“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Modoc County California Historical Markers

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By Syd Whittle, May 11, 2008
Chimney Rock
California (Modoc County), Alturas — Chimney Rock
Site of pioneer cabin built by Thomas A. Denson in 1871 This Marker is dedicated to the pioneers of Modoc County by Alturas Parlor 159 Native Duaghters of the Golden West September 21, 1932 — Map (db m10246) HM
California (Modoc County), Alturas — L-3 — Lassen Trail - Conical Rocks
“Striking the river this morning I noticed a cluster of singular shaped rocks sticking up in spires of a conical shape 20 to 30 feet high” - Andrew Lopp Murphy, Sep 26, 1849 — Map (db m113025) HM
California (Modoc County), Alturas — L-5 — Lassen Trail - Pit River Ford
“We crossed the creek here running between high banks, and drove a short distance down the north west side and encamped” — Elijah Preston Howell, Sep 6, 1849 — Map (db m113037)
California (Modoc County), Alturas — Sacred Heart Catholic Church
begun 1883 completed 1910 Designated a National Historic Place by the United States Department of the Interior in the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II in the Episcopate of Bishop Francis Quinn in the Pastorate of Reverend James Streets . . . — Map (db m87844) HM
California (Modoc County), Alturas — Working Farm Roots The Creation of Modoc National Wildlife Refuge
The first Euro-Americans arrived in 1870 when Presley A. Dorris, Henry Fitzhugh, and several other Dorris family members drove cattle and horses into the area. With land granted under the Homestead Act, the Dorris family established a livestock . . . — Map (db m113039) HM
California (Modoc County), Canby — Evans and Bailey Fight 1861
Monument site on top of hill — Map (db m87842) HM
California (Modoc County), Canby — L-10 — Lassen Trail - Foot Wear
“My shoes are giving out and I have no others. Left one of them and the other is barely on...At our noon camp I made some moccasins of cloth” — Joseph Stuart, Sep. 28, 1849 — Map (db m113024) HM
California (Modoc County), Canby — L-11 — Lassen Trail - Pit River Canyon
"We were obliged to cross the stream quite a number of times, in consequence of the canons of rock which confine it to a narrow bed." - Amos Batchelder, Sep 29, 1849 Guidebook available Trails West Inc., P.O. Box 12045, Reno, NV 89510 . . . — Map (db m113659) HM
California (Modoc County), Cedarville — 14 — Cressler - Bonner Trading Post California Historical Landmark No. 14
The first building erected in Deep Creek settlement, now Cedarville, was built in 1865 as a trading post by James Townsend, who was killed in an indian fight it 1866. Purchased by William T. Cressler and John H. Bonner in 1867, the building was . . . — Map (db m10245) HM
California (Modoc County), Davis Creek — A-32 — Applegate Trail - Descent to Goose Lake
"Traveled ... to Goose Lake. The descent ... is sidling and dangers. While we were nooning here 2 wagons of other trains were upset and mashed to atoms" - Simon Doyle, Sep 19 1849 Guidebook available Trails West Inc., P.O. Box 12045, . . . — Map (db m87849) HM
California (Modoc County), Davis Creek — A-33 — Applegate Trail - New Road to Yreka
"We leave the old Lawson Road for the new road to Shasta Valley (Yreka) to day It seems as if the road is one stone pile We have to goe a foot in such places for fear of getting our heads nocked off" Sophroni Helen Stone, Sep 13 1852 . . . — Map (db m87850) HM
California (Modoc County), Fandango Pass — 546 — The Applegate-Lassen Trail
This spot marks the convergence of two pioneer trails widely used by emigrants during the years 1846-1850. The Applegate Trail, established in 1846, led from the Humbolt River in Nevada to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. The Lassen Cut-Off, . . . — Map (db m10174) HM
California (Modoc County), Fort Bidwell — The Applegate Trail Fandango Pass
Southern Route to Oregon In 1846, Jesse Applegate and fourteen others from near Dallas, Oregon, established a trail south from the Willamette Valley and east to Fort Hall. This route offered emigrants an alternative to the perilous . . . — Map (db m87845) HM
California (Modoc County), Newell — 850-2 — Tule Lake May 1942 - March 1946
Tule Lake was one of ten American concentration camps established during World War II to incarcerate 110,000 persons of Japanese ancestry, of whom the majority were American citizens. Behind barbed wire and guard towers without charge, trial or . . . — Map (db m10370) HM
California (Modoc County), Newell — Tule Lake Segregation Center WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument, Tule Lake Unit
World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument was established in 2008, in part to serve as a reminder of the grave injustices endured by Japanese Americans incarcerated at the Tule Lake Segregation Center. The Tule Lake Unit also preserves a . . . — Map (db m87890) HM
California (Modoc County), Newell — Warm Springs Indians
Two Warm Springs Indians, acting as scouts with the U.S. Army were killed at the Battle of Dry Lake. That final battle of the Modoc War was fought about 10 miles S.E. of here May 10, 1873. They were brought to the Peninsula Camp, just south of here, . . . — Map (db m87893) HM
California (Modoc County), Tule Lake — BC-2 — Burnett Cutoff - Muddy Waters
"We passed over ... smooth prairie for some distance. One evening we encamped at what was then called Goose Lake (at Copic Bay). It being late in the season, the water in the lake was very low, muddy, and almost putrid." Peter Burnett, Oct 1848 . . . — Map (db m87851) HM
California (Modoc County), Willow Ranch — Willow Ranch
This monument was erected in honor of all the people who were part of what once was a thriving community when the Crane Creek and Willow Ranch Lumber Companies were in operation here from 1929 to 1959. The land was given to Modoc County by the . . . — Map (db m10367) HM

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