“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in York

"Men who don't often weep wept then" Marker image, Touch for more information
By Devry Becker Jones, July 3, 2020
"Men who don't often weep wept then" Marker
1Pennsylvania (York County), York — "Men who don't often weep wept then" — York
Faced with the impossible task of defending an essentially unarmed city against the six thousand battle hardened troops of General Jubal Early, the citizens of York met with the Confederates and negotiated surrender, in and act which was . . . — Map (db m22888) HM
2Pennsylvania (York County), York — "York House"
Built in 1860 by Charles Billmeyer, railroad car manufacturer. Noted for its hand-painted ceiling and exquisite interior ornamentation, building is outstanding example of mansion-type Victorian architecture. — Map (db m4594) HM
3Pennsylvania (York County), York — 148 East Philadelphia Street
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m100700) HM
4Pennsylvania (York County), York — 161 East Philadelphia Street
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m152299) HM
5Pennsylvania (York County), York — 23 North Beaver Street
This building has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m152273) HM
6Pennsylvania (York County), York — 35 South Queen Street
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m152319) HM
7Pennsylvania (York County), York — 455 West Market Street
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m100653) HM
8Pennsylvania (York County), York — 459 West Market Street
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m100655) HM
9Pennsylvania (York County), York — American War Mothers Monument
We mothers are proud of our sons and daughters ☆ who won peace and ☆ freedom for the world. Guard well this heritage for the mothers of the ☆ future. ☆ — Map (db m152268) WM
10Pennsylvania (York County), York — Anthony Ritz
Anthony Ritz, the unfortunate man Sawing a limb of a Cherry tree where was seated on . down he came — Map (db m152293) HM
11Pennsylvania (York County), York — Articles of Confederation
Our nation's first constitution. Adopted November 15, 1777, in the York County Courthouse, the Articles united the 13 colonies by establishing the government of the United States of America. Remained in effect until replaced by the Constitution in . . . — Map (db m121308) HM
12Pennsylvania (York County), York — Black Horse Tavern
Old tavern stood on this site, which was the lot granted to Baltzer Spengler by the sons of William Penn for services in the laying out of York in 1741. — Map (db m4561) HM
13Pennsylvania (York County), York — Bob Hoffman (1898 - 1985)
The "Father of World Weightlifting" & founder of the York Barbell Club was the U.S. Olympic weightlifting coach, 1948-64; also actively promoted the sports of powerlifting & bodybuilding. Served as an official advisor on youth physical fitness for . . . — Map (db m4607) HM
14Pennsylvania (York County), York — Calvin C. Rice, Jr.
In honor of Calvin C. Rice, Jr. SSG, US Army 10/27/1946 - 6/25/1969 Silver Star Bronze Star "V" Purple Heart 2x ARCOM "V" Died of wounds received 6/15/1969 Tay Ninh, . . . — Map (db m152267) WM
15Pennsylvania (York County), York — Captain Michael Doudel's Company
Near this site, Captain Michael Doudel's company of York County riflemen mustered on July 24, 1775. Prior to their 600-mile journey to join General George Washington at the siege of Boston, Massachusetts. These frontier patriots were the first to . . . — Map (db m4579) HM
16Pennsylvania (York County), York — Celebrating 250 Years — York County Pennsylvania — 1749 - 1998 "Still Making History" —
Three George Washington Mount Vernon Trees American Holly Red Maple Tulip Poplar and two Homestead Elms are planted here by the York County 250th Anniversary Commission [Reverse:] . . . — Map (db m152313) HM
17Pennsylvania (York County), York — Cherry Lane
Wall of History on Cherry Lane The outlines of roofs, chimneys, windows and rafters mark the structures which once stood on this site. A. Unfinished brickwork indicates the shadow of a steep roofed log house built by a prosperous . . . — Map (db m4565) HM
18Pennsylvania (York County), York — Civil War Memorial
Erected in memory of the Defenders of the Union 1861-5 United States Hospital, Established at York. 1862. The dead here interred were soldiers of the Union from sixteen states who died in hospital, at their homes or on battle . . . — Map (db m82395) HM WM
19Pennsylvania (York County), York — Civil War Memorial
Dedicated in the memory of our fathers Grand Army of the Republic by the Penna. Dept. Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861 to 1865 at the 25th Convention June 13, 1937 "Let us have faith, that right . . . — Map (db m152311) WM
20Pennsylvania (York County), York — Col. Thomas Hartley
Here stood the home of Col. Thomas Hartley Revolutionary Soldier and Patriot Brigade Commander of Pennsylvania Troops at Battles of Brandywine and Germantown For 12 years member of Congress from Pa. The Friend of Washington . . . — Map (db m152294) HM
21Pennsylvania (York County), York — Colonel James Smith
In this churchyard is buried Colonel James Smith Member of Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence — Map (db m152304) HM
22Pennsylvania (York County), York — Colonel Thomas Hartley
On this site was the house of Col. Thomas Hartley, first congressman from York County. In 1777, he was prominent in the defense of Philadelphia; led an expedition to avenge the Wyoming Massacre in 1778. — Map (db m4566) HM
23Pennsylvania (York County), York — Continental Treasury
. . . — Map (db m4553) HM
24Pennsylvania (York County), York — Daniel K. Noell
Educator and First Mayor of York — Map (db m152320) HM
25Pennsylvania (York County), York — Defenders of the Flag
This section dedicated to the sacred memory of the departed comrades of York Post No. 127 American Legion White Rose Post No. 556 Veterans of Foreign Wars Their Ladies' Auxiliaries and other organizations serving their country And . . . — Map (db m145289) WM
26Pennsylvania (York County), York — Dr. George Holtzapple, The Breath of Life
In 1855, George Holtzapple had been practicing medicine less than a year in his native Loganville when he received an urgent message that a 16-year old Frederick Gable was fighting for his life against pneumonia. "Give me breath!" the boy pleaded . . . — Map (db m152318) HM
27Pennsylvania (York County), York — Dr. Kennedy
1799. Dr. Kennedy he waxenate the children with matter A remedy to cure the Smallpox. — Map (db m152287) HM
28Pennsylvania (York County), York — Fallen Heroes Memorial
"When you go home. Tell them of us and say For their tomorrow. We gave our today." John Maxwell Edmonds — Map (db m82373) WM
29Pennsylvania (York County), York — Family Album — Watershed Through Time
Throughout time the East Branch Codorus Creek watershed has nurtured many species of plants and animals. It has also supported human activity for thousands of years. We rely on the water to irrigate crops and power businesses. At home, we need . . . — Map (db m142929) HM
30Pennsylvania (York County), York — First Presbyterian Church of York
The ground on which this church stands was granted in 1785 by John Penn and John Penn the grandsons of William Penn. — Map (db m152302) HM
31Pennsylvania (York County), York — From Farm to Market
In York County, agriculture is a way of life for many, and "going to market," either as a vendor or a shopper is one of the area's long-standing traditions. Depicted here is a 1950's scene from the Central Market House. Built in 1888, . . . — Map (db m152276) HM
32Pennsylvania (York County), York — Gen. Horatio Gates
This building was the residence of Gen. Gates in 1778. At that time he was President of Board of War. It was said that the "Conway Cabal" was thwarted here by Lafayette's loyalty to Washington. — Map (db m4573) HM
33Pennsylvania (York County), York — Gen. Wayne Headquarters
Building erected in Colonial Period was headquarters of Gen. Anthony Wayne while his command was in York, Feb. - May, 1781, awaiting orders to join Lafayette in the Yorktown Campaign. — Map (db m4571) HM
34Pennsylvania (York County), York — General Anthony Wayne
On this site General Anthony Wayne in the Spring of 1781, established headquarters of The Pennsylvania Line and recruited for the campaign which ended in the surrender of Lord . . . — Map (db m152270) HM
35Pennsylvania (York County), York — General Jacob L. Devers
"There is one supreme final test of loyalty for one's native land a readiness and willingness to fight for and, if need be, to die for one's country. These Americans passed that test with colors flying. Their Americanism may be described only by . . . — Map (db m152324) WM
36Pennsylvania (York County), York — General Marquis de Lafayette 1757 - 1834
Member Society of the Cincinnati of France. Presented jointly by the State Society of the Cincinnati and the City of York, Pennsylvania, this day January 27th 2007. "Serving America is to my heart an inexpressible happiness" General Marquis de . . . — Map (db m4574) HM
37Pennsylvania (York County), York — General Michael P. Small
This log structure, c. 1820, was owned by Bvt. Brig. General Michael P. Small from 1862-1863. General Small began his military career as a West Point graduate in 1855. He served during the entire Civil War for the United States Army. He . . . — Map (db m152306) HM
38Pennsylvania (York County), York — George Adam Gosler
George Adam Gosler Cabinetmaker, he made A fine Clock Case, for – Baily – When it was done Mr. Baily he feruplet About, The price, it – was to high for the Gentleman. My work is good. A few words Said, Gosler – took his . . . — Map (db m152286) HM
39Pennsylvania (York County), York — George Heckert — 1809
George Heckert, Saving a woman from being Expose't from a crowd of boys in her Situation by his hat covering her. She was to get from the horse, and her close caught at the horse of the Saddle hung fastened against the horse and struggling to save . . . — Map (db m152292) HM
40Pennsylvania (York County), York — Global War on Terrorism
Those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for York County Roberts, Neil C., PO1, York, 03-04-02, Afghanistan. Kennedy, Brian M., CPL, York, 03-20-03, Kuwait. Maglione, Joseph B., II, LCPL, York, 04-01-03, Kuwait. Carlock, Ryan G., SPC, . . . — Map (db m152309) WM
41Pennsylvania (York County), York — Globe Inn
Many distinguished persons stayed at old inn located on this site. Here, in 1825, Lafayette was given a reception. His toast "To the Town of York" is memorable. — Map (db m4558) HM
42Pennsylvania (York County), York — Golden Plough Tavern
Possibly the oldest surviving building in York. Built, c. 1741, by Martin Eichelberger, native of the German Black Forest. Its massive hewn half-timbers reflect a style almost unknown today, of medieval architecture. — Map (db m4583) HM
43Pennsylvania (York County), York — Hall & Sellers Press
First printing press west of Susquehanna River was set up on this site. Here, government publications and continental currency were printed while Congress met in York, Sept. 1777 to June 1778. — Map (db m4569) HM
44Pennsylvania (York County), York — In the Old Court House here at York
The French Alliance was ratified by the Continental Congress May 4, 1778. In the darkest period of the Revolutionary War it brought hope and joy to General Washington and the Continental Army at Valley Forge. The aid thus secured made possible . . . — Map (db m4577) HM
45Pennsylvania (York County), York — 6 — Interlocking Tower — The History of Rail Walking Tour
The York Interlocking Tower, located in Poorhouse Yard, is the point where the Northern Central Railroad, Western Maryland, Pennsylvania Railroad, and Maryland & Pennsylvania all converged. The tower is located along York Street near N. Queen . . . — Map (db m152298) HM
46Pennsylvania (York County), York — J. Allen Baer House — 426 West Market Street — C. 1898 —
has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m100656) HM
47Pennsylvania (York County), York — Jacob L. Devers (1887-1979)
Born and raised here, he rose to the rank of Four Star General, 1945. the Army's youngest Brig. Gen. In 1940; he became commander of European operations in World War II and had a key role in the liberation of France, 1944. Buried, Arlington National . . . — Map (db m4600) HM
48Pennsylvania (York County), York — Jake Devers
Jake Devers! Patriot, dedicated soldier, astute commander, humble man with a multitude of friends. Among his greatest admirers and staunchest supporters were those officers and enlisted men who were privileged to serve in his command. . . . — Map (db m152323) WM
49Pennsylvania (York County), York — James Smallwood Schoolhouse
Built in 1892, this school was part of a movement to create schools for the education of black students by black teachers, and is representative of the national struggle for equal education, regardless of race. Named in memory of James Smallwood, . . . — Map (db m4598) HM
50Pennsylvania (York County), York — James Smith
A signer of the Declaration of Independence, delegate to Continental Congress, Colonel of Associators, lawyer and ironmaster, lies buried in this churchyard. — Map (db m4592) HM
51Pennsylvania (York County), York — Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf Memorial
Korean Those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for York County [Names listed] Vietnam Those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for York County [Names listed] Persian Gulf Those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for York . . . — Map (db m152312) WM
52Pennsylvania (York County), York — Lafayette Club — Founded 1898
This Town House, Classic Revival in style, was built by Philip Albright Small in the year 1839 — Map (db m152307) HM
53Pennsylvania (York County), York — Levy Miller, Carpenter
Working.... At the Trade for Thirty Years. In South Duke Street, York p.a. — Map (db m152290) HM
54Pennsylvania (York County), York — Lewis Miller — 1796 - 1882
A carpenter by trade, Lewis Miller was a self-taught artist whose whimsical sketches capture the character and spirit of York. Miller created several hundred watercolor images that depict extraordinary events and everyday life in York County. . . . — Map (db m4562) HM
55Pennsylvania (York County), York — Liberty Garden — at Kiwanis Lake
Dedicated September 11, 2003 to those who have sacrificed for freedom and liberty inspired by the events of September 11, 2001 — Map (db m152329) WM
56Pennsylvania (York County), York — Major John Clark
Revolutionary officer, aide-de-camp to General Greene, Auditor of the Continental army, lived on this site. — Map (db m4567) HM
57Pennsylvania (York County), York — McClean House
On this site stood the house of Archibald McClean; surveyor for the Penns, county officer, and ardent patriot. Traditionally the Treasury of U.S., 1777-1778, while York was national capital. — Map (db m22853) HM
58Pennsylvania (York County), York — Memorial Bench in Memory of Ms. Lillie Belle Allen
Ms. Allen was a 27 year old single black Mother who on July 21st 1969 was shot and killed during the race riots here in York, PA. Just a few blocks away from here at the intersection of Newberry St. and Gay Ave. at the railroad tracks, Ms. . . . — Map (db m152328) HM
59Pennsylvania (York County), York — Memorial Bench in Memory of Police Officer Henry C. Schaad
Officer Henry C. Schaad was a 22 year old Rookie Police Officer who on July 18th, 1969 was shot while riding across the College Ave bridge in an armored vehicle during the Race riots here in York, PA. Just a short way from here on the . . . — Map (db m152327) HM
60Pennsylvania (York County), York — Mrs. Michael
Mrs. Michael has fresh Sausages and liver puddings for Sale 1804 — Map (db m152289) HM
61Pennsylvania (York County), York — old Mrs. Stoutzenberger
. . . — Map (db m152291) HM
62Pennsylvania (York County), York — old Schreck and Wife 1799
old Schreck and Wife 1799. in duke Street, It one day happened that i observed him with a dovetail saw to cut of his wifes toe nails. It was so long and horny Two inches long the Substance hurt at her feet, he giving her a Sly Squeeze, but Save my . . . — Map (db m152288) HM
63Pennsylvania (York County), York — Peace Child
In September 1986 the citizens of York County took one more step toward the goal of world peace. The first Soviet/American exchange performance of "Peace Child", directed by British playwright, David Woollcombe, was enjoyed by the citizens of . . . — Map (db m152281) HM
64Pennsylvania (York County), York — Penn Common — York, Pennsylvania
Since 1741, when the town of York was founded, Penn Common has been used as an area for public gatherings. In 1816, the Common was deeded to the Borough of York by the heirs of William Penn, to be kept as a “public Common forever.” . . . — Map (db m5917) HM
65Pennsylvania (York County), York — Philip Livingston
One of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence; died in June, 1778, while attending Continental Congress as delegate from New York. His grave is about 300 feet west of here. — Map (db m4599) HM
66Pennsylvania (York County), York — Phineas Davis
Site of shop where, in 1831, Davis designed and built first coal-burning locomotive steam engine in United States, called "The York." Here, also, was built "The Codorus," first iron steamboat made in America. — Map (db m4597) HM
67Pennsylvania (York County), York — Prospect Hill Soldiers' Lot
York at War (center panel) On April 23, 1861, less than two weeks after Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina, Gov. Andrew G. Curtin established Camp Scott at York, Pennsylvania. By early May, six regiments were . . . — Map (db m135168) HM WM
68Pennsylvania (York County), York — Provincial Courthouse
Continental Congress held its session, Sept. 30, 1777 - June 28, 1778 in Courthouse which stood in the center of this square. Here, Treaties with France and Articles of Confederation were adopted. — Map (db m4560) HM
69Pennsylvania (York County), York — Purple Heart Memorial
A tribute to Combat Wounded Veterans who gave so much of themselves in all wars Purple Heart Medal Est. 1782 Dedicated May 30, 2001 — Map (db m108570) WM
70Pennsylvania (York County), York — Reformed Theological Seminary Site — In The Name of God, Amen.
This tablet, marking the site of the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in the United States during its location at York, from 1829 to 1836, is placed by Zion's Classis in grateful remembrance of the church fathers who here laid . . . — Map (db m100668) HM
71Pennsylvania (York County), York — Smyser-Bair House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m152269) HM
72Pennsylvania (York County), York — Soldiers and Sailors of the Late War of the Rebellion
In memory of the York County soldiers and sailors of the late War of the Rebellion, 1861–1865. — Map (db m5924) HM
73Pennsylvania (York County), York — Statue of Liberty Replica
[Replica of the Statue of Liberty] — Map (db m152330) HM
74Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Children's Home of York
The Children's Home of York was created at the end of the Civil War to house orphans of Union soldiers. Constructed in 1867 through the generosity of the Samuel A. Small family, the original Home was a grand building located at the corner of East . . . — Map (db m152322) HM
75Pennsylvania (York County), York — The First Court House of York County
The first court house of York County was erected in Centre Square, York, Pa. 1754-1756. The second court house was built on this site 1838-1840 and was remodeled and enlarged 1898-1900. John W. Bittenger, P.J. W.F. Bay Stewart, J. Commissioners, . . . — Map (db m22882) HM
76Pennsylvania (York County), York — The First National Thanksgiving
Was proclaimed from York by the Continental Congress on November 1, 1777 to be celebrated on Thursday, December 18. It was written by Sam Adams of Massachusetts. "The Father of the Revolution," who advocated for the first time "one day of public . . . — Map (db m4549) HM
77Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Flood — Robert Jones, farm
Godorus Flood August 9th 1817 A Eminence height and Running Stream Spread and flowing all over the Bank mr Skeanther, and Tompson, Ale and Beer porter bottles from his Brewhouse Come flown down the Stream. I Swim in and catch hold of sum, and . . . — Map (db m152278) HM
78Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Forry House
The Forry House Built 1809 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m152326) HM
79Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Four Chaplains
On February 3, 1943, The Four Chaplains aboard the troop carrier USS Dorchester gave their life jackets to others aboard the torpedoed ship. As the ship sank into the cold waters of the North Atlantic, the four men of God linked arms and died . . . — Map (db m4572) WM
80Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Marketmaster
The Marketmaster taking and Seize the Butter of A farmer by the name of Herman, it was not the full weight. Checking to be A full pound and the whole Basket full of his butter was taking on Market morning. the Corporation law is to forfeit all . . . — Map (db m152277) HM
81Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Old Brewhouse
The Old Brewhouse in the year 1801, The made Good Beer. old Mrs. Schreck laying in the Oats patch She said I am in my room in bed I am Sure, little Explanation will be necessary here, She was drinking to much Rum. her habit was . . . — Map (db m152274) HM
82Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Squirrel hunt in 1824
The Squirrel hunt in 1824 by Joseph Small & Jacob – Farmaster, & his Son's Charles, Freid, Jacob, Joe The old man climeing the tree. it turned out To be flying squirrels A laughter of the boy's – The hatchet at his . . . — Map (db m152284) HM
83Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Underground Railroad and Precursors to War
Among the events in the 1850s that helped drive the nation into civil war, the Christiana Riot put a controversial new law to a bloody test. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 ordered federal officers to arrest suspected runaway slaves; it also . . . — Map (db m22892) HM
84Pennsylvania (York County), York — The Woman's Club of York
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m152305) HM
85Pennsylvania (York County), York — The York Fair
"America's Oldest Fair" dates back to 1765, when Thomas Penn, son of William Penn, issued a charter allowing York to hold two fairs every year. The York Fair, with its rich historical past, highlights the area's abundant agricultural products, as . . . — Map (db m152314) HM
86Pennsylvania (York County), York — The York Water Company
In 1816, members of the York community came together and formed this company to protect the town from fire and to provide a clean, reliable supply of drinking water. This early example of a public – private partnership is the nation’s oldest . . . — Map (db m121288) HM
87Pennsylvania (York County), York — Tom Albright Stealing Beef
Tom Albright Stealing Beef at York market 1819, the Butchers are pelt man him his skin raw he was working for Daniel Weaver in South George Street. At the wagon matur trade. halt ein sei secaiflager. . . . — Map (db m152280) HM
88Pennsylvania (York County), York — Trinity United Church of Christ
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m152296) HM
89Pennsylvania (York County), York — Veterans Memorial
This flag pole is dedicated to the men and women veterans of York County by the Joint Veterans Council to honor all living and departed veterans. May the Stars and Stripes fly forever from this pole as a symbol of freedom as it did in . . . — Map (db m108568) WM
90Pennsylvania (York County), York — Veterans Memorial Gold Star Healing & Peace Garden — Dedicated June 9th, 2012
Inspired by a Gold Star Mother's love for her fallen son, the Veterans Memorial Star Healing & Peace Garden is a thoughtfully designed commemorative arboretum dedicated to all who serve in the United States Armed Forces. This living monument is a . . . — Map (db m108566) HM
91Pennsylvania (York County), York — War Memorial
Dedicated to the everlasting memory of those who sacrificed their lives on the altar of freedom in all wars. To those who served our country in time of war for the freedom of all men everywhere They gave their today for our . . . — Map (db m108572) WM
92Pennsylvania (York County), York — William C. Goodridge
Here lived an ex-slave born 1805, who became a prominent York businessman, 1824-1863. Tanner, newspaper distributor, barber. Erected York's first five-story building. His 13 rail cars operated commercially and were used in his work for the . . . — Map (db m5030) HM
93Pennsylvania (York County), York — William C. Goodridge — Businessman, Abolitionist
Born into slavery in 1805, William C. Goodridge was sent to York at age six to apprentice as a tanner. At age 16, Goodridge was given his freedom, left York and was trained as a barber. He returned to York in the 1820s. After opening a barber shop . . . — Map (db m100702) HM
94Pennsylvania (York County), York — William C. Goodridge, Entrepreneur
Born a slave in 1806, William C. Goodridge was freed in 1822, when he began his long, successful career as a businessman. His first enterprise was a barber shop, located on York's Centre Square. Next, he opened a five-story retail store on the . . . — Map (db m100658) HM
95Pennsylvania (York County), York — World War I Memorial
. . . — Map (db m152310) WM
96Pennsylvania (York County), York — World War II — 1941 - 1945
Those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for York County [Name listed] — Map (db m152308) WM
97Pennsylvania (York County), York — World War II Memorial
In Memory Of These York Y.M.C.A. Members Who Gave Their Lives In World War II Robert A. Angelo • Walter A. Bailey • Guy Berkstresser • Richard H. Bluste • Elmer F. Farnham • William L. Glatfelter, II • Alexander D. Goode • Morgan E. . . . — Map (db m152325) WM
98Pennsylvania (York County), York — York
Laid out in 1741, by order of the Proprietors; the first Pennsylvania town west of the Susquehanna River. Seat of the Continental Congress, 1777-78; birthplace of the Articles of Confederation. — Map (db m4548) HM
99Pennsylvania (York County), York — York — Capital of the Nation
. . . — Map (db m4581) HM
100Pennsylvania (York County), York — York
Laid out in 1741, by order of the Proprietors; the first Pennsylvania town west of the Susquehanna River. Seat of the Continental Congress, 1777-78; birthplace of the Articles of Confederation. — Map (db m121309) HM

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