“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Varnell, Georgia Historical Markers

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By Tom Bosse, April 3, 2018
Cotton Gin Marker
Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — Cotton Gin
The cotton “gin” (short for engine) was first patented by Eli Whitney of Massachusetts in 1793. The purpose of a cotton gin is to remove the cotton seeds from cotton fibers.

Simple ginning machines were being used prior to 1793 to . . . — Map (db m120419) HM

Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — Dr. Lacewellís Office
Dr. John Franklin Lacewell (June 7, 1857 – August 19, 1937) was a horse-and-buggy doctor who never owned an automobile. He graduated from Atlanta Medical College (now Emory University) in 1887 and returned to Whitfield County. He answered . . . — Map (db m120418) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — 155-32 — Historic Varnell Home ó >>>>----->>
This historic home was built in 1847 by “Dry Dan Dold” for M. P. Varnell, a pioneer settler of this community. In the War Between the States, this home was used as a temporary hospital by Federals and Confederates. Several skirmishes and . . . — Map (db m44662) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — Joseph Standing Monument
This memorial park and monument honor the memory of Elder Joseph Standing of Salt Lake City, Utah, a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (Mormon) who was killed here by a mob July 21, 1879. His companion, Elder Rudger . . . — Map (db m22501) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — 155-29B — Old Federal Road
The highway crossing east and west at this point is the Old Federal Road, northwest Georgiaís earliest vehicular route. It led across the Indian County from the southeast boundary of the Cherokees, in the direction of Athens, toward Nashville via . . . — Map (db m44658) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — Praterís Mill
Praterís Mill is a restored working gristmill built by Benjamin Franklin Prater circa 1855, on land that the Cherokee called “Fish Trap Shoals”. The mill is constructed of hand-hewn timbers with mortised and pegged joints. The Prater . . . — Map (db m120417) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — Praterís Mill and The Civil War ó 1861-1865
January 19, 1861 – Georgia secedes from the Union.

October 1862 – The first Confederate troops arrive in Whitfield County.

1826 – 1864 – Benjamin Franklin Prater sells corn, hay, fodder, bacon, split rails and . . . — Map (db m120413) HM

Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — Praterís Mill Store
Praterís Mill was an important commercial site, containing the grist mill for grinding corn and wheat, and also a store, post office, warehouse, cotton gin, blacksmith, gardens and numerous houses. The Praterís Mill store and the mill complex were . . . — Map (db m120416) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — Prater's Mill
Praterís Mill Dates from 1855 and is in remarkably good shape thanks to the Praterís Mill Foundation. Built by John Pitner, the grist mill and a nearby sawmill operated from a single water-powered turbine. Together the two mills carved a center of . . . — Map (db m120411) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Varnell — Water Turbine
Many old mills were powered by overshot water wheels, picturesque, but difficult to maintain. Praterís Mill, however, was powered by three more modern underwater turbines. One of these, a Leffel-type patented in 1862, is still completely operational . . . — Map (db m120415) HM

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