“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Woodland Park, Colorado Historical Markers

Amazing Pikes Peak Feats Marker image, Touch for more information
By Charles T. Harrell, July 1, 2011
Amazing Pikes Peak Feats Marker
Colorado (Teller County), Woodland Park — Amazing Pikes Peak Feats
Thrill-seekers, fund-raisers, and publicity hounds have been attracted to Pikes Peak for decades. Daring adventurers have hang-glided and skied off the summit, and rock climbers have challenged steep rock faces. Here is the scoop on some of the . . . — Map (db m45842) HM
Colorado (Teller County), Woodland Park — Black (and sometimes brown) Bear
The bears that live on Pikes Peak are Black Bears and have been seen in shades of cinnamon to dark brown. They stand approximately 3 feet tall at the shoulder and eat mostly berries, nuts and leaves. Before winter hits, bears eat almost constantly . . . — Map (db m45772) HM
Colorado (Teller County), Woodland Park — Donít kill them with kindness ó Feeding wild animals on the mountain does more harm than good.
You can help the Peakís wild animals by not feeding them. “Can one chip hurt?” you may wonder. Yes it can, when multiplied by 2,000 visitors per summer day. Then when the summerís over, the animals are without their junk food . . . — Map (db m45844) HM
Colorado (Teller County), Woodland Park — Elk Country ó A Majestic Head Dress
When snow falls and cold winds blow, elk lose their antlers. Elk drop and re-grow antlers each year while bighorn sheep wear their horns for life. The antler cycle begins when the previous seasonís antlers, now useless, break off. Soon skull bumps . . . — Map (db m45774) HM
Colorado (Teller County), Woodland Park — From Carriages to Corvettes ó Glen Cove Lodge
Sightseers have been riding the spectacular road up Pikes Peak since 1889. Back then, early risers chugged up the pass on the Colorado Midland train to Cascade. There, horse drawn carriages awaited eager passengers. According to Francis Heizer, . . . — Map (db m45840) HM
Colorado (Teller County), Woodland Park — Race to the Clouds ó The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb rich with racing tradition —
Can you imagine racing up a mountain that has 1,000 foot drop-offs? Thatís exactly what daring drivers have been doing since 1916. That was the year mining magnate Spencer Penrose announced the first Pikes Peak National Hill Climbing Contest to . . . — Map (db m45839) HM
Colorado (Teller County), Woodland Park — Tricky Affairs ó The porcupineís perfect defense
The porcupine defends itself with between 15,000 and 30,000 needle-sharp quills. Each quill has barbs that flair out from the shaft that resist being pulled out, but also work themselves in. When challenged, the porcupine simply puts its head . . . — Map (db m45773) HM

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