“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Bannock County Idaho Historical Markers

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By G Cascio, August 12, 2011
Captain Jefferson Hunt Marker
Idaho (Bannock County), Downey — 119 — Captain Jefferson Hunt, Soldier, Pioneer, Churchman — Born January 20, 1804 in Kentucky - Died May 11, 1879 in Idaho
Charles Jefferson Hunt served in the Mormon Battalion as Captain of Company “A” and as assistant executive officer. In it’s historic march from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Diego, California, 1846 - 47. His service won the commendation of . . . — Map (db m48986) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Downey — 171 — Red Rock Pass
You are standing in the outlet of ancient Lake Bonneville, a vast prehistoric inland sea, of which Salt Lake is modern remnant Covering over 20,000 square miles when it overflowed here about 14,500 years ago, its winding shoreline would have . . . — Map (db m105831) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Inkom — 17 — Idaho's 1st Railroad
Through this canyon once puffed the wood-burning locomotives of the narrow-gauge Utah and Northern Railway. Construction, undertaken by a Mormon Co-op, came northward from a junction with the transcontinental line, but stopped in 1874 at . . . — Map (db m108284) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Lava Hot Springs — Furs and farms, fire and floods... — ... the rise of Lava Hot Springs
(This marker consists of series of photographs and their captions.) The community of Lava Hot Springs is located at a strategic crossroads between the Rockies, the Great Basin, and the West. The year-round availability of natural hot . . . — Map (db m108259) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Lava Hot Springs — 13 — Lava Hot Springs
Long before white men discovered these springs, Sept. 9, 1812, Indians gathered here to use the free hot water. Except wheen they found hot springs, pre-historic Indians had a hard time getting hot water. The wove watertight baskets into . . . — Map (db m124585) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Lava Hot Springs — Lava Hot Springs' healing waters
(This marker is composed of series of photographs and their captions.) Good for what ails you! Idaho's hot springs have drawn people to them for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Long before indoor plumbing and hot water . . . — Map (db m108255) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Lava Hot Springs — Lead Bell Mining Company
In 1921, William Godfrey and CJ Lundgren registered the Lead Bell Mining Company, Portneuf District with 1,000,000 shares at par value 10 cents. Operated 1925-1938. Sd (sic) Colton, Pres. Drecilla Godfrey, Sec. Wm Godfrey, Mgr. Mined Lead, Zinc, . . . — Map (db m108257) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), McCammon — Location, location, location....
McCammon's mogul (two photos at bottom left) In 1865 William H. Murphy operated a toll bridge on the Portneuf River mainly used by miners traveling from Utah to the Montana goldfields. Murphy and his wife Catherine Scott Murphy . . . — Map (db m108261) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), McCammon — 560 — McCammon Railroad Center
The development of McCammon was closely associated with the transportation industry. William Murphy, in early 1863, built the first toll bridge, and McCammon became the nucleus of the Overland Stage Lines. H.O. Harkness acquired the toll bridge . . . — Map (db m108262) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — 503 — Chief Pocatello
In an era of emigrants, Mormon settlers and the military, Pocatello emerged as a strong leader of the the Hukenduka Shoshone. Born after 1810, Pocatello claimed this area and surrounding territories as his homeland. He soon watched his . . . — Map (db m108286) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — Chief Theater — 1938 - 1993
The Chief Theater opened on January 5, 1938. Admission to the first show, "Bad Man of Brimstone", was 49 cents. The downtown landmark provided entertainment until it was closed in 1982. The Chief Foundation began work on refurbishing the buildings . . . — Map (db m108307) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — Fort Hall
A registered national historical landmark Indian and trapper trading post established by Nathaniel J. Wyeth in 1834 and sold to Hudson's Bay Company in 1837 It was the vital point on the Oregon and California immigration trails and in establishing . . . — Map (db m108304) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — 289 — Idaho State University
This great institution began here on Sept. 22, 1902, with 4 teachers and 40 students. Originally the Academy of Idaho, it became Idaho Technical Institute in 1915, the Southern Branch of the University of Idaho in 1927, and Idaho State . . . — Map (db m108306) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — Native Foods — Chief Pocatello Monument
Shoshone Foods The Shoshone were experts in securing a living from the land around them. They made intense use of the animals and plants available to them, and nothing was wasted. Big Game Traditional foods including . . . — Map (db m108327) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — Old Fort Hall
Fort Hall, Keystone on the Oregon Trail, America's road to destiny, was located 14 miles north of this site. It was dedicated by Nathaniel J. Wyeth, Bostonian, on Aug. 5th 1834. Unable to compete with Hudson's Bay Co., Fort Boise; Wyeth sold the . . . — Map (db m108305) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — Pocatello's Life — Chief Pocatello Monument
Chief Pocatello - Born in a Time of Change It is hard to imagine the change Pocatello saw during his lifetime, and the challenges to his people's way of life to which he was forced to respond. Early Life Pocatello was . . . — Map (db m108331) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — Pocatello's Name in WWII — Chief Pocatello Monument
Chief Pocatello's memory was honored by giving his name to two fighting vessels in World War II. USS Pocatello Tacoma-Class Frigate Launched October 17, 1943. It was sponsored by Miss Thelma Dixey, Chief Pocatello's . . . — Map (db m108326) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — The City of Pocatello — Chief Pocatello Monument
Pocatello's origin lies in the railroads an the role they played in westward expansion. In the late-1800's, what would become Pocatello was a rest stop on the Utah and Northern Railroad, which went from Utah to Butte, Montana. In 1882, . . . — Map (db m108325) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — The Shoshone — Chief Pocatello Monument
Chief Pocatello's People -- The Shoshone The band led by Chief Pocatello were members of the Shoshone tribe. Shoshone territory included most of Idaho, northern Utah, northern Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Central Nevada and in California, in . . . — Map (db m108328) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Pocatello — 291 — Utah & Northern Railroad
This monument marks the route of the first Idaho railroad. The Utah & Northern narrow gauge was started as a Mormon co-op at Ogden, Utah in 1871. It reached Franklin, Idaho in 1874. Union Pacific interests extended the line to Garrison, Montana . . . — Map (db m125573) HM

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