“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Napa, California Historical Markers

A. Hatt Buildings 1884 & 1886 Marker image, Touch for more information
By Loren Wilson, August 20, 2007
A. Hatt Buildings 1884 & 1886 Marker
California (Napa County), Napa — A. Hatt Buildings 1884 & 1886Napa Milling Company
These buildings were constructed alongside the Embarcadero de Napa by Captain Albert Hatt, a seafarer who came to California in 1864. The building was used as a warehouse and for sale of merchandise. The second floor housed a roller rink. The 1886 . . . — Map (db m54770) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Ars Longa Vita Brevis(Life is Brief But Art Endures)
Historic Events in Napa History Alan Sheep's historical mosaic reveals the Napa Valley's role in the epic of the American West. The work of art captures the essence of the Napa Valley story, its glories and its tragedies. "The . . . — Map (db m92524) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Banner Warehouse 1862The Embarcadero Building
This was the former site of Napa's original Embarcadero and home of two Banner warehouses constructed in 1862 and later acquired by Charles Carpy for wine storage. Captain A. Hatt purchased the property in 1895 for storage. Behind the current . . . — Map (db m92486) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Casa Las Trancas
About 200 feet north of this site, a short distance from the Napa River ford, stood Don Salvador Vallejo’s Casa Las Trancas, headquarters for his Rancho Napa— a land grant of over 3000 acres. Established in the 1840’s and known as “The . . . — Map (db m84129) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Cayetano Juarez Adobe –Circa 1845
Don Cayetano Juarez, (1809-1883) was given Rancho Tulocay in 1840 by General Mariano Vallejo for his decade of service to the government of Mexico, as a soldier and as mayordomo at Sonoma. He married Maria de Jesus Higuera in 1835 and they raised 11 . . . — Map (db m123859) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Cutting's Wharf
Francis Cutting was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1834 and arrived in San Francisco in 1858. After establishing himself in the fruit packing business he sought to expand operations to fruit growing as well and looked here for a wharf site and . . . — Map (db m54605) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Dave Cavagnaro Circus Plaza
Named in honor of Davis Ernest Cavagnaro, who served as a director of the Napa Town and Country Fair board for 20 years. A devoted, active circus fan, originator of Napa’s fair parades, civic minded citizen who was lovingly known as Mayor of East . . . — Map (db m54576) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Embarcadero de Napa
Near this site was located the Embarcadero de Napa. While the exact date of establishment is unknown, it is recorded that Captain John Sutter sent his schooner Sacramento here in 1844 to get lime from Nicholas Higuerra, the first nonnative . . . — Map (db m25754) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — 878 — First Presbyterian Church Building
Designed by pioneer architects R.H. Daly and Theodore Eisen, this church is an outstanding example of late Victorian Gothic architectural styling. It is the best surviving example in this region of early works associated with Eisen, who later became . . . — Map (db m18781) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Hatt Building 1886
Requiring more space to expand his warehousing operations, Captain Hatt added this two story building in 1886, to accommodate the increasing demand for storage for wine and spirits. The brick facing was made from brick obtained from the San Quentin . . . — Map (db m92523) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Hatt Building 1893
This small building was constructed by Captain A. Hatt in 1893 with an accompanying wharf. This building may have been the first in Napa constructed of poured-in-place concrete reinforced with twisted square rebar. A rolling door in the southwest . . . — Map (db m92487) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Hay Barn 1959
The Hay Barn was constructed in 1959 after an earlier hay barn building burned in the 1958 inferno. The building was rebuilt to allow sunken drive through access for hay trucks through the Main Street opening. The building is constructed of a myriad . . . — Map (db m92488) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — James Clyman--Trapper and Explorer
James Clyman - Trapper and Explorer. Prominent in opening the Far West. He was with Jedediah Smith in 1824 at South Pass. Prepared the way for the pre-Gold Rush pioneers. Settled in Napa County in 1848. — Map (db m54549) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — John Moyer PatchettPioneer Winemaker, 1797-1876
Near this site in 1856, John M. Patchett, native of England, opened the first commercial winery in the Napa Valley. Patchett's Grove Winery produced over 6,000 gallons of wine shipped to fine restaurants in San Francisco. The vineyard extended from . . . — Map (db m91340) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Johnson-Doran Buildingest. 1913
"Sewing Machine Johnson" - built this carriage house with the expectation that his sewing machine, horse drawn buggy & bicycle business would soon be relocated and transformed into a luxury automobile showroom and repair shop. In 1914 James H. . . . — Map (db m91391) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Lieutenant William W. Murphy
On April 8th, 1944 while flying a routine combat training mission over Napa, Army Air Force Lt. Murphy's aircraft went out of control at 5,000 feet and plunged into the Napa River, not far from this site. Lt. Murphy, a veteran combat pilot . . . — Map (db m92526) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Lisbon Winery 1882
Last surviving native-stone winery in Napa. Built and operated by Joseph Mathews (Mateus), a native of Portugal, this winery produced a variety of wines including prize-winning sherry. Mathews was a pioneer in the exportation of fine Napa wines to . . . — Map (db m16731) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Napa - Birthplace of the Loudspeaker and the Magnavox Corp.
Peter Jensen and Edwin Pridham's invention occurred at 1606 F St. in May of 1915. This statue, unveiled on May 18, 1985 is the work of Napa sculptor Franco Vianello — Map (db m91327) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Napa Courthouse Flag Staff
First constructed 1892-3. Restored under volunteer leadership of Solano-Napa Builders Exchange through contributions and skilled labor of these citizens and organizations of Napa County. Dedicated April 13, 1985 By the Native Sons of the . . . — Map (db m16404) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Napa State Hospital
Situated on 192 acres of Rancho Tulocay land purchased from Don Cayetano Juarez, this hospital opened its doors in November 1875. The central building was constructed of native stone and millions of bricks made on this site. Over the years the . . . — Map (db m54613) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Napa Valley Railroad
The Napa Valley Railroad ran from Soscol Landing, the most northerly terminus of the larger bay steamers, north 4.5 miles to this site in Napa City. Ground was broken on November 21, 1864, and by January 1865 the grade and track laying was . . . — Map (db m54595) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Napa: A River Landing TownThe history of Napa is written along its riverfront...
Historic Commerce Along Napa River As other modes of transportation became more dominant, the waterfront declined. But in the 21st century, Napa has turned again to embrace the river. Much of the riverfront as been redesigned and . . . — Map (db m92484) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Napa's China Town / Shuck Chan
Lower Marker: Napa's China Town Napa’s China Town was situated on both sides of First Street from this point west to Napa Creek. It occupied the area south of First to the Napa River where the Joss House stood near the juncture of . . . — Map (db m54550) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — GPY 138-01 — Native Sons HallThe 100 Year Anniversary of its Completion
The Napa Native Sons of the Golden West hall was constructed by the order in 1914. The three story steel-framed brick building is a heritage property and an excellent example of civic properties in Napa. It was the tallest structure in Downtown for . . . — Map (db m106386) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Oberon Saloon
Built in 1893, the Oberon was the hub of activity in downtown Napa. Patrons could buy a cigar, get a shave and a haircut for two bits, or relax with a cold beer while playing a leisurely game of pool or cards. Many a shoe was shined here. In 1932 . . . — Map (db m69324) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Pfeiffer Building
First stone and oldest surviving commercial building in Napa. Built by Philip Pfeiffer as brewery 1875. Other uses included "Stone Saloon" and Sam Kee Laundry (1920's-1970's). Italianate front represents a much earlier style of wooden construction . . . — Map (db m16416) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Semorile Building1884-1988
Built by Bartolomeo Semorile and designed by Napa architect Luther M. Turton as an outstanding example of Victorian commercial architecture. The Semorile family came to Napa in 1869 and started their grocery business just east of this site. . . . — Map (db m16477) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Silo Building 1932
Napa Milling Company demolished earlier buildings to construct this building in 1932 which was later to include the 84' tall silos constructed in 1944 and the hoppers placed in 1965. The Silo Building was home to the egg candling operation. The big . . . — Map (db m92489) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Soscol House - 1855
Built by Elijah True at the junction of the county road from Napa City and Old Ferry Road, now Soscol, which served the Soscol Ferry Crossing at Napa River west of here. The thriving transportation center developed here from the stagecoach and wagon . . . — Map (db m54838) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — The Napa RiverA Napa Valley Legend
Long considered nature's thoroughfare for pioneer settlement and development, the Napa River has played a major role in the growth and prosperity of Napa County. From its headwaters near Mt. St. Helena to its southern mouth merging with San . . . — Map (db m92527) HM
California (Napa County), Napa — Winship Building 1888
When E.A. Winship arrived from Minneapolis in 1887, it became clear that he was a gentleman and that he had money to invest. In March 1888, he purchased this site for $15,000 and announced plans for a brick building. This building, designed by . . . — Map (db m54531) HM

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