“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Shell, Wyoming Historical Markers

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By Bill Coughlin, July 24, 2015
Markers in Bighorn National Forest
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — A 4,000 Mile Journey
The earthbound journey begins . . . . . . when a raindrop or snowflake hits the upper slopes of the Big Horn Mountains. It joins other drops and gains momentum seeking the path of least resistance. Say “goodbye” to the drop as it . . . — Map (db m88182) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Beef Trail
The hillside below the cliffs is managed as a wildlife winter range. Elk and deer in the Big Horn Mountains live at high elevations during the summer, but move down to the lower areas during the winter. The Forest Service helps maintain this winter . . . — Map (db m88173) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Bighorn Basin – Its History
The presence of humans in the Big Horn Basin goes back more than 10,000 years. Evidence suggests that the prehistoric people were nomadic hunters and gatherers. Indians inhabited this area until 1878. In the late 1870s settlers, ranchers, and . . . — Map (db m88172) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Carving a Course
The large, granite building blocks of Shell Canyon are an extraordinary 2.5 billion years old. Called basement or bedrock, they form the bottom layer covering the molten material in the earth’s core. At some point, the huge plate of bedrock . . . — Map (db m88189) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Copman's Tomb
The red cliff face to your left flanks Sunlight Mesa. At the top is Elephant Head Rock, so named because of its shape. The triangle-shaped mountain to the right is named Pyramid Peak. To your far right is a prominent rock-topped mountain called . . . — Map (db m68892) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Forming Waterfalls
If you are a seeker of waterfalls . . . . . . . mark Shell Falls as unique in terms of waterfall origin. Waterfalls form in three basic ways: 1. Where Hard Meets Soft Falls commonly form where a hard, resistant streambed meets a softer one. . . . — Map (db m88179) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — HummingbirdsNature’s Helicopters
Shell Creek nourishes a rich diversity of flowering plants, which in turn attracts tiny winged visitors. Hummingbirds are noted for their uncanny ability to hover in the air like helicopters. By turning their wings upside-down on the backstroke, . . . — Map (db m89166) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Lifeblood of the West
Water is a scarce commodity in the arid west. Wherever streams and rivers flow, you will find the pathways of early exploration and travel, the magnets of human settlement. Shell Creek is no exception. Archaeologists discovered evidence that . . . — Map (db m88186) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Moving Mountains
Can water really move mountains? Bit by bit, grind of water rippling over rock wears the mountain away. In a more dramatic fashion, run-off from melting snow during May and June creates a massive force capable of muscling huge boulders downstream. . . . — Map (db m88168) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Nature's Destruction
In June 1959, a tornado roared over the south rim of the canyon directly before you. Its path was along Granite Creek to your left and through what used to be Granite Creek Campground. One person was killed. The twister ripped up timber and laid it . . . — Map (db m71500) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Oasis in the Desert
So, what is an “Oasis” anyway? The dictionary defines it as “a green area in a dry, arid region.” What makes it so green? If you guessed WATER, then you were right. Most of this area gets less than ten . . . — Map (db m88192) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Shaping a Canyon
2.5 billion years of geologic history lie exposed in the canyon walls of Shell Creek. Gradual cutting action by Shell Creek eventually exposed the basement granite layer that lies above the earth’s molten core. However, Shell Canyon itself formed . . . — Map (db m88178) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Wildfire!
Fire has a number of beneficial effects. It eliminates diseased and dying trees, recycles nutrients back into the soil, and starts the cycle of growth again by allowing sunlight to reach the ground, stimulating the growth of grass. The Forest . . . — Map (db m88171) HM

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