehameha I, founder of the Hawaiian Kingdom, from 1812 until his death. Here he built his residence, storehouses and fishponds and remodeled 'Ahu'ena Heiau, a temple of great antiquity. When he died here May 8 1819, his son Liholiho was . . . — Map (db m110592) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Kamakahonu / Kailua Pier
Kamakahonu After uniting the Hawaiian kingdom, Kamehameha I returned to rule from his compound at Kamakahonu (lit. eye of the turtle) from 1812 until his death in 1819. 'Ahu'ena Heiau, the religious temple that served Kamehameha was rebuilt . . . — Map (db m110665) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Kuemanu Heiau
In the past, Hawaiian religious practices included the worship of many gods, both through individual and family rituals at small shrines and through larger community ceremonies at heiau (temples) such as this one. In 1819, King Kamehameha II . . . — Map (db m110675) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Kumukea/Kumukēhu Point
This projection of land, more properly known by an older name, Kumukea Point, is a significant landmark of coastal Kekaha. The surface 'a'ā lava that covers this area is the result of the historic Ka'ūpūlehu Flow of 1801, which was . . . — Map (db m110507) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Kupe'e Concentration
A prime habitat for kupe'e (Nerita polita) is located in a wave washed area of sand and basalt boulders along Ka'ūpūlehu Beach. This area is traditionally recognized for its dense concentration of kupe'e. These shellfish were collected . . . — Map (db m110583) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Niumalu Beach / Kailua Bay
Niumalu Beach Once a hub for canoeing, water gathering and some shipping, the fancy beach at Niumalu (lit. shade of the coconut tree), commonly known as Kanuha Beach, is sheltered by a sea wall that has protected beach-goers of over 100 . . . — Map (db m110586) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Offshore Ko'a Moi
Approximately 500 feet (150 meters) offshore of this location is a ko'a moi. Moi is Hawaiian for Treadfin (Polydactlus sexfilis), and ko'a is a fishing ground. This fishing spot was prized for its abundance of moi, which traditionally was a highly . . . — Map (db m110585) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Waiulu Kīpuka
By virtue of being a named place, Waiulu was clearly known by the people of old. It is a place of note recounted by elders in the area. A hālau wa'a (canoe house) was located here, indicating a good landing. One of the important factors that . . . — Map (db m110502) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Kailua-Kona — Waiulu Kīpuka
Despite the naturally arid conditions of the surrounding landscape, there a few sources of drinkable water within this part of coastal Kekaha. One of these is located a short distance inland from this location. It is known as Waiulu, which is . . . — Map (db m110503) HM

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