“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Urbanna, Virginia Historical Markers

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By J. J. Prats, January 16, 2010
A Hub For Commerce Marker
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — A Hub For Commerce
As you look toward the water, you are viewing a historical landscape. The houses in front of you weren't here 250 years ago, but the Customs House - the building across the street to your left - would have been. Imagine what this place was like back . . . — Map (db m26632) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — Arthur Lee
Here in the garden of Lansdowne was buried Arthur Lee, 1740-1792. The youngest son of Thomas Lee of Stratford. He was graduated in medicine at Edinburgh in 1764 and practiced briefly at Williamsburg, but his zeal for the cause of the American . . . — Map (db m33887) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — OC-36 — Christopher Robinson
in 1678, Christopher Robinson purchased 300 acres here that became Hewick, the Virginia seat of the Robinson family. Robinson’s distinguished service to Virginia began as the clerk of Middlesex County Court from 1677 to 1688. He was elected to the . . . — Map (db m27178) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — OC-42 — John Mitchell’s Map
Born in Lancaster County on 13 Apr. 1711, John Mitchell studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh and in 1734 opened a practice of medicine here in Urbanna. In 1746, he moved to London, where he published his Map of the British and French . . . — Map (db m26575) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — Landsdowne
In 1763 Ralph Wormeley III of Rosegill sold this house to James Mills, a Scottish merchant. In 1791 Arthur Lee bought it and 1,000 adjacent acres to be his home in retirement. Lee named this estate Landsdowne in honor of his friend, William . . . — Map (db m27015) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — OC-41 — Old Middlesex County Courthouse
This building served as the Middlesex County courthouse from 1748 to 1852. Although much altered from its original appearance, it is one of Virginia’s rare colonial courthouse buildings. During the American Revolution, the local Committee of Safety . . . — Map (db m27011) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — Old Tobacco Warehouse
Traditionally known as the Old Tobacco Warehouse. Built 1766 by James Mills, Scottish merchant. First used as a store and/or warehouse.

Owned and authentically restored by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. — Map (db m26605) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — N-78 — OpiscopankSmith's Mystery Town
In 1608, Capt. John Smith mapped Opiscopank near here as an Indian town where a chief lived. Oddly, his narratives did not mention visiting the town or how he learned about it. In 1649, Ralph Wormeley patented 3,200 acres here that included . . . — Map (db m74697) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — Prettyman’s Rolling Road
This historical landscape hasn't really changed in the past 250 years. The Factor Store has gone through many transitions from a tobacco inspection facility and general store, to private homes, to the Urbanna Library and, finally, to the museum you . . . — Map (db m26631) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — OC-35 — Rosegill
A short distance east is Rosegill. The house was built about 1650 by the first Ralph Wormeley; it became the summer home of the colonial governors, Sir Henry Chicheley and Lord Howard of Effingham. In 1776, the owner, the fifth Ralph Wormeley, was . . . — Map (db m27005) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — Sandwichc. 1754
Sandwich, circa 1754, is registered as a Virginia Historic Landmark and placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 2008. — Map (db m26858) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — The Backyard Garden Was Essential
The quiet landscape you see today was once teeming with activity.

There was a garden behind the store that provided vegetables for home use and possibly for sale or trade. There was a larger garden area as well, which was probably tended by . . . — Map (db m26606) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — The Grave of Arthur Lee
Nearby, in the garden of Lansdowne, was buried Arthur Lee, 1740-1792, the youngest son of Thomas Lee of Stratford. Early in 1776 he secretly obtained the original grant of French military supplies for the Continental Army, which made possible the . . . — Map (db m33886) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — Tobacco Was Moneyand this was where you made it or spent it!
In Colonial Virginia, tobacco was money - a product in high demand in England. Acts were passed providing for the inspection of tobacco to ensure quality and to make sure that correct payments were made for its sale and purchase.

All tobacco . . . — Map (db m26630) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Urbanna — OC-40 — Urbanna Creek
First known as Nimcock Creek, this creek was mentioned in a legislative act of 1680 as “Wormley’s Creek.” After the town of Urbanna was named in 1705 for Queen Anne, the stream was given the same name. British privateersmen entered the . . . — Map (db m27009) HM

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