“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Virginia Beach, Virginia Historical Markers

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By Brandon D Cross, May 20, 2019
“The Brick Church” Marker
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — Battle of the Capes
On the morning of September 5, 1781, a line of 19 British warships appeared off this cape, headed for Chesapeake Bay. Surprised at anchor in the mouth of the bay, the crews of 24 French warships scrambled out to challenge them. Both fleets sailed . . . — Map (db m23139) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — KV-17 — British Naval Blockade and Cape Henry Lighthouse / The War of 1812
British Naval Blockade and Cape Henry Lighthouse During the War of 1812, a British naval blockade along much of the U.S. East Coast disrupted foreign trade and interfered with commerce. On 4 Feb. 1813, the blockade was extended to the . . . — Map (db m94317) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — Cape Henry Memorial — Colonial National Historical Park —
Here at Cape Henry first landed in America, upon 26 April 1607, those English colonists who, upon 13 May 1607, established at Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English colony in America. Erected by the National Society, Daughters of the . . . — Map (db m23198) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — Circular Gun Mount / Fort Story Family Housing
This concrete circular gun mount remains as part of a 16 inch howitzer battery built to defend the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. The battery was active until the final days of World War II when it was declared obsolete and scrapped. The below . . . — Map (db m94330) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — First Public Works Project of the United States Government
Construction of the Cape Henry Lighthouse was authorized by the First United States Congress on August 7, 1789. President George Washington personally reviewed bids in January, 1791 and chose John McCombs, a New York Bricklayer, as contractor. . . . — Map (db m77577) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — Fort Story
Welcome to Fort Story, home to a variety of U.S. Army and Navy units. The installation's 1,451 acres are presently used for training by the Army's 7th Sustainment Brigade, Naval Amphibious forces and Special Operations forces. The post also serves . . . — Map (db m79242) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — François Joseph Paul de Grasse — Cape Henry Memorial, Colonial National Historical Park —
This statue, a gift from France is placed here, overlooking the waters where Admiral Comte de Grasse successfully engaged the British Fleet on September 5, 1781. The “Battle of the Capes” prevented crucial reinforcements from reaching . . . — Map (db m32983) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — History of Cape Henry Lighthouse
Governor Alexander Spotswood first proposed building a lighthouse at Cape Henry in a message to the Virginia House of Burgesses on November 27, 1720. He suggested the province of Maryland should help pay part of the construction costs. For the next . . . — Map (db m65675) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — Old Cape Henry Lighthouse1791
Land given by the State of Virginia 1789 First Lighthouse built by the United States Government Deeded by Congress in 1930 to the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities — Map (db m77547) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Kempsville — K-272 — Kempsville
Originally known as Kemp's Landing, Kempsville is located at the head of the eastern branch of the Elizabeth River. By the middle 1700s, it had become an important port community. Colonial Governor Lord Dunmore's forces fought the Princess Anne . . . — Map (db m73903) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Little Creek — Bataan Corregidor Memorial
Navy - Marines - Army - Army Air Corps Dec. 8, 1941 — May 6, 1943 In honor of the 60,000 "Battling Bastards" of Bataan/Corregidor Philippine Islands May we never forget their sacrifices — Map (db m98417) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Little Creek — Pearl Harbor Memorial
The same inscription is engraved on both sides of the marker: In memory of those 2403 heroes who made the supreme sacrifice and to the survivors of Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii A day that will live in infamy "Remember Pearl Harbor" . . . — Map (db m98416) WM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Little Creek-Fort Story — U.S.N. Armed Guard of World War II Memorial
Dedicated to U.S.N. Armed Guard of World War II The Armed Guard of WW II came into existence on April 15, 1941 as USN Naval Reserves began special gunnery training. On September 25, 1941, orders were given to train 200 officers and 1000 men . . . — Map (db m94336) HM WM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Oceana Naval Air Station — K--277 — Eastern Shore Chapel
Originally named for its proximity to the eastern shore of the Lynnhaven River, the first Eastern Shore Chapel was built elsewhere by 1689. The vestry of Lynnhaven Prish commissioned the building of the third Eastern Shore Chapel in 1754. . . . — Map (db m69597) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Oceana Naval Air Station — Flame Of Hope
Flame Of Hope This flame will burn continuously to light the way for the return of our Prisoners Of War held in South East Asia Dedicated by Concerned Citizens and Service Men of Tidewater Area USS Shenandoah AD . . . — Map (db m70036) WM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Oceana Naval Air Station — The Flame of Hope
The Flame of Hope monument was conceived in 1972 as a volunteer project headed by Attack Squadron 43 at Naval Air Station Oceana. The monument provided squadron personal with a means to express their concern for the Prisoners of War and Missing . . . — Map (db m70153) HM WM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Sandbridge — Charles KuraltOn the Refuge Road
On the Refuge Road Charles Kuralt Charles Kuralt (1934 - 1997) was a native of North Carolina with deep family roots in the Tarheel region. As a distinguished radio and broadcast journalist, Kuralt was the innovator of a popular . . . — Map (db m95979) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — “The Brick Church”
The first church on this site was completed in June 1692. It became the second church building of the Colonial Era in Lynnhaven Parish. The construction specifications were for “A Good And Substantial Brick . . . — Map (db m135018) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KW-16 — Adam Thoroughgood House
This dwelling illustrates the transition from Virginia’s temporary frontier structures of the early 17th century to the more permanent, gentry houses of the 18th century. It stands on land obtained in 1636 by Adam Thoroughgood, who came to the . . . — Map (db m2528) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV-14 — Adam Thorowgood
Near here stood the house of Adam Thorowgood (1604-1640), who arrived in Virginia as an indentured servant in 1621. After completing his service, Thorowgood became a leading citizen in Lower Norfolk County. In 1635, he received 5350 acres of land . . . — Map (db m73870) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Atlantic Parkway
The Council of Garden Clubs of Virginia Beach and Princess Anne Co. Sponsored the development of this 47 block Atlantic Parkway in 1952-1954, in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Highways and the City of Virginia Beach. Many . . . — Map (db m84229) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV 28 — Camp Ashby
Camp Ashby, a World War II prisoner of war camp for German soldiers, occupied more than 200 acres just north of here. It’s headquarters was the main building of the former Tidewater Memorial Hospital, a tuberculosis sanitarium that had opened on . . . — Map (db m129862) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
Total project cost, building time and opening dates (No local, State or Federal Tax Money Used) North - $200,000,000 - 42 Months Opened April 15, 1964 South - $250,000,000 - 46 Months Opened April 19, 1999 Length 17.6 Miles Shore . . . — Map (db m106569) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV-13 — Chesapeake Indians
In 1585, two towns of the Chesapeake Indians called Apasus and Chesepiooc were visited by the English Roanoke expedition and later included in Theodor De Bry's map of Virginia. Archaeological research conducted in the Great Neck . . . — Map (db m69664) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Church Point1639
Near this site Lynnhaven Parish Church was built in 1639. The church and its graveyard were the victims of erosion by the waters of the Lynnhaven River. Among gravestones found were those of Adam Thoroughgood and his wife Sarah, and her last two . . . — Map (db m108916) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV 15-a — Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1371
Seashore State Park at Cape Henry, now known as First Landing State Park, was built by an all African American regiment of the Civilian Conservation Corps, a New Deal-era relief program that employed young men ages 17 to 25. The CCC program provided . . . — Map (db m8315) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV 19 — Col. John Thorowgood Jr.
John Thorowgood Jr., Revolutionary-Era leader, lived on an 840-acre plantation near here, on Little Creek. He was elected to the Convention of 1776, which adopted Virginia’s resolutions for independence, the Virginia Declaration of Rights, . . . — Map (db m129841) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — de Witt CottageAtlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum — Home of Back Bay Wildfowl Guild, Inc. —
The de Witt Cottage, built in 1895 by B. P. Holland, Virginia Beach's first mayor, was the first brick structure built at the oceanfront. With 14" thick outside walls and a sturdy foundation, the building has survivied many northeasters and . . . — Map (db m33352) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV-15 — First Landing
Near here the first permanent English settlers in North America first landed on American soil, April 26, 1607. From here they went on to make the settlement at Jamestown. The brick lighthouse was built in 1791. — Map (db m2670) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — First Landing
Landed April 26, 1607 Captain Gabriel Archer Christopher Newport Hon. George S. Percy Bartholomew Gobfold Edward Maria Vincefeld with twenty-five others who calling the place "Cape Henry" planted a cross April 29, 1607 "Dei . . . — Map (db m77578) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — First Landing State Park
Left Plaque First Landing State Park (Seashore) has been registered as a Virginia Historic Landmark pursuant to the authority vested in the Virginia Board of Historic Resources Right Plaque . . . — Map (db m69832) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Founders and Veterans of Lynnhaven Parish ChurchInterred in this Cemetery and Surrounding Area — Old Donation Church —
CAPT Adam Thorowgood (1604-1640) Founder COL Thomas Walke I (1642-1694) Colonial War COL Edward Moseley (1661-1736) Colonial War COL Anthony Walke I (1692-1768) Colonial War COL Edward Hack Moseley (1717-1783) Colonial War Lt COL . . . — Map (db m135219) HM WM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Francis Land House
Francis Land House, circa 1732. Placed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks, 1975. The Francis Land House, circa 1732. Marked by Princess Anne County Chapter, NSDAR, Bicentennial Project, Nov. 13, 1976. — Map (db m2628) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Grace White Sherwood1660 - 1740
. . . — Map (db m135021) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Hampton Roads U.S. Navy ArmadaMission: Surface, Air & Subsurface Deterrence.
Surface-borne combatants conduct at-sea battle operations against air, surface, and subsurface enemies and protect sea lanes. Sub-surface combatants destroy enemy ships, primarily submarines, to prohibit the employment of such forces against . . . — Map (db m106568) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Historic Cayce Hospital Building
The City of Virginia Beach Landmarks Of Our Nation's Beginning Historical Register — Map (db m84235) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — History of Thalia/Aunt Penny's Park
History of Thalia. The word “Thalia” is derived from the Greek “thallein”, mean­ing to flour­ish and bloom. The community of Thalia is gen­er­ally bounded on the west by Thalia Creek, on the east by Lynn Shores Road, on . . . — Map (db m21224) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Lake Trashmore Bank Stabilization
Native wetland vegetation is planted around the edge of the lake providing erosion control, water quality benefits, wildlife habitat, and recreation. Gently sloping bank is planted with grasses to prevent soil from washing into the lake. . . . — Map (db m106467)
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Land Ho!Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail
(panel 1) After nearly five months at sea, 104 Englishmen landed here at dawn on April 26, 1607. To honor their prince, they named the site Cape Henry and planted a wooden cross. Fearing rival Spanish vessels, the newcomers headed . . . — Map (db m98478) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Lucius J. Kellam, Jr.Bridge -Tunnel
The dream of a structure bridging the lower Chesapeake Bay to connect Virginia's Eastern Shore with the Mainland of Virginia became a reality with the opening of the Bridge-Tunnel on April 15, 1964. This accomplishment can be attributed to the . . . — Map (db m34862) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Lynnhaven House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places byt the United States Department of the Interior. Lynnhaven House. c. 1725. — Map (db m2535) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV 29 — Meeting of Three Commanders
Admiral de Grasse, commander of a large French fleet, gained control of the Chesapeake Bay after defeating a British fleet off the Virginia Capes on 5 Sept. 1781. Gen. George Washington, commander in chief of the combined American . . . — Map (db m134231) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Naval Air Station Oceana
NAS Oceana started as a fledgling airfield in an isolated area of Princess Anne County. By 1938, as the threat of war was growing closer, carrier squadrons were being established in the area; thousands of new pilots needed training, so the Navy . . . — Map (db m112676) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Naval Aviation Monument Park
Naval Aviation Monument This is a monument to the proud heritage of Naval Aviation that has had many of its beginnings in Hampton Roads. It is here in Hampton Roads that the very first take-off from a ship was made by Eugene Ely in 1910. It . . . — Map (db m107732) HM WM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Neighborhood Alert!Brainwaves at the Beach — Marine Mammals —
Because marine mammals are vital members of a balanced ecosystem, Federal laws are in place to minimize the impact of human actives on their health, behavior and habitat. Any action that changes the behavior of a marine mammal is considered . . . — Map (db m107139)
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Neptune
From the earliest of time humans have been awed by the power of the sea. Early civilizations declared it the domain of a major mythological deity the god of the sea! To the Greeks Poseidon…To the Romans Neptune. The statue was cast in bronze by . . . — Map (db m92554) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — K-280 — Old Donation Church
Just east stands Old Donation Episcopal Church, built in 1736. It is the third building to serve the colonial era Lynnhaven Parish, established by 1642. The second church, once adjacent to the current building, was converted into a school in 1737. . . . — Map (db m135009) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Peace Monument
On the 50th anniversary of the USA DAI Nippon Butoku Kai, this peace monument in Red Wing Park was created by the City of Virginia Beach with lofty aims for people-to-people initiatives of sister cities. The monument stands with prayers and hopes . . . — Map (db m98428)
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Princess Anne County Courthouse1787
The Princess County Courthouse was located 200 yards northeast of this point at the time of the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America in 1787. This marker erected by the Constitution’s Celebration Commission of Virginia . . . — Map (db m134627) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — K-274 — Princess Anne County Training School/Union Kempsville High School
This is the site of Princess Anne County Training School, the first school for African Americans in the county. The Princess Anne County Training Association and surrounding communities raised money to purchase property to build a high school. In . . . — Map (db m73895) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Seal of the City of Virginia Beach
The Cape Henry Lighthouse & Cross in the seal's center symbolize the beginning of Virginia Beach as well as the United States. The bright sky, sunshine, blue water & sandy beach indicate the importance of tourism & the pleasure of nature available. . . . — Map (db m48338) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV-4 — Seashore State Park
This park was developed by the National Park Service, Interior Department, through the Civilian Conservation Corps, in conjunction with the Virginia Conservation Commission. It covers 3400 acres and was opened, June 15, 1936. Two miles west is . . . — Map (db m24326) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Sister CitiesMoss, Norway and Virginia Beach, USA
The relationship between Moss, Norway and Virginia Beach had its beginnings when the Norwegian ship, Dictator, went down in a storm off Virginia Beach March 27th, 1891. A shipping line in Moss, Norway owned the Dictator. In 1974 the bond forged in . . . — Map (db m115195) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV-27 — Skirmish at Kemp’s Landing
Lord Dunmore, royal governor of Virginia, led a detachment of the British 14th Regiment to this area on 15 Nov. 1775 to disrupt militiamen forming in resistance to royal authority. The Princess Anne militia, waiting in a thicket, fired on the . . . — Map (db m134567) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV 31 — The Cavalier Hotel
The Cavalier Hotel, completed in 1927 is emblematic of Virginia Beach’s transformation from small town to major resort during the Roaring Twenties. The hotel’s luxurious accommodations attracted visitors from across the country, including several . . . — Map (db m134226) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Chesapeake Bay : History Happened HereCape Henry in Peace and War
Directly to the east is Cape Henry, which along with Cape Charles, define the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. Both "old" and "new" Cape Henry lighthouses are visible. In September, 1781 the waters off Cape Henry witnessed two-and-a-half hours of . . . — Map (db m34863) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Chesapeake Bay : History Happened HereThe Navy Sees the World
On the morning of December 16, 1907, President Teddy Roosevelt sent the "Great White Fleet" around the world to demonstrate American technology and resolve. Sixteen battleships passed by this point en route to Trinidad and points south, returning to . . . — Map (db m34867) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Chesapeake Bay : History Happened HereYour Navy at Work
Every type of Navy ship operates on the Chesapeake Bay en route to or from the great naval installations of Hampton Roads. There are easy ways to identify them, starting with color. Most navies in the world paint their ships gray- although some are . . . — Map (db m34870) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Chesapeake Bay : History Happened HereShields of the Republic
In World War II more than 700,000 American men and women went to the conflict through the Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation. Over 900,000 more arrived, including the wounded, survivors of sea battles and prisoners of war. The U-boat peril reached . . . — Map (db m34873) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Chesapeake Bay : History Happened HereIronclad Revolution
In 1861, the Confederate navy converted the hulk of U.S.S. Merrimack into an ironclad, CSS Virginia. On March 8, 1861, the Virginia sank one Union warship and drove another aground in flames before the north's ironclad, U.S.S. Monitor, crossed the . . . — Map (db m34960) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Pembroke Manor House
The Pembroke Manor House has been place on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. circa 1764. Historic Landmark Registered Property Pembroke Manor House Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission . . . — Map (db m2534) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Skirmish Of Kempsville
Near this spot on November 16, 1775 The Skirmish Of Kempsville John Ackiss, a Minute-Man, was killed This house served as headquarters for Lord Dunmore Erected by Old Donation Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution . . . — Map (db m135204) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — K-276 — The Testing of Grace Sherwood
The witchcraft case of Grace Sherwood is one of the best known in Virginia. She was accused of bewitching a neighbor’s crop in 1698. Allegations grew over time until the Princess Anne County government and her accusers decided she would be tested by . . . — Map (db m20361) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Trial of 1706
At Witchduck Point, 10am July 10th 1706 Grace Sherwood, the daughter of a carpenter and the wife of a planter in the County of Princess Anne, was accused by neighbors of witchcraft. Grace was tried in the Second Princess Anne Courthouse, found . . . — Map (db m134928) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The United States Life-Saving Service Stations & CrewsThe Old Coast Guard Station Maritime Museum
In 1871 Congress created the United States Life-Saving Service (USLSS), an organization dedicated to rescuing the men and woman whose ships wrecked off of the United States coast. The USLSS built a total of 285 stations across the country. Five . . . — Map (db m104857) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV-18 — The War of 1812 / President – Little Belt Affair
The War of 1812. Impressment of Americans into British service and the violation of American ships were among the causes of America's War of 1812 with the British which lasted until 1815. Virginians suffered from a British naval blockade of . . . — Map (db m104666) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Wreck of the Dictator and The Norwegian Lady Statue
On March 27, 1891, the stormy Atlantic Ocean caused the Norwegian bark Dictator to seek haven and repairs in Hampton Roads. Heavily loaded with yellow pine, on a voyage from Pensacola, Florida to England, the Dictator had been damaged by a series of . . . — Map (db m114335) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Tribute to Admiral de Grasse
To Comte Francois Joseph Paul de Grasse Admiral of the French Fleet "Arbiter Of The War" — — — General George Washington Victor in the only decisive Naval Battle in the American Revolution ( the Virginia . . . — Map (db m37233) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Virginia Legends Walk
Several markers are located along the Virginia Legends Walk. In order, starting from the eastern entrance, they read as follows:Grace Sherwood (1660-1730) Sherwood lived in Princess Anne County from the latter 1600’s until the 1730’s, . . . — Map (db m33678) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Who's in the neighborhood?Brainwaves at the Beach — Marine Mammals —
More than 30 marine mammal species come to feed in Virginia's food-rich waters. All are migratory, and when and where you see them depend on the species.Bottlenose dolphins and manatees are summer visitors often seen close to the beach while pilot . . . — Map (db m107140)
Virginia, Virginia Beach — You are standing at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay,North America's largest estuary.
A vast and fragile ecosystem that extends through six states and empties into the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay region is a mosaic of land and water. Its ports, urban centers, suburbs, and farms are home to almost 17 million people, its . . . — Map (db m106570) HM

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