“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Panhandle, Texas Historical Markers

33rd Anniversary National Convention Marker and other associated markers image, Touch for more information
By Allen Lowrey, May 8, 2020
33rd Anniversary National Convention Marker and other associated markers
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 38 — 33rd Anniversary National Convention
The 33rd Anniversary National Convention, Men's Garden Clubs of America, meeting at Amarillo, June 14-17, 1965, formally recognized and paid tribute to the significance of Thomas Cree's little tree and to the memory of this heroic early gardener . . . — Map (db m149796) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 42 — 6666 Dixon Creek Ranch
Takes name from creek where noted buffalo hunter and scout Billy Dixon established first dugout home on High Plains, 1874. Ranch founded, 1882, by Francklyn Land and Cattle Co., English firm backed by Cunard Steamship Co. Fenced, 1884, with . . . — Map (db m93762) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 2003000326 — Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Depot
Built in 1928 Listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m149693) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 228 — Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad Depot
The 1920s oil boom brought increased business to this railroad town, and a new depot was built here in 1928. The structure exhibits elements of the Prairie School, Mission, and Tudor styles of architecture. Prominent features include bracketed . . . — Map (db m55888) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 632 — Callaghan Memorial Library
Named in honor of renowned pioneer family of Asbery A. Callaghan. Erected 1970 through bequest of local businessman H.J. "Friday" Hughes (1901-1968), son-in-law of Asbery Callaghan. In 1890 A.A. Callaghan came to Texas with his parents, the J.R. . . . — Map (db m149696) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 736 — Carson County
Created 1876. Organized 1888. Named for Samuel Price Carson, Secretary of State, Republic of Texas. A pioneer county in oil and gas development. Panhandle, county seat, promised main lines of 3 railroads, was by-passed for Amarillo, yet . . . — Map (db m55891) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 737 — Carson County
Formed from Young and Bexar territories; created August 21, 1876, organized June 29, 1888. Named in honor of Samuel P. Carson 1798-1840, statesman of the United States and the Republic of Texas. Wheat, oil and gas contribute to its wealth. . . . — Map (db m149695) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 1046 — Conway Community Church
Residents of Conway, established 9 miles south of here in 1905, attended non-denominational services in a relocated schoolhouse until this union church building was completed in 1912. It became an important gathering place for the Conway community . . . — Map (db m55900) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — Eclipse Windmill Patented 1867
George Tyng, White Deer Lands, drilled first water well 1887 near present townsite White Deer after unsuccessful attempt in 1886 by Col. B. B. Groom, Francklyn Land & Cattle Company. Windmill indispensable factor in settlement plains of Texas. . . . — Map (db m55896) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 1595 — Finch-Lord-Nelson and the Founding of Panhandle City
Cattle firm that had brought first Herefords to region — Lue Finch, W.H. Lord, O.H. Nelson — in 1887 promoted Panhandle City, as railroad line approached. They sent in ten cowboys to stake claims around city, which prospered as county . . . — Map (db m55897) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 1860 — First Rotary Drilling Rig Used in Texas Panhandle(2.5 miles southeast)
In October 1923, W. T. Willis, J. E. Trigg, and H. D. Lewis, partners in one of Texas' largest drilling firms, broke ground at the S. B. Burnett 6666 Ranch with the first rotary drilling rig used in the Texas Panhandle. Success of this drilling . . . — Map (db m93760) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 2304 — Gulf Burnett No. 2(Carson County Oil Discovery Well) — (1 mile southeast) —
The Panhandle's first oil well, Gulf Burnett No. 2, was struck by the Gulf Production Company on May 2, 1921, on the 6666 Ranch of S. B. Burnett. The prediction of oil in this area by U.S. geologists in 1904 and the discovery of natural gas nearby . . . — Map (db m93761) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 3043 — Last Great Panhandle Cattle Drive to Montana
After 1880, each spring and summer many Texas herds went up the trail to northern states, for fattening. The trail thrilled and challenged cowboys, who went hungry, thirsty and saddle sore; bridged or swam the rivers; forded quicksand streams; . . . — Map (db m55898) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 3352 — Methodism in Panhandle
The town of Panhandle became an important stronghold for Methodism in this part of Texas in the late 19th century. The county's first congregation was the Northern Methodist, established in 1889. It was attended by residents of all faiths. A . . . — Map (db m149697) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 3714 — Old County BookmobileFirst "Inside Service" Bookmobile in Texas
In use, 1938-1957. Based at the county library on this site. A bright red, visible for miles, this first bookmobile in Texas was called "The Library Bus". It stopped at ranches, schools, oil camps; circulated 2,000 books a month; served in era of . . . — Map (db m149694) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 3926 — Panhandle
In 1880s, capital of Panhandle area. Settled when slaughter of buffalo sent Indians to live on reservations. Terminus of Santa Fe Railway, 1887. Here immigrant trains brought colonists, who plowed old Indian range into wheat fields and civilization. . . . — Map (db m55889) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 4028 — Pioneer Dugout
In the 1874-1888 era the High Plains (a sea of grass) had no native timber, stone, or adobe building materials. Homes were dugouts, or, if settlers' wagons went some 300 miles for lumber, half-dugouts. Dugouts were warm in winter, cool in summer. . . . — Map (db m55895) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 5220 — Temple Lea Houston(August 12, 1860 - August 15, 1905)
Born in the Texas Governor's Mansion, the eighth and last child of Sam Houston (1793-1863) and his wife Margaret; educated at Baylor University, Texas A&M, and in a law office, Temple Houston came in 1881 to this region as district attorney for the . . . — Map (db m55899) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 3929 — Terminus of the Santa Fe RailroadPanhandle, Texas
Originally “Carson City”, town name was changed 1887 when this site appeared to be the future metropolis of the Panhandle: it was to be at the junction of Santa Fe (under name “Southern Kansas”) and Fort Worth & Denver City . . . — Map (db m55863) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 12767 — Texan Hotel
During the height of Carson County's oil boom in the 1920s, the major oil field supply houses headquartered in Panhandle, and lodging was in great demand. In 1926, Clark B. (d. 1946) and Margaret (d. 1967) Downs opened the Downs Hotel to help meet . . . — Map (db m55890) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 4702 — Texas Panhandle Pioneers: The Simms Brothers
Permanent citizens, forgers of local civilization. Walter Franklin (1869-1963), George Leonard (born 1875) and Dormer D. Simms (born 1884) moved to Texas in 1886 and to this county in the early 1900's. They arrived later than visiting hunters, . . . — Map (db m55893) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 5023 — The Square House
The Niedringhaus brothers of St. Louis sent lumber by ox-cart from Dodge City and built this square house on their “N Bar N” Ranch here in Carson County in the mid-1880s. In 1887 a railroad official occupied the pioneer cottage while the . . . — Map (db m55892) HM
Texas (Carson County), Panhandle — 5467 — Thomas Cree HomesiteFirst Tree
After serving as a teamster in the Civil War (1861-65), Thadium (Thomas) B. Cree worked for the Union Pacific Railroad. In 1888 he and his wife came to the High Plains. They acquired this land and, with no trees for lumber, they built a dugout home. . . . — Map (db m55938) HM

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