“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Weld County Colorado Historical Markers

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By Don Morfe, August 26, 2000
Pvt Joe P. Martinez Marker
Colorado (Weld County), Ault — Pvt Joe P. Martinez World War II Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient July 27, 1920 - May 26, 1943
Private Martinez was mortally wounded on Attu Island after leading a successful charge to capture a mountain pass. He single handedly destroyed more than thirty enemy defenders. For this heroic efforts and supreme sacrifice he was awarded the . . . — Map (db m62783) WM
Colorado (Weld County), Briggsdale — Cornish Grade School 1914-1948
Adjacent to this site stood the, two-room school where on, July 10, 11, & 12, 1934, the first Stone Age Fair was held. In 1935, over 10,000 people from 41 states attended; President F. D. Roosevelt sent a congratulatory telegram; Will Rogers sent . . . — Map (db m119893) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Evans — 5 — Evans
Construction of the Denver Pacific Railroad, linking Denver and Cheyenne, stopped here for the winter of 1869, and a town was begun. It was named Evans in honor of the second territorial governor, John Evans, builder of the Denver Pacific. According . . . — Map (db m119612) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Firestone — Fort Junction
This memorial is the property of the state of Colorado. — Two Hundred feet due east of this point stood Fort Junction a sod enclosure erected in 1864 by the pioneers of Boulder and St. Vrain Valleys . . . — Map (db m119519) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Fort Lupton — Fort Lupton
This memorial is the property of the State of Colorado Due west mile is the site of Fort Lupton Established in 1836 by Lieut. Lancaster P. Lupton A rendezvous of the early . . . — Map (db m119520) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Greeley — #3 Ditch Marker
Water entered this #3 Ditch, 9 miles long, June 10, 1870. March 13, 1875 Union Colony deeded to the town of Greeley water supplied by Ditch #3 for the sum of $488.00. In 1882 this ditch was deeded to the Greeley Irrigation Company . . . — Map (db m119613) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Grover — Corner Common to Nebraska and Wyoming on the Colorado State Boundary
Oliver N. Chaffee, U.S. astronomer and surveyor, established this corner monument August 17, 1869, at intersection of the forty-first parallel of north latitude with the twenty-seventh degree of west longitude (west of Washington, D.C.). Art . . . — Map (db m68071) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Loveland — 256 — Loveland Colorado
During its brief but colorful life, Mariano Medina's toll bridge and trading post overflowed with high living and tall tales from the proprietor's fur-trapping days. Built on the Big Thompson River in 1858, astride what would become the Overland . . . — Map (db m89279) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Nunn — 7 — The Denver Pacific Railway
When the Union Pacific Railroad decided to go through Wyoming instead of through Colorado, many people moved from the territory. Denver itself was shrinking. Former Governor John Evans rescued Colorado Territory by promoting a connecting railroad . . . — Map (db m119614) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Platteville — Fort Vasquez
In this area along the South Platte River, competing fur companies in the late 1830's established a string of four adobe trading posts -- Fort Vasquez, Fort St. Vrain, Fort Jackson and Fort Lupton traversed by the Old Trapper's Trail which connected . . . — Map (db m89596) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Platteville — Fort Vasquez
Established in 1837 by Louis Vasquez and Andrew W. Sublette. Maintained until 1842 as a post for trade in buffalo robes and beaver skins with Arapahoes and Cheyennes. Rendezvous of early trappers. Emigrant station on Platte River Trail after . . . — Map (db m89597) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Platteville — Fort Vasquez Trading Post 1835 Welcome - Bienvenido - Bonjour
You are standing at the north edge of a historic adobe fort of the fur trade era, founded by Andrew W. Sublette and Pierre Louis Vasquez in 1835 to support trade with the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes. These men and their fellow trappers were . . . — Map (db m89619) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Rockport — Majestic Plains
On these widespread plains blown clean by the wind and rains large herds of buffalo roamed and gained in number. Then the warriors of Indian tribes hunted them for food and skins. Later white men came to trap beaver in the prairie channels and the . . . — Map (db m119615) HM

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